Sunday, April 24, 2005

Facial Treatment Experience

On Thursday, I went to Opi De Beaute with Yik Ting. We planned to get a facial treatment. I wanted to get one so that I will not be covered with blackheads and pimples during my graduation. my blackheads problem get worse when I began teaching. Anyway, the price for a treatment is mind-boggling. Pls keep this a secret from the adults especially grandma. Dun wnt her to feel that I am spending too much. But we decided to do it anyway so we made an appointment for Saturday night.

Oh! there is a difference between facial treatment and basic facial. It is recommended one to do facial treatment for the first time and then basic facial for maintainance. This is because treatment can more efficiently remove the dead skin cells and have more effective exfoliator and mask to make skin cleaner. But facial treatment is very tasking on the skin so can onyl be done once in a long while. Basic treatment is..well...basic. It is to do the same job but less tasking on the skin. Maintainance only need to be done every three to four weeks.

On Saturday evening, 525pm, Yik Ting and i presented ourselves at Opi De Beaute. We changed into the gown provided and the treatment started. The whole process took us 2 hours. There are cleansing, exfoliating, blackhead removal, mask, eyebrow trimming and something that helps to improve bloodflow on the face. My blackhead is a lot o. More than the time we do the egg mask as she take care of the whole face. Scary. I still have a few left though. She said the blackheads are too stubborn and i need to moisturise my face so that the blackhead will soften and then can remove lo.

The whole experience is relaxing. I feel so tired and sleepy after that. Maybe too relaxing already. Hehe...

I am planning to have another session before the graduation ceremony but not treatment la. basic facial wash so that it will be more complete.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Time to sign the dotted line

Today i commit myself to an audit firm in miri.

weird....why when i am about to commit myself, another firm called to inform me of a possible employment with them. Samling called....hmm..i am going to layan t6hem for a while just to see what is it...hehe...

fear factor with this singaporean actor, allan wu, is on i cant blog anymore...


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Friendster Blog

That one is just a blog that i want to write about the books or movies that i have watch. something to let me decribe extra long about stuff like that. not really going to update it much though.

the real reason is because I saw that it is available so my hands itchy-itchy created one. Bleh! my impulses...arghh...

which reminds me!

guess what? I bought two lipsticks today from BodyShop. it is "buy one free one" so again,impulse buying, i bought the lipsticks and a foot lotion. quiet about this. I feel bad yet fun.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Busy Day

Today I have this Hari Pelanggan in school where teachers call the parents of the problematic students to come to school to discuss the problems of their kids. I met with 6 parents. they are fine actually...very understanding in fact.

A lot of things happen these days and it has been a long time since i have blog....need to update a lot...

i have actually written some the other day but i blurily cancel the page causing me to lose everything. stupid me!