Friday, November 30, 2007

Aiks...How come it rings?!

Wednesday and Thursday were very eventful... I was so busy and tired that I haven't got the time to blog about it...

Basically... Wednesday... I have been assigned to be part of the chauffeuring team for the bride family. To transport some of them. Eat eat see see look look. Sweat... I can only say that I am very punctual and I hate to wait. Sigh... No point of complaining it anymore. It has been done and should not be remembered.

Thursday... no more chauffeuring 'cause I escaped it all... by leaving early. :P
There are plenty of people to help chauffeuring anyways...

After two days of futile dress-shopping, I finally bought a dress. Thanks to the trio for accompanying me... Lynthia will want me to say this so here goes 'Thanks to your expert advice that I am able to get a dress. Thanks so much~'


The wedding dinner... Compared to the previous wedding dinner I went to, this is bombarded with karaoke singing. And... I have never sit so up close to the stage till I can see that the wedding cake is a fake and so close that I can listen live to the people singing karaoke. Sit so close that I can actually see that the bride's fake eyelashes and real eyelashes aren't aligned together thus causing the weird two-tier eyelashes. :P Actually, I purposely stared very hard at her eyelashes to see if it is aligned. :p But to be able to see it still means that I was sitting very near lor...

I was feeling quite sick from the moment I woke up this morning and was only cured after I swallowed two Panadol Actifast. Then... when I was at home and onlining... approximately 130am... my phone rang. Office alarm Ohno...This is a bad sign. And for it to actually call to my phone made it even worse. Fortunately, koko is around. He accompanied me to my office and.... Nothing happens. No further elaboration.

It is currently 2.44 am. I have pics to show...but once again, I am too lazy to put it in now. The Lynns will be leaving for London tomorrow night and the Nings will be leaving for KL this weekend if I am not mistaken. The aunties will all be gone tomorrow. I am left alone again.

A sense of relief came over me. I am glad that this is actually over.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They have arrived

As I have mentioned before, my aunties will be here in Miri for this cousin's wedding and they will staying at my house.

They have arrived and not only my aunties (my mum's sisters) are staying with us, my uncle (my mum's brother) and his wife are also staying with us.

Suddenly, I have 6 people staying with me...

Err... I dont know... So far, I am being very helpful... Very naturally, I guess it is in me after all.

I dont know if I have sounded like I dreaded their arrival but the 'orchestra' has started and I am not dreading it at all (yet).


p/s: Laptop was in the hospital for two days and one night. I was devastated. Face automatically become gloomy. A friend told me this and I think I should follow the advice. He told me to 'Get A Life'

Monday, November 26, 2007


Firstly, the phone is charging so I cant get the pictures out of the phone at this moment. Dont want to interrupt the charging process. So no pics.

Secondly, digicam actually has pictures but I am playing songs over my window media player and this window media player dont like the memory card so if I plugged in the memory card, it will 'merajuk' and closed itself. Big sweat ... So, no pics.

So.... anyways... the package has finally arrived. And as promised, Lynnwei has posted a post about it. Hehe...

Got to explain myself... I am a bit weird these days. I am online all the time... Well, almost all the time ( I dont go online at work)... But I dont really go surfing around or read blog or check emails or ... I just dont. So... What do I do? I am online because I have paid for it and I dont want to just let it go wasted so I switched on Veoh to let run and wait for new videos to be posted and then so I can download it. :p

Then... What is the use of switching on the laptop if you are not going to use it? So, it is playing Tohoshinki's songs all the time... ALL THE TIME. No worries about the laptop speakers though 'cause the songs are playing through JWei's Altec Lansing's speakers at a very reasonable high volume. Muahaha....

P/S: I have gotten myself a new Phillips earphones so that I can drown myself with Tohoshinki's songs while my aunties are here to visit. :P

Recently, whoever who sits in my car will probably have to endure listening to me talking about Tohoshinki and nothing else. Believe me. I understand the pain of enduring me so I have been stopping myself. I promise not to over-do it. Promise!

Another something to talk about is... err... apology, you have to read about Tohoshinki... I was in pain last night. In complete depression. Sigh... keywords are.... Tohoshinki. KL. Concert. Me. Miri. At Home. Listening to their songs. SIGH~~~~

Then to find out that their latest photobook, if I am to buy it from, it will cost me RM 600+. Want to die ar.... Then again, I dont want it. :P

Ok... enough about that.

Err... Had a first time thingy last night. First time in my life. I actually win a lottery. err.. consider as a lottery ka? Dont know la. Anyways, I bought this 6/52 from Toto and I have 4 digits in the winning numbers and so... I won the 4th place prize.... which is .... RM3. Muahaha....

Been busy doing this thing of mine at home. Want to get as much done as possible and then also worrying about the arrivals of my aunties. I cant imagine what the situation will be like.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Err.. Actually not considered as post-celebration since bday was on Tuesday. But it was back to real world, the working life.

Actually... today is a very mind-tiring day. Got this assignment that kills many of my brain cells. So many cells are dead that I become tired. Mood-less. Old.

Yesterday, attended Harry & Alice's wedding. My first invitation to a wedding dinner. Previously it is always follow grandma. This time, the card is under my name. Err... Hehe... The next red bomb is near the corner. So fast!!

Today, Mum came to raid the house again. I thought she threw away my original laptop setup cds but she didnt. Phew... She really want to get the house all clean for her sisters and this daughter of hers...sigh... I dont know. Hehe

Ah... like I have said, my mind is very tired. Body also ikut tired. So.... Oyasuminasai!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I forgot to put a title

Last Saturday, had a BBQ at home with friends. Erm.. Just a few friends lor... Those not invited, my apologies. No excuses or reasoning will I give for not inviting. Just sorry and dont put it in your heart.

We had chicken wings, lamb, pork, sausages, crabsticks and marshmallow to BBQ. At first, I thought I will still have some food left but... it is all finished. Everyone is stuffed. Phew...
As usual, after makan-makan, we have rummy session. Cham... I am once again on a losing streak.

Erm... Had a piece of Banana Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe KK...
Err... the cake looked a bit messed up because... I have started to devour it before I remember to get a pic. Hehe...
Thanks for the present. Thanks for coming. Thanks for the cake. Thanks Thanks Thanks

p/s: remember my tidying-session that ended with me feeling so exhausted? My mum was here yesterday and she did a speed-cleaning upstairs... skipped my room because I told her not to touch my room. I will do it myself. Cham... even thinking about cleaning, I already feel tired. No heart to do it. Btw, my mum's speed cleaning is really hebat lo... Just about 3 hours... it is so clean even my room (despite of the mess that is still there). Ok la... I think I will go do it now before my mum come home again to find it still undone. :P

Friday, November 16, 2007


I think I did an OK job today. I basically tidied the PC area and the tv area. Although there are still quite a number of things around, believe me, it is much better than before. Not sure how long will this tidy 'mess' going to last...

No pictures though... Cause it is, after all, a tidy mess so it is, probably, an eyesore to some people. Better dont show. Haha...

I did the hands and knees on the floor wiping tiles after tiles. Didnt use the mop.

Yes, I have the sense of satisfaction after cleaning...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

When it is too much

Had an emotional rollercoaster yesterday. I went from extreme excitement & happiness to extreme frustration and desperation. The cycle went on from morning to night. It is just almost time. I am thinking that this is worst mood swing ever. I got witnesses somemore. Guilty I called them to complain and share my happiness. Hehehe

Just a few minutes ago, I realised the reason why I couldnt sleep last night. I drank tea la... Never thought that tea can cause me to be sleepless. Anyways... I did have my sleep.

Went on a shopping frenzy this morning. When I reached home, I spent around one hour to marinate everything. It is all in the fridge now. I think I am sort of within the budget I have set myself. Still got a few last minute things to buy though. :P

Think I should , at least, tidy up the place tomorrow. Dont patronise me about tidying up, k... I know I know...

Bah... Should get some sleep so that more energy tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spur of the moment & burping machine

Food seems to be the main thing for my blog. Hehe...

For this post, I am showing you all this dinner I had on Friday night...

This is after devouring everything... We actually got a price reduction 'cause we complained that our four-crab dish only has one pitcher. One pincher only for four crabs?!!
Anyways... yesterday when Joanna called me, I asked her if she wants to go out at night. Honestly I wasnt thinking much at that time and she agreed. Once I put down the phone, I have no idea why I did that. We went out by the way. Then another spur-of-the-moment thingy... I sent her home and she packed her things and then we went to my place to sleepover. Hehe...

I am weird these days.

Hmm... This burping machine thingy. I sort of add this in the last minute. I think I am turning into a burping machine... Too much air in the stomach...

-Abrupt End To This Post-


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Update update update


Now on leave from work. Yea~!

Basically will be submerging myself into becoming a potato couch. Have not been truly sit in front of the tv and watch it...

And possibly a lot of Tohoshinki... Collection of burnt DVDs of them is, so far, four pieces.

Got to sleep now... Tomorrow I am sending Lynthia to school for SPM

Ganbatte Ne, Lynthia~!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's Fry Time

Erm... Should I go by the time the food craziness happened? I guess so...

Firstly, I went to eat McD with Joanna... Actually... the point of talking about this about the french fries and the veggie.
Why french fries? If you can look closely at the french fries, it is sort of spotted with black peppers. The cashier guy actually gave me around ten packet-lets of the black pepper and I sprinkled about six pack-lets onto the fries. Hehe... No taste though. :P
Why veggie? Veggie is for the veggie in the foldover. Recently, my mind keeps on telling me to eat more veggie. But I was craving for McD... So naturally, chicken foldover became my choice of meal. :P
I am so hungry right now that I use the "Edit Html" version of composing to write this post

Then, there is this trip to Brunei. Sort of talk about it for quite some time... But it was confirmed till the night before the trip. Only three of us and I think the main point is to eat Excapade's food. This time, I didnt order the set meal or a bowl. Instead, I ordered the separate plates type. Unagi... Yummy... Hmm... Somehow, I cant remember or see this sushi I wanted to eat le... But it is good enough. After the food, we went window shopping. Time passed surprisingly fast le. We didnt feel the time slipping through. It is weird that when we went shopping at Singapore, we are so conscious of the time and how slow it is. But when we are in Miri or Brunei, it is so different. Time actually went past very fast and... we dont feel tired le~!
Right after the Brunei trip, we have this tempura/ fried food craving. Most possibly because of the very pepperly and disappointing crab tempura. :P
Anyways, we went to get the chicken wings and prawns... Around 8 something pm, we had this frying session at my place. Kelvin brought his deep fryer because... my wet kitchen has been out of operation for around half a year and I am too lazy tired to clean it up for frying session. -_- After the frying, it is makan time... Then it is Rummy Time... Hehehe... Gosh... Have to "puasa" Rummy for another two weeks le... Oh dear...
The Fry Session actually continues on the next day. This time it is fried mushrooms and prawns... Err... Dont ever go mushroom-frying. Ohmigosh... It is just too much. Possibly because too much fried food already though.. Hehe...

Erm... currently.. well... Actually just completed my long-awaited assignment in the office. Apart from going to work when I am supposed to be on leave, I have cancelled my leave to complete the assignment. Such "sacrifice" is nothing because I can still claim the leave some other days. Didnt have anything planned anyways... Right now, I am officially (finally) on another long leave. Hehe... Still need to do my stuff that is piling up at home.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

As Promised

I apologized for the delay in producing this post.

I have been delayed by either the inability to post pics into blogger, rummy game, window shopping and etc... Sorry...

The craziness has relation with my this previous two post - Tohoshinki.

Erm... I joked to Hling, ChaiMF and Joanna on Monday...or was it Tuesday that right now, I have "affairs". Hehe... My "hubby" is Joo Ji Hoon. And he has been gracing my handphone wallpaper for the past few months. Joanna often called me Shin-Goon which is Ji Hoon's name in Goong.

Anyways, since I started to look for Tohoshinki's videos, I got hooked with them. Lynnwei introduced this group to me about two years ago. I was intrigued but I didnt go any deeper to know about them. They left a impression on me when they held a concert in Malaysia and their advertisement kept playing on the tv. Till now, I still think Rising Sun is their best song. It is a very ncie dance song. I especially love the part the music go quiet and they bend down and start dancing. It is so cool.

When I went to watch the National Dance Challenge, there was this group from Sibu that danced to the music of Rising Sun. So disappointing to watch. They only have 3 persons and it is not so nice. It ruined the song. Lynna and Lynthia would agree too.

The reason why I didnt really get all obsessed and find their pics and all that is because I couldnt handle the idea of me idolising guys younger than me. But right now, I seems to be able to handle it and so I decided to download their albums and singles...and their videos... I think right now, they are oozing 'manliness.' So, it made them so much more irresistable. Wuek...

So.... back to the joke, my 'affairs'... they are my 'affairs' right now. Hehe....

Wonder if you guys get my joke or not...

Anyways... This is the extent of how much things I have accumulated of them in just four days time. By now, which is like one week plus already, the collection I have is even more...

The albums and singles in Korean and Japanese. Ranging from year 2004 to 2007. Not all though. Some of the songs I wasnt able to download.

The few videos I downloaded from Veoh of them. This includes their music videos, live performances, tv shows, radio braodcasts, and the short tv announcement of their activities. It has recently been broadened to Banjun dramas too.

Finally, the music playlist. I actually spent around 6 hours to do ... downloading the songs and relabelling the song's name, artist name, album name, genre, and year. All in one night.

Erm... Err... So, crazy or not?

I forgot what I wanted to write that I thought was really funny and crazy. Didnt think i captured that in this post. Tell me what you think anyways...