Sunday, January 23, 2005

Good vs Bad

What i mean is not in term of personality but in term of ..erm...quiet and noisy? Haha...
BAD aka NOISY: 1S2 is my class...I am the boss there...Everyone in the class got to listen to me and consult me if there is any problem....BUT...the situation is weird...everyone..almost very noisy and dun care about me at all unless there is trouble...Ohno...Even during class lessons, they are still the same...makes me so sick one day that i scold all of them and have especially warned a particularly noisy student...Lesson that day was great as i was able to instill some of my lesson plan....Such a relief...
GOOD aka QUIET: 1S1....Not exactly quiet though...The first day, they have left me with a good impression but the next class...the impression was shattered...They become noisy but i made a pact with them that they will remain quiet and docile when i am presenting my 'lecture' or should i say my teaching and then they can make the noise (which is still the tolerable noise) when i get them to do work....but of course they will still need to complete all the work no matter of the noise they make...


This is a BIG word...and it can be a meaningless word....Recently i was given the chance to open my eyes to a whole new world of broken hearts...How it can be so devastating...Loads of advices will be herd by the broken-hearted ones...
--} Time will heals the pain
--} You will recover
--} He was never the right one for you
--} Forget him. You can still live
BUT that is not what the broken-hearted one will do. They will feel:
--} The world has ended
--} The future is dark and uncertain
--} He is still the one...until another one (new) arrives
--} There is no way to forget him

Regretfully....the things that friend can do is to offer those pieces of advice and hope that the advices would enlighten the broken-hearted to be strong and regain their normal state...
What they really need is to say it all out. Someone..a listen to all the whinings?

A Piece of Advice and A Note to Myself:
Never never fall into a relationship in a short time. Always spend a great amount of time to observe the guy. Let the guy wait to see his sincerity.

If ever get into another breakup, make sure that I get an appropriate 'victim' to flush out all the frustration...haha...

Stages of Broken Heart:
1. Missing him: Even if you never miss the guy badly when you are together with him, you will
miss the guy terribly after the break-up
2. Hating him: Everything about him...old or new will criticize it. You will hate him
so terribly that the merely sight of him will set you to curse him non-stop while
denying that you hate him
3. Love him: A bit of love for him or it could be a bit of missing him. But you know there is no
chance that the two of you will ever be together again. Somehow you will feel much
wiser and thankful to him for making you wiser.
4. Nothing: After a long time, suddenly you find yourself feeling nothing. He has fade into your
past and does not mean anything at all.
All of the above stages are of my own observation. It may varies for different individuals.

P/S: CK, if you ever get to read this, I want you to know that you means nothing to me already.
We will forever be just friends. Just promise not to make me hate you.
You have the tendency of making people hate you, in case you dont know...:P

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

GET THE PRESENT ( "chong jiang")
These are the many names for that period of time when women suffer and ..erhmm..bleed...but today, i have learn a new name for this unique is....Japanese Flag has arisen....
My student in 3T4 called me over during class time and then said to me 'Teacher, the Japanese flag has arisen...Teacher, do u understand? RED ON WHITE...?' I just go "O...So need to go out now?'
The many tales of being a teacher...sigh...


Very Lazy In Doing My Work

I am so dead...i have lag a lot in my work...the record book is still pretty empty which i must say that it is not good...bad sign...on the 24th, i will need to hand it in for this bad or is this bad?
Must try to do it!!


The Hobbit

The other day when i go to the school library, i gotten to know that i can borro wup to three books ( which is not many but it is ok) and it can be borrowed for unlimited time. Whoa! So i immediately borrow The Hobbit (donated by lynnxuan), and two more books which i cant remember the title now...hehe...
So happy to borrow the books...cant stop smiling after borrowing...haha..."Chi Sin "!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A visit to the Doc
Please dun misunderstood me...cause....i cant help it....i just love the visit to the doc..especially when i am the is all because i seldom get so sick that i need to go to visit the doc....actually, i din think of going to the doc when i suddenly discover that i have red spots on my legs and some little ones on my arms...grandma suggested that i go to the skin specialist and so we did....
red spots --> tick bites...just need to put on some cream and will heal soon...
red dots --> have this for such a long time. i never think that it is such a big deal. just not nice to look at, that's all...anyways, doc said that this skin disease is harmless...just like wat i have written...not nice to is also passable to the next poor children...doc also said that even if i use medicine, i will not be able to completely heal it...the medicine he gave me can only make the dots less visible...and so be it...apart from that, i will also need to use the medicine for a long time cause the healing process is really slow...haiya

Friday, January 07, 2005

One Week of Form Teacher Activities

Five days has passed. I have somehow managed to go through five days of school...five days of waking up at 530am...five days of sleeping at 1030pm....

on certain day....i was so tired and blur...know wat happen? i mistaken my shower gel as my hair my hair smells of my body gel for one day...fortunately no one can smell my hair..haha...

this week, form one has orientation...weird...i dun have orientation last time...but good also...because this way, teacher dun have to explain to the students...everyone will get the same information about everything...

finally got my much-needed afternoon nap...from 2pm till 5pm..hehe...sleep till i dunno myself...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My Life as a Teacher

Sunday before the skool starts....went to skool...gosh..i am wearing the full teacher's attire...dun really get it why shuld the students get their attendance marked by me...since the whole thing is to tell the parents and students of the rules and stuff of the skool so that they will know...

monday....i completely forgotten about ah ning whom i will be teaching....until i read out her name for attendance, i saw where she is....too nervous i guess...i dun get it how some teachers can finish all the tasks in time...i cant...must learn how to organise myself....din went to any other classes except for mine... my timetable for today is pretty free...i am still busy..counting the money and doing other stuff as well....get the only form 3 students i taught to feel comfortable and respect me....but i din manage to do what i plan to do....anywayz...went into 2d2...they are estatic to see me...whoa! get them to write a list to let me make them feel more fun in my class....will do the same for other classes as well...hopefully... tired...din get to have the afternoon naps i planned...cause i still need to go out to do stuff...

btw....grandma have inflammation in her body....and since she has diabetes and high blood pressure, it makes the matter worse...i was so worried...but i din get to see grandma in the emergency ward...feel so 'nan guo'...fortunately grandma dun have to stay in ward...fortunately....a scare

Saturday, January 01, 2005

dry throat....agonising...torturing heat....weakening....had this sympton of dry throat yesterday...tried drinking a lot of water but i guess it is useless....the dry throat got worse today...sien arr... it's a new year...and i start it with a dry throat...

my mind is reeling of things tat i can do during my teaching will i say will i handle it....i am excited about teaching....but....i dread the early waking up in the morning...missing all the late night programs....

no studying to go back to....just work to look forward to....sigh...i have joined the race to gain more physical wealth....