Thursday, January 31, 2008

I won!!

Guess what? These two lottery tickets are actually 4th place winner... Hehe.. before u get all excited about how much I win, let me tell you that the total winning for these two tickets combined together is merely RM 6.00. Hehe....
Check the stack of Toto lottery tickets today...after ignoring it for a few days... usually will check it on the draw night...
Anyways... the answer to my previous question... DQ, you got the answer right! well, sort of... 'cause I cant exactly wear two of the three rings... Lynnx, I know I have fat fingers (eyes looking somewhere else while saying that and muttering curses in my heart) :p
It is actually some sort to say how small is her fingers.... please ignore the fact that my fingers are fat... I believe the smallest size she can wear is size 3... which, by the way, is ridiculously small... Like kid's finger, u know!!
-.- ok, that was so 'wu liaw'
Update... update... I am sick again. Darn! Fever again.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I changed my mind

Yes... I decided to post it after all.

Anyways... first, I want to show this bag that I saw at Parkson yesterday when I was out window shopping with Lynthia. I am very interested in gold weaved bags... and actually saw a few in KL but didnt plan to buy. To see it in Miri... actually expected that got such thing lor... Anyways... really would love to have one so if anyone wanna sponsor me this RM 191.40 bag, please let me know so I can go and try it out to see if I really want it. Need to take out the stuffing inside to see if it will look nice without all the stuffing 'cause normal people wouldnt carry so much things that it will make the bag bulge like that...
Ermm... about the thing I want to post... Please look at the two pics below.

Ok... here's the question. Please identify the point or reason of taking these two pics. Why are these pics taken? What are these two pics trying to portray?

Please take a guess and leave a comment. Then... come back to see the answer... I might reveal it tomorrow or maybe in two more days... See lah....

Happy Guessing!

Sleepy eyes...

Erm..Meant to post a post about something tonight. But decided to do my stuff first and so I did. At the same time, my handphone is charging because it is almost flat yet again.

The stuff I was doing took me about three hours and it exhausted me. My handphone is still charging... why take so long to charge?!

So, initial plan to post this something is going to be postponed.

My eyes want to shut already.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heaty Liver

Erm... yesterday, I went to see a Chinese Doctor... opps... a herbalist? a traditional chinese physician?

Anyways, I went to the shop to meet with my friend who is not feeling well and wanted to consult the Doctor. Out of curiosity ('cause I never consulted a chinese physician before) and still feeling a bit sick (the coughing just wouldn't go), I also consulted the Doctor. :p

The Doctor said that my liver is body not enough my bowels is also suffering at the moment.... and... and... I cant remember... Basically, for the time being, I cant have seafood and chicken...and... i cant remember...

He gave me two bottles of medicine which tasted like... I guess I can describe it as tasting something like the diluted version of cough mixture prescribed by the Western Doctor. It is supposed to help me to cure the 'heaty-ness' of my liver.

How good is the medicine? Dont know. I feel less 'heaty', I guess. Cough is not cured yet...Possibly because I still consumed chicken... Hehe...
Attended a wedding dinner with Joanna on behalf of my boss. Free dinner at Gloria Hotel's Golden Restaurant.... The groom's attire is nice... Future groom can consider dark purple coat with dark purple inner vest and blood red tie... The bride is active...walking around...turning her head everywhere... Joanna and I have fun looking at her... Hehe...
Feeling sleepy at the moment... 'cause took an afternoon nap just now. Darn... Not a type of person to take afternoon nap because it make me more tired.

Hmmm... got to go do my stuff now. that's all for this time....

A random pic of a cat... Dont ask why....

p/s: To reply Jasmine's comment... I dont have anymore KL pics to show... Didnt take much pics. Only took pics of food and it is all there... Main purpose of KL trip is shopping... Hehe...

Friday, January 25, 2008

What is in my name

Lynnwei tagged me..and I keep forgetting it so I better do it before I really forget it completely...

All you have to do is spell your name using the letters and their corresponding meanings.

Name Meaning Here:
A: Gorgeous
B: Loves people
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Is great in bed
E: deeply in love with his/her gf/bf
F: People wild and crazy adore you
G: Never let people tell you what to do
H:Freakin’ beautiful eyes
I: Loves to laugh
J: Makes people laugh
K: Really silly
M: Makes dating fun
N: Sexy
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite
R: Good bf/gf
S: Lives life for fun
T: Great kisser
U: Gets blamed for everything
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Loved by everyone
Z: Lives life for fun

My name? I shall use GOHYIE. So, here goes...

G: Never let people tell you what to do --> Not really. I often do what ppl tell me le....
O: Has one of the best personalities ever -->Yupe! Hahaha....
H:Freakin’ beautiful eyes --> I dont think so lor... But thanks...haha
Y: Loved by everyone --> Agree! :p
I: Loves to laugh --> Nod head... yea, baby!
E: deeply in love with his/her gf/bf --> This is sad. I am single le...


Let's try YINNING

Y: Loved by everyone
I: Loves to laugh
N: Sexy
N: Sexy
I: Loves to laugh
N: Sexy
G: Never let people tell you what to do

Sigh...this is not working as well as, I still stick to GOHYIE... :P

Not tagging anyone... :P

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Carol asked me today if I just got back from KL... Erm... I got back for quite some time liaw. Actually... maybe not very long but it feels like quite long ago. About one week, I guess.

Kind of busy helping a friend out with something that is not suitable to be disclosed.

I feel like each time when I am away from home, when I am not going thru my daily routine for even a day, I would sort of like fell behind of everything. I get the feeling that I have become left behind at a lot of things. Too many things to catch up.

Anyways, tomorrow JWei is going to fly to West Malaysia to study at MMU, CyberJaya and I will be, once again, alone at home. Have engaged the companionship of Joanna. Hehe...

Currently... listening to 'T'
Currently... need to wait for about two hours for some stuff to be possibly finish downloading


This is what I want to do so badily... Muahahahah....

Laugh outloud like I am some sort of crazy person.

Reason? This.

You might go 'Wad?!?' All japanese le. Muahaha... The ever-resourceful me have a place that I can get a pretty decent translated view of the blog. If that one is not providing any, I can also use an online translator to roughly translate the words. Muahahah....

A very new blog by them. To record their journey of promoting their latest japanese album 'T' which is released today, 23.01.2008. How do I even know this blog? Well, i saw the post about their blog at this forum I go to and then I go to search for their blog lo. Then I found it!!!

Currently also downloading their new album. Muahahaha....
I am bursting with so much happiness. I actually forgot that today is the release date of their new album. Muahahaha....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh Carol~

O Carol, Carol!

Carol~ Carol~

This post is dedicated to you, Carol.

Hope you like it.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

KL Trip

Apologies for the delay. Currently not feeling so well. Should be the result of dehydration. Well, better late than never.

Here goes....

LS and I stayed with LS's friend for our first night so we went straight to her friend's condo as soon as we find that her friend wasn't at home. Her friend actually wanted to surprise us but she came back too late.
Anyways, after a short rest, we went to The Curve. Can I just mention how hungry I was at that time? It was about 2.30pm and we hadn't have our lunch yet. We finally sat down at Thai Express and ordered our food. Everything looks so yummy when one is hungry... I ordered myself a Lime Rose Drink. Quite refreshing, I must say.

LS and I shared our food: Pineapple Rice and Tom Yam Chicken with Glass Noodle. The Tom Yam Chicken is very nice while the Pineapple Rice is normal. LS's friend said that the pineapple rice in a half-pineapple when she ate it last time. Looks like it has shrunk to just two pieces of pineapple at the side. :p
After lunch, we went shopping in the Curve. Nothing interesting about that... Hehe... Initially, I wanted to window-shop at Ikea but the time seems to be very limited so we only shopped at The Curve and Ikano Power Centre. After that, we did stop by Ikea for ice cream and curry puff.
The ice cream is really yummy. So yummy. Different than McD.

After more shopping, it is time for dinner. We actually considered to whether use the free shuttle to go home first then find something to eat nearby or to eat first then use the final free shuttle to go home. We chose to eat first. Our dinner place is Ketam Village's The Steamboat. I had the curry chicken steamboat... Very fulfilling.

It was a really tiring day. We made it in time for the free shuttle and... I fell asleep. I just fell asleep sitting next to a stranger playing his PSP. I know that it is dangerous but gosh... I didnt know I was that tired.

Hmm... The highlight of Day One is seeing this.

A..drawful...stackful...of TVXQ/Tohoshinki's albums and singles. Drooling...drooling... Not all of their albums and singles though but most of them. The record store also sell the All About TVXQ season 2 DVD which costs RM 299.00. Did I buy it? Of course not. No budget la.

Day Two. We left the condo and moved to our hotel. Before that... food again. Breakfast. Pan Mee...
Our accommodation for the remaining days at KL..Replica Inn. A relatively new inn. The room is awfully small but just enough for the two of us. The picture of our room on this billboard is very deceiving...Our room is so small compared to the picture. Btw, our room is not shown in the picture I took here.
We started our shopping frenzy with a hair wash. Hehe... Both of us were too lazy to wash our hair so we resorted to washing it at the hair salon. Lunch... we decided to have Teppanyaki. It is quite nice except for the constant worrying for dirtying our newly-washed hair...The cooking happening right in front of us... Hmm... :p
Oh... the curry fishballs and meaty fishballs are really nice. We had it at the stall outside Low Yat Plaza. A Hong Kong-inspired.... Stall name is Hong Kong Food Culture, I think.
For dinner, we had Sushi King.... Sashimi and Udon... A little disappointed with the choice they offered. Guess I have gotten used to the variety at Excapade...

Day Two, we had went thru BB Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavilion, Low Yat Plaza, Lot 10 and Times Square... not very throughly la... We planned to shop more throughly at BB Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza on our final day.

So...What is the highlight of Day Two? Me splurging on a few facial masks at this shop which imports Korean beauty products. My obsession with Korean beauty products. :p
Day 3. We went to Mid Valley. Both of us were too 'heaty' inside. Didnt drink enough water. So, the best way to cool off the 'heat' is to drink orange juice in the morning, according to LS. After more shopping, I decided that I must have Carl's Jr burger no matter what. Feeling still quite full, I ate a Bacon Swiss Burger while LS munched on the fries. My initial plan to eat Portbello Mushroom Burger btw... but they sold out!!
Dennis joined me for shopping.... and LS's friend brought another friend with her. We basically walked around some more... at the Gardens. My legs were very sore by that time. But what to do? Walk some more lo....LS's friend's friend treated us dinner at the food court. He actually wanted to treat us to Kim Gary but LS's friend wouldnt allow him to do so. So, food court it is. I cant explain how pitiful is LS's friend's friend... both LS and I think that LS's friend bullied him too much. :p

Anyways...LS's friend spent the night with LS and I.

Day Three's highlight... Hmm... the confused and pitiful look on LS's friend's friend. Really!

When two best friends meet up after a long time, they will talk non stop. LS and her friend slept at 4am because they chatted non stop while I slept like a pig at the side of the bed undisturbed... :p

Day Four. Sunway Pyramid. The first thing to do each morning is food. Day 4's brunch is Genki Sushi. Because we were so hungry, we also eat from the conveyor belt and ordered a bowl of soba and a bowl of udon. And... ended feeling very very full...
Our dessert is green tea ice cream that we shared among each other. We each also bought the green tea powder to make green tea ourselves at home. :p

After a little walk around, LS's friend's bf came to pick us up and off we go to 1Utama. LS and I shopped by ourselves to let the two lovebirds have their alone time.

Btw, I cant resist buying this Papa Beard's Puff. 'Cause I remember JWei buying it the previous time I was at KL. Yummy...Before we go back to our hotel, we had a late night supper. Beef noodle. Not the usual type. I like this better than the usual one. The soup is really sweet and has the beef flavour in it. :p
Highlight of Day 4.... the fridge magnets I bought... So cute!!! Kawaii Ne!! Have already asked Laura to get me the rest of the collection when she go to KL... Hehe... is time to leave. Day 5. Before Mum joined us to leave for the airport together, we had Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. Shared it la... expensive le... but so yummy... the richness of the chocolate... Yumm.....

Arrived in Miri at 9.10pm... something like that. Total expenditure? About RM 1,600 plus including air ticket, accommodation, taxi fare, food and shopping. Vomit blood.

In case you are wondering about why I didnt show the things I bought... you need to check out wgtgfashion... But, I havent post any yet but soon... I just finished this le.. Give me a break. I am not feeling well le. This takes me about three hours to do le. Check out wgtgfashion every now and then, k?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Remember this?

Remember during our childhood time...the cartoons that we watch? Yuanz sent me the links to some of these memorable songs from youtube. Share it with you guys.

And nothing can beat this... Cousins, dont you all agree?

KL trip report to be postponed la....


I am back from my shopping trip at KL.... Just finished unpacking and taking the necessary photos of things for wgtgfashion.

Forgot to bring my handphone's USB port line to get the photos from my handphone so I will not be posting any photos yet.

Anyways... my total expenditure for this KL trip including accommodation, airfare, food and shopping is probably around RM 1,500. I havent really counted the whole amount properly. Quite happy with what I have bought although I hope that I have bought more. I didnt get some of things I wanted... actually, a lot of things that I want I didnt get... reason? couldnt find it and sometimes couldnt afford it. :p to sleep now. Will try and do a complete report on my trip tomorrow... including doing a report on what I bought at wgtgfashion.

p/s: saykoko, burnt three more dramas. my friend doesnt have any 'cause his collection was deleted by his sister. :p Hope 5 dramas are enough for the time being. I will get some more from him in the future and perhaps when you are here during July, I will give it to you...
p/p/s: lynnwei, the csi series you want are done. I will include a special dvd for you. :p
p/p/p/s: my clubbox has reverted back to its old slow speed. Thanks to my mum and younger brother. Switched it off when it is just less than one day old. Argh! It needs time to build up the downloading speed privilege. Darn!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flying off

Urgh.... After so many days of toiling at the office to complete the three assignments, I am finally flying off today. Yesterday has not been easy.... Let's forget it and look forward to this shopping trip.

Currently having not enough sleep. Need to get some painkiller later. Cracked lips. Not enough water in the body.


Sunday, January 06, 2008


Advertlets is temporarily down due to domain issues and so... I decided to temporarily remove Advertlets ads. It will be placed back after Advertlets is ok again.

p/s: Change my template to a plain black one. Currently wanting to get a colourful header but dont know how to do it.

Editted at 10.35pm.

At this time, there is thunder and lightning outside. I am very scared but my ClubBox is doing so well - downloading at a really good speed that I am afraid that I might not get again. Anyways... Advertlets is up again. Yea...!


*Jumping jumping jumping*

Woke up quite early today... I woke up as soon as the alarm started to go off.

Immediately went to my laptop to check the ClubBox... Hehe...

Yea, baby~! Hontoni Sugoi Ne! 3 out of 5 files completed and it happened when I was in Dreamland. So happy that I added 12 more files to download. :p

Ganbatte kudasai, ClubBox!

p/s: Sherp & Lynthia, is my Japanese romanisation correct? I just agak-agak only.
p/p/s: Lynnwei, CSI and CSI:NY - both only left one more episode to download.
p/p/p/s: Saykoko, two hongkong dramas done and more to come - will get more from Kelvin on Monday.
p/p/p/p/s: I just heard a new song by Tohoshinki titled Rainbow. :p

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oh! Please let it finish downloading without interruption!

I mentioned before that I have been downloading videos thru ClubBox.... It has been a week since I was able to successfully download one single thing from it. It has either been stagnant or when I tried to restart the process with the hope that it will have some movement, the whole percentage of download restart itself. *Smack my forehead very hard* It was kind of frustrating. I dont understand why is it like that...
Anyways... today seems to be a very fruitful day. I have been downloading that particular video since forever but in vain... Today... it is downloading quite fast... 'Cause I have started downloading it since 2pm and now it is almost done... I am hoping very hard now that it will continue on till it is done. Please let there be no interruption whatsoever. Please please please...
Each time I see the number is not moving, my heart seems to stop for a while. Held my breath till it moves again. Ohmigosh...Can u feel my anxiousness?
10.25pm.... I would like to announce that the video has been successfully downloaded. video! Ganbatte!! Hwaiting!

Watermelon with holes

Slept on the sofa without any ventilation system going on again... Woke up at 5am feeling very very warm... Went to sleep in my own bed straight away with the fan going on speed 3.

Slipped into dreamland... Dreamt of a place that has buffet going on. Must be the tv show 'Renovate My Restaurant' re-created in my dream 'cause I fell asleep watching it. The restaurant that gets the renovated serves buffet. There were watermelons cut into nice triangle shape with skin on the table. Wait! The watermelon pieces has holes all over as if the seeds has been removed. My thoughts? Whoa! How immaculate... Take out all the seeds one o....

Also remember dreaming about me struggling to dance a Ricky Martin number. Dont ask me why I dream of such thing. I also wonder why.

Woke up at 1.30pm

Wednesday, January 02, 2008



Let's us all anticipate Beijing 2008!


Bet you are a bit 'kek tao' by my comment above. I think I have slept too much yesterday that I sort of feeling weird today.

The boring bit... Work is pretty busy today... I have to complete 3 assignments before leaving for my KL trip on the 10th. Feel kind of "Mission Impossible" at this moment but my "kiasu"-nism will not allow me to give up.

Then... there is a certain anticipation for the BBQ this Friday. Some of the stuff... I got it already... Need to get a few more stuff though... Ah! Forgot one very important BBQ ingredient. Need to wake up damn early tomorrow to buy it and then put it in the fridge... How can I forget about this?!?!

Sort of ... zoning out at the moment... Like I have said, too much sleep... Think I will try to do something else now to revive myself...