Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Fine dining at friend's crib last Sunday... after a sort of pot luck xmas gathering on Christmas Day... Had porkchop with potatoes and pumpkin. So angmoh... Lol...

My iphone wallpaper for the past few weeks...
So darn cute! So happy whenever i want to use my phone cos it will pop out first. :p

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kelvin & Laura's Big Day

Woke up early... Feeling half dead... Lucky I had packed and arranged everything the night before.

The 4-colour drink shot turned out to be quite nice... exactly what Laura and I have envisioned.

My red bean popsicle is a success too. Sold all off. Haha...

Suffering from a bit of headache at the moment... result from no rest today. Ok..Time to zzz

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


After a stagnant period in my weight loss plan aka body not losing any weight, I am ecstatic to say that I am losing weight again... Hoho... so far, another 1.5kg... erm... hopefully will drop a bit more.. crosses fingers

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I restyled my hair today

I spent..err... about roughly 7 hours I think. A bit numb from the inactivity of body and too much massaging on the head.

Compared it with the one I did last year... this is a bit less curly... a bit worried that it might not last. Crosses fingers.

My head does feel lighter though... Lost a lot of hair today. :p

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Epic Mess

I am living in a room filled with mess. I am starting to think perhaps I am becoming a hoarder. Collect more and more mess. LW came into my room today and I think she almost suffered from heart attack... She wants to throw away everything....

Hmm...and so I begin to pick and throw away stuff... err... As of now..I stopped..cos... I think my table looks presentable now. At least it is less messier than just now... :p

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Random stuff

Discover I actually like and enjoy Kelabit food...
Even though I am no staff of Curtin Uni, but I attended their annual dinner. Glam la~

and there is the 5-day birthday celebration

I guess not many people can say that they celebrate their birthday for 5 days. I think I been increasing my birthday celebration each year. This year - 5 days. Sweat...Starting with the bbq at Chen's place. Meant to be a surprise but failed. Hohoho... Just happen that I am super active checking out my facebook that day. Chen made meesua.... Touched! Super yummy de meesua plus the hard boiled egg specially peeled by Elaine~

Day 2 is on Thursday night at ...Tiger Room (i think) at New Tanjong Seafood. Great food again. Ahh... my favourite prawns~ The cannot-taste-any-herb-just butter fried herbal squid~On the same night, 4 kilos of crabs were massacred in four flavours - dry butter, wet butter, black pepper and the original steamed. Since the wet butter is so darn nice, we finished off with a plate of wet butter prawns.... cholesterol to the max!
Next day next day... had a rather light lunch - Sushi King. Haha... The thing is that I discovered that I dun really want to go all crazy on the sushi-on-the-belt cause kind of expensive and I keep remembering that i had those for rm2 each on the Sushi Bonanza... Urgh..When is that going to happen again? I want to go all out on the sushi again.... T.T just for the record, the plates are of the consumption of 4 people, not me alone. I am not that glutton.
On the actual day....
Mr Ho's .... Succulent pork... haha.. >.<>
Final day....actually it was to finish the leftover food from the bbq on day 1. Hehe... the meat is super marinated. Super flavoured.
I had my shake before sorting the pics and writing this post.... And.... I am sensing a lil stomach rumbling. Oh mien....

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Internet down

Previously, I couldnt go online because of laptop problem. Once that is solved, I had a few days of internet usage....Then, no more. Internet connection gone. I finally called 100 and found out that it will be down for... another week. Sigh...