Thursday, September 03, 2015

North Indian Food

Ever since we start going to this Sun City Cafe for North Indian cuisine, we have been sort of addicted. Have been going over and over again.

The price is affordable and the food is, most of the time, quite good.  

Our favoritea are palak paneer, bindi masala, and the briyani rice. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Watercress Soup

Watercress reminds me of grandma. It is one of yuan and my favorite soup. I prefer the local watercress which is more dainty than the watercress from KK(?).

During Independence Day lunch, we made a pot of watercress with pork bones soup. Added some Chinese herbal thing again. We finished the big pot as that was all that we were having for lunch. 

Fried Onions and Garlic in oil

I had a project over the weekend and that is to fry up some onions and garlic.

I thought I will be cutting a lot of onions and garlic but turned out that I was just too lazy. I only did a couple and a bit more. Garlic gets my hands all sticky while onions made me shed many tears.

The frying part is quite easy. My nose must be blocked because I can't smell much. Yoke assured me that they are fragrant. Peace!

Spinach Pineapple Mozzarella Pizza

Before you think that I am so amazing to be able to make pizza dough and etc... That is actually a frozen pizza bought from GK Supermarket. Mozarrella Pizza. 

To make it more healthy, we added pineapple and fresh spinach (which we should have probably blanched first because it became a bit browned at the edges after oven time). We added sausage for the meat factor. 

To accompany this pizza, we also had a big bowl of salad. Full die! 

Herbal Cabbage Beehoon with Pork Meatballs

I confess that I am not a big fan of cabbage soup. But yoke's idea of putting some Chinese herbal stuff (and Dom) into the soup is genius! 

This soup contains cabbage, pork meatballs, enoki mushroom, beehoon, Chinese herbal thing, Dom and fried onion. 

I only use one person portion of beehoon to share. Some sort of eat less carb. Loads of cabbage and enoki!

Pineapple chicken fried rice

Yoke and I have been doing home cooked dinners since a month or two ago. 

After the KL trip, we started the dinner cooking with pineapple chicken fried rice.

The recipe is chicken breast, pineapple, big onion, rice and egg. I think we need something green like green onion or peas. 

But it's ok... We have Hong Kong kailan as our greens. 

Good bye KL

We started early yet again... at VCR for breakfast.

The three of us ordered....

Potato Waffle

Turkish Egg Style

VCR Big Breakfast

The King

More shopping after that... And off to the airport...and some grocery shopping...and goodbye, KL! Till next time.

Full Day in KL

My outfit for KL will be of romper only. Not sure if it is a mistake but no one knows me so the heck with it. The cardigan was discarded after an hour. Too freaking hot to wear it. 

We woke up at our usual working time. So we headed over to Tous Les Jours which is just opposite of our hotel. Sam ordered the Cheese Mushroom and Bacon Omelette.

Meanwhile, I ordered the Grilled Mushroom Tartine.

Onwards to shopping! H&M and Uniqlo~

Lunch was korean cuisine at Da On Korean Fine Cuisine at Pavilion. Sam and I shared a lunch set of grilled beef ribs and hotpot bibimbap.

Our drink, Iced Lemon Tea, is RM10 a glass... so freaking expensive that I jokingly suggested that we should just kampai the sugar syrup. :p

We accompanied the guys for lunch while resting our tired feet. Then more walking around in KLCC Suria then back to KLCC Convention Centre to hang out at the guys' booth. Ate Garrett's Popcorn... Yum

Checked out Doubletree hotel room after the guys got off work. Ah..the very perverted bathroom. Hahaha...

A-Wei came to fetch us to Publika to dine at Morganfield's. We ordered the Onion Blossom and Ribs Platter. We were lucky that we arrived just in time for a table to be available for us. Hungry die already. 

5 people shared these two. I was so darned full. The night ended with a walk in the supermarket.... 

Hallo KL!

Sam and I decided to pop over to KL City for a short weekend trip. As expected, mum has a bagful of stuff to pass to A-Wei and thus, the luggage bag. Can drag it carefree and carry a lot more stuff back. Yay!

Upon arriving, Sam and I were feeling so hungry that we absolutely have to get something to eat. Thus, pretzels!

But that is not enough! We wanted to go for dimsum but it is not open and so we went for the wantan noodle. Erm... No wonder they said it is different than Sarawak's.

We checked in at about 2am at Piccolo Hotel. 

And we got our extra bed because it has past midnight and we wanted it for the second night but it is still the first night but but but... we ended up with that extra bed for the! Confusing. Sleep time!