Friday, May 30, 2008

Super super super full

Just had a buffet at Palm Terrace. OMG! I am so full now. Getting sleepy also. Pig!

Cant sleep yet. Not because of the expresso that I drank during the buffet. The coffee has no 'kick' for me. It is because I am way too full to sleep though I am feeling sleepy. Must try to at least feel normal again before sleeping...

So... I decided to blog.

Ermm.... Firstly, must say thanks to my brother for the Ice Blended Lychee he treated me. Went to Coffee Bean with Lynthia to try it out. Normal la. Nothing special. Not too sweet. The taste is just right.

Call us being creative or should I say bored... Lynthia took an interest at my ring, which I worn for quite some time already and took a few pics wearing it.Trying to look elegant while showing off the ring... But I think her watch is getting more attention... Bleh... Btw, I got her permission to post this pic... And she requested that I make the pic looks nice. Erm.. I usually post my pics in its raw colour but purposely took some time to, sort of, make the pic looks 'richer'. I hope it is to her satisfaction. I just feel that by posting her pic, I should also post my pic so that you all will not forget the face of the person who blog here. That is me in my 'forced' smile in sepia. Took it in mid April early in the morning..showing off my seemingly neat hair with bloated face... at about 6.30am...

Then...for the latest piece of news... the buffet.

I believe the buffet is named "Pacific Collection"... My memory is failing me again. Anyways, the choice is abundant and quite nice. Had a lot of laughs...I think we are the loudest table there. Agree, ppl?

Ah... For JM people who has a lot of peanuts kacangs... You can click that 'blurts' (at the bottom of the post) for it to open a new window for you to comment. I bet you guys have plenty to comment. Post your comment with a name by choosing the option 'Name/URL'... Dont post using 'Anonymous' le...Help me improve ba... Help Me Help You. Sweat... I dont know when will I go over to JM to tell u guys how to do it...

Oii.. Josephine, click this link!

I think I can go to my room to read my overdue Cleo so that I can pass it to someone who has been waiting for it...

p/s: Why arent my singles here yet? It has been almost one month after the expected arrival date... I wonder if the custom people has took a fancy of the singles and took it. No~~!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doggie show

First of all, I want to show what I had for lunch one fine day in the office. I woke up at an earlier time than usual and cooked it... I didnt follow the recipe prescribed on the packaging but used what I had to cook the Pad Thai noodles. So, I used egg, french bean (i think that's the name) and also crabstick. Fried it... and then add a bit of fried ikan bilis and roasted sesame seed. So, what do you think?
Then, there is one night that I tried out this Meiji Macha Choco tablet-thingy with LingDi. It is pretty good. The chocolate is really rich and bitter and it goes well with the sweetened Macha. Bought it in Brunei. It was on offer... I forgot how much exactly does it cost though.

Talking about Macha... Just now, went to Coffee Bean with LingDi and she ordered Ice-Blended Macha and the cashier guy corrected her "Ice Blended Mocha la" .... Ms LingDi has gotten so used to refer green tea as macha that she didnt realise that the drink served at Coffee Bean is called Ice Blended Green Tea not Ice Blended Macha... Paise... Paise... Err... I think this particular paragraph, only LingDi will understand it. Btw, Macha means Green Tea in japanese...

Ah! Went to this's Pure Breed Dogs Contest this morning at Taman Bulatan. Actually, I am not even sure if I have the name correct. But anyways... I bet LingDi will be blogging about it so I lazy want to elaborate on it. Just want to show a few things...

I want this Maltese. I want this Maltese. Err... I think this is a Maltese. Kawaii~~!!!

Ah! Then I must show Scooby's pic also... 'Cause if I dont, ppl going to be jealous and scold me for putting only the Maltese pic. So, here's Scooby. The most popular comment that Scooby gets from people at the location is "So fat o!"
Then... before I left the place, I saw a very fierce 'challenge call' from a Rottweiler ( I think it is Rottweiler. Someone correct me if I am wrong). Basically this Rottweiler is barking fiercely at another Rottweiler. Damn fierce lor... I took a video of it..

In case the video is not clear enough for you to see its fierce face, here is a still pic. Ohmigosh... Look at the teeth!

Erm... Going to do some gardening now. Plant some plants. Yes, 'Plant Some Plants" you are reading... What is this girl, who doesnt do weeding, planting plants for? I bought four baby plants and a pack of seeds today...and also three pots... Total cost is RM23.50. Why? I just want to plant la, ok? And... Weeding is just not my thing lor. My poor fingers cant handle it. Blek..Kidding. I did some weeding last week. But my mood to do weeding is very short-lived so... Only did a small area... Ah! Joyous! Thanks to Dad who did the weeding this morning. The horrible plant crawlers outside the front yard is gone! Yea!!

Update: Just done planting. Think I want to show it. The materials I bought.

The after-product. I hope it will flourish... I am not sure if I have the green thumb.

Monday, May 19, 2008


At 10:04 PM last night, I google-talked Lynthia. Our conversation is as below.
me: hey i found nana 2
Lynthia: hey... owh!! tnx.. hehe
me: problem is it doesnt have english subtitle. daijobu?
Lynthia: owh.. janai janai desuyo
me: yappari..
Lynthia: dametai desu. arigatou!
me: wakarimasen... nani dametai desu?
Lynthia: haha.. dametai = don wan haha
me: Ooo... ok
Lynthia: arigatou..
me: hontuni dametai?
Lynthia: so desu ne english i wn haha
me: hait... k..
Lynthia: sumimasen! gomen
me: i am going to sleep now.. see u tomolo...
Lynthia: okie

I am just inspired to post this after seeing Lynthia's extremely long post on her chat with Lynnx. :p

I dont think I will need to explain what were we talking about right?

Ah! As I was driving this morning, I remembered something that I have been wanting to post.... About my home electricity...A year before, my electricity bill is always not accurate. I dont use as much electricity as stated in the bill. But I paid my bill anyways... Then, someone came back to stay for about two months and the electricity bill become not over-stated... it became understated for about RM100 plus. Big sweat from me. I have been trying (not really) to make it overstated again. It has been a long journey but I want to say that it is currently at the stage where it is exactly what I am using. Which means... if you give me another 6 months, I will get it to a state of over-stated. Haha... Lame, I know.
Went to see puppies yesterday with Lynthia. I was actually just a companion to get puppy and I brought Lynthia along. Erm... Here is Lynthia with one of the puppies.
Then, I have to have to show this... Someone made this Cottage Pie from looking at the recipe book and he has hardly ever cook so... rare opportunity. It is really yummy.

I shall stop now. Till next post?

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I know I said that I would post a post a day after the previous post....I didnt. Sorry.

I think my sense of time is totally off when I didnt work on Monday and then had a seminar on Wednesday. Totally lose the sense of which day is which. I cant remember what exactly did I do the past few days... I actually dont feel like trying to remember what happen...

There is something that has been bothering me and that is.... my two singles have yet arrived!!! I have been anticipating it for one whole week. I hope it will arrive in this coming week.

Erm...some time ago, I went to Siamese Secret with Lynthia and we had a feast... Just to show what we eaten..

Then...the reason for going back to Brunei was for Mother's Day... We went to Excapade to have dinner... May I mention how delicious is the salmon sashimi...

I apologise once again for the poor (blur) pics... I was in a hurry to take the pics so that everyone can dig into the food...

Ah! My trip in Brunei... I also went shopping and I bought chocolates!! To be exact, I bought this Meiji Rich Macha... Just in case you dont know what is Macha, it is Green Tea...

Ah! The delicious rich taste of green tea. I love....

Hmmm...late night, early morning has caused me another headache... It is still quite early (compared to my normal sleeping time) but I think I shall retire early tonight. Headache is pretty bad...

Just noticed how short is my post... By short, I mean the elaboration of the pics and etc... Must be the headache...Sigh... Although it is public holiday tomorrow, Wesak Day, I will still need to work... Sad...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back to Miri

I am back in Miri... Hehe... Back to work tomorrow.

I think I am beginning to suffer of headaches again... It just wouldnt leave me....

Kind of wish for a longer holiday... Not doing anything... But not possible.

Erm... pics will be up tomorrow night...'Cause

1) My handphone is charging and I dont want to unplug it to get the pics. It went totally flat half an hour ago.

2) I cant get the pics out from the digicam. My laptop cant detect it. Someone got to help me to figure this out. So I can only get the pics out from it in the office tomorrow.

Going to do some stuff now. Want to finish it quickly and sleep. Headache is sort of killing me at the moment.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not yet

That's the deep scar on my two-year old V3i handphone, along with the minor scratches. It is starting to look older and older. According to the lady at the phone shop, I can change the whole casing including the screen glass for about RM100 plus, not including the keypad. Erm... I will think about it.

Many will think that I will want to change my handphone to a new one. Cough... change to the handphone I have been raving about.

LG KU990 Viewty... I am attracted to the 5 mega pixel camera, to tell you all the truth. Really. People have told me that it is useless. If I want to take pics, might as well use a camera la. Err... I know. But I like it and I still want this. End of argument. I am just not good with argument. See that? I like the look of the keypad. Erm... actually, the more I think of the price, the more I dont want to spend the money buying it. Perhaps it will remain to be just a thought.

Ah! Samsung launched a similar but very different phone recently. Samsung Korea, to be exact. Samsung Anycall Haptic SCH-W420. It is also a touch screen phone...
But... it also provide the 'feel' sensation when you touch the keypad. It can sense the movement and thus give responses accordingly (this is my explanation...which I am not so sure if I am describing correctly).
Unfortunately, as you can see from the pic, it is all in Korean and Samsung Anycall is not available in Malaysia. So... it is impossible. Then, according to the review I read, it costs around USD 700 - USD 800 which makes it even more impossible to get.

Ok... I dont think I will get it even if it is available... Cause I think the 'feel' sensation is not important... There is a feature that I like though...which is.... I have no idea how to explain it... never mind then.

Must be like why all of the sudden talk about a handphone which is not even available in Malaysia. How do I know this? Hmm... I think the answer is very easy. TVXQ aka Tohoshinki filmed the adverts for this phone. Hehe...

The advert in sequence.. The opening, the battle, the scandal... and more coming up soon.

The Opening

The Battle

The Scandal

The feature I was saying is at around 1.37 of the video.

Erm... Will be leaving for Brunei later. Mother's Day. Bah...

Friday, May 09, 2008

I am sleepy

Came home from work. Immediately went out to send my Dad to his meeting place and then to shop for grocery. By the time I showered and ate my dinner, it was already pretty late. But there are still things to do. At this moment, my brain is not really functioning. I cant think. I want to sleep. But this thing that I need to do must be done tonight. This is bad.

Planted something last week during my slack time from studying. yea, planted it on Wednesday. Now has been a week plus. I wonder if the seeds have actually 'expired' so it wouldnt grown. I havent seen any movement in the pot yet. Anticipation...
Know what? I have decided. I am going to sleep now. I cant stand anymore.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Have a break Part 3

Ah! It has been a quite a while... This is the final one. Remember the KitKat posts? Well, this is final one...till I get more KitKats...

Introducing Kit Kat's Brandy & Orange.

Its taste of brandy is not strong but you can definitely taste a hint of orange. This time, I am the only taster because the chocolate was half eaten.... Someone ate one of the two chocolate bars. So... I ate the remaining chocolate bar by myself.

Erm... Till next time... the end of my Kit Kat tasting adventure.


Right now... I am reading manga 'Death Note' online... Selecting the files I want to download... leaving my laundry half-hanging outside...

I just updated my blogroll. I didnt notice that some of the links are outdated already. Jasmine reminded me on the chatterbox earlier this week... Guess she thought that I didnt know that her blog address has changed. But it is actually just that I have forgotten that I have a blogroll in my blog. Bleh...

Hmm... the laundry half hanging outside... is because I came into the house to make a call and then got stuck on the laptop.. I should be going out to continue hanging my laundry to dry...


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Time to wait again

Ah... The latest news first... My handphone of two years has a very deep scar on it... A long crack on the front screen. I didnt know how did it happen but the screen protector came off last week and I didnt replace it. I think if the screen protector is there, there wouldnt be a crack... Ish... This is just SO great....

Ah! Finally got over the CPA exam this afternoon. 2pm to 515pm... Very exhausted... I dont know how will I fare this time. I hope I pass. It will be a big blow to my confidence if the result is not good.

Erm... K, I am going to write a post for WGTGFashion now.