Saturday, January 28, 2006

New year eve's morning..

I think this post will make "Mother" telling me to help out instead of blogging...Haha

Last night, i was supposedly going out with lynnx but I got my colleagues to go out with but I didnt go with them and ended up going out with lynnx and lynthia...confusing huh?

Bought a few stuff...Two nail polishs from Loreal and one spaghetti strap top from Nicole...

The nail polish... One is Loreal's Resist & Shine colour 503 for my mum. Slightly dark redish pink colour. More suitable for adults. The other one is Loreal La Collection Hologram colour 102. I will call it Shimmering Pink..erm...too typical...I know! It will be Holographic Baby Pink! Muahaha...

The is also in pink. I have been on look out for cheap spaghetti strap top so that i can wear it at home. This is on sale and very cheap....Hehe!

Pick up jinnwei at the airport. Get to use his laptop to online. Enjoy the true speed of my broadband...The old pc is not good enough to enjoy the 1 mb connection...Sigh...

i feel tired...I dont know why...I just feel tired...

Editted on 2nd Feb...changed the '1 gig' to '1 mb'

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Work work Work

Feel very free these days....

Should be calling clients to ask them to bring their stuff in but I just felt too lazy to do so..In my opinion, it is better to leave it till after CNY but then, I will be too free....

Been helping others to do their also means that I am giving up my own seat and that means I will have to stand...

Last week, I stood for the whole day and my foot hurt like hell. Had to wear flat slippers for the next two days to let the pain heal....Ok, it wasnt that bad la...

Trying to make some more progress in my spring cleaning project.

Bought some new stuff to wear for CNY. Will buy some more when I get my pay... :p

Sunday, January 22, 2006


The headache I am saying here is not the 'headache' over some things that I cant solve or do.

This is the true headache...

Not the sharp throbbing pain in the head but just a dull pain.

I have been having it for the past two days...Total three days... I tried to take nap yesterday but my eyes will not shut. Today, I got a few eye-shut and I ended feeling disorientated and more tired.

No, I didnt take any painkiller. 'Cause I still suffer a bit of phobia of painkiller. There was once I ate the painkiller nad I still have the headache.

What is wrong with me?!

Monday, January 09, 2006

I dont know what to blog about

I guess I can give an update on the spring cleaning I have done. Firstly, i have tidied up the living room...specifically referring to the tv shelf area....I have also cleared up some space in my wardrobe. Have selected two bagful of clothes to be given away. Other than that, I havent done much...
See how neat it is?

I am starting on a project of creating a DIY skirt which I have been day-dream about for years. Havent been willing to part with my old jeans...Around nine years old jeans...brown jeans...Sob...sob...Hopefully it will turn out ok... :P

Tried on my new mascara the other day...Took a pic of it but I didnt think it was much different than my original length...I shall continue to experiment with it...

Really not much difference le

Out to window shopping with Adeline again today. I bought a Venetian ice cream from Wall's...I think that is how it is spelled...I forgot to take it out from my car and only put it into the freezer an hour after I arrived home :P...Anyway, I had lunch at Dave's Deli and I regret ordering so much food...Too full...

Not only I felt too full, I was treated with a blast of CNY songs supposedly sang live by some kids...There was this group from KL that sing CNY songs with some other kids...I get goosebumps while I listened to them...Nearly get indigestion also le.... Cannot stand listen to the singing...Which reminds me how much I hate the CNY version of popular songs...

I decided to cook a real meal for myself. The first meal after jinnwei left for Taylors.

Just white rice?!

No la..Got veggie and chix at the bottom

Save water and soup. Use one bowl. Mix everything together to make a meal for one...Err...A bit disgusting-looking though

Oh! I also experiment with the glass deco paint I bought quite some time ago. Just grab a small jar from the kitchen drawer and doodle a bit...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Finally found it

My morning starts with a nice breakfast at Cafe 2020 with grandma and the nings (me as yinning, then they are huining, tzening, and sheyning)...

My fingers... :P Looks retarded le...

I actually intended to tidy up yuanz room and my room but I sat in front of the pc and begin to post comments. Then, I begin to write one blog post that I decided much much later that I am not going to publish due to its sensitive contents.

After lunch at Nings' house, I went home and found myself tidying up koko's room (tables, to be more specific). The whole process took me nearly one hour and I have two bagful of rubbish.

In the midst of my tidying up, I finally found my photo cd. The cd that contains the pics I took at New Zealand which I have been looking for ages. As I looked through the photos again, I realised that I didnt look too bad in most of the pics. I used to think that I look terrible. Probably because I wasnt that fat at that time. :P

The foot that have travelled. Looks so blemish-free

The trip to New Zealand was an eye-opener to me. I truly enjoyed my experience there and I will go back someday in the future. South Island is the place I want to explore.

Tepapa Museum


Space Observatory Shop? Me with a spiky lightbulb...

Which brings me to this:-

Yesterday, I chatted with yuanz and got him to help me to purchase airticket to JB so that I can follow him for shopping holidays at Singapore.

I am looking forward to this trip. Now that the ticket is confirmed...It is the time for some serious money-saving so that I will have enough money to spend. :P

Alone again

The pc went into workshop again and I got it back today...which is like one week without pc. Not that bad actually. 'cause I had jinnwei's laptop to do some surfing and checking and updating till Wednesday. Then it was two or three days of no pc. The pc is supposed to be slower than before but due to my insensitivity, I didnt really notice anything. Maybe I can cancel new pc out of my things-to-buy list.

I have been sleeping on the floor with a mattress la for two nights. A bit worried that my mum will disapprove of me sleeping on the floor due to the coldness.

Btw, I decided to get my dad a new handphone. Haha...don't I sound like a filial daughter? Seriously wanting to get a new handphone for my dad although I think I need a new one more than him :p

Went to play badminton today. I am such a lousy player. I dont have the sports streak in me 'cause I dont excel in any sports at all. Note to self that I need to slim down. Same old problem.

I felt bad sitting at the badminton court, not playing 'cause I actually hurt my right feet when I stepped too hard on the badminton court during the time I played. Shit! I dont understand why I get hurt so easily. I am so sport-deficient. The feet felt fine after a nearly one hour long rest. The badminton court seems like it is like sauna. So stuffy.

After that, went to Morsjaya to have lunch with Karen and Mr Wee. Harry joined us and we talked for two hours. Time really flies.

I have always wanted to work upstairs and have even planned to ask for a transfer after two years working downstairs. Right now, I am not so sure anymore. Upstairs seems like a dangerous place. So, right now, my aim is to just learn as much as possible.

When I finally arrived home, I went out again to get this old pc. When I arrived home, the computer table and tv shelf get some tidying going on. Have to tidy up bit by bit 'cause CNY is at the end of this month. Grandma actually supervise me (ok, she was just looking at me and talk to me while I was tidying) when I was tidying the tv shelf.

Oh! This morning, Grandma really gave me the shock when she fell down after our breakfast. I was so scared that she hurt herself badily. My hand actually did start shaking a bit. Fortunately, she is fine. Just a swollen lip and bruises at her knees.

After the tidying, I chatted with yuanz...and got him to help me to buy ticket to go travelling with him. Now, I need to save money for this trip. Hopefully I can save enough money and mum will let me go.

PP pissed me off real bad the other day. Why is she so kaypo?! And I dont understand why am I so irritated when she sang. I felt so much like slapping her to shut her up and for being so kaypo. Then again, I feel bad for being so mad at her. Like she is not intentionally trying to piss me off. Damn...sometimes I wish I am a bad person so that I dont feel so guilty for being mad at other people.

Someone told me that my hair looks like a wig after I dyed it red. So this pic is like 'Is my wig in place?' :p

Thought I look pretty cute thus the pic taking...early morning le...

I am totally sleepy now but I have no idea where to sleep 'cause I am alone at home. In my own room or grandma's room or the living room?

Again, on a totally irrelevant note, Fred Durst looks really cute when he was younger. In fact, there is a slight resemblence with Nick Carter. Haha...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First day of work in 2006

I was late for work...LATE!!!!

Sent jinnwei to his driving test in Senadin... I was late for ten minutes. Fortunately, none of the big people was there...

But then, during lunch time, I went to MAS office to get air tickets for dad and I was late for work for half an hour. Shit!

Jinnwei passed his driving test and wanted me to treat him dinner. So after work, I fetch him and we went to Pizza Hut to eat.

I discover that my appetite has decreased. I dont really feel like eating a lot.

Oh! Ivy wanted to see my new it is...

My hair for work...To make sure i can concentrate on my work
Erm..Can you see the redness of my hair? very oily le...

Monday, January 02, 2006

spring cleaning...

A new year and my home is in a mess.

In a few more days, my little brother will be leaving home to study at Peninsular Malaysia and grandma is coming back home to sleep after been away from home for such a long time.

In a few more weeks, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year.

Every year before Chinese New Year, it means spring cleaning for my home. I wonder how am I supposed to do spring cleaning when I am working.

Why would I think like that? Cause everytime I come back from work, I will not even clean up my home. So why would I be doing such a big project 'spring cleaning'?!

Right now, my living room is in a total mess. Wire mess....

Lemme see....laptop wire, DSL wire, PS2 wire, fax machine wire....

Suddenly, I have the mood to clear up some of the mess i have been collecting since I dunno when. And I ended up with this bag full of rubbish...
The plan to tidy my wardrobe is still pending. A lot of clothes need to be given away or thrown away.

Chandelier need to be cleaned as well...

On a non-related issue, my brother and dad have left the door and gate wide open on a bright sunny day. EH! TAK PANDAI TUTUP GATE KA?!!!