Sunday, May 27, 2007


Each time a movie come out and if it is a great-selling movie, you can see the sale of the imitation things selling everywhere. Some cheap-looking plush dolls will be created or the photos books (which contains pics you can easily find in the internet) on the book shelves.

Today, I saw the black spiderman plush doll at Servay Hypermarket. Note that I said BLACK Spiderman, not the usual RED & BLUE spiderman.

It is amazing how the business people can come out with and in such a short time.

Didnt take any photos 'cause sort of in a hurry.

But if you want to get a laugh, just go to Servay Hypermarket. It is placed right at the entrance.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Another busy week

Went to Coffee Bean with Tomato and Nanotay on Sunday to use my RM20 voucher. It is expiring on the 22nd so have to be used already. Just a quick look around at the horses at Taman Selera then off to Bintang Plaza to do some shopping and Coffee Bean drinking.
Two Pure Vanilla and One Cherry Chocolate Coffee

Today, went out to have dinner at Piccolo Fratini and had linguine frutti di mare (aka seafood pasta).

Had migraine for a lot of days. Didnt take any painkiller because I took it on the first day I had migraine and it didnt work.

Missed my Goong cds that contains pics, videos, and mp3s of Goong. Dont know where have I put it. Darn~!

Ohye~! Went to watch Spiderman 3 last Thursday. It was...err...ok. Nothing much to comment about.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Since my old pc is down, I have been using yuanz laptop but it cant detect the digicam or my handphone's memory card or my handy drive. It drove me crazy that I cant post any picture and thus, numbing me from writing any post. But later, I did something and the laptop begin to recognise my handphone. So...I am now writing about a lot of things that has happened.

The events did not happen in the following order. Just randomly arranged.

Today, went to Parkson and had a shoe fever. I want to get a new shoes as my gold working/normal wear shoes is getting worn-out. I really try to make sure that I buy when I need it and the gold shoes looks like it will give up on me anytime soon. So, I bought a new one as a back-up. Vincci is having sale again and after walking around the shop for the second time, I finally bought this pair. It is different from my usual style and despite looking a bit purplish and pinkish in the photo, it is actually black with silver lining ribbon. I think it is a bit on the serious and mature side. Planning to get another pair soon. Hehe...

On Saturday morning, Joanna told us all in the office that there are horses at Taman Selera and available for riding till Sunday. Apparently, our Miri City Mayor Wee got the people in Bintulu to bring over the horses for our entertainment for the Miri City Celebration. Joanna and I went there today during noon time and I got to ride on the horse. I didnt want to at first but later, decided to do so as it is a rare opportunity. It was fun. Later that day, I brought Lynthia & HuiNing to see the horses and Lynthia rode on one.

Below are three videos of my horse-riding experience. The guy actually lent his cowboy head to me to wear. Erm...Erm... Anyways...Watch it if you are really bored 'cause it is really nothing much to watch actually. And also...Please ignore my plump body shape. :p

Part One

Part Two

Part Three - Getting off the horse

Went to Curtin Alumni Gathering at Music Corridor, Eastwood Golf Course on 12th May. Err... Actually didnt feel like going but ended going there. Met quite a number of people and had conversations with them. Erm... Dont know la. It is a bit weirdish for me because I think I didnt know them well enough when I was in Curtin and dont really know what to talk about.

This week, I wasnt feeling too well. In fact, I got a little feverish on one of the days. Apart from that, I was also suffering from migraine. The migraine lasted for about a week and I am still having it now. On Thursday (17th May), I had Dave Deli's Chicken Mushroom Pie and Chicken & Mushroom Soup.

Finally, a pot of (still-in-making)lemon tea on Saturday night(19/05). Just thought that the look of the lemon slices in the pot looks cute. The reason for the lemon tea is for the iced drink for barbeque much later on the evening. There are supposed to be photos of the barbeque but because the laptop cannot detect the digicam's memory card, I cant post the pics.

Well... Situation at work is improving if I can get all the doubts in my assignments cleared. Once it is cleared, I will be eliminating quite a number of names from my long list of assignments.

Aza aza fighting~!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It finally arrived

Since last month, I had been emailing this person about the earrings she is selling online. It is Goong-inspired and I cant wait to have it. Finally, it has arrived!!

Err...Only the second and the third pair is goong-inspired. Te first one is just a Swaroski earrings.

For more info, please refer to wgtgfashion

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Celebrating My Second Anniversary & His Birthday

It is officially the second year I work at Andy Chia & Co.

Nothing special. Still work, work and work.

JiHoon's Birthday! Hehe...

Saturday, May 12, 2007



My old pc decided to go dead on me on Monday. Out of desperation, I decided to ask my mum for a loan to get a new pc.

Right now... I just have to concentrate on my assignments at work.

Dont miss me... Haha

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Told you i was easily distracted

As I was typing thru the first post of today, I stopped midway to cook my dad a bowl of noodle, reversed the car, chatted to my brother and watched television.

Miraclously I finished the balance 0.25 of Module 4.

Then, as I was devouring my lunch...
Tomato & Sardine omelette with alphabet nuggets and cheese cocktail sausages

I watched more tv... the new channel on Astro...Beauty and Health Channel, i think... For the past two days, I have been watching the E! channel and this Beauty & Health Channel...Aiks.. Makes me want to lose weight, eat healthy, and revamp my wardrobe, room and house.

Mirc chat action alert!!

Someone takes a fat trout and slap gohyie with it

I sensed a big sweat and confused look on whoever reading this... Sorry... I am so bored that I am getting a bit crazy...

Final day to study

1.25 module to go. Cramped in about 20 plus pages last night. I think I study better at night. Can concentrate better.

Yesterday was so distracted. I actually cleared all my unread emails and waiting for new email to arrive the whole day so that I can read it. Lame

It is anything at all to get me off from studying. I really dont have the mood to study.

Hmm...What to blog about today? Lemme see...

Yesterday, I read this post by Carrot for her best guy friend. I was touched. It reminds me of the friendship between Dennis and I.

Our story is....We got to know each other better thru icq. We rarely talked in school. We were in the same club but we didnt really communicate. There was a sense of weirdness between us when we are looking at each other face to face but when we were chatting online, we are no stranger to each other. I guessed it is safe to say that he knows all of my secrets and possibly know me better than anyone. The situation persisted on during the first year of our university lives. Finally during the second year, we decided that we should try talking face to face. We had been emailing each other as he was in Riam branch and I was at Senadin branch. One day, as I was feeling suffocated at home, I went to Riam branch to use the pc there, online and got him to meet me there. It was awkward. We werent talking and both of us were looking at the computer monitors, doing our own stuff. The awkwardness ended some time after that... Since we took the same class, we did assignments together, revised the subject together.... One day, friends were thinking that the two of us have something going on. It made the two of us very awkward. Then, we cleared it out during our online chatting and we have been ok ever since. He is my venting machine when I have problems and I am his venting machine when he has trouble. I remember a particular time when he came to find me one evening and showed me his scarred face, still fresh from the punching he got from his gf's uncle. Shocking. Although he is now working in KL and I am still in Miri, each time he is back in Miri, he will find me to have a chat as online chatting is very rare these days. suddenly very lazy to elaborate so cut the story short la

Yesterday, I also got emotional watching Grey's Anatomy. Sigh... Last year (I think) Lynns tried to get me to watch this series but I was too into House at that time. The episode I watch yesterday got me to shed a few tears. Lynnwei, I think I will want to get the Grey's Anatomy Series from you to watch when you are back in Miri.

Yesterday, I talked to Lynnx about not mopping my house floor for quite some time. This morning, I mopped it. Cannot stand it anymore. Need to do something about it. Feel so much better after mopping it. Haha...

Not only that, I also washed my blanket this morning. Know how a child will say how nice-smelling is his/her blanket after using it for some time? For others, the smell is unbearably foul. I find my blanket to be foul-smelling recently. Sweat No worries, now it is sweet-smelling. Hehehe....

Oh! My dad.... Had a little row with him the other day. But now it is resolved already. In fact, he just discovered how tasty is Har Mee and I think is addicted to it. He even added a piece of fish into the Har Mee for extra sweetness. When I was cooking Har Mee for breakfast this morning, he threw in a piece of fish in addition to my own concoction of veggie and mushroom cocktail sausage. Not only the Har Mee, he also discovered that I have a pack of Tao Kae Noi Seaweed on the coffee table and it is nice~~!! In less than 24 hours, he discovered that his daughter actually been eating good food recently. Hahaha....

My big bowl of Har Mee with green veggie, oyster mushroom, tomato, mushroom cocktail sausages and one big piece of fish

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day Two of Study Leave

So far, I have read thru 3 modules. That is like 1.8 module in 2 days. Hopefully i will be able to read thru the remaining 2 modules and then go thru the questions i printed from the cd in 2 days time.
I wonder if I will panic again this year. I remembered panicking the night before the exam for my previous exam. Called my mum to tell her that I think I might fail. Didnt fail but sort of worried that it might come true one day. Choi! Choi! Choi! Touch wood! Phui!

Posting a pic of my studying on the green table. Customary le. Each time have exam, i think i will post something like this. heheh.... 3rd exam time...2nd exam time...The first time I took CPA exam didnt take any photo. hehe...

The green table is also very legendary. Without it, i might be sleeping on the sofa already.

Btw, went to Tamu Muhibbah this morning after waking up. Convince myself that i need to get some vegetable into my meals so I went out to get some. Also trying to avoid studying. I am trying to escape the fact that I need to study and take the exam. just like what I am doing now. Blogging when I should be studying. Hmm... My mind suddenly has an idea. Maybe I call the office to disturb my colleagues. hahaha~~!

Friday, May 04, 2007

I should be studying but i am not

Last sunday, that is 29th March, went to indoor stadium with Lynthia, Lynna and Joaquina to watch this National Dance Challenge 2007.
13 teams from all over Malaysia (actually just teams from JB, KL, Kuching, Sibu and Miri) compete to win the title for group category and individual category.
They also invited a choreographer and his team of dancers from Taiwan to be the judge of honour and to perform. The choreographer and the dancers are supposedly the choice dancers for Jay Chow's concert. Dunno true or not but sounds very grand and wahlau.
The stage, lighting and sound system are very high tech as well. They also projected the show to two white canvas. And the stage very huge and grand thru that camera. :P
Hmm..Forgot to mention that this event is organised by SUPP Young Ladies Club.

Alright, below are the videos of the performance by the Taiwanese dancers. These five videos are not in the correct sequence and also not in a very good quality. What do you expect from a handphone? I was sitting quite far from the stage and the lighting is not helping also. Kinda of noisy also. Kinda of blur. I just want to put here so that didnt waste my effort to video it all. Btw, it is 5 parts because my handphone refused to record everything in one go. -_-|

Anyways, I am supposed to be studying but I feel too distracted. Need to clear off everything that is bugging me including writing this blog post.

This morning, went to have breakfast at that particular coffeeshop and then went to office. Got Joanna and HLing to sign the card. Ah! Another insider's joke.

Hallmark Birthday card = RM 16.50
Postage fee = RM 6.00
Curious look on a friend's face when he knew I bought this for a guy = Priceless
Endless possibilities of what might happen if I get a reply from this card = Hilarious

Anyways...went to banks and post office this morning to pay bills and bank-in money to pay off debts.

Ok la...I happy liaw. should really be studying liaw. :P