Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Over the weekend

 Over the weekend, my whatsapp profile pic turned into a giraffe... Over a silly trick question. Damn. Should have given it more thoughts before answering.

Am starting to play a new facebook game every now and then. Whenever I can. Criminal Case. Find the hidden items. Makes me feel like I am getting old because I cant find the items sometimes. >.<
 Made an overnight trip to Brunei over the weekend...and made a stop for lunch - tea break at Excapade. And ever since Irene intro me the yumminess of a handroll, I have been obsessed about it. This one however has way too much salmon.
 Coffee Bean sucks because none of mine or Sam's ipads can connect to its wifi. Boo....

After that, we did have connection at Cheez Box. Yea~~
 This is a very yummy sandwich. Wholemeal bread. Half cooked sunny side up that oozes out the yolky goodness. Melted cheese.
 Had another sandwich at Coffee Bean Seria. It wasnt as nice. Bread too dry.
 Caesar Salad is quite nice though. Think they are overloading on the croutons. Hehe...
 The 'pigging out' meal before the diet war. :p

Friday, October 18, 2013

I need to know why

I need to know why is that you always make me feel that:

  1. I have not told you all the details
  2. I can trust you to automatically do certain things and then I have to discover that you have abused my trust.
  3. You have the intention to purposely look for my mistakes and point it out to me as if you are more superior than I am.