Thursday, March 24, 2011



At a hot spring hotel... erm... stinky sulfur water... urgh.. so smelly till i cant sleep. darn...

anyways... it's the start of the 3rd day! hopefully i will have internet connection at other hotels. crosses fingers~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MIA again... It's time to travel!

I shall be flying off to KK tomOrrow, peeps!

Gonna be there for 2 nights then fly to Taiwan on Tuesday morning. While I am there, I shall be out of touch... Because my phone no roaming le... I will only be contact-able on the next Monday (not the upcoming Monday) afternoon onwards.. Providing there is no delay.

Currently pretending to be sleeping because Mrs Goh is annoying. Despite of feeling eternally grateful to her, inserioualy cannot stand that she is packing & insists that I do the same... Packing as if we are going on a winter holidays. Super exeggerate. OMG

I am getting sleepy btw..

Monday, March 07, 2011

You still there?

Another oh-so-hectic moment...

Despite leaving the super busy life I had two years ago, I find myself becoming busier. I dont get it. Now it's not just that few is now a continuous busy-ness. Darn...

I did make a trip to Sarikei... Loads of makan-makan. The list is as follows:-
1) A1's red kolo mee at 4am - pre-departure
2) an apple in the car at Bintulu
3) two hard boiled eggs in the car - on our way to Sibu
4) a plate of kam pua at Sibu
5) durians at Mum's friend's house
6) ginseng shot at Aunt's house
7) grass jelly c at Aunt's house
8) super delicious dinner at Sarikei's best restaurant

Day 2
9) kolo mee
10) kong pia while wandering at the veggie market
11) home cooked meal at cousin's house - fatty roasted pork!
12) Kokoberry's pearl milk tea at Sibu

Had a drive around reminiscing our childhood at Sarikei with Yuan after shopping at Ngiu Kee Supermarket. I discovered that I only can remember..ermm.. two residential streets. lol. The rest of the residential area is a mystery to me.

Visited my primary school's tuition teacher... she still looks the same! The area I used to sit looks so small now... hehe...

Drove for the first time in Sarikei... Erm... impossible to get lost there.

Then... I came back to Miri and dived back into the busy-ness and late nights.

Then... I explored the possibility of devouring other Secret Recipe food (I almost always order the same thing - Tom Yam spaghetti). Gourmet pie soup ... black pepper lamb pie ... yummylicious...

The next day (which is yesterday), I held a manicure and pedicure session at Yi Po's house. Guess it was a success. Total manicure done - 3. Total pedicure - 6.

Finally.. Happy birthday to Lynnwei~!! May you have many great years ahead.