Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One week left

 Poached egg with pork bacon salad is becoming a staple for me. Keep eating this and something else when I go to Silverspoon. For the sake of my new food diet plan.
 At the same time, here's something to ruin it all...for one night. Hehe... Concoction of a few liquors. Very potent.
Used to hate eating half boiled egg but now I am downing egg every morning and probably lunch too.

By the way, if you do check this blog, u can now also check this Dayre. At Dayre, I try to update everyday. Here is just once a blue month already. Because I cant think of anything damn long to write... Sorry. Check Dayre lah.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Over the weekend

 Over the weekend, my whatsapp profile pic turned into a giraffe... Over a silly trick question. Damn. Should have given it more thoughts before answering.

Am starting to play a new facebook game every now and then. Whenever I can. Criminal Case. Find the hidden items. Makes me feel like I am getting old because I cant find the items sometimes. >.<
 Made an overnight trip to Brunei over the weekend...and made a stop for lunch - tea break at Excapade. And ever since Irene intro me the yumminess of a handroll, I have been obsessed about it. This one however has way too much salmon.
 Coffee Bean sucks because none of mine or Sam's ipads can connect to its wifi. Boo....

After that, we did have connection at Cheez Box. Yea~~
 This is a very yummy sandwich. Wholemeal bread. Half cooked sunny side up that oozes out the yolky goodness. Melted cheese.
 Had another sandwich at Coffee Bean Seria. It wasnt as nice. Bread too dry.
 Caesar Salad is quite nice though. Think they are overloading on the croutons. Hehe...
 The 'pigging out' meal before the diet war. :p

Friday, October 18, 2013

I need to know why

I need to know why is that you always make me feel that:

  1. I have not told you all the details
  2. I can trust you to automatically do certain things and then I have to discover that you have abused my trust.
  3. You have the intention to purposely look for my mistakes and point it out to me as if you are more superior than I am.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Office Conversation No. 1

Junior asking permission to order printer ink...

Junior (J) : I only have one cartridge left. Can I order?
Senior (S) : Order lah.
J : Just order one?
S : Check your stock and order anything else you are lacking of 
J : Is N (our colleague who is not in the same office) using the same ink?
S : Have we bought a new printer for him? (Duhh...)
J : Oh. Should I order the ink for him?
S : -.-  Can you please ask him if he needs it?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thriving to be a better person

Been facing a lot of wtf situations for the past few months. Was stewing over them and getting angry and dissatisfied and etc.

Situations such as... expecting colleagues to take initiative to do certain stuff ... expecting a better quality of work done... 

After the initial anger, the i-dont-care attitude came out and now, I am feeling i-shall-be-a-better-person. Dont want to hold a grudge over the extra effort that I am putting. Dont want to be angry when colleagues are not putting the extra effort to get things in the office done.

I guess this is also counted as collecting good karma.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A bit of something

Watching youtube like it's my bible. Following the daily vlogs...and amazed by how they allow their baby to eat on their own and make a huge mess on the table and on the floor.
Am still stalking this little boy.... That's of him eating way too much and feeling horrible.
Then finally bought containers to store my nail polishs in upright position...

Monday, July 29, 2013

BKK Trip July 2013 - The rest of it

BKK was a short trip... We woke up early despite the early morning sleep in the car outside the temple... And after the praying and breakfast, we left the temple. Our hotel room is spacious and...

They have i have no idea how to call this...
a view that you can see all the way down or up ....that's about ten storeys inside the lobby...quite interesting and scary...
My luggage bag is ready for the massive shopping I am anticipating. Mixed feeling about the shopping because i dont want to buy too much stuff but at the same time I am there and I dont want to restrain myself.
Anyways... Koko actually left me to shop with my friends and we ended up finding our own way back to the hotel...And that's our lunch...and then dinner....

And a night shopping area... Asiatique. Took the water ferry to go to the Sky Train that takes us back to our hotel... Sort of shooting two birds with one stone... cos the water ferry is a ride on the Chao Phraya River...
Next Day... Wat Pho to see the Reclining Buddha~

Then... the shopping starts with a lunch picnic...
Shopping in BKK is heaven... I didnt buy as much as I want to because I simply cannot carry and their sizes are not really in my range. Fat, you know.

Went to an obscure restaurant for our dinner....
Final Day in BKK... Sunday! which means Chatuchak Weekend Market. Didnt manage to explore the whole place because we had to rush back to the hotel to check out.
After checking out, we went to Terminal 21 for lunch and window shopping.

Here's my entire shopping loot. Not very impressive. I feel like I should have done better. Not much stuff to talk about. In fact, the handbag and shoes will be saved for Chinese New Year... super long time to go.

Oh! Got to stop by Kaizen before heading back to Brunei...
Conclusion: Got to make a trip back to BKK again. Probably for the Songkran Festival. Oh yes...

Friday, July 26, 2013

BKK Trip July 2013 - Night 1

And so, I finally went to Bangkok for the first time in July 2013. Flying through Brunei with two friends and will be meeting with Koko in Bangkok airport. After freshening up and lunch, we sped to Brunei and arrived with time to spare.
Suvarnabhumi Airport is where we arrived at... and I feels like a country bumpkin. Whoa-ing over 7-11 and Boots. Lol

Had coconut and mangoes while waiting for the elder bro to arrive from Kuala Lumpur~ Regretted that I only ordered the mangoes and not the sticky rice cos we didnt have the chance to try this dish for the rest of the trip. No~~~
After renting a car, we sped towards our destination of the night....and made a stop for supper at McD!
And finally, I tried the Samurai Pork Burger. It is as good as what Koko has always told me.
Night 1 ended with us making a wrong turn, a huge turnaround and then finally arriving at the temple exhausted (because it was an ungodly hour - 2am?)

Btw... here is our rented car, Civic...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

iPhone goodies

 Getting fined for the overtime. Yikes...
 Lost a line of beads from my flats.. Sigh..
 Packing like KL has no food to eat. Haha... 
 Travel Buddies! We havent been travelling together since November 2009! 
 This is just weird
 Sibling love!
 All the stuff I shopped in KL
 Trying to cook lamb stew
 The finished product
 The Baby~
 Unifi at home!
Manicure at home