Wednesday, December 31, 2008

See you next year

Only at this time of the year when someone says 'see you next year', it sounds funny because next year is just... tomorrow.

Read a few blogs today - Missed out a lot due to the trip to Brunei and excessive reading of Twilight Saga. Discovered that the common topic is all about reminiscing, setting new year resolutions etc...

Should I also do the same?

Maybe not.

Feeling so empty at the moment. I immersed myself into the Twilight series. The third post about Twilight again. I have got to stop mentioning this. I dont have anything to continue the feel-good factor. Darn...

Please let the time move faster so that I can go away and shop till I drop

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Twlight Series Saga Journey

Ok, I finally finished the saga. 4 books. Done.

Book 1 - Approximately 6 hours. Very rough estimation because I stopped in between.
Book 2 - Took me about 5 hours - possibly less. I finished the book at 4.30am.

Book 3 - About 8 hours. I took a lot of breaks in between - was chatting online and watching tv at the same time.

Book 4 - Also about 7 hours. I started reading at about 11.30pm till 5.30am. Woke up at 7am to go to work. Yea, it is crazy. The book is a lot thicker - does this explains the longer hours?
Conclusion(s) from reading these books :-
1) I am way faster in reading if I dont have to keep stopping. Way faster.
2) I get really absorbed in reading.
3) Although I said that I will not spend a dime on these books, I changed my mind now. I might buy them if my budget actually allow me to. 'Cause I dont mind re-read the books. I can already imagine the wrinkly book cover and possibly a few dog-ears. The musty smell of the book.
4) My English is certainly much better after i read the books. Maintenance Work.
5) I just realised that I will have to tell the whole story to someone whom I have told the entire Book 1 story. Gee...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to Brunei again

25th December is a date of many meanings. Well... Actually I can only think of two annual events but this year, this date also holds another meaning - my dad's chinese birthday.

Mum and Yuanz want me to follow Dad to Brunei without telling Dad that we will be celebrating his birthday that night. Anyways... we had Excapade - seems that none of us can think of any where else we want to have dinner. Limited choice even though Dad and Yuanz are sick of this place. Haha...

Ok..another meaning of 25th December is the anniversary of my blog - the 4th Anniversary. That long. Gosh...

Then... of course, it is Christmas. Nothing special whatsoever. :p

Btw, my trip lasted me for 3 days 2 nights leaving me feeling totally out-dated - behind - slowed. Also, I have been reading the Twilight Saga and loving it. I just can't put down the book. In fact, I stayed up till 4.30am last night this morning to finish Book 2. Ah! The anguish and sadness that the heroine was feeling.

Another thing - I just watched Twilight the movie. I am just a bit disappointed because it is too condensed. It is a movie and you can't expect it to be exactly like in the book - otherwise, it will take way too long.

My extended holidays are almost over. Back to work again on Tuesday - a bit reluctant. I hope I can finish the saga before returning to work. Just so that I will not be too distracted. My English seems to be improving after reading two books. Haha...Seriously, I need to read more to improve my English or at least to do maintenance on my English.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know this isnt much

Took this picture this morning. Used my handphone to capture it. I like the clouds forming around the beach... Fluffy clouds...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice

Went back to Brunei for Winter Solstice - which is last night. I thought that we will dine out but instead we dine in. Mum and Dad invited their friends to come have dinner with us. Ermm.. Mum's friend has two kids with her and I do believe that my parents is starting to have the "Grandparents Syndrome" - They love playing with the kids... oh no...

Anyways... the next day, Mum and I had brunch at Hua Hua Restaurant, a restaurant that we used to go to often in the past. We seldom go nowadays because of two main reasons - I am always not in Brunei and the location of the restaurant is too far from our current home. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I ordered Singapore Style Beehoon and Chee Cheong Fun - and ordered some more dimsum when the girl pushed the cart over.

Honestly, the dimsums are not really good. Cant say that it is not nice - just so normal. Definitely has dropped its quality. Then...the beehoon was horribly late (because they just happen to do gas refill at that time) and so we take-away the beehoon instead.

Ah! One fo the highlights of going back to Brunei is that once I arrived there, my Mum put me into this machine and I started to sweat.... well, not really. I didnt sweat much. Mum said that it is because my pores are all clogged and that I should be able to sweat more the second time I use it. Yes, people. My Mum bought this home sauna machine so that she can sweat at home. It is all for the health la....
And then... I also made a purchase while shopping in Hua Ho - Choco pie!! Haha... Damn happy to see this. Must buy!
Ok.. that's all... I just have to finish writing this so that I can publish it... Dont want to leave it too long in the draft.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back pain

Suffering of back pain. I suspect it is the high-heels I am wearing... Hopefully after one week of not wearing high heels next week, I will feel better.

My Mum was back from KL last Sunday - She attended a 9-day meditation course with Burmese monks, gained mental peaceful-ness and lost 2.5 kg. Now she wants me to go to this meditation course too. Gasp!

Yesterday, during lunch hour, while walking in Bintang Plaza, I stopped and let out a fangirl scream. Joanna asked me what happened and then almost immediately her face told me that she knew why. Mirotic was playing loudly in the air. Aaaaaaa....! Sorry.

I officially start a 10-day off from work today - Combination of two weekends, two public holidays and four days of overtime leave. I will probably grow some cobwebs at home.

Internet connection has been super sucky for the past few days. I want to die...

I heart Neslo Shake

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There is just something so therapeutic with eating crunchy peanut butter straight from the jar.

Bought two jars of peanut butter today :- Crunchy Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter with Chocolate. Expecting myself to get a loaf of bread tomorrow to make breakfast and lunch. why tomorrow? Because I thought my Dad will be in Miri today and so I will have free father and daughter breakfast tomorrow. But then, my Dad is not here so... I will have to have breakfast the usual way. The bread will probably be delayed if my Dad does arrive in Miri tomorrow. Sigh... I actually cant wait to have some peanut butter with bread...

Ah! Almost end of the year!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Christmas Present

Isnt the box a bit christmas-y?

Dad left me the money to buy the handphone on the dining table - expecting me to get the handphone myself. During my handphone history, I have never purchased a handphone at the shop. Dont get me wrong. The handphone I used is either a pass-me-down handphone or a lucky draw handphone with the exception of my Motorola V3i (which I traded to my dad for RM 300 and an agreement of instalment payments for the total cost of the V3i). You have no idea how nerve-wrecking it was for me. I was so worried of making a mistake of getting the wrong handphone because I will have no one to blame but myself if something is not right. I have to absolutely sure that this is the handphone that I want.

During the process of finally confirming that I will definitely get a phone, I almost strayed from C902 and nearly opted for LG Cookie.... which Yuanz strongly rejected due to its lack of 3G function. ah! LG Cookie...not only the name is cute but it is something like LG Viewty that I was drooling over a few months ago... then again, LG Cookie only has 3 megapixel camera... A downer but it has something like the Haptic feature... Gee.. I was so tempted...

Did I mention that I choose the red colour? As shown on the box. Red... Cassiopiea~ Cough... Cough...

Erm.... Still in the process of getting the hang of the phone. Erm... Should I give a small confession? Oh well... I shall miss taking stalker pictures... I can no longer take pictures of stuff as discreet as I can with my V3i. I shall have to openly take pictures. Sigh...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Anxious... anticipation

Yesterday, Dad promised said that he will buy me the handphone on Friday.

Today is Friday. It seems that other people are more anxious than me about getting the phone...

Hmmm... Just read the review on the handphone online. Ermm... Ok la... Somehow, I am worried. Worried of the change. Sigh...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I was a mummy

Errm.... Dont be paranoid la. I was almost-mummified just now.

I confessed that I bought a slimming starter package from Mayfair almost 6 months ago. It was an impulse purchase. I have plenty of such impulsive thing. :p

Anyways... I finally got to use it just now. The Mayfair people has been calling me to come and use my package and sign up for more.

Ah! A side-confession - I never intend to reveal this impulse purchase. Dont judge me. Dont!

So...I went there after work... Did the whole slimming package thing... Including getting all wrapped up with the wrapping film and then sweat in a heating blanket. Felt like I was mummified...

What can I say? Well, it was strange to let people look at my body and then keep encouraging me to lose weight and they seems so confident that I will definitely lose weight. Hmmm....

After the treatment process, comes the let-sign-up-for-more procedure. Well, I have made up my mind that...

I WILL DEFINITELY NOT SIGN UP FOR MORE BECAUSE IT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE LA! I think every slimming centres offer this kind of price...

Like I have mentioned, the slimming package I signed up for is something like a starter pack. Something to let you try and then get you started. So... not very expensive. :P

Darn... I still need to wait for another half an hour before I can go shower. Sob...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I feel lucky today

I am considering myself as lucky because I was wearing a reasonably ok to be seen t-shirt when I read Selene's blog post. If I am in my usual house clothing... it is not a pretty sight. Phew...

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 5 people to do this

So..that is me in my 4 year old t-shirt. Still one of my favourite t-shirts.

Ermm... Saw this something at my office parking on Friday afternoon. Can you spot it?

I took a zoomed shot of the lizard... and went out of the car, wanting to take a clearer shot of the lizard but the poor little thing decided that the sunlight is too much and went into the hole...
It is a long weekend with Monday as public holiday. Not sure of what I will do tomorrow but today has been...blurry.

Errmmm... bah.

p/s: Not tagging anyone... Forgot that I am actually doing a tag.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Awaiting for results. 7 more minutes to go.


Ladies & gentlemen, I have...


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Should I or Shouldnt I?

Out of the blue, I decided to check out Yesasia for the latest merchandises of Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki aka TVXQ. Well, I am pleased to see that they will have a Japanese single at the beginning of 2009. Then... I saw that there is discounts on K-Pop items. So, I browsed through and selected a few items. Within half an hour, my shopping cart is filled with the above-listed items.

Ah! Nanotay, do you notice the Big Bang album? Breathe! Stop screaming if you are. Remember to breathe!! Breathe in! Breathe out!

After staring at the shopping cart... After thinking of my Paypal balance... I tidak sanggup la. Really... I can't cut down any of the items because there is this minimum amount for free shipping. So... I shall stop here.

Just now... Had a drink and a bit of makan with Lynthia & Lynna. Errmm... yea. Not good for my waist...I am not getting any slimmer... instead getting fatter. Shit!

Hmmm... I should watch tv now. Hehe... I have not been watching tv recently.. Missed a number of episodes of drama series... Will have to catch up by watching online. Bah... I wonder if there is any Korean entertainment news tonight. :P

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some stuff that I have forgotten

After I took pictures of my newly-bought heels, I discovered that I have some pictures that I have taken but forgot to blog about.

First of all, it is about one of my firsts. This is my first time opening a durian - with the knife and dishcloth. A friend said that she will give me durian to eat and I thought that she will give it to me in a container. Instead, she gave me one biji durian. I want to share with my aunt (while letting her (the experienced one) to open it) but one is not enough la. I have to do it myself and so I did. Ok, now me is a 'pro' at this. Hehehe...
Then... there was a day when I decided to have a Korean meal. So, I cooked a pot of seaweed soup with tofu. So, as you can see in the pic, that is kimchi, fried ikan bilis, seaweed & tofu soup and white rice. I even purposely use the Korean style spoon and chopstick. Hehe...
Talking about Korea, I bought a pack of Kit Kat in Korea. The Kit Kat is pretty much melted by the time i reached KL so I threw it in JWei's fridge and subsequently forgotten about it. JWei brought it back to Miri and... it is still in my fridge till now. Actually, the reason I haven't eaten it is because when JWei brought it back to Miri, the melamine scare is still on-going. I checked the packaging and found that this Kit Kat is made in China !!!
Can you see it? The manufacturing place is China. Ermm... So, i am procrastinating whether to eat it or not. I can definitely feel that the chocolate bar is completely distorted because it has melted before. :p

Talking about Kit Kat, JWei also brought back Kit Kat that his friend bought from Japan. Rest assured that this Kit Kat is a product of Japan so no worries about melamine. It is Kit Kat with tea flavour. Both JWei and I have no idea what tea because the tea flavour is not very strong or distinctive.
I still have another strawberry flavoured Kit Kat (courtesy of JWei's friend) in the fridge. That one... I dont know when I want to open it.
Hmm... It is going to be the final month of 2008. Another year has passed. Bah...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stickers & Dinner

I have been impulse-shopping again!! Online shopping is so dangerous. I am uncontrollable when the craziness of impulse-shopping hits me. Well... I bought stickers. Hehe...

The pretty stickers... gosh... Usually I am quite stingy at using the stickers... And also... usually I will not stick any stickers on my handphone. But this time... I have done it...I bought this crucifix sticker because... it reminds me of T - Tohoshinki... Hehe...Anyways, I am planning to give my v3i a new skin soon so the stickers will be gone anyways.

Tonight went to CPA Members' Dinner. Errr..yea. End of story for this.
May edit this post....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

In Danger

Thanks to Irene for the bag...

It is in danger... The moment I let my Mum see it... From that moment...

Let me recall back what happened in the first place.

A year ago, I had bags for birthday present - namely two. One of them was taken and used by my Mum...and subsequently, she somehow managed to ...err...nvm. Basically that it not useable anymore. Then, the other one was also lent to my Mum... Ah! I had another handbag given by my Aunt - which i had also not use before - My Mum used it first. Err... so... I always seems to be the second user.

Hmmm... This Nike bag is also facing such danger now. Damn... Have to hide it!!

I have invested in some stickers again... Errr... yea....and I am anxious for my new handphone. I hope Dad remembers his promise.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My blog is suffering some abnormal birth. Cesarean birth. Forced birth.

I guess that is what will happen when the blog is frequently updated and then suddenly no activity. People will start pressuring me. Ack!

But I just dont feel right posting a blog without a picture. Especially picture of food. Without food, my post seems to be meaningless....

Ok... Too weird. Err... Btw, that is onion rings at Bavaria Cafe. I forgot to bring my purse out to dinner with Jeng that night. Thanks to Jeng for treating me. :D

Errr... Dreams... BM: Mimpi... Chinese: Mong... Japanese : Yume... Read two blog posts on having dreams this morning. I had a good dream this morning. Problem is...I cant remember what was it. Dont blame me for sounding as if I have something really good to say. I also beh-tahan that I cant remember it. Darn!

Err...Just had dinner - 2nd dinner. Had one quick one at Lynns' house earlier - at Nikko. Backster's birthday or... should I say C** C** Ho's birthday.... Erk! Cannot. Not for me to call. Backster... :D Thank you for the dinner... Thank you for the birthday gift...

Hehe... Weird huh? Her birthday and I am thanking for the birthday gift. Explanation should follow straight away - It is my belated birthday gift. :D And yes, I bought her a gift too.

The orange Xmas tree at Kokoberry, Bintang Plaza. I bet Joanna is drooling for this. Orange!!!

Ok... This is one difficult delivery. My post is done... Must think of how to have natural birth... Writer's block, ppl!!!

p/s: Just realised that my language style is a bit weird. Most probably caused by the fact that I read a teenage novel called Missing : Missing You by Meg Cabot.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wish

At times like this, I wish I can read and speak Japanese. Though I doubt that I will really go and read everything on that page 'cause I have articles in Chinese and I dont bother to read them at all.

Ah! I just gotten pressured to blog la... Carol lah~

Truthfully... I have been hanging out with the Am-sisters. I havent gotten to try yoga with them using the Rodney's Yoga Burn. Hopefully soon though.

Oh...Another thing. My dad has promised me a new handphone... I have told him that I want this.

Sony Ericsson C902

This is after getting opinion from Yuanz... I dont have much opinion la... So, as others may say 'Welcome to the Sony Ericsson Club!'

Ohya! Went for a facial wash at Clara's (near Citrus) with Laura last Saturday. The extraction process is so... nice (?)... relaxing(?)... oh! Satisfying! Yea... For RM100... They have good skills. I dont mind going back if I have the extra cash... hehe... :p

P/s: Extraction process is the part of the facial wash when they get all the blackheads, whiteheads and pimples extracted... Hehe..

Err... My favourite addictive thing to do at this moment is to save tons and tons of pictures of Dong Bang Shin Ki...
Bah... I need to get a life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So...yea, it is my 25th birthday. That is me two months ago. The me now is still the same plus some facial imperfections aka loads more blackheads and almost-gone pimple scars.

Ah! Had a different dinner with the Goh cousins at Coffee Bean. Actually, I wanted to get dinner elsewhere but... decided to go for Coffee Bean. Note - Only I had dinner at Coffee Bean. The Goh cousins didn't.
Thanks to the Am-sisters for the Tiramisu cake and the Mocha Latte. Am-sisters --> Amanda, Amabel and Amelia. Oh! I had the Chef's Tuna for dinner. The salad is quite nice.

Itu dia, Amanda

Amabel and Amelia

I am sleepy and going to sleep.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Life has been... bland. Everything is so routine. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Been watching more television recently due to the fact that my internet connection has been quite sucky at times.
Erm... I actually planned to take a picture of me doing my oatmeal facial. Well, not planned. An idea that popped up while I was doing the mask. But I failed to take the pic of my face. So... you can only see the door and the steam machine.

Ah! I havent gone for facial for one month already, I think. Should visit them soon. :p

Then... I also saw the sticker that I bought for Lynnx, which she thinks is quite childish. I cant remember the price of the sticker I bought. But I reckon that it is at the same price lor. Hmm..

Grandma and my usual eating breakfast-eating place has been appraised by a television show, Ho Chak. Joanna and I saw the lady MC interviewed the shop and the sticker is the proof!I wonder who went to submit this shop to the show. Their 'chau chu' is actually quite good although it can vary in quality sometimes. Hehe...

Then there is this guilty pleasure. Had this Funky Monkey at Citrus the other day. Yummy...

Want to go back to Citrus to try some new stuff on their new menu. Ermm, yea, they have a new menu which is an improved menu from the previous menu. A few new items la...

Ah! No one replies my sms. Where should I go for breakfast?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Belated Pepero Day

11th November is Korean's Pepero Day. I learned it from PopSeoul about this day. And just so happen that I have bought Pepero from my Brunei Trip and I also have posted two videos in relation to Pepero. Yesterday, I brought the Pepero to office to share among colleagues.
To be honest, I think the Peperos lack of... choco. The taste isn't very strong so ... nothing to be memorable about. The almond is not fragrant so... nothing to be memorable about. A disappointment. It makes me wonder if Korean snack are all this bland. The chocolate pie that the Korean tour guide gave us during my Korea Trip was bland too...but it was nice. just the right amount of sweetness.

Anyways...the day before, i was suffering in the office..suffering from hunger. At the moment, I received a call and got this from my Dad. Yea!!
Hmm... People who knows me might know about my financial situation complex. This complex occurs every once in a while. Recently, I have another attack. As an exchange of the $$, I was persuaded with the promise of a new handphone by beginning of next month. See la... See if I get it or not.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bursting Full

I think I have eaten too much for two particular meals...

Steamboat the night before...was so filling that I gained 2kgs from it. Gasp! I rather not think about it but I will focus on losing it and many more body weight.

Then... today, I went to Brunei with the geng. We had Excapade for lunch. Ate quite a bit that I am not hungry for quite long.... I even skipped dinner.

Ah! I am sort of happy with my shopping items from Brunei. I bought something that is made from Korea and I have seen the advertisement of it. Hmm... I cant remember who is the artist in the advertisement but I know I seen this product before and I was totally stunned when I first saw it. Hehe... Will definitely take pictures when I open it. Muahaha... Let me show you the CF first. There are two versions:-


Pictures from steamboat will be posted soon. :D

Ah! The picture is in.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lost Track

With the opening of the new Kaya & Toast next to Hong Leong Bank, the geng and I wasted no time to try it out the place last week... It was somewhat mediocre but the management assured that they will improve. Refer here.

Anyways... Been back to work for three days already. It has been... hectic? Not really. Boring? Of course not. Just still trying to get used to it.

Each time I change some things in my daily routine, my whole routine will be totally disrupted. Eg., I would blog-reading when I go online but nowadays (specifically these three days), I haven't done so. It is weird. I feel as if I am missing out on so much right now. Or I am not blogging at all... I just feel so guilty.

Err... Anyhow, I will find my rhythm again...

My room's light decided to go disco-like since last night. It kept flashing and flashing - sign of "I am broken. Please replace me." How ar? Got to remember to replace it tomorrow before it gets too dark.

Actually, I am nervous. Nervous of tomorrow. Nervous of the birthday present choice that I have made. Suddenly not so sure if it is the right one. Gosh... I am so nervous!!

Dad has been buying me Excapade sushi since Excapade opened a branch opposite our house. :D

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Curse Of The Ice Box

The time of the year came to us earlier this year. This year, we are at Rosita Cafe having buffet. As usual, it is all about the food. The theme of the buffet is Mexico something... Forgot.

Erm.. The management is lousy at preparing the table arrangement for us (even though we have specified how we wanted it) and also... the food... despite of the large variety, it lack of variation in the Mexican favour... somehow, it has more chinese than Mexican... :p Macam food expert la.

Anyways.... I think I am not suitable for buffet-eating anymore. My stomach can no longer occupy so much food... Or is it because the food is not tasty enough to influence my brain to think that I need to eat more because the food is SO tasty?

-Photo is removed permanently. Decided not to put it back-

Ah... We have an almost full-attendance (Thanks to CMF for not attending, Thank you). Apart from that, I would like to also thanks Joanna for being such a great photographer. And also my Mum and Dad .... Aiks! i slipped into the 'Thank You' speech mode pula... Paise...

Alas, we have arrived at the event of the night. THE CURSE OF THE ICE BOX!!!

So, YB Boss draw out the name of the lucky people and then the person will draw out the key from the icy iced water from the Cursed Ice Box (Hehe...). I sort of categorised the lucky people into a few categories... Here goes.

Say hello to the "I Dont Want You To Remember My Face So I Dont Look At The Camera"

Then... Of course, we also have the "Hey! Don't I Look Great Fishing Out The Key?"

Ah! The "I Can Do It Sitting Down"

-Photo is removed permanently. Decided not to put it back-

Finally, we have the "I Am So Fast and Furious"

Though... I think from the pictures, at least in my raw pictures, you can see someone in every pictures!! Aaron...And it is because he is the keeper of the Cursed Ice Box.

Ah! Have I mentioned about the fact that the annual dinner is on Halloween Day? We spotted The Reaper lurking in our pictures the whole night.

Even posed some few cool poses....

Terrorising our supposed-to-be-very-pretty pictures...Sigh...

I confessed that I have photo-shopped the above two pictures... Hehe...

Err... Request form Aaron - This picture

This is for beating me in GB - The Reaper