Monday, December 25, 2006

Not in the mood

Christmas is really busy this year. Thinking about it, almost every year i spend Christmas wandering around in the shopping centres. This year Christmas Eve is a little special becase i had a Kazens' Christmas Party at my place. No adults supervision. The speed of all of us consuming the food was amazing. Super fast and the amount of food was just right.

Merry Christmas~~!

"Recycled" pic from the previous two years. Refer here (2004) and here (2005).

A few days before, my phone was barred due to no money to pay the phone bill. After more than half year of faithful monthly payments to Celcom, I finally ran out of cash to pay the bill and thus, the stoppage of services to my phone. Nevertheless, I became unattached to my phone despite of feeling forlorn.

Christmas eve, I accidentally dropped my bag on the hot jalanraya and due to my unattachness to my phone, I totally forgotten that my phone was in the bag. My phone went into a coma state and didnt respond to the electrical treatment. After a short rest, it finally regained consciousness and I rejoiced.

Christmas Day, dread came over me when I discovered that my phone will not allow any electricity feeding.

I fell into the hole of desperation and forlornness

I tried to cheer myself with a purchase of a new fragrance. I have always wanted to get a new fragrance for myself 'cause the ones I have arent my own choice. Thus, I bought Calvin Klein Eternity Summer. Special edition somemore le. Managed to get an extra freebie from the saleslady - using my super-cute persuasion power...(vomit)

Still feel forlorn le. Yuanz told me that his friend told him that there is a possibility that my phone might never be usable ever again. Shit la!

I wonder when will I ever recover le...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

As promised

I apologized for the time I told you that I have forgotten your age. Hehe~!

Anyway, Thomas reminded me that we have known each other for one year since 15th December 2005. Gosh! Has it really been that long?

Remember the time you told me that I am not so friendly and not approachable when you first saw me? Hehe... I didn't know I was that unapproachable. Anyway, I am glad we get to know each other better lor.

Hmmm... I dont know what to say liaw. Hehe...

Ok la... Show you off to all of my readers lor...Haha

Monday, December 18, 2006

I Declare War Against Ants! Die Ants Die!

I have always dislike ants. I dislike looking at the ants going about with their businesses. Forget the diligence of the ants. They are a nuisance to me.

But now I hate them so much. I DECLARE WAR AGAINST THEM!

Last night, I decided to ignore the fact that there are a few ants roaming around the coffee table while I was using the laptop. Then, as I ignorantly, out of habit, rubbed my eye and something stinged my eye. I quickly got up and went to the kitchen sink to get my eye cleaned. In my rush to get whatever it is (i think it is most probably an ant), I rubbed my eye which is a mistake. I shouldnt have. Nevertheless, my eye got red and swollen after that.

After three hours and a scare from Lynnwei, I called Laura to ask her to send me to consult doctor. Super worried that I might get blind le~!

We went to MCMC first. There wasnt any other patient around.
After a short wait, the doctor examined my eye. The doc couldnt find any ant in my eye and washed my eye with saline (which was really refreshing). He then suggested that I consult an eye specialist at the GH and prescribed me an eye drop.

So, Laura and I went to GH and waited for quite some time for my turn. The medical assistant (since I am not so sure if he is a doctor) put anaesthetic into my eye so that I couldnt feel any pain when he checked my eye. Then he arranged for me to meet with the eye specialist the next day. It was raining very heavily when we left the hospital. Thank you so much, Laura!

This morning, I went to see the specialist. I waited for one hour and a half for my turn. He checked my eye and then prescribed me an additional eye drop. He explained to me that my eye is due to irritation from allergy to the ant.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Day?

I was the chaffeur, unofficial photographer, makeup artist, and a runner. Talk about multi-tasking.

I chauffered the Tings to the hair saloon to have their hair styled. Jas went for the straight hair look while Selene and Ivy got the curly hair look. After the hair styling, we went to Lynn's place to get the makeup done. The foundation, the eye shadow, the mascara, the blush, the eye-liner, the lip stick and the lip gloss. After the make-up, everyone got into their nice clothing and have a bit of cam-whoring.

At 2.30pm, we headed out to Typhoon Studio Krokop Branch. The appointment was at 3pm and we arrived earlier than planned. The whole photo-taking session took less than an hour to complete. They took one whole family poses, Hubby and wifey pose, three-kids poses, and individual poses. This session costs RM100.

The developing of the chosen photos costs around RM1000+ which kills off whatever desire in me to have a family portrait taken as well.

After the photo-taking, we all squeezed in my Nilam Blue Wira and headed to the bus station to enquire about the departure time for Bintulu.

Sob~! Tings go to Bintulu which means I will be alone at home. Actually, Yuanz and Dad are here in Miri for the weekends and then JinnWei will be in Miri on Monday so not so lonely la.

Ohye! I promised to bring the Tings to go crabbing when they are in Miri but I havent fulfilled this promise yet. Put a pic here as a reminder la...

I remembered saying that I cant remember what I did. Well, we did go to play badminton twice. They seems to be addicted to badminton.

Apart from that, we also go out to shop as well. Arcade is a must place to visit lor...hehe...

Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder what is there to do during Christmas...

p/s: I passed my CPA 111 Financial Accounting. Phew~! Relief~!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No update?!!

The Tings finally arrived in Miri and although I only saw them the morning after their arrival, I think it made no difference.

Anyway... been hanging with them for so many days and so didnt have time to post any blog... If I want to recall what happen, I am too lazy to..hahah

Okla... lemme think... we went to bowling...haha... The three eldest cousins come over to sleep with me. erm erm....

Gosh... I cant seems to recall le...ohya! I was sick for two days...

Anyway....I try to write more next post...cause right now have to go out again...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two Days of Leave

Back to work on Tuesday, had lunch at Nine2Five... The place is something like Secret Recipe. It has a nice and comfortable surrounding. I had Mongolian Chicken Boxing Rice, Cangkuk Manis and Spicy Sour Thick Soup.

Had two days off from work... No relaxing time though... Aunt Nora brought her maid over to help me to clean the garden and the backyard. In two days time, we (more like them) cleaned the whole compound and even created an extra orchid area.

Sadly, it was also discovered that the plants are suffering of some kind of fungus disease. I will have to go and find a cure for it before all the plants wither away. It is sort of disgusting-looking.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brunei Trip

Went to Brunei yesterday...

Decided to show what I bought at Brunei. Actually showing just one of the things I bought. A B$3 charm bracelet. I think I will remove the rubber rose thingy 'cause I dont think it match with the whole bracelet. It has a rustic feel to it and I prefer this more than a clean silver type. I think B$3 is a good deal cause it is only like RM7 and usually stuff like this can cost up to RM20 plus.

Oh! Lunch at Brunei is japanese food at Escapade Sushi ( I hope I remember the name correctly). Not bad. I discovered how much I actually like to eat unagi - the eel.

Death Note... I watched it with Joanna and was really confused when it ended abruptly. After searching it, I found out that it is actually in two parts and so I have to watch the second instalment which should be out this December.

I must be very tired because I slept till 1.30pm today.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Been Busy (kind of)

I told you guys that I got hooked to drinking coffees at night. And so I did... But I didnt went out on the third night and so I am not really completely addicted though I was completely bored to skull. I really enjoyed San Francisco Coffee's quiche. And I miss that cup of Hazelnut Latte I had at Starbucks...

As I am living alone (seems to be dangerous to announce that I am living alone...hehe), I have held a few dinner at my place. Pic one is of a Chinese dinner but it is without any pork. I think I havent have much pork lately including the time in KK. Anyway, the second pic is yet another steamboat and this time the amount of food is controlled.
Apart from that, I watched Death Note with Joanna on Thursday night and she slept over. Which also means that I am not always alone at home. Phew!
I woke up early on Friday morning and went to have breakfast with Joanna. I had the Claypot Porridge and it is really good. Then at night, I went out to hang with Jeng. A promise to hang out at least twice a month. We hang at Siamese Secret which is really nice and we ordered a Tiramisu to share. It was interupted when Jeng discovered that the lamp actually dropped white powder and it dropped into our Tiramisu. Totally freaked us out so it was left half-eaten.
Oh! Want to thank Davis and Irene for the fabulous dinner at Nikko. A complete delicacies torture.
I think I am once again having shopping impulses. Terrible as I am supposed to save my money for play time with cousins.
Impulse One: I bought a RM79 Adidas slippers at KK and I havent regretted it yet.
Impulse Two: I bought a RM18 Nicole top at KK and I havent regretted it too. :P
Impulse Three: I bought a RM35 Vincci wedges at Miri and it will be my working shoes. Shoes are as pic below. What do you think?

Impulse Four: I bought a RM28 Giordano top at Brunei and I am not so sure about it now. :P
Impulse Three: I bought a B$3 charm bracelet at Brunei and I love it. Haha...!

So stop me before it is too late~~!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The long awaited

Firstly, need to show you all the apartment that has been home for the past two weeks. It is a comfortable place to be at although there is no washing machine, microwave oven, or a toaster. But we survived somehow. With handwash laundry, freshly-cooked meals, and egg sandwiches.

Marina Court Resort Apartment

I didnt took the pics of all the food that we cooked at home... But... we did cook herbal chicken soup for dinner. And we didnt have rice for our dinners so we just eat the veggie and soup. And we went to the fish market to buy the crabs and prawns for lunch. I remember that we had a really hard time cracking the crabs' pinchers due to lack of proper equipment. Anyway... it was good fun. Hehe...
The overcooked chix drumstick and the before and after of the crabs and prawns

I realised my laziness to describe everything in an interesting way

The mood spoiler is when the laptop screen was destroyed by my fall. Looking at it makes me so depressed le.

Ohye... Another highlight of our trip is the trips to Starbucks, San Francisco Coffee and Secret Recipe. We sat down to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake. I didnt realised I am so hooked to it that I actually went to SanFrancisco and Coffee Bean for two nights in a row as soon as I arrived in Miri.

The last few days at KK, we didnt do much cooking and instead we eat out. I just love to have McD Big Breakfast. It reminds me of the time Lynnx and I have Kiwi Big Breakfast at Auckland Airport. A little far-fetched but it is true, I really feel like that. Also got to eat Kenny Rogers's roasted chicken as seen in pic no. 1 in the collage below. But it isnt as tasty as I remember. Maybe because I have eaten so much other tastier food. :P Pic no. 2 is the weirdest kebab I ever devoured. I felt so funny after that. The middle pic in the collage is the blackpepper chicken I had in Secret Recipe. Suffering from tiredness after a day out in the islands, this plate of black pepper chicken is great though a little too spicy. The final night in KK, we treated ourselves to plates of cheap seafood at the restuarant recommended by the locals. Not bad I must say. The final pic is Secret Recipe's Tom Yam Spaghetti which I strongly recommend. Really nice... Yum~~!

Oh... I mentioned about going to Tanjung Aru on Sunday evening. We spent the whole Sunday in the apartment before going out to Tanjung Aru beach. I thought the place is going to be very big and bursting with people. Err..It is smaller than what I imagined but the amount of people is what I thought it should be. The beach view is amazing. We had a really simple but fulfilling dinner. The chicken wings are so scrumptious. I wish I had more. Not forgetting, the huge glass of Dragon Fruit Juice I ordered. It is a two-person portion but I drank it all up. Burp~~! Haha... After the meal, we walked around and had a stroll in the poorly-lit garden. It wasnt a bad Sunday evening. :P

The most expensive meal we had is the International Buffet at Promenade Hotel. RM50 pax. I am not sure why but we ate till we are full and we stopped. And I think the portion we all ate is not even worth RM50. Not worth it at all.

On the final Sunday, we went to the Sapi and Manukan Islands. Thanks to Kelvin's friend, we get free transportation to the Shangrila Resort's jetty. We went to Sapi Island first. I recalled coming to this island long ago but didnt do much thing when I was here last time.
This time, I tried snorkelling. I had a really hard time getting used to the idea 'cause I have no idea how to navigate myself in the water using life jacket. Plus I dunno how to swim and I think I panicked for a few times. After a few attempts, I finally get the trick of the trade. I didnt swim out very far because I was afraid that I might not be able to swim back later. If there is any chance of going back there, I will definitely go snorkelling again and attempt the deeper waters.
When Kelvin, Thomas and Kelvin's friends decided to play Banana Boat, Laura, Chinos and I went out to the sea with them to have a look. Regretted it so much. The sun is killing me and I was so sure that I will get sun burn if the ride last any longer. After a few hours at Sapi Island, we headed to Manukan Island. The place is beautiful and scenic. The fishes there are also much bigger than at Sapi Island.
No pics from this trip because I didnt bring my handphone but I will get the pics from Chinos

After the trip to Islands, we went to travel around Mount Kinabalu area on Monday. Monday is also a very important day because it is my birthday. I received my present before leaving for the trip o I didnt open my present till late that day. Anyway... we told the driver that we want to see strawberry garden and NZ cows apart from Mount Kinabalu.

The drive to the hot spring took around 2 hours and there isnt much to see or do there. Since we are not dressed or prepared for the hot spring, we can only look around and then eat our lunch there. After that, we went to Desa Dairy Farm only to be turned away because the visiting hour only start at 3pm and it was only 1pm. But we did saw the cows from far away. The scenery there felt like in New Zealand. I found my mind drifting to the scenes in LOTR. :P

After that, we stopped at a Botanical Garden where there are strawberries and flowers. We sort of went crazy over taking photos and photos of the flowers there. The hibiscus are unbelievable big. The roses arent so memorable to me 'cause I have seen nicer ones at the Rose Garden at NZ. We went to the National Park next and enjoyed the cool air before leaving the place to go back to KK. Our dinner for that night was Italian food at Little Italy.

During the trip in KK, our most visited shopping centre is Centrepoint or should it be Palm Square. The first time I felt the power of other people's shopping power which almost suffocated me... my mindless mutterings...

There are seven of us and there are so many pairs of shoes/slippers/sandals...I alone have four pairs...Hehee... I think I have the most pairs... :P

Finally, the most unforgettable moment...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Preview~~ Preview~~!

Hey hey

Haiya... I am back from KK... arrived in Miri at around 2.15pm yesterday.

Erm... I actually slipped and fell on my butt and also broke the laptop screen in the process. After I discovered that the laptop screen is broken, I lost the heart and eagerness to blog and go online. So, I didnt whine about going out somewhere to go online and blog as I expected that I would. Surprisingly I didnt go berserk from not having internet connection.

In fact, I enjoyed myself so much in KK that I dont want to come back. The silence and stillness at home nearly bored me to death last night. I felt so suffocated that I decided to call Lynnx to 'boil phone porridge.' Talked till both of our phones ran out of battery juice and continued talking while the phones are charging.

I thought I must have gained kilos after devouring so much food in KK but when I weighted myself yesterday, I discovered that I have actually just gained an extra kilo. Phew! But not so fast, I still need to lose some serious weight. Somemore, I seriously need to be more hardworking to make myself a mei-nu cause there is no ugly woman, just lazy woman. I hope this encouragement will last long enough for me to see some effect in my life.

Btw, right now, I am not posting any pictures cause I just came back from yam-cha with Jeng and Elsie and my pc is so slow that I want to cry. So slow that I am not in the mood to arrange the pictures to make collages for photo-posting. Anyway, I am waiting for the other pictures from other handphones and camera to choose the nicest pictures. Hehe....So, Carol, patience... Kesabaran adalah separuh dari Keimanan Hahah~~!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I tried...

Hey hey

I am still in KK, of course...Haha! Currently at Starbucks again. Today had to go thru the drizzle to get to here. Tonight, the place is filled with customers 'cause it is Friday...

So i guess i will start describing my trip like I always do.

On the 9th, early morning, I devoured a plate of rice with meat and veggie and an egg. Mum prepared it for me as dinner but Dad was late at delivering it to me so I had it for breakfast instead. After that, Dad sent me to airport to catch my flight. I arrived at 7am to find the queue extremely long. I waited faithfully while staring longingly at the short or non-existant queue at Airasia. Oh! I forgot to mention that I was queuing at the FAX queue.... The queue was significantly shortened when another counter decided to open to service the passenger to Labuan. My happiness turned into embarassment as I reached the counter and was told by the lady that I am supposed to be at the Airasia queue. The queue that I was staring and longing to be at. Damn! So embarassing la. Just as I rushed over to the correct queue which at the moment only has one person, the lady shouted out 'Passengers to KK please proceed to the line over there.'

Aiyaks...Haha... Almost of them rushed over as well. Not that embarrassing after all.

Anyway, after I took my flight pass, I went into the departure hall and at the same time, wondering why is my flight boarding time is 745am... My Airasia intinerary shows that my flight is at 845am so why boarding at 745 le? weird... As I scrutinised the whole hall for a place to sit, I saw someone familiar. A familiar face... A high school friend le..Haha...But is that her? I have no idea. But no harm trying to call out her name though...hehe...Is her le..Great! I actually would have a companion during the flight.
Eii..wait.... I mentioned about my weird flight time. Eii.. I actually boarded the plane at 745 le. How come? I mentioned it to my friend. She wasnt sure too. But the flight pass should be correct lo. We boarded at 755. We flew... We arrived at 845am at KK.

Adu... If I have went to the airport slower, I might have missed my flight. What is wrong with Airasia? Cheat me issit? Want me to miss my flight issit? I got proof that the intinerary is wrong. What the ****?

Anyway...I used a cab to go to Marina Court Resort Apartment. A colleague was waiting for me and then together we went to the place we are supposed to audit.

Lemme see... my workplace isnt too bad. I was a bit confused and not sure of what to do at first but a senior colleague got me going and I am still on my way to complete the job given to me.

Anyway... That night we went to Ocean Seafood Restaurant to makan...hahah... Yum yum... I have pics to show but I want to use Picasa to show it to you all so the pics will have to wait.

I suddenly realised that my days are actually all work..and then night time is play time and also work time as we need to rush the job. We are only going to be here for two weeks and so we need to rush to have everything done so that we will not have anything left over.

Ohya! After makan, we went to walk by the waterfront. The place is really nice. A lot of restaurants and they are all very friendly ( most probably so that they can do our business and feed us with food). There is also this night market and so we bought a comb of bananas before leaving the place. As we walked back to our apartment, we noticed that there is Starbucks and aimed to go there for online purposes. Ei! Something else beside it attracts our attention. Secret Recipe. Hehe..

Personally I have never been to Secret Recipe. I heard about it countless of time from Lynnx and often wonder about it. So we went in and bought a few cakes to bring back to our apartment to makan.

Work is really a very tiring thing as we have no slack time at all. Usually we can slack a bit and relax a bit before continue working but here, no play just work.

Ohya! Not wanting to fall sick, we actually cooked green bean soup and chrysathemum tea to drink for cooling down. Cool huh?

Well... tomorrow is Sunday. We will go to Tanjung Aru to have more fun... Hehe

A view from the living room of the apartment

Friday, November 10, 2006


I am at KK now..HAHAHAH...

Online at Starbucks Coffee.... My first time at this place o...


Yesterday I went to buy Secret Recipe cake to makan... erm... erm... macam under pressure le... Dunno what to write all of a sudden...So, i guess till next time... I will write more and post more pictures...


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I think I am going to fail CPA111

After a few days of studying (...and staring into space, playing neoquest, reading blogs, watching tv, sleeping, window shopping, and dining out), it is finally THE DAY. THE EXAMINATION DAY.

The night before

I tried to do the mcqs and found myself not knowing how to answer any of it. Oh no! I panic. After days of studying (and all others), I have no idea how to answer the mcqs. How will I survive tomorrow's exam?! I actually called Mum and went to sleep after that. Woke up at 3am due to nightmare and slept till 8am

2pm, today

Only 7 people take CPA111 le...all girls. Never mind la, just try to do my best la.

The Verdict

Cant blame anyone if I dont do well. Can only blame myself. At least Mum got the warning that I might not do well.

Anyway... I went out for breakfast yesterday and decided to go to this coffee shop where i used to go very often with grandma. I miss eating their Chow Zhu Mien, Cao Cai MiFen, Tian Bian Hu and Chow Zhu MiFen. Yum Yum..the ever-so-delicious Chow Zhu Mien...

That evening, I went to office to get the laptop and watched the packing process. My intended short trip became a 2-hour trip to office. I cant even recall how many times I ran up and down the stairs.

Ohya! The day before...that is Monday night, went to Pizza Hut to makan with Irene, SiawLing, Amy and Dennis. Actually asked CK also but he din turn up. Too bad...want to wish him well and meet him for the last time before he leave Miri also cannot lor.

So, I have packed my stuff and for the umpteenth time, add and remove stuff to my luggage. Gosh... I am so excited to go to KK. Thinking that I have to weigh my suitcase again just in case overweight le My second trip to KK and I am not sure if I will be able to go online there. Two weeks without any internet connection. Hmmm...How will I survive?

Well, till then, here's a collage of my face for you all to see.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sarawak, Serawak, Sara-whack?!

How do you pronounce the name of our State? Do you do it in the proper Baku way? The proper Baku way is Sa-ra-wak and yet there are people who pronounce it as Se-ra-wak. I believe that Lynnx is the one who brought this topic up the other day. How about Sara-whack? This is the angmohs' pronounciation. Hehe.. Promise to myself that i will try to pronounce Sarawak in the proper Baku way. :P


I decided to show the food I consumed when I was out.... Recently i have craving to eat chicken chop. So far, I have eaten two diferent places of chicken chop (excluding the previous experience of chicken chops). Kingwood (, Jing Wood) failed to produce a delicious chicken chop. It is disappointing but at least they have really nice lamb chop, mixed grill and breaded stuffed fish.

Then, i tried out Double Star's chicken chop. Urgh... It is so tasteless. Despite of a good presentation, the grilled cucumber is terrible, the sauce is not even nice and the chicken is tasteless...Euuww...

Last night, I went out to yam-cha and I had insomnia...err, insomnia is difficulty to sleep, right? hehe...All thanks to that can of green tea. Last time, it has no effect on me but nowadays...hmm..i have to reconsider my choices of drinks.

Ohye.. My house regularly has canine visitors. They made such a muddy mess of my porch whenever it rains. And recently they are more interested in digging hole to lie in. Introducing one of the canine visitors,which came to lie on my car porch yesterday.

They are my neighbor's dogs. They couldnt get into their own home so they came to my place to seek shelter.

Finally, I shall go back to studying...haha...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am Screwed

Went to work yesterday. Thinking that it will be a relaxing day but I was so wrong.

I went to work knowing that I will be wrapping up an assignment that needed approval from my boss. What I din anticipate is how much I still need to do and how much time I will need to have it done. Not only that, apparently another client of mine has been looking for me since Monday and so the thing she want me to do is, well, urgent. Need to be done on that day.

So busy that I think I must be the busiest person in the whole office. So much of a relaxing day.

After window shopping with Joanna and Laura at night, I slumped on the sofa watching CSI. No studying yet. I promise to myself that I will try to at least read two-third of Module 5 today.

But I woke up late this morning. Feeling so sleepy o. In fact, it is already noon now and I have not really started studying.

I am SO screwed...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dun Panic!

it has been like this a few days. My blog posts dropped all the way to the bottom for some pc. I suspect that the sidebar has grown fatter but I have no idea how to fix it. So I will let it be like this lor...

Just bear it and hope that it will recover soon...

Talk about steamboat

Steamboat is something that is really easy to make. Just throw a few things into a boiling pot and yum! yum! I seems to lose the inspiration on steamboat talk le... :P

Had steamboat the other day and was really full. It was so much fun though. Hehe

Ohye! Went to Snowflake Drink Stall for a cool refreshing drink. A place worth going o. Erm..My pic prob dun look as ravishing as my previous refreshing drink photo but trust me when I say it is equally as good.

Last night, I went to Lynns' place to have a special dinner. Erm..took this pic with Abelle. This is what happen when you are using a camera phone and someone else is using digital camera with flash. A mixture of bright and dark... :P