Sunday, February 28, 2010

Singapore & KL Trip 2010 aka Annual Pre-CNY Shopping Trip Part 2

And so, LS and I continued our shopping trip at KL... feeling so much lighter in our purses because of the Sing dollars that we have spent. Vomit blood.
Shopping in KL is pretty much the same as before...the food we ate is prob the one thing that we have changed a bit this time... After one night at JWei's place, since we arrived quite late at night, we decided not to waste hotel money and stayed at Jwei's place. After checked in to Cititel, we headed to Sungei Wang to get hair wash. wash. Well, actually we stopped by Hong Kong Food Culture for some tea time. The usual stuff. Fishballs...yummy... Then, to Times Square for hair wash 'cause we suddenly remembered that there is this hair salon there pretty good... We are so worn out from Singapore that we decided that we want to have a proper Chinese meal for dinner. We went to this Hakka Restaurant in The Gardens. The lotus root is really good. The other dishes are just ok ok... I have eaten better.
The second night, we had... TGIF...and then went to watch movie... hehe... We went to watch Tooth Fairy. Pretty funny... Meant to watch the local production "Woo Hoo" but didnt... Oh well...
Ls and I are not really fond of going to Sunway Pyramid for some unknown reason....It seems that sometimes we really cant find anything to buy there despite of the huge choices. It is just weird. But we still go there. We had our brunch at Dragon-i before starting our journey...Preserved veggie in the noodle soup is so refreshing. The xiao long baos are a disappointment. The ones at Ding Tai Fung are better. :p
We ended our shopping earlier than expected and so we went back to hotel to rest and then met up with a friend. And... we had Korean food as dinner. Oh..I am getting hungry looking at the kimchi jiggae. Darn...

Overall, this year trip is surprisingly exhausting. LS and I ran out of energy to shop when we are in KL... Singapore killed us. I am quite happy with what I bought...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Singapore & KL Trip 2010 aka Annual Pre-CNY Shopping Trip

It is unavoidable - LS and I have once again go on a shopping trip. This is time we have included Singapore into the itinerary and also a new travel companion to Singapore - let's call her D.We three stayed at this Aqueen Hotel at Balestier Road. It is still quite new and clean. The room is really small but we sort of expected that already. The shower toilet room is just a partition of glass... kind of see through... haha.. thank goodness, we are all girls. D's Singapore (not Singaporean) friend, SH, brought us around and taught us how to get to the nearest MRT - Tao the HDB Hub. Coincidentally HBD Hub is celebrating its 50th anniversary and they have this really cool tiles thingy on the wall..and everytime we passed there, there are people looking at it..analysing the tiles...
Our first shopping place is Ion and to be honest, I cant afford to shop there. Can only window shopping. SH brought us to window shop at LV, Burberry, Gucci etc... Right now..not possible. I hope it is possible to really shop there in the future. :p
Lunch is... Nothing special lo. The next day, instead of shopping at Orchard Road - we did some shopping at Orchard Road the night before, we went to Woodlands and Boon Lay to shop. The items on sale actually look more affordable but... I didn't went all crazy la. Btw, we had Mos Burger for brunch. I think it is safe to say that we shopped till we drop at Boon Lay. My hands actually hurt from carrying all the shopping bags. SH treated us dinner at Ding Tai Fung - which I remember that last time I went to Singapore, I sampled its xiao long baos and chicken soup. Refer here. This time, I got to sample more dishes. Hehe... Erm... The final day, we went to Orchard Road again to see if we can shop for more stuff. Our flight is at night so... no hurry. We even arrived at the airport earlier than expected so we went to have dinner at Sakae Teppanyaki. Not bad... I think I had my first taste of foie gras. :p The chawa mushi is cooked in big onion skin... kind of cool. :p

KL part of the shopping trip - coming soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year~!!

Got off early from work last Friday. Early break for Chinese New Year. Spent the time decorating the wall. Tada~!! Hopefully I can get more pictures to stick on... Case this is just the first batch.

Tiger year~ Rawr~!!!

Our feast...
Loads of food. Yum..yum..yum... Haha...
I feel that I am gaining weight fast~

Friday, February 12, 2010

In Preparation of...

Just now, after work, went for facial, manicure and pedicure... Waiseh~!! Tomorrow, after work, go for eyelash perming... Double waiseh!!!

I think I made the wrong choice of nail polish...and I should have requested for an extra coating or something to make it last. I have the tendency to ... wear off the nail polish fast. Sigh... Better get a clear nail polish tomorrow to apply on my nails to make it last.

I have been wanting to decorate the bedroom wall with photos and etc...but din progress much. Tonight I just took off the huge poster and planning to go develop photos tomorrow...then, hopefully by tomorrow night, the wall become colourful...
I am thinking..messy picture collage. Or should I go for the tidy line-by-line picture arrangement? Hmmm....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogging from my room

The Brother, JWei, is back.

I have self-banished myself to my room. Relinquished my laptop spot to him. Good also la... I can have some privacy. :p Cannot stand listening to him talking to his 'raid' buddies while 'raiding' Sweat~~

Help~!! Just a few more days to chinese new year and my hair is completely tangled. Oh no~!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Power of Dreams

After discussing...arguing...dong nothing...for such a long time...finally... Ladies and gentlemen, my new car. Honda City. more indulgence. No more travelling. Must pay car loan each month. Pray I get thru.

Got back from my pre-cny shopping trip on Saturday... Very tiring but I still stayed up late to play facebook and to catch up my mangas... Result - super sleepy at work. Die. Die die also stay awake the whole time. Promised myself that I will sleep early tonight.

But...I am currently cleaning the chandelier...yes, the chandelier...the small crystals formation hanging from the ceiling... it's my annual job to clean it. This year is no exception. Told mum that I will clean it and she will be coming to Miri tomorrow so can't delay anymore. Tonight must clean it...

I wonder if I can actually sleep early tonight....Hmm...