Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Citrus has moved~

Citrus is moving has moved to a new location...

Last Sunday was the final day at the old location. We went to citrus to makan makan...

We ordered a few dishes to share....and I think I ordered the wrong pizza. Max-A-Lot. I don't remember it to be like that le. But the Greece Lightning is awesome! No regret on that. Hehe

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Abandoned Plan

I had the plan to write a long ranting post about a certain something something. But I abandoned it after half a sentence. Oh wait... Hmm... Ok, it is a maybe-half-a-sentence. It will be too rude. Too offending.

Anyways... I am thinking... that I will offer to do manicure for a fee. Just a fingernail trimming and colouring. RM 5 for a single colour polish... RM 10 for a more elaborate polish... So, anyone interested?

Monday, November 14, 2011


I finally splurge on a bag organizer after letting my handbag cluttered for...err... Forever.

I got it from Cosway when I tagged along to Cosway with my grandaunt and aunt yesterday. Only RM20.90 with a stamp or issit a coupon. Sorry, I am not familiar with the system there.

My handbag now is super tidy. Cos everything is cluttered in the organizer bag. Hahaha....!

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Belt

I wanted to get a new belt for quite some time... And I have been reluctant to go get one that is cheap aka easily damaged therefore will need to get a new one again in a short period of time.... And I am reluctant to get an expensive one because I thought it seems that I am just buying it for the brand....

Today... I finally bought one that is reasonably priced... Cos it's on discount... And it is of a good brand , Esprit... And it's made of 100% buffalo leather... So it shud last quite long right?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Radio Call-In

As I drove to work this morning and listened to Hitz.fm, I found myself wondering why does the callers to the station sounded over-enthusiastic sometimes...and why do they even call to radio station to give response to what the dj ask about.

My mind wandered to the time when I used to call to the radio show to join in the contest...and it was a Brunei radio station somemore. International calls le. There was the other time I called to request for Backstreet Boys's song and was rejected and then the dj decided to be gracious and play the song. I screamed together with my cousins when we heard it.

Hmm... I feel old. Hahaha....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween... Yesterday!

Had a fulfilling dinner last night despite feeling nauseous the whole day.

No... I am not pregnant! I am just feeling too heaty.

Silverspoon has Halloween deco on. Have you gone there?

Behold. The pumpkin that grew old in two days. I think the heat from the candle aged the pumpkin prematurely. Hehe

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I finally moved on from my Garnier Whitening lotion to the yummy Avocado Body Cream.

It is super creamy that I must massage in the cream properly each time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Really that different?

Seriously... Do I look really different when I have makeup on?

See the comparison photo... Note that lighting is different. The one with makeup on is taken in evening natural lighting while the one without makeup is taken in morning natural lighting. Thus, the one with makeup appears to be a bit .... Reddish?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A lot of ppl will say that they dislike going to seminar because it is just too boring... I am the opposite. I actually enjoy it despite feeling sleepy when attending the seminar...

My like for seminar is because I want others to tell me what's going on... Plus I am really lazy (most of the time) to go find out what's going on. Hehe

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pizza for lunch!!

Ate pizza at Citrus yesterday.

Hmmm... Not full but not hungry either after eating a few pieces. I guess I will be if I finish the whole thing.

Today is a rainy day... I just ate my lunch and now getting sleepy. So... Ttyl

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Window shopped

Went window shopping for electrical appliances with Lynnwei last night. Makes me want to buy so many things cos everything doesnt seems very expensive. :p

There was this deep fryer that looks different from other deep fryer and at that time I couldnt figure out that item... Imagine my surprise when I saw the same thing on the web this morning. If you want to see what is it, go here.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lunch set~

Gonna do a bit of promoting for Silverspoon while trying to induce ppl to accompany me for lunch...

Silverspoon is going to start its lunch set!! 2 different lunch set for each weekday except for public holidays.

So... Who's going with me to try all the sets?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hong Ngan Lo

It's a foochow dish. Beehoon cooked in red wine soup plus an egg.

I ate it this morning... Specially ask the guy not to put the Chinese celery but the chef still put it. I guess it is out of habit.

Felt quite nourished after that. Hehe

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After three days of no dinners, I indulged on a bacon with cheese burger last night.

The no-dinner nights were initially unintentional. The restaurant was really busy and so I could probably only be able to eat at about 9pm. From past experience, I know I will burping non stop and tummy will be protesting if I eat at that time. So I skipped the meal completely and drank more water instead.

Last night I kept thinking of burgers that I couldn't resist the temptation of ordering one. Hehe...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Am impressed

Since I bought my Honda, I have been receiving calls every now and then. Calls to ask me how I feel about the car... The service... The after sales service... The car servicing service...

I love how Honda strives to satisfy its customers...

Today I received such call again. She was asking about my car service experience. I can already anticipate what she is planning to ask me and I feel bad because I didn't personally send my car to servicing therefore not qualify to answer the rest of her survey. Boo...

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's super strong

Had kacangma at 88 Cafe last Saturday. It is super strong. I seriously felt a bit dizzy after finishing the whole bowl. If you need a boost to your body, go for this at 88 Cafe on Saturday.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

No more excuses

Ok... It's more like one less excuse to use. Just that this morning as I was contemplating what to blog, I saw the news update of Blogger... Then I noticed the word 'iOS'...

I usually dun read the news update but that word caught my attention and I read on... And found out that I can now download Blogger app and blog directly from my iPhone. Woots!!

So... Therefore... One less excuse to say why I didn't blog. :p

Btw, this is my first post from my iPhone~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feeling arty

Was feeling so sleepy last night at SS... Probably because there wasn't much activity. The customers are all long-sitting type. They come in, talk, order, talk, eat, talk, drink, talk and talk and talk...

To combat my extreme drowsiness, i began to doodle..doodle...and then somehow, i managed to end up sketching the above ...err.. portrait. No one in particular in mind. It started with the eye and grew into a face...

Somehow, I think I didnt draw as well as this when I was in school. Maybe that time too much pressure? Want to be perfect and it becomes so ugly...?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's my fav t-shirt and it is getting a bit old.

I found that I dislike wearing anything that has really big wordings that advertises the brand of the shirt I am wearing but for this particular t-shirt, I dont have such aversion.

Maybe it's because it belongs to us cousins, wgtg. Sad though because the blog is no longer around. Oh well. We still have this as a souvenir. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few days ago, I was feeling bloated...and true enough, my weight is at the high point... And I managed to inflate and feel good about myself.

There is a hazard to feeling good because this will means I am more than willing to indulge myself.

Last night was such occasion - Supper. Two rounds of supper. ^.^

Round 1 - Cha Sao Yu Mien from the shop next to A1... I feel bad for the shop because I cant remember it's name. Hehe... It's a bit disappointing because the chao sao is not fragrant enough.

Round 2 - Seahorse's fried chicken wings and Tiger beer (served in three different brands glasses). Again, food is disappointing... chicken wings too oily. The chili sauce is superb though. yum!

I woke up this morning feeling bloated again... Dun dare to weight myself..no need to weigh I also know I must be heavy again...  T.T

Friday, September 09, 2011

I am no chef

A customer requested for cut chili yesterday at Silverspoon... So, as usual, I went to the kitchen to request for it. But, instead of them preparing it for me, they gave me a chili and said 'here... prepare it yourself'

When I was cutting it...
K: Ning, you dunno cook right?

I must be cutting the chili in a really un-pro way. yikes... awkward awkward...

Me: Err..yea. hehehe...
K: Then, how you going to cook for ur husband in the future?
Me: I am going to find a husband who cooks. Hahahah...

Ok...So I have a really lousy cutting skill and probably cooking skills too. Opps.. lol.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

No picture post

No picture today because I dunno what to post... Hehe...

Today is not a productive day. Went for a time-wasting thingy this morning and had to reschedule the thingy. I will reveal what is this thingy when I know more.

It is almost mid of the month now. Hoho...Time flies. Had a lot of weird thoughts recently. One of them is to hopefully be able to do maintenance on my hair twice a year because...otherwise I will have a really messy hair for the rest of the year and only nice hairstyle around chinese new year time. Total confidence killer. urgh...

Then... there is also this goal setting on my weight issue. I hope to be able to achieve my body's ideal weight by chinese new year... It is going to be tough and I hope to be able to reduce slowly and hopefully reach the targetted weight. Ganbatte!!

Bah...More blogging tomorrow~

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Baju Baru

During my recent trip to Singapore, I bought this new flowery top. Personally I never thought I will buy such flowery top because... well, it usually very dowdy..aunty-ish..and since I am already a very boring person, I thought it will make me even more aunty-ish.

Surprisingly...this top is really ok lo. It even hides my tummy although the material is a bit sheer. :p

Actually... I dunno what to write today... Bah.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Garlic bread

Previously I experimented a few method on how to make garlic bread... after the experiments, someone told me of the other way to do it..the way how one certain restaurant in Miri does it...

Yesterday, I tried making it using that way...Btw, I have actually forgotten if it is the method I was told. Hehe.. Forgot to write it down for reference. Thankfully everything turns out ok. The garlic bread is much better than what I did before. Phew..

I still have half of the whole butter left. So... I guess I can make more if anyone wants any. :p

Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend Sushi Girls' Trip

Yesterday went to KB for some sushi eating and grocery shopping.

It has been so long since I went to Excapade to eat. Ever since the Tao experience (in April), I get nauseous just hearing words like sushi, sashimi, salmon, buffet... That was how sickening full I was that time.

All the dishes was yummy as usual... But the appearance seems to be a bit sad. Example is the mini salmon mayo. It looks so sad... The salmon slice is uneven so it couldnt wrap the rice properly.

Oh! I suddenly remember something funny. When we almost at the end of our lunch, an angmoh couple and their baby boy came in and sat in the booth behind us. The baby is so cute~ When we ate our ice cream, I turned and ..

Me: Hallo~
Baby: (stunned..and then suddenly smiled)
Me and Amanda: Aaa... cute~~
Baby's Dad: Baby, are you flirting with them?
Me and Amanda: Hahaha...

omg... So funny the dad...

I bought a few unnecessary stuff at the supermarket... There wasnt much of a queue at the immigration and custom checkpoint. The jam was mostly on the other road - heading back into Brunei. Phew...

Friday, September 02, 2011

Busy Holidays

So, Hari Raya fell near Hari Merdeka. So, we had a three days holidays.It wasnt a relaxing at home holidays for me. I actually spent a lot of time away from home...
The first day, I went breakfast with a friend and then, we went shopping at Bintang Megamall. Then, we sat at Starbucks... and began my tutorial on how to use iphone because she bought an iPhone and needs a how-to-use lesson. :)
I also finally change my iPhone's screen protector to a glossy type. The previous matte-type was a bit spoilt and I have been thinking about changing it for some time. It feels like a new phone all of a sudden. :)
Also, I finally tried Prawn & Calamari in Wasabi Dressing Salad. It tastes like eating sushi. The wasabi is not as 'kick' as I thought it would be. Me love~

Monday, August 29, 2011

End of the month

Ohye... It is the end of the month le. Dah ambil gaji? I already spent most of mine. Yikes. No la, just kidding.

Anyways, I just satisfy another one of my many many cravings. Beef ribs.
It is a huge portion and I was so darn full after that. Add a bit of tabasco sauce to the beef before putting it in your mouth - it adds to the kick-ness of the beef. Then put in another mouth of beef with a dollop of mashed potatoes. Ahh... heaven~

Hehe... What's next on the craving list? Hmmm... Pork ribs? ;D

Saturday, August 27, 2011


After I posted this, I realised that I should have taken the pic of the nails today instead because I added another layer of the nail polish last night so it is a lot more glittery today.

I have not been putting on nail polish for some time...because I was too lazy wanted to let the nails rest for a bit. Then, two nights ago, I had the need to paint my nails but I dun like any of the nail polish I have except this glittery one. So...that's how I ended up with my glittery nails.

Alright.. uploaded today's nails. ok...Not much difference. Hahaha...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Power Breakfast

One fine lunch... I saw the sign at the already-closed-during-lunch-time stall.. It basically advertising the 'Mixed Pork Mee Sua cooked in Red Wine plus Egg'

I am super interested to try. :p

So, one early morning, I went to order it. Migosh... a lot of calories (i think) and very nutritious lo. Took me about half an hour to finish it. Because it is a soup dish...and it is hot so...I think I will order this again...without the egg.... if I ever going for an early breakfast or not in a hurry to go elsewhere after breakfast.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's a shoes affair

Bought a pair of Crocs Leigh Flat during the Sg Trip...

Reason for the flats is because my sport shoes is beginning to deteriorate...I was planning to get a pair of sneakers or another pair of sport shoes. Instead, I bought Crocs. Hehe... I love the vibrant turquoise colour and it is quite comfortable. Unfortunately, what seems to be a just nice loose fitting shoes has now become a too-loose pair of shoes. It keeps slipping off my foot. Urgh...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Singapore Girls Trip August 2011!! - Day 2 onwards

We had an early night off and woke up early...too early for any restaurant to be fully opened...And so, we bought tidbits to eat first.

I had the Pork Asparagus when I visited Singapore way back in August 2007. Hehe... Bak Kua Delight - the bun - Can we have this in Miri? Opps...Sorry. Bak Kua is pork.
Not more than an hour later, we lunched! We shared the Mango Salad - Unripen Mango... Yum. I am salivating by just thinking of it. The Seafood Tom Yam with Glass Noodle is yummy... It's clear tom yam soup btw. Then, because we used Citibank credit card to pay, we were given a freebie - Prawn Toast~ Err.. A bit too oily and I think it has chinese celery in it. Yuck...
After lunch, we went on two separate groups - Elaine and I coupled together and started our shopping frenzy at Orchard Road. After three shopping malls and an hour left to dinner, we were hungry... and so, we couldnt stand the temptation so we had our tea break without the tea.
It wasn't a long way to the dinner place that we already decided to go but we stopped by at the hotel to drop our shopping and rest for a few minutes...

We shouldnt have taken our tea break.Full~!! Dinner was at Fish & Co. Elaine and I shared the Mussels and the Fish & Chips. The Fish & Chips is infused with cheese in it... yummy... Hehe...
Day 3 - My aunt has come over to bring Elaine and I around... She even tapao-ed hawker food as our brunch. Don't play play, these are yummy food le..
Because I wanted to see the Merlion... we travelled quite a far distance just to reach there. Super hot weather. Along the way, we also saw a bit of Smurf attraction. Smurfs on a mini football field~! I can recognise a few Smurf characters...
Then, we went to shop at Bugis area. I purchased quite a few of stuff... we happened to stumble upon really good deal at G2000 - the work top I bought is only $29 and since I bought 3 pieces, there is an additional discount of 15%. Super worth!!

Food is something that we cannot not have... All the good food. Haha....
Aunty had to left us early so we headed back to our hotel to sleep. Yes, to sleep. It was the wrong move to go see the Merlion in the afternoon. My migraine kills all my mood... plus our purse is really bleeding too much. So, sleeping is the best option. Hehe...

For dinner, we wanted to eat chicken rice but it wasnt open so we ended up the food court instead.
Day 4 - time to go back to Miri. Packed everything and then brunch at the airport.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold. My shopping loot.
That's... a pair of Crocs, one pair of socks, a pair of short pants, 1 jacket, 5 tops, 1 top for mum, 1 shirt for dad, 4 handbags, and sweets.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Singapore Girls Trip August 2011!! - Day 1

I went on an oversea holiday again~

I was feeling a bit hesitant to go on a holiday after the Taiwan and KL Trip. Erm.. Haha.. But, yes, I booked my ticket and went on this latest trip, Singapore. This trip is all about food and ...shopping.

We used the Airasia direct flight from Miri to Singapore...and nearly missed our flight. Haha... We got into the departure hall quite late and immediately queued in the line when we heard our names being called out on the speaker. Oh mien! We were totally late... everyone else has gone into the plane. We were queueing for the KL flight. yikes!

And so... we made it safely to Singapore...After dumping our luggage at the hotel, I went off with my aunt... who brought me to eat Indonesian food at Lucky Plaza - Ayam Penyet.
We also ordered the Asam Soup and also the Gado-gado. The ayam penyet is actually something like our Miri Nasi Lalapan but the chili paste is 'power'! It has this crispy flakes which I have no idea what is it and it is so yummy!! It is so spicy but you cant stop eating it. The soup is sour and very appetising. Slurp! slurp! slurp!...and the gado-gado is so yummy too! I love!!

Off to a good start... lol. After lunch, we went to Bugis area..where I took pic of the Smurfs deco...erm.. not planning to show it cos it is quite small. A bit anti-climatic really. I also had a cone of Black Sesame ice cream..Regret. Cos it gets a bit yucky after a few licks. Anyways... we shopped at the Bugis Street Market. I bought 3 tops (2 for myself and 1 for mum) at a bargain (if you compare it to the price in Miri la). Then wandered across the Bugis Village (i think)...and dropped by for Dimsum!
It was just an ok-dimsum. Probably because we were not hungry. Btw, the uncle has joined us after the shopping at Bugis Street Market. So the three of us had the dimsum together. But the sharing is more like half for me and half for the two of them. -.-| I ate so much!! P/s: no money was spent on food yet. All treated by my dear aunty~

Err... Dinner was at Marche, Somerset. Met up with Jac who treated me dinner. Tasted a few chunkful of Sonia's Ham & Cheese Crepe, forkful of Elaine's Caesar's Salad, shared the Veal Sausage, Roasted Potato and the desseret - Choco Crepe with Strawberries and Chocolate Ice cream... oh! Yummy!! P/S: the strawberries are so deceiving... sour la. should have ordered the mango instead. But the chocolate ice cream is to die for. It is so gooood!
After the dinner... more window shopping. We retired early cos for some reasons, we all didnt have a good sleep the night before. Hehe...

Day 1 - done!!

New resolution

I know I have been missing in action for a long long time.. time to restart..new resolution. I shall try to be more active. :p

Anyways... The poison of the night - Buah pinang aka betel nut. Ermm.. the pic is of the skin only la.. the nut already eaten. My first try of the nut. My tongue went numb from the bitterness and then it got really fun to chew at. I had difficulty swallowing it because of the dryness.

Will I try it again? Nope. Hahah...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I am currently juggling my full time job and two part time jobs... yikes...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Isn't it cool

Stumbled upon this youtube video. It is actually a girl who talks about her Forever 21 haul. While I was waiting for her to show what she has bought, I began to notice her dressing table. Whoa... Her jewellery showcvase. Cool le! It is not crystal clear but u can see that they are placed in a way that u can see at once and it is not tangled with one another.

I would love to have one but not suitable for me because... one, I dun have that much jewellery to show and two I dont have the space to put it. :p

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scared myself

I used to read a lot of mangas on onemanga.com. Then, the site stopped providing mangas so I cut off this hobby of mine...ok la, not completely cut off. I did find a site that has some of my must-read manga so I could still read some of them.

Then, recently I found another site that actually quite similar to onemanga and it's so much better than the one I am reading from.

I decided to continue reading some of the mangas that I have cut off... One of them is this Kuroshitsuji. It's a story about an English Earl who is still a kid but he is the only surviving family member of the family and he survived because he made a pact with a demon who becomes his butler. The most recent development in the storyline is that they have boarded a cruise ship and the cruise ship contains coffins of undead...zombies. Geezz... I was instantly chilled when I reached that page that says that there are ten times more of the undeads on the ship. Sweat sweat...

Ok, I shall not be freaked out by a manga!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walking behind enemy line

This morning, I thought I was supposed to go fetch a colleague who is going to drop his car at the service centre for servicing... I was wrong. It is supposed to be on Monday morning. Yikes...

Anyways... I felt so much like driving into an enemy camp when I drove my Honda into a Toyota service centre. Hahaha....

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The song just got stuck in my head

This song has been playing in my head over and over again... and even more annoying is that it is just that few sentences that keeps playing...cos i cant remember the whole song. Sweat.

And so... I decided to infect all of you with it too. Muahahah

A tv show where Fan Fan sang the song. The host and hostess of the tv show got so touched... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8-p8spnYiQ&feature=related

then...the wedding photography session. the groom is so romantic but he is so funny. Note: got to watch and hear the whole interview at the end of the video

Finally...the wedding. star studded yo!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

KL Trip

A week after Taiwan Trip... I went for a KL trip...

I seems very loaded to do this two trips at such a short time period but I am not. I am completely broke. Haha... Taiwan is not in my travel plan initially when I planned this KL trip. But since Mrs Goh is sponsoring me so why not, right?

KL trip started on Friday. We flew. We arrived. We checked in to our hotel and we went straight to Ikea to lunch and to start shopping.
After shopping, we went to a friend's place to rest and for the guys to shower. Then... in two cars, we 'chiong' Genting.
For your info, I didnt gamble. I was there to see see look look. I dunno why I dun have the intention to gamble.

Next Day... in 2 cars again. We 'chiong' Melaka. Oh panas... Warm weather... Loads of walking around. Sight seeing. This time, I get to see A Famosa upclose....
And also to eat the famous chicken rice balls.
Then... we headed back to Damansara... actually, Elaine and I went to relax at JWei's place while he showered ...while the other 3 guys went to Jer's place.

We dined at Tao... an ala carte buffet dinner where we ate insane amount of salmon sashimi. I dun want to eat any salmon sashimi for the months to come. Urgh...

Day 3... Sunday. Elaine, Klaus and I went to KLCC for lunch and shopping. Then Dennis joined us and we went to Pavilion and also Sunway Pyramid... all to shop shop shop...
Day 4

Did a bit more shopping at Midvalley and we are packed to leave KL... Felt like time is not enough and so is the money. Hehe.. Not enough money!!

Ah... this trip is also about pampering this kid here. Eat no need to pay. Fuel no need to pay. Toll no need to pay. Lucky kid.