Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Man World

Accounting seems to be dominated by the ladies... Eg. when I went to an accounting seminar, roughly 80% were females. Males are really rare... But then, somehow, the males often are the one holding the higher accounting position. Hmmm... perhaps there is not much competitiveness in females to obtain higher job positions.

Anyways... this morning I went to a seminar in regard to timber. I represented a colleague who wasn't feeling well. Upon the start of the seminar, I realised that I was one of the three ladies in the room full of males... I felt so out of place.

Oh dear...

p/s: One of the speaker (who is an ex-pat, a timber industry trainer and possibly a New Zealander) looks so manly that I felt so awake when he was presenting his oh-too-short presentation. Haha!!
p/s: although his goatie is quite attractive (a boost to his manliness), I cant help but feeling like shaving his chin all clean. Haha!!

Horrible Internet Connection


It sucks. Really sucks. I totally couldnt go online for a peaceful ten seconds last night. The line just kept disconnecting every 10 8 seconds. And so... I slept early(?) Not so sure actually. Suffering from memory loss. I cant remember what I did. :P

Been helping out LeeXuen with her accounts. My third year volunteering. Felt like I am still working overtime... Haha... Got to watch china drama series. Yes, China drama series. Specifically China. Never thought that I will get hooked watching China drama series.

This particular one is about a girl maid...Her mum is also a maid who fell in love with her master and then got pregnant with the master's baby.The mistress married the pregnant maid (the mum) to another guy who later got killed by the wife (the mum). The girl got sent back to the master's house (the dad) and become the master's son's study companion. When the two grew up, they fell in love with each other. The mistress told the girl that she is the master's daughter. But the son is actually not the son of the master but they couldnt be together because the mistress went to announce the girl is their family's daughter. The girl is also wanted (not sure if he loves her. Still watching the drama) by the elder sister's husband. She is also loved (hated at first but then it turned into love) by the enemy family... Damn complex the plot. One secret after another. Extremely good for keeping LeeXuen and I motivated to do our works. Hehe...

If you can read chinese.... 老照片将故事回溯到遥远的某一天,采青之母月香为免采青嫁给老头冲喜,愤然杀夫,被判死刑,在生离死别之际,月香拿着玉观音要采青投靠青城首富沈渊,不想沈渊的夫人玉茹发现采青是沈渊和月香的私生女,故意将她安排在家中做丫鬟,从此采青便跟少爷流年,小姐流云一起长大,少爷流年对采青一往情深,却因为上一代错综复杂的关系而另娶他人,流云深爱童年玩伴方少陵,而少陵却一心扑在美丽的采青身上,并且为了采青,不惜一错再错,以性命相博,就在所有的人都指责采青是祸水时,采青毅然做出决定,代替沈家还债,嫁进了青城的另一个大户萧家,丈夫萧清羽一心认定她是坏人,对她百般折磨,萧家上下亦不把她当人看,可是采青却凭着一股韧劲,慢慢赢得了清羽的青睐,一曲高山流水,将二人的距离拉近,采青决定向清羽托付终身,可是方少陵的再度出现又一次改变了采青的命运,他要萧清羽在灭族和采青之间选择,清羽冲冠一怒为红颜,几次历险,危难重重,采青不忍见他悲苦,跟着方少陵来到了方家,没想到方家是另一个战场,流云的不谅解,清羽的生死追随,还有少陵妹妹心怡对清羽产生的爱慕,把采青逼进了死胡同,一边是自己心爱的男人,一边是自己尊敬的姐夫,面对情和义,采青该如何抉择呢?不久,战争爆发了,少陵为救采青一命,拿枪对准了自己的脑袋,清羽不顾一切地向她奔来,却在最后一刻消散于人群中,结果如何,谁也不知道,可是所有的爱与恨都纠葛在了那一刻,老年的流云慢慢地淌下了一滴泪,她告诉年轻人,要勇敢去爱,要懂得珍惜,因为生命短暂,错过了,就永远回不来了……

Shit.... I think it is going to be a bad ending. Damn...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not back to earth yet

Funny that Carol has mentioned to me today whether I have gone back from the clouds. I have been cloud-watching recently. As in... when I am driving around, I tend to look up to the sky and think 'whoa! That is a nice piece of cloud formation' and snap! Photo taken and I continue driving.

Has not being able to find any inspiration to write anything recently. Dunno why. I thought reading all those romance novels might get some creative juice going. But it is not happening. Instead I find myself mellowing.

I find myself sitting down in front of the laptop without any music. no tv. no talking. just the sound of the mouse clicking and the keyboard typing. Oh dear... I am turning into an anti-social nerd freak!

Err... this moment... I am running out of things to say so... my ending pic titled 'When McD Sundae meets Warm Chocolate Cake'

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Up in the cloud

Recently, I have been book-swapping with a friend, Sam. Well, to be honest, my collection is so little as compared to hers. I am the who is obviously benefited more from this deal. All the romance novels. I am in book heaven. Haha....

Also... been helping her out a little with her house decorating. The house decorating totally inspired me. I am starting to wish I have a house to decorate...Hehe...