Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time really does flies..

A week ago, I was at home watching tv and surfing the internet. Then, I get to see this cute thing...k, not a good thing but it is so cute le...

Very classy looking rokok...hehe

Then, the other day, bought a T-Drop...To revisit the sweet memory of my childhood...Seriously considering if I should buy a Tora Amon (is this how it is spelled) but worried that I might cry. Grandma used to buy it for me and yuan when we were in Sarikei and still young.

Then a bad news... I am working on Sunday too... My assignment list is not getting shorter. It is maintaining its number. I still havent truly clear up any of the assignment yet. Like I told my senior, I have started but I got stuck.
Anyway, we had fun also la...

A desperate end to my blogpost as it is 12.32am and I am dead tired.

Read it upside down and outside in...
p/s: I used to have this hanging in my car for one year plus...

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Recently, my body is acting up.

Yesterday and today, I had a really full breakfast. Which leads me to lose appetite for my lunch. Which is amazing. Simpy because I never dont finish my lunch.

Not only that, I also feel nauseous each time after I ate. No, I am not pregnant (haha).

Maybe it is because I have not been drinking water. Maybe it is because I ate less veggie these days.
Maybe it is because I am too stressed out.
Maybe it is because I am not getting enough rest.


I AM doing two things at once.

I JUST NOW blow-dry my hair.

I SAID nothing for the past half an hour.

I WANT to take a long holiday.

I WISH I have the determination to do my assignments.

I HATE being fooled or played by people.

I MISS Grandma.

I FEAR my fears will come true.

I HEAR most of the time.

I WONDER when will I be able to meet my other half.

I REGRET what Selene regret.

I AM NOT going to cry over what I regret (trying my best now. I expect you all (you know who you are) not to cry too).

I SING when I am comfortable with my surroundings.

I CRY over sad movie scenes.

I AM NOT ALWAYS happy and hapy-go-lucky.

I MADE a spreadsheet to know how much I am spending each month.

I WRITE blogpost when I have the mood to do so.

I CONFUSE people sometimes.

I NEED to have more determination in my job attitude.

I SHOULD be sleeping now.

I START to gain more weight.

I FINISH writing this in a few minutes.

I TAG whoever wants to be tagged.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New shoes

Went to Parkson with Lynthia and Amanda last night. And on impulse, I bought a shoes from Vincci.

Have been telling myself for weeks that I cannot buy any shoes till next month so that I will not over-spend..Sigh! Temptation and impulse sets in and I am gone...SIGH!!

Then, when we dropped out receipts at the doorway at Parkson to support stco...Stco is still number one for the prizes...Lynthia reasoned that the reason behind this success is because of the strategic place of the box. I think she is right.

Can you see why in this pic?

Election Day

I have registered as a voter so that I can vote during the election but I didnt vote for this election 'cause my voting station is at SK Lambir Village...Where is this place?!
So instead of casting my vote, I did the next best thing. I volunteered to help out for the election. I become the polling agent. Worked for two hours. Not a bad experience. Pretty relaxing. When I went back to office to work after my polling agent duty, I found myself facing an office full with activities of calling ppl to go voting and cancelling out names of ppl who have go voting. Nevertheless, I had to do my own assignment so i didnt help out.

where I sat during the two-hour duty

The box where all the votes go to

Later that night, discovered that my boss won and that is all that matters.

Went to Island with Karen. A last minute decision actually. Arrived home at near 2am.


There was a night when I ate this sushi roll as my supper. Working very hard in the office and eating this is such a comfort... I know I look very 'wu liaw' taking pics of this sushi roll...Bear with me


Then, I have another pic of ppl's spelling mistake. This one is taken from a restaurant. "Vineger" = "Vinegar"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Currently facing a really hard time completing an assignment. Will continue to work hard to complete it though.

Anyway, watched Poseidon just now.

It is about a cruise ship being hit by a huge wave (something like tsunami) and then sunk. These few people tried to find their way out while the rest of the (at first) survived passengers continued to stay at the ballroom and then died because the water pressure caused the whole place to flood. The few people went through a whole lots of nerve-wrecking obstacles to finally making it out of the cruise ship.

The movie is good to watch. The actions are enough to make me squirm in my seat. Just one thing. There is so little time and yet there is enough time for them to do all those mushy-mushy conversation. They have not much time before the water gets to them adn drown them adn yet they managed to talk so much crap like say u love me and all that. Why cant they just get with the program and quickly get it thru with?!

Anyway..really enjoyed it la...I got to watch from the second front row of Cine 1. Not bad. I think it was more fun watching from such a short distance.

On another occasion, this week lunch highlight is Fratini's. Had Spiral with eggplant and Seafood pizza. I was so full till I wasnt hungry till 9.30pm that day...

Was ill on Monday. Stayed home sleeping the whole day. How I wish grandma is here. I remember the time when I had food-poisoning, she specially came over to cook porridge for me. She reminded me to drink more water and to eat my medicine. I miss her so much.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Shiki for lunch...Ordered a set this time 'cause thought it will be better than grabbing from the train. A different experience la. Argh! Purse bleeding a lot from this but worth it, i guess...

Bought this for Thomas...Another one of my impulse buying. :P

On Thursday night, went to Curtin Graduation under the invitation of Irene, my best friend. It has been a long time since we have met. Didnt have much time to talk either that night. Just got to find a time to sit down and chat with her one of these days.

Not forgetting Dennis as well... Ahh...My two best friends finally graduating from Curtin University.

Tonight Miri City Parade and I am home. Sigh..Laziness, i guess... The reluctance to walk around in the crowd alone... Somemore, I was just informed by my mum that her friend will be coming over to my place tomorrow from Brunei and I will need to sweep the floor. Little does my mum know that I have actually made quite a mess out of the whole house.

Let me see...

Computer area - messy. Things spewed everywhere.

Living room - Sofa cloth out of place. Magazines and paper all over the table. Dust as thick as an inch settled on the tv and shelf (just kidding)

Dining table - Letters, pen, paper, magazines, handbag...

Chairs along the wall - handbag, plastic bag with my clothes in it, paper bag with papers in it...

One glance and you can see that I am a messy person but luckily, I am an excellent cleaner too. Just a mere ten minutes and everything is all tidied up. Haha...Tomorrow, it will be sweeping, mopping and wiping dusts...Damn that is just downstairs...Let's not think of upstairs...Yikes!

Thinking of doing some gardening work but still havent bought the materials such as new soil and fertiliser. Never done any real gardening work before cause it has always been grandma's chores. Her plants. Her love. Her pride and joy.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

Went to watch M:i:III on Saturday night.

Before the movie, we were contemplating whether to watch the 8.00 or 9.15pm. Finally, we watched the 8.00pm but was a little late entering the cineroom to watch the movie.

Like the previous Mi movies, they just got to have the drop-to-the-roof scene. But this time, they cut out the inside-the-enemy-territory-building scene so you dont know how he get the very-hard-to-steal 'rabbit foot.'

Tom Cruise is really in a very good shape at his age. Good-looking...But somehow, I dont want to see him in another Mission Impossible movie and I dont know why. And doesnt he always wear the almost identical style of clothes? Maybe I am just confused.

Really enjoyed the movie. And Maggie Q is super skinny....

After the movie, we went to drink at Al Fresco. Just usual chatting and laughing.

Sunday is rather boring. I had two instant mee-in-the-cups and really bored for the whole day.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Coffee Bean

Went to Coffee Bean today with Karen and Kelvin...

Aiyaks...Felt like I am a lava lamp...LOL... Karen, sorry le...

Anyways...Coffee Bean at Parkson have not opened yet. We went to Lutong's Coffee Bean.

What is even more exciting about this Coffee Bean experience is that there is a subsidy from a company.

I bought a bottle of Esprit which was shown as RM 7 per bottle. As I was expecting an amount more than RM 7 to rung up at the cash register (due to the government service tax), I was surprised to see that RM 6 something rang up instead.

After analysing the receipt, it is confirmed that The Company is subsidising 15% of the sale price and after deducting the government service tax, the total discount is 10%.

Haha...Feel a bit like cheap-skate le..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Corporate Governance And Accountability

My second CPA exam...

I read three and a half modules in two months time and finished reading the other three and a half modules in five days.

Should have study more earlier. Not very sure if I can pass this unit 'cause it is a lot tougher. It has the elements of Corporation Law and have to be very specific with all the law terms...argh...

But failing is not an option. Mum will kill me if I fail this unit.

Have I mentioned before that my mum is sponsoring me for CPA? It is so costly that I cant pay for it myself. Anyways...I am just taking a break from revising now...

Good luck to myself...


Went to Boulevard last night with Lynthia...I had Longan Ice Cream Crepe and Lynthia had Kiwi Ice Cream (i think)...another inch to my waist..argh.regrets...nvm...

And I heard someone called Pearl Milk Tea as Pearl Milk Teh....Try to pronounce it in a lakia's style..so embarassing...

Apologies for laughing at ppl's stupidity :p


Update - Posted on 7th May 2006:

Had my CPA exam on Thursday afternoon 2pm.

Had lunch before going to I-System College for the test.

The exam room rules arent really strict which is fine. But i sort of wish for a bigger table. Anyway, finish the exam in time. I have done my best.

After the exam, went to window-shop and dinner at Boulevard with Laura. From 5.30 sumthing till 9pm.

Apparently, there is a blackout all over Miri but Boulevard is not affected. After that, we went to have a drink at Seahorse. before going home.

Exam result shud be out on the 16th June. Anticipation...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More makan

Last weekend, got invited to JCI installation buffet dinner by Laura. Went with Karen and dine with Laura and her family. The food at Imperial Hotel Restaurant is not bad. Pretty good.

We had a funny moment in the toilet when I discovered that the floor is pretty reflective. I think the management need to do something about this.

Then, the most recent weekend, the whole lots fo us went to Dynasty Hotel's Cafe Rosita to have buffet dinner. Good food once again. I think my stomach has shrink cause I didnt eat much and I am already full.

We had two choice for the after-buffet entertainment: Island or RexBox. But we went to Balcony instead. Things went on as usual...Mixing our own drinks and drinking and laughing and talking and fooling around.

Unfortunately, we all have to be Cinderellas so the fun is over by 11.30pm. Time to go home. Thanks to Karen for sending me home.

I think I was a bit drunk 'cause I stumble around getting ready to sleep. My assurance to everyone who is concerned about me drinking.

MAS spelling mistake...

Notice the word 'availiable'? Cant understand what I mean? Go to MAS office at Miri airport. It is there.

P/s: This brings me to the point of saying how much I love my handphone. So easy to take pics whenever and wherever I want to. Haha