Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am so excited.... I can just feel the excitement building up. I cant wait to go to Perth. Just need to start packing my stuff. But I think I will most likely pack last minute. Haha.. A bad habit.

Then, there is also that drinking date... Kilkenny~!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's on my birthday!!

After Irene mentioned to me about New Moon, I suddenly decided to check out when it will be released....It's on my birthday!!! I want to watch it on my birthday!!!

Last night, I went to Opi De Beaute's 10th Anniversary Masquerade Night. Err... My brain is not functioning at the cant seems to think of what to say. And so... The pics are with Jac, Jessy and Kelly....
Jac and I 'langgar' purse. Before the dinner, we talked about what we will use as purse and didnt realise that we were talking about the same type of purse. Hers is black and mine is purple... :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bunny Ears

I have no idea why and how. But I promised to make a pair of bunny ears for Laura to wear during Halloween. Probably because I saw these two girls who posted in the blog on how to make bunny ears and it looks cool. I admit that despite of my interest in such stuff, I am not good in making them. Haha... Initially I hope to get some black lace to make the ears but I couldnt find any. I myself was also not really exactly trying very hard to look for it. So intead of black lace, I purchased this black satin ribbon instead. I already have the wires so... roughly, the cost for this pair of bunny ears is RM6. Cheap~~

Err... I will get someone to give me an opinion on this bunny ears. Hehe... the ears are not really aligned to the centre. They are actually slanting to the side. Didnt realised it till I secured it to the band. :p And then the sewing is really bad.... Sigh... And i feel like lace would be nicer...sexier...Haha...

From Monday, Laura and I have been going back home together in my car... We have been jogging walking at the park for this past five days. Something like attempting to exercise to slim down be more healthy. Hope this will last...
Gee.... I feel fat~!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The long awaited item - Crocs

I bought Adara in Chocolate & Cotton Candy and Malindi in Plush. Bought it online from a blogshop... At a cheaper price. Finally... I have a pair of Crocs... I still have the Malindi...

Unfortunately, Adara is too tight for me. My feet looks like an elephant leg trying to wear a strappy heels. Ugly. It is weird that although it is in my size, my feet is so ... constrained by it. So, I sold it off on the spot to Aunt Nora... Haha...

Malindi is just so cute~~ Going to wear it to work tomorrow. Hahaha....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wait a moment

Wait for it... I am waiting for the arrival of something... Just wait patiently...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

BBQ Session

Deepavali is celebration for Festival of Lights, if I remember correctly. The office people (not all but just almost half of us) went to Taman Selera to have BBQ.

Somehow, this is always the case during BBQ... To starve ourselves first before the BBQ officially begins. By starving ourselves, I meant that we skipped breakfast. So..when the sandwich arrived, all of us ate sandwich first.
So...anyways, introducing our raw food...well, part of the BBQ food. Thanks to Carol for adding some delicious satays to our menu...and also thanks to Uncle Chua for the langsats and fresh prawns (not in picture).
And then... the food on the grill. The arrangement of the food on the grill looks so nice... everyone is so pro~
The finished product... As you can see, we are not entirely carnivorous that day. We also have some veggies, that are french beans and mushrooms. Oh wait! We also have marshmallows~~So happy to see that the pork that I marinated is such a good demand...
Know what is the most annoying thing that can happen if one go to beach to BBQ? Sandflies bites. Introducing the insect repellant. But I still suffer from it... Just one bite. Well, I think it is sandfly's bite. Not so sure. :p Also from ant bite. Darn...

Later of the BBQ session, we tried to take a group photo. But... it was kind of disasterous because number one - not everyone who attended the BBQ are in the pic and number two - the photographer is very lousy. We ended up with these shots...
Err... I have no comment.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mum's DIY Project

From the day we moved into our home, we have been using the same set of curtains. Recently, Mum and Dad decides to change the curtains. And... Mum decides to go DIY on the curtains. She started her 'assault' on the 1st floor curtains.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the curtains in my room and my brother's room.
Please take note that each curtain is from different windows. Top left is mine. Top right and bottom are from JY's room. You probably notice that the one of the top right is ... shorter than the window. You definitely didnt notice this next fact... the sewn-on curtain rope is so high up the curtains that I have to stand on tiptoe in order to tie up the curtains.

Ah..yes, I do believe this is a failure DIY project.... and there is still the Ground Floor curtains. Oh no....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preparation Work

Marinated the chicken and the pork. Tomorrow night I will prepare the veggie and then BBQ time!!

I think I put too much sugar btw... I am super sleepy now~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gotta do something

I was reminded to update my blog more often. I have not been blogging as often as I had been last year. So, here I am.

The wedding fever has died off...for me. Continuous attending four weddings is something new. Apart from being one of the jiemeis, I also attempted an amateurish wedding photography during Joanna and Jong's wedding day.
Although both CI and I didn't think we went overboard with our 'Block and Torture the Groom', the groom seems to hold some grudge towards us for draining him of angpows. :p

Currently in the office. Lunch break. Want to sleep actually. :p

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, I had a rummy session with J and CI. I was losing so badily at first until... I got this. Total win from this is 21 chips (if I remember correctly).Totally turned the game around. I just kept winning after that. Phew... What a relief after the losing streak at the beginning of the game.

I have been thinking to zhng my masquerade mask. But always procrastinate so this morning, I purposely took out my impulse-shopping crystal bling sheet. Took out the masquerade mask and start sticking the blings on it.
As you can see from the pic, I basically have stick one long line of blings on the mask. That's the end of the zhng session. I dunno what else to do. Haha... No idea how to proceed on.

About the digicam, I was worried that my laptop will not detect the SD card. My laptop has such problem with SD card. They are not on friendly terms. Fortunately, the laptop can detect the pics thru the cable (still not ok with the direct SD card to laptop) so... I dont have to worry about retrieving my pictures from the digicam. Will totally kill my happiness of getting a new digicam if my laptop cant retrieve pics from it. :p

Just had lunch at Lynns. Currently thinking of what to do for the whole afternoon. 7pm is booked for tv time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

As mentioned

My new toy. Finally, after all these years, I bought my own digital camera. happy~

A bit disappointed about the fact that it can only take up to 10 megapixels picture but I convinced myself that it is not a big issue. I dont need any bigger than 10 megapixels. 10 megapixels is just fine.

When I held it in my hands, it felt like it is the one. Hehe...

First event to use this is probably the Masquerade Dinner that I will be attending soon. Looking forward to loads of photo-taking.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Toy

Very soon, I shall obtain a new toy. Cant wait. Muahaha...

Anyways, attended a seminar today. Tried my best to stay interested and awake.

My entire mind is on that new toy. Can't think of anything else.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I did it...yesterday

After long consideration and waiting for confirmation, I finally did it.

The End