Saturday, January 31, 2009

And so it is like this

Chinese New Year long holidays are almost over. Tomorrow, I have to start working already. Ah~~ I dont want~~

Anyways, I didnt do much during this long holidays. Really. Erm.. This year, all three houses have open house. Err... Yea.

Then, as usual, we, our huge family, went to our Grandaunt's place. Ah! the delicious cheesecakes. Yummy... Then, this year, we also had a bit of gambling session.
Erm... I am beginning to think that staying at home till my brain has become completely rusty. I cant think of what to write.

Had the Green Tea Latte at Starbucks the other day. Not bad..not bad...
Erk... I am dreading going to work tomorrow. How~~~~!!?!?!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Ah! It is time of the year again. It is Chinese New Year again!

Oh ya! I suddenly remember something I can blog about. Hold on...ok, taken pictures. Shall blog about it in the future. Hehe... Wait! Maybe not. Might as well blurt it out now. I currently has 7 bruises on my right arm and both legs. I have no idea how I got them though. The end. :p

And so, this year the new year eve's dinner is held at Lynns'. Erm... bad lighting. I just haven't gotten to the point of learning how to properly handle my handphone's camera. :p
I thought that we will probably eat, talk and then say good bye. But this year, we have something different. Before the makan, we were playing the homemade Taboo cards and also Monopoly. Err... a bit weird but it is good fun. Then, because the homemade Taboo becomes too easy, Yuanz sponsored to buy a Taboo set and so... I was appointed as the chauffeur. Drove to Bintang Megamall (errmmhmmm... Megamall. Hehe...), bought Taboo, drove back to lynns and start the game.
It was fun... Not sure when can we play again. Yuanz mentioned that he will take the game back to Brunei after Chinese New Year. Hmm...I am slow at this game btw.

First day was ok... Spent the afternoon lazing at home. Second day... open house. Erm... Ok lor... I must be getting old and lazy... I just want to laze around.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something new

I knew it is going to happen. The sinking feeling of not doing good enough. Damn.

Anyways, for this Chinese New Year, the house finally got a new piece of furniture. Tada!
A non-wood coffee table - I dont know if the table should be called glass or steel or whatever. So, non-wood it is. Hehe...

Now, we have to start worrying about the possible scratches on the glass. Gasp!

Ah! Did quite a few things today. Kind of tired because of lack of sleep.

Maybe I should consider sleeping early tonight. Maybe...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twilight moment

And so, Mum came and gone back to Brunei. I could tell that she was horrified when I told her that I have not mopped the floor (her question was "Have I mopped the floor?"). My answer is no, but I have cleaned the windows and the chandelier and I am cleaning bits by bits each day. I sensed a small relief but... She did mop the floor this afternoon. Guess it is too dirty. :p

Anyways, when I was waiting for JWei to purchase Toto after work and dinner, I suddenly had a Twilight moment. The constant cloudy and raining today reminds me of the Twilight. I suddenly felt like as if I am in Forks...

Ah! Where is my Edward? Hehehe....

Monday, January 19, 2009

It doesnt fit

Ah! I need to take nicer pictures of my shopping items...but then I realised that what I bought ... well, actually the one that Carol want to look at is not that interesting. Hehe... So, I guess I will not be blogging about that. Instead... I shall blog about something else which is also PINK!
Presenting my newest handphone crystal case ~~

Ok... The truth is that when I got my new handphone, the guy gave me a crystal case for free but I haven't gotten to use it yet because of several reasons. Then, I thought of bling-ing the case so that I can use a bling-ed handphone without actually bling-ing the handphone itself. And so, I invested in a piece of swirling crystals sticker and one strip of crystals sticker. The top part of the case is without the crystals because the sticker is too short. Nevertheless, it looks good...

Now for the sad part, after the bling-ing is done, I tried it on the handphone and... one corner of the case just wouldnt close. Darn! Now I am still thinking of how to salvage this situation.

Now, about something else. I went to jog walk up the little hill nearby my place with Lynnx and Lynna on Sunday. Erm... Just a very short session. I felt as if the effect from too much shopping has yet to recover. Can feel slight pain at the legs but otherwise, I was doing ok.

Ermm... Apart from that, I have also been hanging quite a lot with my grandaunt's daughter aka my auntie. That little girl is my grandaunt's grand-daughter aka my cousin who was actually in the progress of torturing an insect that she trapped with a small round container. Hehe... Then the other pic is of my grandaunt preparing the pineapple cookies, my favourite, for Chinese New Year.Ah! Been cleaning bits by bits... in preparation of Chinese New Year...also dont want Mum to kill me for not cleaning the house. I am really just doing bit by bit. Then, JWei gave me an info that nearly gave me a heart attack.

My Mum Is Coming To Miri Tomorrow!

Aaaaa~~~!!! Still so much to do! How? How? How?


Saturday, January 17, 2009

KL Shopping Trip 2009

Friday (09.10.2009) in KL - Continuing from the previous post, we started our craze at Sungei Wang Plaza. Going from one floor to another floor. There were quite a number of shops that offers one-price-for-all-items. Unfortunately, we didn't managed to 'sapu' a lot of items... 'cause we can't see anything that we like. With Laura's suggestion in mind, I did buy one dress which I think can also become a top if I dont want to reveal too much legs. Shall post about this soon in wgtgfashion. LS's friend, Dorcas, came with her husband and daughter to find us in the evening. We shopped around Times Square and then went to somewhere to have a very late dinner. Erm... can consider supper lor...

Saturday (10.01.2009) in KL - We woke up without the help of an alarm clock - we want to get as much rest as possible. Another thing that we must do every morning is to down a glass of orange juice before brushing our teeth.
According to LS, drinking one glass of orange juice every morning can help to reduce the body heat so that we will not become sick. For me, I think it is the vitamin C boost. Ah! I just realised something. As a Blood A, I am not supposed to consume orange. Is this why I dont feel well starting from the 4th day of the trip?!?!

Anyways... LS's friend, Dorcas, had arranged to meet us at Midvalley to accompany us shopping. And... In our attempt to save a bit on the transportation, LS and I decided to travel by Monorail and KTM. A bit confused at first but we managed to reach Midvalley. Before any shopping, we started with our breakfast - Yoshinoya!
Chicken Teppanyaki Udon and that's... Enoki Mushroom wrapped with Beef Strip (I forgot the exact name)

LS and I had a plan to eat Japanese buffet while we are in KL but we just can't resist the temptation to eat Japanese food so Yoshinoya it is...

I managed to get two tops - both for work. One of them will be my 1st day of Chinese New Year's top. Yes! No need to worry about not having any red colour - the top is pink, btw.

Dorcas had something up her sleeves - she got a friend, A-Wei (according to LS, the name is A-Wei but I thought that the name is A-Weng. Both of us have no idea who is correct) to join us for lunch (which is about two hours after we had our breakfast) at Chopstick Noodle House.

The poor guy, I shall call him A-Wei, followed us around, waited for us while we shopped and helped us to carry our shopping bags. Erm... It was embarrassing. I didn't buy anything after he followed us around. I have no idea why.

For dinner, we went to the food court and LS and I immediately agreed on Korean food. I ordered Kimchi Jiggae value meal and Bibimbap value meal. The Kimchi Jiggae is a disappointment - I think that it tasted more like Tom Yam than Kimchi... The Bibimbap was alright.

However, by eating the Korean food that has a lot of sourness, LS and I were hungry when we were back to our room. So, we did the next logical thing - go downstairs, buy cup noodle from 7-11, cooked the noodle and eat.
Sunday (11.01.2009) in KL

It is sort of customary for LS and I to go to hair salon to get our hair wash during our trip. There are a few reasons that contribute to this activity. One is because we didn't bring any shampoo for this trip - save the luggage weight. Two is because we always get back to our apartment late - it is a bother to wash and blow dry hair. Three is because LS has a permed hair and it is hard to maintain - looking at her maintaining her hair makes me so tired.

Dennis joined us for the day and 1 Utama is the destination. The first thing we do when we arrived there was to find Shogun to eat Japanese buffet. Tada!

Erm... I am a bit disappointed that I didnt managed to try the teppanyaki as recommended by JWei but I did swallow a large amount of salmon slices. Hehe...

After the super full meal, we started the day's shopping. I bought quite a few things including a black dress for formal dinner - this is something that I don't have. I found the skirt that I wanted to get - I got the same style skirt from the same brand shop last year. So happy that I found the skirt. We then shopped at Ikea and The Curve. Ah! At The Curve, I went into Borders and saw Twilight and then suddenly remembered that I wanted to get the saga. And so, I bought the book, Twilight. I didnt see the rest of the saga - I am kind of disappointed because I wanted to get the complete series but also kind of relieved because I can save a bit of my cash for other stuff.

After a long day out, LS and I had dinner at McD - I had the Beef Prosperity Burger. Ermm... ok lor...

Monday (12.01.2009) in KL - LS and I only has a plan till Saturday so we were kind of wondering where to go on Monday. We decided to go to Midvalley for another round 'cause we think that during the first trip, we were put off by the large crowd and so we might have missed a lot of stuff. Somemore, we had a few items that we have thought of getting. We ended having a really nice and quiet time looking at things and even managed to get some good bargains.

I forgot to mention that we had breakfast at Nyonya Something in The Gardens. The Chee Cheong Fun is different than what we have in Miri and I dont really like it. But I really enjoyed the porridge - maybe because I wasn't feeling well at that time. For lunch, we had Penang something and Fried Kuey Tiaw at Little Penang Kafe. LS said that the fried kuey tiaw is really nice - but it is just ok to me la... Btw, I had the Red Ruby as my drink. At The Gardens, we saw a Japanese product shop - I was excited to find some KitKats but there was none. Instead, we bought one pack of Hokkaido Milk... I heard that Hokkaido Milk is really nice o~ True enough, the milk is really milk-y. Very thick taste of milk. Hehe...

We continued our shopping in Sungei Wang as well... I finally found a pair of shoes. Let's just say that I didn't have any particular shoes style in mind when I was looking around at the shoes for that past few days. So, it is really great that I am able to find one... Jac joined us as her friend wanted to go to Pavilion. Somehow, we managed to walk around a lot - as in making a lot of unnecessary walking.

Teppanyaki Chicken - LS and I went to this place during our trip last year. Since we didnt know what else to eat at Sungei Wang, we decided to have the same thing again.

To tell you the truth, both LS and I were pretty tired at that time so... we went for foot massage. Hehe... Another un-necessary spending. Bleh...

That night, we actually went back to our apartment early and suddenly realised that we would be leaving the next day and we should start packing our stuff. LS and I had been putting all of our shopping items in the cupboard. So, we unloaded the whole stuff onto the bed. And started to pack... My luggage bag is quite full lor~~

Tuesday (13.01.2009) in KL - We went to Jalan Alor to have breakfast and decided to shop at the Lot 10 and Pavilion for our final shopping destinations before flying off...

It is, again, customary for us to have a little dessert at Haagen Dazs. We had Waffle with one scoop of Chocolate ice cream and one scoop of Strawberry ice cream. Please excuse the waffle - I forgot to take picture of it and has massacred it... Hehe... It is very yummy, btw.

Ah! Before ending this post, I have got to comment about the decorations... I love the ones at Midvalley (bottom right) and The Gardens (top centre)... I dont think I captured the one at The Gardens well. Too dark. Oh well...

It is finally time to get back to reality. We bid good bye to KL and flew back to Miri. Ah! I will be there again next month. Haha...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

KL Shopping Trip 2009

Ah! It is the time of the year again. This trip was booked way early during May 2008, can you believe it? LS and I decided that we have to go to KL to shop for our Chinese New Year stuff and since we are such great shopping partners, we have decided to join forces again. Hehe...

Over the past few months, we have also made the arrangement with our accommodation - from two nights tumpang-ing at friend's place and two nights at hotel to all four nights at Times Square apartment. Then, as time gets closer and closer, we were worried about the many rumours that we have heard about Times Square apartment - especially the rumour about arriving there and there is no available room. Scary! Fortunately, this did not happen to us so... yea!!

We took the morning flight via Airasia on Friday morning...Decided to save some cash by using the bus to Sentral. A friend picked us from Sentral and sent us to Times Square... Our room... not bad la...

Our room is on the 38th floor and the view is spectacular - of KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower.
After dumping our luggage, we headed out for a quick meal - Hong Kong Food Culture stall.
Straight after makan, we started our shopping craze...

Erm... Will post more... kind of sleepy now. Hehe... Still catching up with my lack of sleep. Somemore, I need to work tomorrow... :P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am back

I am back... After five days of intensive shopping, I am broke and tired. Hehe...

I am pretty happy with what I bought this time. Had a clearer goal of what I want to get and I got them. Will do posting on wgtgfashion soon.

Ate quite a number of stuff... So I will also do posting on that soon, hopefully by tomorrow.

Off day from work tomorrow - so that I can get things done and rest somemore.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I am getting to it

Several people has been telling me to start on spring cleaning in preparation for Chinese New Year.

But seriously... I have a bad reaction to it. I know I shouldn't so I am trying to get over it. Man, I have even get a bit going on during weekend. Sort of give the pc area a bit of tidying - but I know people will still consider the place as messy. I know it is still messy.

Guess what I found during the cleaning up?

Freaky? By the way, it is dead.

i wasn't freaked out, by the way. Saw a bigger one before - I think it was last year. A dead spider - a bigger dead spider. Hmmm... I wonder why is it dead? Dead at my pc area. Weird.

Anyways, I just can't wait to get away from Miri and go shopping. I hope this trip will be fruitful. I am cultivating the shopping mood now. Must be positive and sporting. People who ever shops with me will know that I am a very discouraging person when I shop. :p I hate this attitude sometimes.

Sheeshh... It is raining heavily at the moment. Not good. The drama is about to start. Reception might be bad. Darn...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Ended 2008 with something different. Had steamboat with Laura and her family. Thank you again. Then, Laura, Kelvin and I killed the time with some gambling session. I know - we are all gambling addicts. Also washing our throats with some Bailey's.

At 10pm, we left the house to work. Yes, you read correctly. WORK. We had to do stock-take at a hotel. It was a lot of fun to be able to see what happen behind the closed door and after the scene. Interesting.

After that, we went to Citrus to re-join Laura's family for countdown. I ordered Crazy Monkey, which is a blend of banana and peanut butter. The taste is really nice, not too overpowering.

Finally, we watched a good 15 minutes show of fireworks coming out of Bintang Plaza's rooftop.

Happy New Year, everyone!