Monday, February 27, 2006

Niah Trip

The night before,

Went to SUPP Dinner. The food was ok. I didnt stay till the end of the dinner because I had to go and fetch the girls from tuition.

During the dinner, they showed a preview of acrobat performance by a group from China...forgot which province. They are amzing. To see the performance live is breath-taking.


Went breakfast at Peach Garden. After some waiting, we decided to start our journey. I rode in Laura's car. Tried to sleep in the car but in vain (haha...Like writing essay le).We arrived at Niah National around 11 sumthing am. After Chan, ChiIng and Kelvin arrived, we went to the canteen for lunch. After lunch, all of us except for Kelvin (who was sleeping) left for the cave. The 9-km hike..all the way to the Painting Cave and back...
I slipped at Painting Cave and have bat shits all over the back of my pants (damn!).
After everyone showered, we went to Batu Niah to have our dinner.
The waitress was really fierce and we didnt really dare to ask for too much.
My headache started at around that time and going on and off for quite some time.
When we were back at the chalet, we held a financial meeting. Need to count how much do we need to pay. Basically, i spent RM40 for this trip.
After the meeting, we had the cake ceremony for the birthday boy, Kelvin. Since I was standing next to him, I got the honour fo smashing the cake to his face. I didnt do a good job so not much damage was done. Instead, Chan got the worse smashing when Kelvin smashed the second cake other face.
As night went on, the heat seems to linger and my headache began to kill my mood. We had a little card playing and after a few game, I decided to sleep. Sleep came really slow and I ended getting up to play somemore later of the night. By then, the heat has dissipated and the whole place become more bearable to me.


My shoulders and legs hurt. Shoulders because the floor is very hard. I guess I am used to soft bed. Legs due to the amount of walking I did yesterday. After much delay, we went to eat breakfast at the canteen. At 11, we left Niah National Park.
Then, we made our stop at Bekenu Beach. After loitering for a while, we continue our journey back to Miri. A bit of raining on the way...
After Laura dropped Josephine and I at my place, I sent Josephine to Parkson to have lunch before sending her home. Arriving home, I slept for an hour in my comfy night gown and air cond room. Then I got ready to go to Chung Hua School Concert.

Chung Hua School Concert is...very good. After twelve years of experince, they should be doing great. It is definitely better than Riam Secondary School. They know how to keep the audience entertained. Not too long performance. Just right.

Another highlight of the night is that I get to see what is happening backstage. Simply because my aunt dont want to let my grandma walk the stairs down so we get to use the backstage elevator. Haha...

I admire the courage and spirit the students have. They are so willing to perform on the stage. Not shy le. I wish StCo have such spirited students but maybe what they really do need are spirited teachers.

My body is so tired...


Went to work anyway. Despise staircase and sloping walkway now. Haha...

Bought air ticket for yuanz and me today. To Kuching to accompany my grandma.

My eyelids were really very heavy during afternoon time. Dizzy somemore. I felt really really tired after work.

Seriously considering if I should take a leave tomorrow to sleep the whole day.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I woke up at 530 am this morning. Something that I havent done for a long time since I stopped teaching.

After breakfast with Lynthia and dropping her off at the tennis court, I went to Grand Palace Hotel to start working as receiptionist for the seminar my company is organising.

I was the one issuing the receipts..Haha...due to my experience with receipts.. :P

There are two sessions of the seminar. one in english and one in chinese. It is about Goods and Services Tax (GST). The speaker, Robin Chia, is from Singapore.

I thought I will be listening to both of the sessions since I will be there the whole day. But as it turns out, I sat outside fo the seminar area to take care of the reception table (guarding the money & cheques in the morning and guarding the whole table for the afternoon). I didnt even enter the seminar room to hear the seminar...

Recalling back the time...I spent 11 hours there....An extra 2 ½ hours after deducting my normal working hours and one hour lunch break...

But i felt well-compensated because I went to lunch at Han Palace with Carol and ChiIng..We had dimsum..haha...The rest of them (the other colleagues) had their lunch with the boss. Some of them think that we are really lucky to be able to have dimsum for lunch... The boss treated us all lunch...Oh! I had my lunch earlier with Carol and ChiIng cause we had to take care fo the reception table while the others have their lunch...

The tea breaks during the seminar arent too bad. i like the chicken boxing the most...haha

I guess I could have left earlier but I stayed to see if I could be any help at all...

Again, this weekend I will be away at Niah with my colleagues..Really looking forward to the trip...

Opps..I forgot to tell my mum about this trip..I wonder if she is against me going or not...Oh well..It doesnt matter. :p

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just some photos

Went to Taman Selera with Lynna, Lynthia and Grandma about two weeks ago. Took some photos

The ABC is totally nice. I never thought that the ABC can be that tasty...Yummy!

Aiyaks...! Accidentally becoming the frame for Lynthia's face

Then, the other day, the whole lots of us went to check out the progress at Lynn's new house. After looking around, more photos were taken...

Nanotay, I think this is the photo you want, right?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Lynnx once told me that Valentine's Day is very commercialised...or was it Christmas Day?

Oh well! It is the same anyway.

Every year, I spent my Valentine's Day without my Valentine. It doesnt matter to me whether I have a Valentine or not and it still doesnt matter now.

Today, I got some chocolates and a card from Lynthia (thanks) for Valentine's Day...

Grandma got one rose and guess what...jinnwei got one as well...

The red one belongs to JinnWei and the pink one is grandma's.

My mind is reeling to think whether I have ever received any flower from anyone. Erm..from my parent's friend who didnt want the rose...Oh! from the nice gardener who was trimming the rose bushes at the Rose Garden.

Anyway...just want to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day!

p/s: Nanotay, I will post the pic you want soon...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Flickr Badge

I saw this flickr badge for a long time at ppl's blogs...Never thought of making one before.

Then, suddenly, I wanted to get one and so I made one.

Just some photos...No more than that...Erm...Just see from the badge la...Dont have to see from my flickr photo album.

Cute hor?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

One Thousand Bloggers

Joined this community before Chinese New Year...erm..for what reason? How do I even stumble upon this place...

Trying to recall back...

I was reading someone's blog and then clicked on the link to go to someone else's blog and she happens to be the No.1 in the community. After reading thru the FAQs, I decided that I will join in just for the fun of it. I think I was among the first 50 to join.

Didnt think much about it. Then, I realised (from looking at someone else's blog that I clicked from onethousandbloggers) that it is such a big honour (I guess) so I decided to blog about it.

I chose spot no.20 'cause I am born on the 20th.

The offer to get a free spot is still available...So, sign up le...
Oh! Surprised to see lynnx is already there at spot no.186...when did you sign up, lynnx? Spot 186 is refering to ur birthdate, course...haha...too bad they dotn have 2011...haha...

Online Banking

Never tried online banking before.

The other day when I went to withdraw some cash from the atm machine, I idly registered for a temporary password. The, I went on to forget all about it for a few days...

Now, I remember about it again.

Shit...I dont have much money in my account le...Want to deposit more money also hard le. RHB Bank dont have Cash Deposit Machine to allow me to deposit money easily.

Made a payment to Astro due to the fear of losing the pleasure of watching Astro. Dad has been pretty forgetful about making payments to Astro that sometimes I didnt get to watch what I want to just because the service is disconnected...

Less money in the account...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Chinese New Year...Gambling!


I have been playing mahjong with mum and grandma this Chinese New Year. Bait grandma to play mahjong for years. I think the movie featuring Andy Lau as a Mahjong God made grandma itch to play mahjong (Haha!). I didnt lose money playing mahjong, fortunately.


Yuanz got grandma and I to play poker with him and he won. I lose terribly. Fortunately, we didnt play too much le...


I brought Laura, Josephine and ChiIng home to play '21' with grandma and mum. Haha! Laura and I ended up becoming the winners. Muahaha!

Received my stuff for my CPA program. Have to find the time to read and understand it. Not very sure if I can do well in this exam. But, I just have to do well. Mum will kill em if I dont do well.

Jinnwei and lynnx are back to West Malaysia to study and I am back to work today.

Really dont feel like working le. Sort of getting used to staying home doing nothing.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ultimate Green Tea Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ultimate Jasmine Green Tea Challenge! Our purpose is to decide the best ready-made jasmine green tea available in the market.
The competitors are:-
Sundrop Green Tea, Yeo's Green Tea, Pokka Green Tea and Heaven and Earth Green Tea.

The judges are:-

Lynthia, Lynnx, Lynna, Yuanz (not in the pic) and me (not in the pic as well)

The tasting process begins...

As you can see in the pic, yuanz and I are still not in the pic..Cause yuanz is distributing the cards and I am the photographer as well.

The result by majority votes is Heaven and Earth Green Tea.

- Sundrop's has a weird lingering after-taste...
- Pokka and Yeo's are the common brand we can find in Malaysia's market. Lynthia and Lynnx voted for these two brands (If I remember correctly)
- Yuanz and I voted for H & E...

Btw, Mum liked Sundrop which Lynthia and I protested to have a weird after-taste...

Hehe...Whatever it is, dont drink Sundrop's green tea...hehe

Chinese New Year

A bit lagging le...

My previous post is about CNY eve but I ended talking about the day before CNY eve...

Now I really wanna talk about CNY eve.

Firstly, the CNY deco was already up and looking good...

Mum's touch of deco

Err...looks like too grand liaw...

We even have a new fridge to put all the food ready for CNY. The fridge used to be to put ice cream..Nestle ice cream perhaps...hehe...

Dinner time...Once again, the table is full of food...

Hehe...each of us took turn to take pic of the food to post in our blogs...

A little scenario with Abelle....

The two piggies

Me and yuanz terrorizing Abelle

Oh! We have been getting electricity black outs a few times...Not very sure why...Only my house...Weird...

After the makan-makan, the girls and the dogs went to the stairs place to take pics and to walk off the fullness of our stomachs...we left when yuanz came to ask me and lynnx to go out and buy lanterns...Our lanterns have gone from bright red to pinkish colour...Too old liaw...

After buying the lanterns at Boulevard, we went to find Diet Coke Lemon for grandma but cant find any. Instead we bought three different type of green tea.
When we stopped at Petronas station, we bought a few can of Diet Pepsi with lemons and witness some dangerously near to the petrol station fireworks...yikes!

The reason for the green tea is to have the Ultimate Green Tea Challenge.