Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Fire

Have you ever seen people set a cake on fire? I have. So have my colleagues. Errr..ok. Dont think too much. Just that there are so many candles that the cake looks like it is on fire la.

Less than 10 days to end fo the month. Ganbatte~~!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little of ...

Little break from the busy office life.

Little break from bloggie hiatus.

Birthday wishes to both Lynnx and JWei.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Seems to be

I seems to be in some sort of a hiatus. Which is sort of true. Been busy at both home and work. Dun even have enough time to sleep. But if you want to ask me to go out to play, please do not hesitate. Haha...

Treated ChaiMF to Secret Recipes during her final week in the office. Meant to post about it but... it is delayed till now. The Cordon Bleu was a disappointment. Meat is not moist (probably not fresh) enough and not enough cheese.
Also, I have purchased another new handbag. Hehe... Lynnx regretted introducing the online shopping handbags heaven. Haha... I will try to cure my handbags buying impulses.
In case you think I am being really busy... I still manage to squeeze in some time in the morning to take these pics... Experimenting with curly hair and then with the long straight hair. My hair is so long now...
Weekend... Saturday... Went up to KB to have Excapade japanese food. Ah~~ Salmon Sashimi. Yummy~~ Macha Ice Cream. Yummy~~ Err..the other pic is of Kelvin's soft shell crabs tempura. Heard that it is not very nice. Conclusion - dont order tempura. Not nice. Order Sashimi. It is super thick so it is super worth it. Haha...
And finally... My complete collection of the Twilight Saga. Err... Got to wrap it up...Hehe..
Time to sign off... Bah
p/s: As I have mentioned in my previous post about the return of JWei and the potential damage to my bank balance, he is being very kind to my bank balance... Not as bad as I thought.
Btw...btw... JWei is quite smart looking if he wears his glasses. Haha...