Saturday, August 30, 2008


Your-ro-bun aka Everyone in korean, this is the first Saturday of the many Satrudays that I dont have to work. I slept early last night (surprised?) and woke up the usual time I wake up for work everyday. I feel so... clueless of what to do today. Probably I should go sleep somemore since the weather is so cool this morning. It is kind of cloudy today and it is a prefect weather to sleep late. But my body is not cooperating so... Here I am... Still thinking of what to do.

Last week, I decided to zhng my external hard disk. Honestly, I wanted more to zhng the digital camera but it is not possible because the digital camera is a shared property. I think I will get killed if I really zhng it. Ah! By zhng, I mean to stick the glittery stones on it. So, intead of the digital camera, I decided to stick the stones on my external hard disk. Cause I am itching to stick the stones somewhere.
Yesterday, as I was on my way to work in the morning, I spotted two rainbows. It reminded me of the double rainbows that Xiaxue saw at Texas. Ok la, the one I saw isnt as pretty as hers but I never see such thing in Miri wat.
Yesterday, I went to eat at Shiki with LeeXuen. The sashimi is quite fresh and they have sliced quite thick slices for us (yea!!). I miss Excapade so much now. I wonder if I will be able to dine at Excapade before I head to Korea next week. Hmmm...
The washing machine has finished cleaning the laundry, I think. Time to get everything hang to dry. I shall continue to contemplate on what I should for this long weekend holidays. Monday is a holiday because of National Day falls on Sunday. So...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Water tap

My eyes are tearing up for no reason just now when I watched the final episode of The Women of Sun...

I didnt follow the whole drama... in fact, I think I have only watched about maybe 2.5 episodes of the whole 20 episodes. I have decided to watch final episode because I watched episode 19 on KBS World earlier of the night. Upon hearing the fact that the girl is going to die any time because of the severe damage of her liver and gall bladder and she hides this information from everyone (she wants to make peace with everyone without them feeling overly worried about her), I cried...

I think the emotion is probably also affected by the novel "The Last Empress" which I have borrowed from Lynnwei. It was quite depressing novel because it talks about the struggle and suffering of the last Empress of China who has to face all the conspiracy and misunderstandings...

Ohmigosh.. I am so damn negative these days... Got to find something happy to read or watch. Even Moonlight Resonance , the hongkie drama, is so darn serious and heart-wrenching (in a very kek tiok way) that I have to save a few episodes to watch at once so that I dont have to feel so kek tiok...

Erm... Bought a jacket just now. A red one. Will take pic and show you guys... It will act as an extra if I can find a better jacket... As of now, this is the one I will bring to Korea... :p

Ah! Time to sleep... Tomorrow have to wake up early...


Sunday, August 24, 2008


I will be lying if I said that I am not excited about going to Korea. In fact, I will be raving about it till I go there. I can't think of anything else but going there.

For my preparation, I have decided that I need to get a few things.
- A jacket/coat to keep me warm and also to hide my fatty arms
- A new pair of sneakers. But I have sort of decided not to. Just use my old ones.
- Three pairs of new socks. My old socks all gone missing. Btw, Miri dont have Sox World anymore issit?
- Straighten my hair. It is one curly mess and I wouldnt take a pic with it. So, I must straighten it.
- Exchange some Korean Won so that I have spending money in Korea. I have an estimated amount that I want to exchange which I just found that it is actually twice the amount my Mum want to bring herself. Hmm... Maybe I should cut down my budget. See how.

So far, my jacket/coat is still in the searching process. I cant find any satisfactory jacket/coat. It is getting frustrating.

Fortunately, I have one good news to make me happy. When I mentioned to my Dad that I will be straightening my hair, he offered to sponsor me!! Yea~! I didnt even ask for it and I get to save some more money... Muahaha...

And so... I went to straighten my hair today. To be honest, I am feeling indifferent towards it. But one Sidney Sheldon book is good enough to make me concentrate on the story and not on the whole long process. The straightening process only took about four hours plus this time. Perhaps it is because they are more professional and skilled so they can do faster. Dunno lor... I even get two free sample-sized treatment cream to use on my hair to give it moisture.

Ah... Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony tonight... Hmmm... Have to go check what time is it...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Final Working Saturday of 2008

People are usually very envious when I told them that I am working half of the year Saturdays and not working for the other half year Saturdays... I think they usually ignore the part of working on Saturdays and focus on the "not working" on Saturdays and then become envious...
Them: Eee... So nice one... Dont have to work on Saturdays...
Me: Erm.... Got... Got work on Saturdays. Half year got, half year no have nia ma... Same with other ppl la...
Anyways... Today is our office's final working Saturday for the year. So, to celebrate this, a bunch of us gathered at WZT Cafe to have breakfast together.
To tell you the truth, after eat till full full and then you see the pics of the food. It is so unappetising at all. But when hungry hungry, the food looks so nice~~

The Kueh Chaps, The Fried Kuey Tiaw, The Kolo Mee Pok and The Soup Pork Intestines Beehoon

Ah! I want to say that I tried my best to arrange the pics in Picasa to get the best collage possible and then when I finally selected the best one, it came out like this...

Adu... The five pics supposed to come out separately and nicely arranged. Not like this. I also dont know how to change it. Darn...

Dont care lah...

After work, went to Bintang Plaza to walk walk see see look look. Hmm... Didnt see any satisfactory casual smart jacket. Ah! Why am I even looking for one?

Hehe... It is because I am going to Seoul, Korea!! Mum have decided to bring me to go. Muahaha.... And so, I am planning to get a casual smart jacket to wear so that I can still wear it as office wear when I am in Miri.

Ok... I think I am going to write a post for WGTGFashion now...

Monday, August 18, 2008

I want to go to Korea!!

Erk...The first thing that surprises me when I login into blogger is the new layout. Not bad... Terkejut I...

Anyways... My Mum was trying to get a relative to join the tour to Korea last week. When she mentioned it, I was so excited because I want to go too!!

The initial 4 days 3 nights tour became 8 days 7 nights tour and the price has doubled (due to the increase in number of days). Ah... I still want to go...

I want to arrive at Incheon Airport and hopefully bump into Tohoshinki... Haha...

I want to go to Jewel Of the Palace Theme Park...wear hanbok and pretend that I am in the old Korean days...I want to go to the famous street where Winter Sonata is filmed...though I have never watched Winter Sonata... And I dont think that now the season is winter...Nevertheless... Hehe...

Actually, I also want to go to the Teddy Bear Museum but this is isn't in the intinerary. If I can go there, it will such a dream come true...

I want to go to see what kind of beauty product can I "sapu balik" since Korea supposed to have the most extensive beauty product.

AAAaaaaa.... I want to go to Korea!!!

But ... But...But... I am not even sure if Mum will be so generous to sponsor me to go with her!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isnt it pretty?

Isn't it pretty? Loads of 'bo bo'

Okie... I have done it. Haha....

Anyways... Just watch The Mummy 3. Erm.... Ok lor. The lead actress aka the wife of the lead actor (Brendan Fraser) has changed again and I dont really like the part she is trying to be all author-ish. The movie is something that one should definitely watch in a cineplex. Worth it la...

Hmm... Got a call from Mum during the movie. Well, as you all know, Chi Guek Pua aka Middle of the Seventh Month is just around the corner. In fact, it is this Friday. So... my Mum has grounded me at home till end of this month. Darn!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing 2008 - 08.08.08

Ah... This is BIG. HUGE.
I am a person who doesn't watch sports. In fact, I can even fall asleep watching most sports. Some more, I am not an athletic person but this is not the point. Point is that I do enjoy watching the opening and closing ceremony.
On 08.08.08, the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 began. I was... playing rummy while watching the ceremony. I like the way they made everything so extravagant. Then again, it is Olympic. If it is not extravagant, then what's the point?

I think that that performance is quite creative. I didnt see any other pics of the performances that I particular like and remember on the official site. Only this one pic caught my attention. So only put one lor. Hmmm...Actually wanted to comment something but decided not to because it seems to be complicated to explain.

Ah... I remember buying the handphone hanger thingy and a pencil case during my trip to Shanghai in 2006. I bought HuanHuan and YingYing's handphone hanger thingy and regretted I didnt buy the full set when I returned from the trip. Erm...But I didnt have enough budget to buy the full set at that time. So what to do?

Right now, I still have the handphone hangers. YingYing is still in its packaging while HuanHuan is looking kind of old because I used it before. :p

Ah! I also absolutely love the song Beijing Huan Ying Ni by various artist.

Btw, if you have noticed that for the years I have blogged, my number of posts for each year is repetitious, from 109 in 2005 to 120 in 2006 to 109 in 2007. Please refer to Blog Archive. But then, this 2008, I have reached post total of 102 in August. Which means if I want to maintain this pattern, I can only have total post of 120. Which means that I can only post 18 more blog post. 18 posts in 4 months. About 4 posts each month. Wahlau! I think you all will be so bored. Haha... So, think I should keep to the pattern or not le?


This place is on my top spot to go eat meals nowadays. Err...There are a few reasons why it is number one.

One is because I like the ambience.
Two is because it is still a new place. Kind of sick of other places.
Three is because the owner whom sister-in-law is a friend of mine.
Four is...I cant think of anything else.

Went there for lunch today with LeeSia. We ordered three dishes to share.

They are Chicken Burger, Seafood Breadbowl and Chicken Cheese Baked Rice. Names of dishes are exactly the same with the names in Citrus menu because I forgot the exact name. :p

Just so happen that I have brought along digicam to work today. So I were able to capture pretty food pics... Hehe...

Sherp, I tried out the macro shot for the pics... I think only the chicken burger one look very nice. The other two I was rushing thru the pic-taking so ended up doesnt look very 'macro'

Ah! The shop has a few additions. I like this particular painting. So sweet!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Forced To

Erm..I am still recovering from flu. At this moment, I think it is almost gone. I still have a bit of mucus situation left. Expecting it to be completely healed by tomorrow. It might get worse though. :p

Mum told me about the seminar that will be held in Miri today a few days ago. The seminar that I have attended before in Sibu. Remember this? She wanted me to get more people to go by asking my friends... I asked the few ones that I think will be interested to go and ended up with none wanting to go. I thought maybe I will be able to escape from attending the seminar. Who knows... Mum actually got me a last-minute ticket so I have to go as well. Sigh... I actually fell asleep twice during the seminar today. I wanted to sleep this afternoon to replenish my energy and to recover from the flu so I guess no one should blame me from falling asleep.

Then... there was a blackout and I guess the hotel's generator cannot generate enough power to power its air-conditioning and dining area. So, we had to eat our food in the semi-darkness...macam candlelight dinner le...not romantic though. :p

Resumed after one day break. I actually fell asleep typing this on my bed the day before. I even automatically reposition myself to my usual sleeping position.

Anyways... Second day of the seminar and I still no better. I fell asleep again.. Dont blame me. Unless it is something very interesting, otherwise I will not pay attention at all. Somemore, I already have the expectation to sleep on the weekend. To replenish what lack of sleep and to give my body the rest I needed. But then, I ended up sitting for hours for a seminar I have attended.

These people are so crazy le. I dont understand why do they want to keep hearing the same old thing over and over again. And then, there is that testimonial session. During that session, they indirectly advertised the products the company is selling. Not only that, they also kept telling and reminding you that it is by fate and extreme good luck that you are able to join this seminar. And then they will also say that the RM150 for this seminar is totally worth it. All these talks get on my nerves. I dont like it at all.

Yawn... Guess what? Despite of wanting to sleep early, I am staying up late again. Not good. Ok lah... Must remember to extract the pics from the digicam and also to take pics of things I bought recently...

Good night. Oyasuminasai!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Freshly-washed Hair

I love the feel of my hair at the moment. It is so smooth and silky and best of all, it is clean. Went to get a hair wash just now. I love the lady for being able to blow dry my hair to a lovely tidiness.

Anyways... Currently also sufferring from flu and possibly cough. Didnt drink enough water for the past few days and also sleeping at ungodly hours as well. My body decided to protest.

The past few days has been an awesome gastronomical holiday.

Basically, just eat eat eat and eat. All the eating has caused my weight and waistline to increase. Cham!

Need to show this. The famous sherperd pie. Got the chance to taste it again.

I have quite a number of food pictures and the beautiful pics are taken by Sherp. To show her skill... Please refer to the following pic. Delicious?

Ah! I have a new handphone hanger thingy... Hello Kitty!!

Ah! Jumping picture. The famous jumping picture. This is something that I didnt think will happen but it did. Sherp and Nanotay doing the jumping pic at the 3rd Floor, Bintang Plaza.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cousins Night(s) Out

Erm... For the past two days, I have been eating and drinking... Like really eat and drink. Erm... Without a doubt, my waistline and my weight will increase. Darn...

Anyways... With the remaining 8 of 13 cousins, we, eight people, decided to go to eat steamboat. Initially, we were thinking of going to eat at Micheal Steamboat but decided not to for two main reasons: heard that it isnt good anymore and that the place doesnt have any air conditioning. We are all candle girls, will melt one. So, we went to Sun City Shabu Shabu instead.

Group C is the most complete group and they occupied one table by themselves. Dont see these little girls skinny skinny like that. They can really eat. Hebatz, yea! Meanwhile, Group A and B were suffering from missing members so we shared a table.

P/s: In my family, the kids are divided into three groups: Group A, B and C. A being the eldest 5, B is the middle 4 and C is the youngest 4. End of explanation

So...As we are waiting for our food to arrive. We did a lot of cam-whoring. Below is just an example. I am sure the rest of us will be posting about this. Hehe... should I also mention that almost every cousins are bloggers?

Err... I shall move on to the second night. Friday night. Four of the girls went to tuition while the other four go eat at Citrus. Hehe...

Err... Hehe... We shared the Seafood SoupBread, Shepherd Pie, Linguine Carbonara and Pegasus Wings. Yummy. So yummy....

That is us getting ready to dig into the pie. Then, we ordered a dessert - Chocolate Fondue. As we waited for the arrival of our dessert, we started to cam-whore again.
and more photo-taking..., we are still waiting for the dessert so we played a bit. Some arm-wrestling combined with staring into each other eyes game.
Finally, it arrived! It took quite a bit of time to prepare o...
Later that night, I went to Coffee Bean with these two...
Err... Gtg... This shall be the abrupt end. :p