Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Message to Carol

Dear Carol,

Good morning. I have a favor to ask of you this fine morning. Could you please help me to make booking for the RM200 room at the opposite karaoke place? Book the room for tonight. I will be calling you a bit later at about 8am something to ask you in case you don't check my blog (which means you are lying to me about being my loyal blog reader. Kidding~!)

Thanks in advance.


p/s: Ignore the date of the post. I have no idea how to change it to 31st December because of the time. :p

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A longer post

Someone told me that I have been writing rather short blog posts. Which is true...'cause I dont really have much to write. Gasp~

Anyways, instead of feeling discouraged, I felt rather challenged and decided to look really hard for something to write. Yosh...
I have been eyeing at this piece of flowery thingy at Lovely Lace for quite some time. Really want to get it but didn't buy it because it is of no use at all. Haha... Just want to have it for the sake of having it. Got it as a Christmas present. Yea~~ Apart from this, I also got a dozen can of beer during the Christmas gift-exchange at Rex Box... Sweat~
I have an obsession with dark glittery purple nails recently. I just couldnt stop myself from buying it. Erm...The colour has chipped off from the nails. Haha...I am not a dainty person. Going to have it on my nails till the first day of the new year and then no more.

Which brings me to talk about my new job in the new year. Going to start this new job at this company which I still have no idea what name. Hopefully everything will go well.
I seriously think that my english is getting worse and worse. And so, I have been doing a bit of light reading recently in order to improve it. Mills & Boon. Romance novels. Erm... Haha... No pressure or stress from reading them.

Carol, want to borrow them?

Re-watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians the other day. Kim K went for Lasik surgery and she claims she can see quite well overnight. The whole surgery seems to be painless and quite easy... I think I hear someone's friend went for this Lasik surgery as well. I wonder if i can also go for it. Maybe do it at Stahl Eye Center.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another year

My blog has aged another year. Whoa.. Fifth year le.

Went to Brunei and came back with a flu. Nevertheless, I still went out to party for Xmas... I think I am still tired from still having a bit of flu left and too much activities... Probably also because I cant sleep when I wanted to sleep...


Monday, December 21, 2009

Am I not capable enough?

This is really pissing me off. Am I really that not capable of driving all the way to Bandar? Why can't they just trust me and let me do it?

Arrgghh... I am so pissed off~!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is the time

This is the time that I hate to see food pics... Karma...

Because I am skipping dinner and I am hungry. Grr...

Drinking this slightly bitter drink that is supposed to help strengthen/heal/fortify the kidneys...or is it the liver?

Sleeping early to curb the hunger. Going to wake up to a morning of great breakfast. Yes~!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just realised that I went into my non-post mode again. Haha...

Erm... Firstly, hair - i didnt cut it short. Change of mind. Mum said it is better to perm (and colour). But she said she didnt say that when I told everyone that she is the one who changed my mind. She was merely commenting how permed (and coloured) hair is much nicer. Bleh... i am still looking for that killer picture of me in permed (and black) hair.

As for my job searching quest, well, it is still in progress. Too many uncertainties.

My weight is still the same. I have been getting mixed reviews from people. Some people said that I have lost some weight. Some people said that I have gained weight. The scale says that I still weigh the same. Haha... I have been really hardworking - go walk at Taman Bulatan on weekdays. :D

And then...there is this annoying thing. The tenant. He is overdue on his first month rent payment. WTF (Sorry). The broker, whom I messaged, did not return my message. WTF (Sorry again). Just sent a sms to the tenant. Hopefully the payment will come in fast. Otherwise, I might have to actually go and ask face to face liaw.

Ok.. About time to go. Time to walk off the fats.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


It has been so long since I last had short hair. At least 7 years already, I think. I shall cut it this month. Dont know how short am I willing to go for yet. Mental preparation..mental preparation. Hehe...

Tidied my wardrobe today. Got rid of quite a lot of clothes. A bit sayang but they must go. Old dont go, new very hard to come in. Hehe...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Life so far

In case you are wondering, that's Sherp and I. We were preparing for a cleaning job so we decided to camwhore with the masks and gloves. Miss having her around.

Anyways, I am currently... jobless, to put it in the simplest way. Planning to just relax. Take my time. Enjoy life. Hehe... Only for this month though. If I continue on, Mum might kill me. :p

Monday, November 30, 2009

The impulsive me is resurfacing

I mean the impulsive shopper me is resurfacing.
Just today, because I bought my necessary body cream, I also bought this pink Winnie the Pooh's blanket from Watson. More like a blanket for baby but... I guess I will use it as a blanket in the living room aka an emergency blanket in case I sleep on the sofa. :p
I promised someone that I will show her the drinks I bought at Brunei. Impulsive purchase again. They reminded me of Perth. Hehe...
Internet connection has been so terrible. I have to keep connecting because it kept on disconnecting. Hopefully this can be published.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Something new

"You need to think about what you are in your friends' heart?"

I don't think it is a bad thing to get two bottles of liquer for my birthday. Maybe I am showing a bit more interest in liquer recently. I have opened Absolut Mango and... not planning to open Bacardi Apple anytime soon. :p
On the contrary, I also received pink piggy giant peg and pink piggy handphone bag. Super cute. Now, all I need is to choose a photo to put on the pink peg. :D

Today, I bought something new. I always feel kind of stingy about buying sport shoes. But, my recent new activity inspired me to get it. Hopefully I will have a better time walking in this. :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KL Trip

A week after coming back from Perth, I went off to KL with Sherp.

My objective to go to KL was to buy Ikea's window blinds for the computer area in my house. But Mum made curtains for the area. So, I changed my objective from buying window blinds at Ikea to buying wall rack at Ikea and also buying new office wear.

This is the first time we travel together.
Kind of exciting actually. A long wait too. Our plane got delayed~ So, by the time we reached JWei's place, we were so hungry that we had to go out to get some food. The next morning (17.11.2009), JWei rented a car. We sent Sherp to KTT to meet up with Lingdi. Then, JWei and I went to Ikea. Took about one hour plus to reach there. I ended not buying the wall rack. Instead I bought a spice rack. Plan to modify it a bit so that it is no longer the spice rack. It is cheaper too. Hehe... JWei bought a new chair. Actually I bought him a new chair. -.-
Then, we went to 1Utama. It was boring and tiring to walk alone in shopping centre. In case you are wondering, JWei was sitting at one of the many sofas watching movie on his ipod. I miss Laura... I miss LeeSia. They are my shopping partners...I miss them~!!!
After that, we went to fetch Dennis and then went to Sunway Pyramid's TGIF to have dinner. Dennis treated dinner. Thanks~! Actually got pictures but... I havent upload from the phone. Too lazy now. Never mind la...
JWei and I returned the car almost during midnight... It cost me RM75 (I think) for the car. Still alright~

18.11.2009 - Din managed to rent a car that day. So instead JWei and I took a cab to Cititel Midvalley to meet up with Sherp and Lingdi. Fortunately we can register first and leave our luggages there. Otherwise, I dont know how are we supposed to carry around our luggages. Our breakfast.
Quite nice actually. But expensive. Cause I have the tendency to take too much - btw, my bowl is the bottom left. You know... never play with your food. But no one said we can't pose with our food. Top left picture :-
Me: Here you go. A fishcake.
JWei: O~!
Top right picture:-
Me: Curi one piece of lamb.
JWei: Give me another fishcake!
Bottom left picture :-
Lingdi: Yummy sugarcane~
Sherp: Give me some~
Bottom right picture:-
Lingdi: Not giving you any. Muahahah~
Sherp: Hmmpphh~!

Hehe... Anyways... after brunch, we went to Sunway Lagoon.
As you can see, the kids are having a lot of fun. I managed to stay pretty dry till it started to rain and we went on the rapids ride... Sweat.
Because it was raining and we were hungry, we left the Lagoon and headed into Sunway Pyramid for ... lunch?
Above is a 3-layer picture collage. Top layer is pics of the people. Middle layer is us posing with our food. Bottom layer is our Tony Roma's food. The waiter is really funny. He is being very informative and friendly but because of his accent, he also becomes ... funny. :p
JWei left after the meal and a little window shopping while the three of us continued to shop.

19.11.2009 - I woke up earlier than the other two ladies and left for KLCC to search for the British India's dress for Aunty Leng. I didnt get the dress because they dont have any dress. But I did get Shonen Jump magazine so my trip wasnt entirely wasteful.
Lunch at Kim Gary. After lunch, we did a bit more shopping and then Sherp and I went to the airport. Our flight got delayed slightly. But we arrived safely back in Miri...

Perth Trip Part 4

07.11.2009 - That day, we went to Fremantle again. CLC was not feeling well the day before but he is better on that day...We had a little funny moment at the parking lot. :p Erm...I often hear from yuanz about Fremantle. About the fish and chips. When we arrived there, we went to the market first. Laura and I splurged on some fridge magnets there. I love the gecko magnet. Want to see the gecko magnet? Come see it at my house la. Anyways... initially we are supposed to try the crepe suzette at the market but we were too full. Then, we got a call from Fiona so... we went to get a crepe suzette to share. Yummy~ I love the sugar and cinnamon combination.
Right after the crepe suzette, we went to Cicerello's for the fish and chips. It is actually just so-so. It was interesting to watch the seagulls dived in for the leftovers. After lunch, we actually wanted to go to Fremantle Prison but changed our plant to do gardening at CLC's backyard. We joked that there might be snake in the backyard. All was fun till I saw a snake-like head in the grass...
Say hello to Mr. Bobtail. It is something like a lizard. Scared all of us..but it is really harmless. Phew...
My hands shakes so much after that. Partly from the shock and mostly because of the gardening. It has been so long since I have done gardening so... to suddenly do so much. My hands just kept shaking.
For dinner, we drove all the way to Mundaring to eat at Little Caesar's - the one we missed on Tuesday.
Quite cold to sit outside and I was wearing short pants. But when the pizzas arrived, not cold anymore la... Hehe... Great pizzas.

08.11.2009 - Final day. We were to leave Perth that night. We went for another round of Dim Sum breakfast. Everything is quite yummy till we ate the fried milk...the last item. Yuck~ It is quite unique. Tasty to those who like it.
We had another round of shopping at Harbor Town but there wasn't much to see anymore. So we were done with the shopping pretty quickly... Then, it was goodbye, Perth City. Took a few pics while the car was moving... Perth Eye and... Bell Tower, I think. Then, we had another round of soft serves...sat on the grass by the river (?) watching people with their water sports... For dinner, it is Chinese style... We had the huge crab...I forgot the name. :p After that... airport. Byebye, Perth~!

09.11.2009 - We arrived early morning at Singapore. Waited for a few hours... Dozed off at the airport. Super sleepy.
By noon, we were back in Miri. Long trip. I didn't get to rest till night time. Had to become my mum's driver.

Muahaha... done~!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perth Trip Part 3

05.11.2009 - The day before Laura and I actually wanted to wake up early to go walk and take some house pictures but we overslept. So the next day, we woke up early and went for the intended walk. :D Breakfast was at Fiona's place again. And... we went to Curtin University to have a look around. I could have studied there but I didnt. :p After exploring Curtin, we went to Carousel to shop. :D I finally bought something. A pair of short pants. Hehe... It feels good~
For dinner, we were cooking.... I cooked mixed veggie. My cooking skill is really rusty. Sigh... Ermmhmm... We have love for Illusion...and we found a new love in Perth. Midori. Hehe... Total Midori drank during the Perth trip is 2 bottles nia la...

06.11.2009 - Dim sum for breakfast. Erm... Just so-so nia. After breakfast, we went to Harbor Town to do more shopping. We really took our time there for two main reasons. Reason one is that apart from shopping, we dont have anything else on our itinerary that we can do. Reason two is because there are so much good deals there. We went in almost every single shops and spend money like there is no tomorrow. We finally finished shopping at the Ground Floor and had our lunch, ISPA Kebab, at 330pm. The 1st Floor is less interesting than the Ground Floor so we spent less time to finish exploring it. For dinner, we had Korean food. After the dinner, we walked around Northbridge and ate shaved ice at Icey Ice. Btw, Miri also has this shaved ice. kind of expensive though.

Time to sleep. Need to wake up early tomorrow.

Perth Trip Part 2

Continuance from 02.11.2009 - We decided to buy a loaf of apple strudel to enjoy at King's Park... King's Park is..erm... really nice. haha... Writer's block... It is actually kind of weird to go to a place that I have heard yuanz talk about so much. The feeling is like 'so, this is how it looks like.'
Anyways, the apple strudel... becomes like this. So, we decided not to eat it at King's Park but to bring it back to Fiona's place where we have plates and cutleries. After the pastry eating, we went to the nearby Garden City to shop and then to a McD drive thru for some soft serves and then a walk in the park...Dinner was at Turkish Kitchen. Needless to say, the food was nice~ Yum~ The dinner pretty much concluded the activity for that day.

03.11.2009 - We ...Laura and I...had cookies and milk for breakfast. And then..for lunch, we tapau-ed Jester's pies.Me really like to eat Jester's pie. Very nice... That day, we went to Caversham Wildlife Park. The weather is not nice..because it was so hot~!! And..there were a lot of flies. The kangaroos are kind of cute... I thought I would be scared to see kangaroos up close but... turned out that I am alright... But the disgusting part is that owl... To see it swallow the lower part of a mice in front of me (I was less than a metre from it) was kind of disgusting. The shearing of the sheep was also kind of fun to watch. Took a video of the process. :D But the file is too big..very hard to upload...The video-taking took quite a bit of my battery power. But it is very clear lo... After the wildlife park, we went to look at vineyard...and then Margaret River Chocolate Factory (where we stole some freebie chocolate chips)... Then... our plan was actually to eat dinner at Little Caesar's but when we arrived there, the place is closed...because it is their offday on Tuesday. So, instead of having the world's best pizza, we went to Alfred's Kitchen to have Perth's best burgers. :p
04.11.2009 - That morning, we had breakfast at Fiona's place. After breakfast, we went to Garden City to shop. My shopping craze hasn't really started yet. Then..for lunch, we ate at Little Creatures in Fremantle. And then...visited Freo Round House and also ate Ilgelato ice cream and visited Cottesloe Beach... Weather too hot. Want to faint~ Dinner time! Ciao Italia~ Yummy Bruschetta... Yummy pasta... Yummy Tiramisu... Yummy Strawberry Custard... Hehe...Ah... After the dinner, we went to Mill's Point to enjoy the night view of the city (?) I cant think of what to elaborate here so...Ok... That's all for now... You need to scroll up for Part 3. Hehe...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perth Trip Part 1

I know I am late. I should have quickly arrange the pictures and blog about it... But I seems to be so left behind on so many things that I don't know which one to start doing first.

01.11.2009 - The three of us set out for Singapore and expecting to transit at the airport for about 6 hours. I believe the initial plan was to wait at the airport but we went out to have lunch and even did a bit of shopping. The bacon stick is seriously fat..hehe... adding weight before arriving at Perth.
Arrived at Perth... Got stopped at the immigration for not knowing the address of the place we are staying. Then... luggage completely searched through as well. Finally, we stepped out of Perth International Airport...into the cold night. Ohmigosh... It is totally like the time I went to New Zealand. According to our itinerary, we are supposed to go have supper at Fast Eddy's. I only had a cup of hot chocolate though. First night at Perth...A bit not used to the stillness in the air. But the combination of blanket and the coldness of the night is so nice~~
02.11.2009 - We started our day with Hungry Jack's brekky set. Breakfast in the car while on our way to the city.Maybe it is because of the fact that I keep converting the price to ringgit, I cant find anything to buy!!I would like to believe that there is nothing much to shop too. The weather is still quite cool so it was really nice to shop that day. For lunch, we had Vietnamese food.The downer for the Ho Fun I had is that it has bean sprouts in it. urgh...

After lunch, we went on a car trip to see houses. i have no idea where are we driving around but I know one thing. The houses are really nice. We stopped at this place to look around and it was so hot but with cooling air.
An abrupt stop to the post... Still havent got to doing collages for the rest of the day. Sweat. Shall work on it!!