Monday, March 26, 2007

Such a pig

I wanted to wake up early on Sunday so that my Sunday wouldnt be wasted. But instead, after switching off my alarms, I continued sleeping. Even managed to switched on the air -conditioner for a more cooling environment. My room was getting kind of stuffy due to the closed curtain and ever-rising sun.

My morning was spent sleeping. Till my head was sort of heavy and dizzy the whole day. Only managed to get rid of the feeling of heaviness after a walk at the hill.

Watched Heroes...The re-runs of Heroes. Glad that Star World actually has this Heroes Marathon. Otherwise, I might never get to watch the episodes I missed.

Btw, when I went for kua-hunting two weeks ago, I went to Mona Lisa and the bridal gowns there are stunning. The evening gowns they offered are also magnificent. I have so much fun looking around while waiting for the lady to get the kuas they have. The gown on the right caught my eyes. The white sash from the neck flowing down to the waist with a flower to gather the material to show the body curve. I want to be able to wear that. But of course, i will need to have the perfect figure first. Ganbatte~~!! Aza~Aza~ Fighting~!!

Actually feeling kind of crappish now because I dont know what to do. Maybe I should just go upstairs to my room to study. Still at module 2 when I should be studying Module 3 now. Got to take my CPA more seriously.

Still stressing out at work. Argh~! This year, it seems to get particularly hard. Aza!Aza! Fighting~! Hmm..anticipating my first OT pay this month...Hehe...

Last night, editted some pictures to make my handphone wallpaper. Err..Actually, I cropped some pictures, not edit. The one below is my most recent wallpaper (before cropping)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Walk The Plank

Err... How do I even begin to say this out?

I bought it!!!


I bought it~~~!!!

RM28 for the OST of Goong... I BOUGHT IT!!

Listened to it whole night long... Sigh~


Monday, March 19, 2007

Did I start it?

Remembered something funny that happened in the office. Guess I should write it down for the laugh of it.

It seems as if each time we start working late there would be an electrical blackout. So far, the count of blackouts for this year is 2.

The first blackout of this year... I think almost everyone said simultaneously "Oh shit!"

There was two clients waiting in the office at that time. I didnt notice their reaction to our 'rude' outburst but I am curious, still am.

Hmm... I wonder if you guys see the funny side of this.

Surfed the net yesterday for pics of Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye. I wonder if I have gone overboard with this obsession.

Didnt eat lunch today. I had such a heavy breakfast that I didnt feel like eating any lunch at all.

Went to a wedding reception dinner yesterday. Dad's friend's daughter's wedding. Makes me have some thoughts about my own future wedding. *More determined to lose some more weight*

Mum is at Japan at the moment. She won the all-expenses paid trip. Sigh... I wish I can go le... :P

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eating me inside

Last week, I was obsessed with Goong that I actually sleep less in order to watch as many episodes as possible each night. I think I am getting old. I am still obsessed but I cant stay up late anymore. I have once again fell asleep on the sofa.

Work has been stressful. To explain it, I shall use Assignment A, B and C.

Assignment A is an assignment that I have been working on for the past, at least, six months. It is extremely messy and I have suffered a blow to my ego and confidence due to it.

Assignment B is an assignment that is in a hurry and messy as well. It is even more troublesome than previous year as I have to truly clear up every problems which has been accumulated from previous years.

Assignment C is an assignment that is actually quite easy but it has a lot of data key-in and matching work. I have spent a lot of time and wondering if it is even worth the bill amount it will be charged of.

Juggling this 3 assignments within this week made me even more tired. I constantly have to switch from one assignment to another till I am making clumsy mistakes, which drove my senior even more dizzy. Thankfully, Assignment A and B are almost over and done with. Just a little bit more follow-up and I can sign these two assignments off. Somehow, I cant wait to work on easy assignments. Hard assignments are good but it is difficult to handle if it comes in a package of two or more.

I am only able to get thru the days happily with the soundtrack of Goong playing thru my earphones whole day and also the images of the series playing thru my mind.

Yupe, I am still addicted to Goong. Who knows I might even be able to sing Korean songs...specifically the soundtrack of Goong. Hehe

Oh~! I want to write about another frustration that I had a few days ago. It began when I discovered that I cant seems to connect to the Internet. Damn! My streamyx bill is overdue for two months and Telekom's system must have just added in the third month charge. I cant go online unless I pay for the overdue charges. Anyways... I made the payment and I am back onlining again.

Why the overdue bills? Sigh... Living by myself and managing the money to support the home expenses and my brother's expenses. It is a cashflow problem. I am a person who wants to settle every bill as quick as possible and it frustrates me when I cant.

Then, i want to clarfiy that i think I cant gamble at home. Gambling at home is bad luck for me. Last night, I had played rummy again, this time not at home, and I am the big winner. *Grin*

Oh! A big thanks to Lynnwei for telling me where to get Goong OST. It is a bliss to be able to hear all those songs while I am stressing out.

Btw, I have also discovered that I actually get full pretty fast these days. I am not sure if it is a good or a bad thing. On Saturday, I had another steamboat session and this time, I was basicalyl full till my stomach felt as if it is going to burst. It actually hurt all the time while I was playing rummy.

I can finally hear my own music

It has been ages since my car's cassette player gave up on me. It insisted on eating up the cassette I put in it so I cant use it anymore. The only function that is usable is the FM/AM radio. At first, i didnt mind as much but since Capital FM is no longer available, I was devastated. I resorted to TraxxFM and AiFM , the two National English and Chinese radio stations. I guess I have gotten used to it that I actually didnt mind as much until they start to just talk and talk and talk and all I want it to listen to music.

I have ever suggested to Dad to get a cd player installed into the car but it didnt happen. Seems like I have to earn the money to get one myself. Sigh... The disadvantage of having a cd player , however, is that I will need to have cds to play it. Sigh. I stopped buying cds long ago. So, this is actually not a very good way to solve my problem. Somemore, I cant get myself to invest more than RM100 in the car. I just cant. I rather spend the money on something else. :P

Yesterday, I saw a device in a friend's car that made me think that there might be hope for me after all. It is a mp3 FM modulator. Just plug in a storage device containing mp3s and thru the modulator, you can play the mp3s over your car audio system. The modulator, according to the friend, cost him RM 110. Moreover, I dont have to spend money on buying cds. One-time investment.

At first, I am hesistant about getting one for my car. RM110 is a huge amount to spend considering my current cash reserve. I cant believe how fast my cash reserve dropped this month although I distinctively told myself not to spend as much. Damn the bills. I almost cried when I listed out the amount of bills I need to pay. *Fainted*

Then, by chance, I have extra cash today so I went to Boulevard IT Superstore with Joanna and look for this mp3 fm modulator. To my delight, it only cost RM85. After half-a-minute consideration and with the extra cash in my pocket, I paid for the modulator. *Still wondering if I made the right decision*

I have tried it out in the car for like three seconds before letting my dad use the car to go out. Will try it again tomorrow. Haha~~!

Recently, since I have watched the whole Goong series, I have been listening to the OST instead. I can already imagining myself listening to the OST in the car. Pure bliss~!

My new car entertainment system

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sequel to Addiction

In my opinion...

There are mainly two types of Korean story plot. One is contract marriage and the other one is loss of memory plot. Occasionally we will see a different plot but overall, they are almost the same.

Contract marriage plote is the type where the couple get married even though they dont love each other. This type of plot usually has the funny and romantic factors as the couple discovered how they have fallen in love with each other. Then after they sort of fall in love, the third party will appear and cause them both to suspect that they dont love each other and then finally confesses their love for one another.

Loss of memory plot is that the couple is already in love with each other but something happen which cause one of the couple to lose his/her memory and then years later, they meet up and the one who didnt lose memory will try to revive the other's memory of their love. The memory revived and they continued on. Then, sometimes, one of the couple will get a life-threathening illness and finally die, levaing the other half alone. This plot is more to the sad and romantic type. I dont really seeing any with funny factor to it.

So far, I have fallen for the contract marriage plot only. Loss of memory plot is not that addictive and find myself feeling so tulan when i see the plot turn for the worse, life-threathening illness. Argh!

Goong, is by far, my worst addiction to Korean series. It is the loveless marriage plot. No contract involved so cannot label as contract marriage plot. It is an arranged marriage by their grandfathers.

I started watching the series when it was halfway thru the 5th episode (if I remember correctly) and fell in love with it. It is the series they got married. Then, after that, I borrowed the vcds from my colleague and that night, I watched from episode 11 to episode 24, fast forwarding each scenes I dont like and admire the scenes i like. The whole process took me 5 and a half hour. From 10pm till 3.30 am. After a three-hour sleep, I went to work.

Needless to say, I was so tired when I went to work. While I was feeling so sick of my assignments at work, my mind is reeling with the scenes from Goong. After that day, I faithfully watched two episodes per night, starting from episode 1 which i missed. At work, I have the vcd played over and over again. I dont know what are the people talking about as it is in Korean but listening to it and the background music makes me feel so happy and energetic.

I want to download or buy the OST of Goong but I havent found it yet. And if possible, buy a dvd of Goong for my own keepsake. Yupe, I am truly in love with Goong.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Currently addicted to Goong aka Princess Hours.

Dont really know how to explain my addiction. But pics for now and then more description when I have the time.

Btw, work has been busy. Already start working overtime. Think I am going to be really sick soon if I dont care of myself. Promise I will drink more water though. Hehe...

Ooo~~~ the actor is so handsome la... My source of energy when I am busy at work le..hehe~~

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chap Goh Mei

Chinese New Year celebration officially ended on the fifteenth day. Chap Goh Mei is in the dialect of Hokkien and is loosely translated into "The Fifteenth Night."

Last night, I finally had some gambling session. Rummy. Fortunately the bets are quite small so I didnt lose too much. Dont think I have the gambling luck this year.

Tonight will be big makan again. :D

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A series of events

Have to back-dated quite a long time... To the time before Chinese New Year...

Actually went to the Chinese New Year night stalls to have a look. I remember each year I would go there with mum on the final night and it would be super-crowded as everyone is trying to do their last minute shopping. Then the next day, I would hear grandma complaining about how the pork seller has sold the pork since the previous night and the pork she bought is sort of not-very-fresh anymore. anyway, this time, I think I went at the second or at least the third day these stalls opened.

The cute God of Wealth at the CNY Night Market

Oh... Went to have a drink with Jeng, Elsie and Esther at Siamese Secrets during my one-week off from office. Sort of grateful for the one week long off from work. I finally had the calamari fritters that I have been craving for a long time.

A whole loads of cholesterol

Apart from the visiting on the first and second day and also the drink at Siamese Secrets, I spent my time at home. Sleeping, surfing, watching tv.

Then, one week is gone. It was time to start working again. It is so exciting to see lion dances in our office. It actually made the time passes more quickly. We had a few lion dances this year. More than last year.

One of the lion that came to our office

The 'Da Ji' made out of Kam made by Chung Hua lion dance troupe

Went to Siamese Secrets again. This time with Jeng and Alvin. What can I say... It is good to talk to friends... This time, our conversation seems to have matured though I cant remember specifically of what we talked the previous time we met. :P
My Green Tea in pot

Then, I was forced to go to listen to this medical seminar by a chinese doctor. It was held at Dynasty Hotel and the topic of the seminar is about Breast Cancer. I got to admit that it is kind of entertaining and informative. first video on my blog..hehe.. A short video of the lion dance in my office.

Oh! And I finally got myself a new mouse. I finally decided that I had enough of the old mouse which is very unreliable. Now I just need to get used to the new mouse. But one thing for sure, I dont have to feel frustrated by my mouse anymore.

Back to work

Sigh...holidays finally ended. Back to the cold harsh reality. Need to earn the bread.

I havent been online because I still feel a little down about using this old pc again. After a week of a good laptop, old pc is just too depressing for me.

Somemore, work is getting a little too harsh for me. I am under stress to complete my work. Still trying to cope with it along with my social life.

Perhaps I will do some pic collages tomorrow of what I have done. Quite lagging in my updating.