Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Average Joe...a bit too unfair...

Average Joe 1....The girl choose the pretty boy over the average joe.
Average Joe 2....The girl choose the pretty boy over the average joe AGAIN!

Average Joe 1: Very stupid of her! The average joe is a millionaire! Not that I am thinking that she should choose money over looks...She broke up with the pretty boy she chose right after the vacation they took while the average joe got a girlfriend a month after the show.

Average Joe 2: The whole thing looks so promising for the average joe. The pretty boy is sort of stupid...the average joe is so full of personality and depth....But who did she choose? The pretty boy....adu.... But she got her balasan when the pretty boy left her after she told him that her ex-boyfriend is Fabio, some old hunky guy.

The whole show struck me as stupid...why? cause the girl always choose the pretty guy...very very typical. doesnt average joe get the chance to win it?

Now, they are going to let the average joe to be in control. they get the first average joe to come back and be the one who decide who will be his 'the one'. Just read from the website and found out that...once again....the nicer-looking and empty-headed ppl won again....ridiculous!
The summary says that the one who chooses always seems to rely on their hormones to make their decision.

One thing though...the dates they have in the show are really romantic and luxurious....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Initial D

On wednesday, my colleagues went to watch initial D...They got the free tickets to watch it...whoa....

their verdict of the movie is that it is funny....a bit unrealistic but what can one say, the movie is inspired from a manga (manga...corect ka?)..nevertheless, i still want to watch it...

Really want to watch the manga (once again, is manga the correct word?)...watch a bit of initial D the manga at my aunt's house the other day on chinese new year eve....sort fo attracted to it.really want to watch the whole thing...but ... sigh...

monday night, xuan, initial D!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Workaholic me...


Last weekend, I went back to Brunei to celebrate the dumpling festival. Had dinner at a Nyonya style restaurant. Very full stomach after that...

Earlier that day in the office, I informed the senior assistant that I will not be working overtime on that weekend and also on Monday night. She told me to watch out myself of the deadline and to have more OTs to get it all done. I made a promise that I will.

Monday night, I went to Opi to get another facial treatment, which is free. Why? Because of the complaint I made the last time I went to have a facial treatment. This time, I really enjoy the treatment experience because the person taking care of me is really friendly and funny. I have another session booked for the next month.

Starting from Tuesday, I have worked overtime every night. About 4 hours everyday. Today, Saturday, I suddenly find myself unable to do anything because I dont have a pc to work with. I cant do anything because I DONT HAVE A PC! damn... i end up trying to all the little things just to pass the time.

afternoon time, overtime! hehe...have the pc all to myself...so I get to finish all the things i need to using a pc very quickly and move on to work on another assignment...

Work is not all about work. I have fun in my workplace...Today, we celebrate our boss's birthday together with the June birthday people. The boss sponsored a huge cake (3kg fruit cake) and two dishes. We had another smaller (1.5 kg) cheese cake. We have fried noodle and rice. I had the fried kuew tiaw. Honey dew, watermelon, and jellies. What can i say? I was so full. The cake still left a whole loads. I have also discovered that the people in the upstair department knows me. HAH! They do! Hehe...they are really nice to me too....I am surprised. Well.i think as long as i havent done anything to hurt their feelings, they should be ok with me...Now, I learn to be more open and friendly to all my colleagues.

Yupe....I am loving my job now...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Have working OT got me?

moments ago, i was very pissed off.

I could have wrote a lot of my anger in here.

But since i have calmed down, I cant write any of it down as it will show that I am a very short-tempered person, no consideration for others, no gratitude for others, and self-centred pig.

And I wouldnt want that, would I?

Can I blamed it on my recent job? I dun think so actually.

Why? Because, in the midst of all the hectic schedule, I am enjoying myself. Learning new things. Things that are a lot more interesting than what I learn in my years of studying. Having colleagues who are funny, helpful, and cooperative. Gosh, i even enjoyed the OTs.

Maybe it is the time of the month...the dreadful PMS.....oh no!