Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long time no update

I know. It has been another long absence. Blogger's block. After two days of being in the draft format, I finally have the ... inspiration to write. I hope that it is not short-term inspiration. Hehe...

And so, on the day before Nanotay's birthday, we cousins went out to Bintang Megamall for some picture taking for Group C, eating and talking nonsense. I finally tried Secret Recipe's Tom Yam and it isnt too bad. Nanotay treated us donuts...which I eventually brought home the remaining two as my breakfast...
My dad is in love with a new eating place... Dinner place. It is a place in Krokop 5. The fish is really fresh and cheap... But then, the veggie....not much to say. Eat fish can lah. btw, that is a bowl of bitter gourd soup.
Dont be alarmed. Just me and HLing preparing for office's carpet changing event. We have been warned by the other department of the strong glue odour and the dustiness during carpet changing so all of us had prepared mouth mask.

During my 4-year there, I have never reach such emptiness on my table. This is amazing. Pardon me for that patch of dust. I wiped my table before I removed my computer. So...
Anyways, turned out that the mask is useless because...number one. We can still smell the glue but managed to escape the dustiness. Number two. HLing and I were ordered to clean Boss's Office so we escaped most of the carpet changing mess.

Going to fly off tomorrow to KK... my luggage is halfway packed. Hehe... No mood to pack liaw. Hehe...I am so into Facebook nowadays that I am scared of myself. What will i be without internet? without Facebook?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today has been busy for me. Loads of eating. From the early Dian Bian Hu to 10am Dim Sum to 12 noon lunch to 2pm fried dumpling to 3pm mango pies.

Aunty Leng wanted to make the fried dumpling and asked me to experiment it with her. I didnt realise how rusty and amateurish is my cooking skill. So, anyways, I went over to Yi Po's house after parting with Jac and Cafe 2020 Dim hour earlier than my intended arrival time. And, I found myself looking at Yi Po working in the kitchen to prepare lunch and the materials for the fried dumplings. From the pics above, I guessed it looks like we were successful. But the truth is that... we failed miserably. First of all, these are China fried dumplings and so it is different than Taiwanese fried dumplings. Second of all, when Aunty Leng said experiment, it was really experimenting. No one knows how to do it. :p I am not sure that we will attempt this any time soon.

Due to the miserable failure, Aunty Leng made a comeback with her fabulous Mango Pie (I think it is more like Mango Popias. oh wait~! Mango Pie maybe right if you think of it in term of McD).

Different way to enjoy mango. Yummy~

After that non-stop eating, I finally stopped eating. Helped Yi Po to water some of her plants and... you will not believe this. I helped to harvest the tapiocas...

Finally... I have some skills. My cooking skills are so amateur-ish compared to Yi Po and Aunty Leng. Who am I kidding? How to compare myself to these two cooking pros?! Thank goodness, I have gardening skills. Wipe sweats. Yi Po was beginning to think that I am a total failure as a woman. Hehe...

At one point - after pulling out the second tapioca tree, I was so dizzy that I think I was about to pass out. But I didnt. Phew~

Got to find a time to ask Yi Po to give me cooking lesson and baking lesson. Need to train my cooking skills. Too amateur and rusty already.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Didnt happen

I chicken-ed out. I didn't get a fringe. Cant do it. Instead, I just had a hair trim. The other day, after hair straightening, went to try the Beef Burger at Delifrance. Yummy~
On Thursday, went to Brunei for fun. Erm..actually, it was Wednesday night. Ermm... Didnt do much stuff.
In such a monotonous mode now. I dunno why. In fact, I feel like sleeping actually.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

It is finally out

I have been suffering for two days... I think it is getting to the stage where it starts to become inflammed. A piece of food got stuck between my wisdom tooth and the tooth in front of it. I couldnt get it out... It was there for two days. I finally got it out just now... It is a chili seed.

Ever seen RM1,500 in coins?

Now, you have. I helped a friend to transport these bags of coins. It looks unbelievably little, to tell you the truth.

Gonna straighten my hair tomorrow. Fringe... I am becoming undecided on that. So.. straighten first lah...

Friday, July 03, 2009

When One is Sick

One can be so blur.

I went to pump petrol after I went to consult doctor about my flu. When the pump meter almost reaching RM50, it stopped. I was like 'what the heck is wrong with this pump?' At that moment...

Pump Attendant : Miss, sudah penuh o.
Me : Apa? Har... Macam mana? Oh no~
Pump Attendant : Tak apa. Saya cuba.

Thanks goodness for the existence of the pump detector (for detecting that my car tank is almost full) and for the existence of pump attendant (for helping me to pump in RM50 worth of fuel). I didnt realise that my fuel tank still has one bracket left. Usually I pump RM50 when the tank is almost empty. Blur...

Another thing - Usually the car fuel tank meter goes up slow and steady after I pump petrol. That day... it went up in less than a second. Haha...

I finally reached my goal of 1000 messages. The proof.

It now has more than that...

Ah~ Usually CMF's birthday is celebrated in a rush manner... We dont have time to celebrate in a leisurely manner because it is the busiest time. This time... we went to makan lor. Gossip-ing. I would be lying if I said we weren't gossip-ing. it is women's natural to gossip. :p

Dad brought Mum and I to this place at Krokop 5 to eat dinner... on the day I took my sick leave. Mum made the order...and she ordered the unusual combination of veggie. Unusual because we dont usually order those. I have no idea how to say it. But... the food is nice and cheap. Main point. CHEAP and NICE.
On the 1st... our office had a really long electricity blackout. From about 3pm to 5pm, I think. I went upstairs to hang out. Hehe... What to do when you have nothing to do? We took pictures. Just two pictures la.... Seriously only two pictures.
I resized the above picture to a smaller than my usual size because... I am in my aunt hairstyle and Lolabunny's hair is a bit messy. Dont want you guys to zoom in to see.... Hehe..
I am ridiculous. I know.
I am contemplating between having my hair straighten or curled... Please advise...Somehow, I have a feeling I might go for straight look again...with fringe.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sick Leave

Last month, in the midst of all the busy-ness, my colleagues and I went online to order a bunch of stuff... and it came today....

Just finished sorting it out. Something is missing. Ah~ Have to sort it out tomorrow because the updated list is in the office.

Went to see doctor in the afternoon. Normal flu...Still have a bit of fever, according to the doctor.

Since there is nothing to eat at home, I bought some veggie and instant porridge.

You might also noticed that I have a pack of spaghetti in the plastic bags. I have unconsciouly bought it. Must be craving for some pasta... Actually, I wanted to buy some sardine, bread and cucumber...but I was worried that I will spread the flu virus to my colleagues so.. cancelled thought.

Ah~ My abalone-flavoured porridge with...siaw bai cai. Hehe
Going to take out what I bought to take pic for

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fear Not

I am not having H1N1... Just that the stress and dehydration has finally caught up with me. With the lack of adrenaline rush for the June tax submission, my body finally gave in and I am now suffering of flu...even ran a bit of fever in the morning.

Still have a mountain of things to do in the office... I shall do my best.

Time to sleep. Till nex time.