Friday, September 30, 2011

Lunch set~

Gonna do a bit of promoting for Silverspoon while trying to induce ppl to accompany me for lunch...

Silverspoon is going to start its lunch set!! 2 different lunch set for each weekday except for public holidays.

So... Who's going with me to try all the sets?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hong Ngan Lo

It's a foochow dish. Beehoon cooked in red wine soup plus an egg.

I ate it this morning... Specially ask the guy not to put the Chinese celery but the chef still put it. I guess it is out of habit.

Felt quite nourished after that. Hehe

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After three days of no dinners, I indulged on a bacon with cheese burger last night.

The no-dinner nights were initially unintentional. The restaurant was really busy and so I could probably only be able to eat at about 9pm. From past experience, I know I will burping non stop and tummy will be protesting if I eat at that time. So I skipped the meal completely and drank more water instead.

Last night I kept thinking of burgers that I couldn't resist the temptation of ordering one. Hehe...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Am impressed

Since I bought my Honda, I have been receiving calls every now and then. Calls to ask me how I feel about the car... The service... The after sales service... The car servicing service...

I love how Honda strives to satisfy its customers...

Today I received such call again. She was asking about my car service experience. I can already anticipate what she is planning to ask me and I feel bad because I didn't personally send my car to servicing therefore not qualify to answer the rest of her survey. Boo...

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's super strong

Had kacangma at 88 Cafe last Saturday. It is super strong. I seriously felt a bit dizzy after finishing the whole bowl. If you need a boost to your body, go for this at 88 Cafe on Saturday.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

No more excuses

Ok... It's more like one less excuse to use. Just that this morning as I was contemplating what to blog, I saw the news update of Blogger... Then I noticed the word 'iOS'...

I usually dun read the news update but that word caught my attention and I read on... And found out that I can now download Blogger app and blog directly from my iPhone. Woots!!

So... Therefore... One less excuse to say why I didn't blog. :p

Btw, this is my first post from my iPhone~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feeling arty

Was feeling so sleepy last night at SS... Probably because there wasn't much activity. The customers are all long-sitting type. They come in, talk, order, talk, eat, talk, drink, talk and talk and talk...

To combat my extreme drowsiness, i began to doodle..doodle...and then somehow, i managed to end up sketching the above ...err.. portrait. No one in particular in mind. It started with the eye and grew into a face...

Somehow, I think I didnt draw as well as this when I was in school. Maybe that time too much pressure? Want to be perfect and it becomes so ugly...?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's my fav t-shirt and it is getting a bit old.

I found that I dislike wearing anything that has really big wordings that advertises the brand of the shirt I am wearing but for this particular t-shirt, I dont have such aversion.

Maybe it's because it belongs to us cousins, wgtg. Sad though because the blog is no longer around. Oh well. We still have this as a souvenir. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few days ago, I was feeling bloated...and true enough, my weight is at the high point... And I managed to inflate and feel good about myself.

There is a hazard to feeling good because this will means I am more than willing to indulge myself.

Last night was such occasion - Supper. Two rounds of supper. ^.^

Round 1 - Cha Sao Yu Mien from the shop next to A1... I feel bad for the shop because I cant remember it's name. Hehe... It's a bit disappointing because the chao sao is not fragrant enough.

Round 2 - Seahorse's fried chicken wings and Tiger beer (served in three different brands glasses). Again, food is disappointing... chicken wings too oily. The chili sauce is superb though. yum!

I woke up this morning feeling bloated again... Dun dare to weight need to weigh I also know I must be heavy again...  T.T

Friday, September 09, 2011

I am no chef

A customer requested for cut chili yesterday at Silverspoon... So, as usual, I went to the kitchen to request for it. But, instead of them preparing it for me, they gave me a chili and said 'here... prepare it yourself'

When I was cutting it...
K: Ning, you dunno cook right?

I must be cutting the chili in a really un-pro way. yikes... awkward awkward...

Me: Err..yea. hehehe...
K: Then, how you going to cook for ur husband in the future?
Me: I am going to find a husband who cooks. Hahahah...

Ok...So I have a really lousy cutting skill and probably cooking skills too. Opps.. lol.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

No picture post

No picture today because I dunno what to post... Hehe...

Today is not a productive day. Went for a time-wasting thingy this morning and had to reschedule the thingy. I will reveal what is this thingy when I know more.

It is almost mid of the month now. Hoho...Time flies. Had a lot of weird thoughts recently. One of them is to hopefully be able to do maintenance on my hair twice a year because...otherwise I will have a really messy hair for the rest of the year and only nice hairstyle around chinese new year time. Total confidence killer. urgh...

Then... there is also this goal setting on my weight issue. I hope to be able to achieve my body's ideal weight by chinese new year... It is going to be tough and I hope to be able to reduce slowly and hopefully reach the targetted weight. Ganbatte!!

Bah...More blogging tomorrow~

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Baju Baru

During my recent trip to Singapore, I bought this new flowery top. Personally I never thought I will buy such flowery top because... well, it usually very dowdy..aunty-ish..and since I am already a very boring person, I thought it will make me even more aunty-ish.

Surprisingly...this top is really ok lo. It even hides my tummy although the material is a bit sheer. :p

Actually... I dunno what to write today... Bah.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Garlic bread

Previously I experimented a few method on how to make garlic bread... after the experiments, someone told me of the other way to do it..the way how one certain restaurant in Miri does it...

Yesterday, I tried making it using that way...Btw, I have actually forgotten if it is the method I was told. Hehe.. Forgot to write it down for reference. Thankfully everything turns out ok. The garlic bread is much better than what I did before. Phew..

I still have half of the whole butter left. So... I guess I can make more if anyone wants any. :p

Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend Sushi Girls' Trip

Yesterday went to KB for some sushi eating and grocery shopping.

It has been so long since I went to Excapade to eat. Ever since the Tao experience (in April), I get nauseous just hearing words like sushi, sashimi, salmon, buffet... That was how sickening full I was that time.

All the dishes was yummy as usual... But the appearance seems to be a bit sad. Example is the mini salmon mayo. It looks so sad... The salmon slice is uneven so it couldnt wrap the rice properly.

Oh! I suddenly remember something funny. When we almost at the end of our lunch, an angmoh couple and their baby boy came in and sat in the booth behind us. The baby is so cute~ When we ate our ice cream, I turned and ..

Me: Hallo~
Baby: (stunned..and then suddenly smiled)
Me and Amanda: Aaa... cute~~
Baby's Dad: Baby, are you flirting with them?
Me and Amanda: Hahaha...

omg... So funny the dad...

I bought a few unnecessary stuff at the supermarket... There wasnt much of a queue at the immigration and custom checkpoint. The jam was mostly on the other road - heading back into Brunei. Phew...

Friday, September 02, 2011

Busy Holidays

So, Hari Raya fell near Hari Merdeka. So, we had a three days holidays.It wasnt a relaxing at home holidays for me. I actually spent a lot of time away from home...
The first day, I went breakfast with a friend and then, we went shopping at Bintang Megamall. Then, we sat at Starbucks... and began my tutorial on how to use iphone because she bought an iPhone and needs a how-to-use lesson. :)
I also finally change my iPhone's screen protector to a glossy type. The previous matte-type was a bit spoilt and I have been thinking about changing it for some time. It feels like a new phone all of a sudden. :)
Also, I finally tried Prawn & Calamari in Wasabi Dressing Salad. It tastes like eating sushi. The wasabi is not as 'kick' as I thought it would be. Me love~