Saturday, September 30, 2006

Three weeks of working

Ever since I came back from my long leave, I have been working for three weeks. Three unbelievable fast weeks. I can still remember vividly of my trips to Singapore and Shanghai. All the previous events seems not long ago.

Ramaddan is already here which means that Hari Raya will be very soon. After Hari Raya, it will be my exam time and then straight away to KK. Then before you know it, cousins are coming back to Miri.

Really feel like time is slipping through my fingers like sand. Cant recall how many times have I written about how time flies in my blog.

I am actually suffering from writer's block at the moment. I have no idea what to blog about recently.

Anyway, below is the pic of Karen's plant. Pokok Semalu. It is growing beautifully and has sprouted four more leaves since I took this pic.
Had lunch with Thomas at Double Star the other day. Remember the time I lunch with Jeng there, the place looks like it is not completely decorated. Well, it has completed its decoration and the whole shop now looks great. Cousins, when you guys are here in Miri, I wil bring you to this place to makan, yea?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Plan for the future

Read Lynnx's blog just now and shed a few tears over her post about grandma. I miss Grandma too. It reminded me of the conversation I had with a friend. My plan for my future.

All throughout my life, I dont have a plan. I just take life as it passes me by.

After Form 5, I went to Curtin University because yuanz went there too. I struggled thru the foundation year and found myself at the crossroad yet again. I didnt choose to study accounting myself. Yuanz did it for me. I just went ahead with it. Nasib baik I am good at it. In fact, it is the perfect choice for me.

I set a goal for myself during my degree years that I will not fail in any of the units I take simply because I have been studying in Science stream and Foundation Engineering. Commerce units should be a piece of cake for me. I did ok until the final semester when I have to take supplementary exam. I hyperventilated and wrote in a one-page long letter (attached with a three-page of my academic results in Curtin) to get a conceded pass. I got it and I graduated. Phew!

I didnt apply for any job in accounting sector straight after graduation. In fact, I went to become a substitute teacher for five months and a half before entering Andy Chia & Co.

I have the ambition to become a teacher when I was in primary school. The ambition was killed in secondary school because I saw how difficult the job of a teacher. Nevertheless, I wen to become a teacher to see if I am really suited for a teaching job. My family supported me for being a teacher but I realised that i dont really enjoy the job. I dont have the superiority to control my students. Instead of making them listen to me or fear me, we become more like friends. A teacher told me that what I am doing is right because students open up to me more willingly. Nah... This job is not me.

Upon starting my new job as tax audit assistant, I kept telling myself and people who ask that I can never leave Miri because I must accompany Grandma. I cannot leave her alone at home. I will complete my CPA and then see what I can do next. All because I dont want to leave Grandma. But if I have the chance in the future, I will consider taking it. I cant bear leaving Grandma.

It has been five months and when I reviewed my plan as I talked to my friend, I realised that I still dont want to leave Miri. I still want to stay here. Be at home. I am willing to stay here and not going out. Perhaps in the future.

My plan now is to complete CPA and see what to do next. Haha...Still the same old plan. Gain more experience. Absorb experience like a sponge.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Last night, I started to play Neoquest and have been since then... It is a role-playing game and I am supposed to go on a quest and kill monsters and monster bosses.

Used to play this RPG called Chaos during university years. It is a game created by a lecturer and maintained with the help of a few engineering students. I was one of the first few players. But I wasnt a great player because I was too shy to ask ppl to group with me to kill monsters. So I din advanced well but instead I collected money and items...When the game was upgraded, I was one of the few with the unique items. I continue to slowly advance in the game till I was killed at one ugly battle and never played the game anymore because I lost all of my unique items. I remembered feeling so anxious and near to tears when I couldnt retrieve my corpse to get back all my stuff.

not my mahjong tiles set...I took this pic from elsewhere
Slept at 3am...Played mahjong. Not enough sleep... Get headache the whole day. Feel very sick somemore.

Hmm...Need to wake up early tomorrow...Supposed to make the sardine sandwich tonight but I am too lazy. So I will delay till tomorrow morning to ensure its freshness...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Breakfast Making

I have been making breakfast for four mornings.

Tuesday: Chicken with BBQ sauce buns

Wednesday: Chicken with BBQ sauce buns

Thursday: Sardine buns

Friday: Egg Sandwich and Tuna Sandwich

I spent around 15 minutes to prepare the buns each morning. Easy-to-make breakfast. The egg and tuna sandwich took quite some time and I prepared it the night before. Two loaves of bread le...fortunately, everyone is back in the office so I dont have to suffer the consequence of leftover sandwiches.

Monday morning will be sardine sandwich. I got the ingredient ready already except for the bread. Will be preparing it on Sunday night.


A silent celebration inside me when I know I get to go to KK audit trip. It will be an eye-opener experience-earning trip.


Sleepy le... Late night last night so feeling sleepy now...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I will the earliest person to arrive at office starting for this week because I have the key to the door. Which is not good because I cannot wake up late or whip up some lame excuse for not going to work.

Despite of feeling as if I have nothing to do, I actually have a lot of things to do. Things seems to pile up so fast and more things are still pending.

Ok..I shud be going now because firstly, i am at loss of words and secondly, I better be studying my CPA... Not much time left to study. Argh!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Drag Race

When I told dad that I am going to watch drag race with a friend, he was confused and surprised.

Confused because he thought he heard me wrong. "My daughter watch drag race?!"
Surprised because he knows I am not into cars. And I am still not into cars.

He was so blur that he just went out and called back a few minutes later (must have gotten out of his blur-ness) to tell me to be careful when I go watch the race.

At 2pm, Karen and I went to Lutong and got stuck in the traffic jam for one hour. The one-hour waiting proved to be fruitful because we parked at the front of the entrance. No walking a long distance for us. Haha!

I have a vague idea of what was happening there. I was only there to experience the excitement. After an hour or so there, we left the place to go to Esplanade.

i have no idea what has gotten into me but I was so tired that I fell sleep on the sofa again. I only woke up at 4am to go back to my bed to continue sleeping. :P

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Indulging in Golden Pot and scared to (almost) death

Went to Golden Pot to celebrate Karen's birthday... Ordered the seafood, beef and lamb with vegetable set and regretted it because it is such a huge set. Nevertheless, it was delicious. Yum!

After makan, we went to watch a movie...A Thailand movie called "Ghost Game." It is so scary le... I dun think I ever want to watch a scary movie anymore.

Only until this morning that I searched thru the internet for this movie. And I discovered that this movie has actually caused such an issue at Thailand and Cambodia...

Anyway... after the movie, we went Island. Havent been there for quite a while. I think I got a bit drunk-ish. After a glass of Long Island Ice Tea, one shoot of Illusion and a few shoots of Margarita, Karen and I went to Balcony to look around. After the look around, we cruised around the area and even saw some high-class prostitutes (yupe! we did. One of them even danced to attract attention)

After that, we went to Esplanade and I went home. I think I have developed rashes again for the alcohol I drank last night. :P

Going to watch this drag race today with Karen. I hope I dun get sun burn though.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pulling A Suprise

Firstly, I got to say that I am so happy that the internet connection finally recovers and I am staying up 'cause I got too excited.

When I discovered that the web page was uploaded so slowly, I firstly suspected that it was my old pc's fault but after I used my brother's laptop, I discovered that it was actually the connection fault. Damn! It is due to maintenance la. Cheh!

Oh! I am so happy now...Hehe...

Anyway... I pulled a surprise on Karen...Yup, Karen, you reading this?

Her birthday and we have no idea what to give her or celebrate it for her....So, Joanna and I went out to gift-hunt and found a purple teddy bear for her. That is not all... A brilliant idea popped up and I decided to do it. Joanna joined me in doing this...

We surprised her by being outside her house at midnight to give her the teddy bear and wish her happy birthday...


Annual BBQ Party

Once again, it is the time of the year to have BBQ. This time, it is held at Taman Selera.

I made sure that mum and dad know that I need to be in Miri on Friday. Dad specially brought me to Miri on Friday evening. His car was leaking engine oil and fortunately, we made it home.

Kelvin, Kueh and Laura came over to make the sandwiches and fruit salad. I made first when I peeled the pineapple. Yea, I know how to peel a pineapple liaw...Haha...

We went to Taman Selera not as early as we expected and didnt get the big shade. Otherwise, we would have probably video-ed the bully video. We took quite a number of pics...Erm, if I remember correctly, we should have taken up to 500 pics during this day including the boat ride. Unbelievable amount of pics.

I didnt eat much...must be due to eating too much in Shanghai. Gained 2 kilos during the trip. Argghh...

I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible. But I still managed to get a very mild sun burn. Weird...I didnt know I have sensitive skin... :P

After the BBQ, the party continues with a boat ride which I didnt went.

The star of the BBQ i think is this boy. I am not sure why it just happen. Everyone love him.

Btw, I have asked permission from the Mum to publish this pic...Hehe

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Final part of Shanghai Trip: Day 5 and final day

After a good rest, we woke up early to go to the Jade Buddha Temple. The temple has two jade buddha statues. The statues were actually made for some other place but because they are too heavy to move during that time, the statues were left there for the people to pray to. I didnt take any photos of the two statues partly out of respect of law and partly out of respect of the statues. Nevertheless, the scenery around the temple compound is not bad either. :P

After the temple, we went to visit the Song Memorial. The eldest daughter of the famous Song family contributed a lot to the development of China and when she passed away, she started a foundation to support the education of poor children. We were introduced to feng shui and how it can actually influence our lives. More specifically, we were introduced to a feng shui creature called 'Pi Siu.'

Pi Xiu eats a lot of gold and silver but unfortunately, it does not have a shit hole. This causes it to have a big mouth, big chest and a big ass. However, it releases the 'wealth qi' out of its wings so that it will not burst out of eating too much. In order for a Pi Xiu to maximise its power, it is better to get a mother and a son. According to the Feng Shui expert, there is nothing greater than the love of a mother. Each Pi Xiu is specially craved by a Feng Shui expert to give it the 'life.'

So, we were introduced different sizes and stone type of Pi Siu. The money from the sale of the Pi Siu are put into the foundation trust. Needless to say, a lot of us bought the Pi Siu. i have one too. :D

After buying the Pi Siu, we had our lunch and headed to Cheng Huang Miao. Before Siaw Ma let us roam freely in Cheng Huang Miao to satisfy our shopping hunger, we toured in yet another private garden.

Our meeting place at Cheng Huang Miao was in front of StarBucks. There is so many people around us. I didnt buy much stuff anyway. I saw no point of buying the things which they sold there. Ok...I bought one spaghetti strap top and one baby tee.

It was our final night at Shanghai so the dinner that night include a bottle of red wine for each table. Everyone was in a jovial mood. Mum and I packed our stuff that night. Our big suitcase was filled with food. From two suitcases, we added another two bags and one packaged silk blanket with pillow.

Arriving at the Pu Dong Shanghai Airport, we unloaded our luggages and bid farewell to our driver. Siaw Ma stayed with us till we entered the departure hall. As the tour leader handled our check-in and making sure none of us will be charged with over-weightness, I went to shop at the airport shops with my mum's friend's daughter. The lamest thing I bought is probably the Marie Claire chinese magazine. Personally, I dont read chinese mag and so the real reason why I bought that mag is because of the cute bag that comes along with it. :P

Overall, I did have fun and I probably have more if I didnt feel so restricted by my mum. This trip also encourage me to slim down. I wasnt influenced by the slimness of Shanghainese girls but by the pics I took. Need to lose some weights to look good in pics la.

I dont have any travelling plan for the time being. Time to get back to normal life.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Shanghai Trip Part Three: Day Four

Day Four started in Su Zhou. We went to Tiger Hill first.

There are many stories about how Tiger Hill get its name. One of them is that Su Zhou was once known as the Wu State in the ancient time. The ruler of Wu State passed away and he was buried at the foot of the hill. Three days after his funeral, a white tiger appeared at the hill. Then, people started to call the hill "White Tiger Hill" but then changed it to "Tiger Hill" for convenience. According to Miss Song, the true reason why it is called Tiger Hill is because the hill is shaped like a tiger.

Anyway, there is this pagoda at the hill. The pagoda is actually a leaning pagoda and it is actually built 400 years earlier than Leaning Tower of Pisa. By the way, the pagoda is built to protect the Ruler of Wu's tomb. It was said that his tomb is filled with countless (i think) valuable swords. Until now, his tomb has not been opened for archeology purpose. The tomb is protected in a way that if one want to enter the tomb, they will have to risk destroying the pagoda because the pagoda base is built directly in front of the pagoda. You get what I mean?

After Tiger Hill, we headed to Lingering Garden a.k.a. Liu Yuan. Su Zhou is famous for three things - Pretty girls, private gardens and silk. Private gardens are built by retiring officers in the ancient so that they can enjoy beautiful scenery in their own yard. Lingering Garden was donated to the Government during the Revolution (i think) and then after refurnishing, it is opened to the public. The garden is planned so that during each season, the owner of the garden will be able the best view of the garden from certain spots in the garden.

Gosh...I think I am getting too descriptive

Silk Factory is the next destination. We are introduced to the process of silk making. There are two types of cocoon for the silk - single worm and double worm. Single worm cocoon can be made into different type of clothes while double worm cocoon can only be made into silk blanket. I recorded the process of how the silk was stretched to form the layer of the silk blanket. Ask me if you want to watch. After the introduction, it is time to shop for the silk blankets. Then we watched a Silk Fashion Show where models wear clothes made of silk. I recorded the whole show which lasted around 5 minutes - again, ask me if you want to watch. By the way, one of the models is really pretty le. After the show, we are shown to an area where all the silk clothes are sold.

After shopping, it was time for lunch again. We had buffet lunch at the cafe in the silk factory. It was more English-ish food.

We left Su Zhou after lunch. Most of the people in the tour are happy to get rid of the local tour guide and told Siaw Ma that they prefer him than that local tour guide. The local tour guide pissed me off in a way too.

Arriving at Shanghai, we first went to a Chinese Medicine Museum which i think is more of a chinese medicine shop. The guy introduced a number of chinese medicine which is packaged in a modern way. Then, he did a demonstration where he touched a red-hot chain and immediately applied the medication. It was scary le. Mum and I were not interested to buy any of the medicine so we went to wait in the bus. While we were waiting, we saw an almost-gang-fight. The fight didnt really happen in the end.

After that, we went to a Jade Factory. Again, this is something that I am not really interested in so I ended just standing there looking blankly at the jade displayed while the aunties swooned over the jade lockets, rings, earrings and etc.

We then went to Shanghai Bund to have photo-taking session. By now, my digicam memory and battery are very little so I didnt take much photos. Damn! One of the most important view in Shanghai and I dont get a good photo taken. After that, we went to Nanjing to shop but rain ruined our shopping experience. Ok la, it was drizzling but it didnt dampen our spirits so we still went on to shop for two hours.
Oh! When I was shopping in Giordano, I noticed that the model for Giordano is so familiar. Note that I watch every single available season of America's Next Top Model and I know this model is one of the participants and she was kicked out because she was getting obnoxious about her being very smart. She is a medic student and she actually had a really good chance in winning the competition. I searched for her when I am back here in Miri and found out that Elyse, the model, is now a model based in Hong Kong.

After the shopping, we were hungry enough to finish all of our dinner.

After dinner, we went to Oriental Pearl Tv Tower. We went up 263 meter to enjoy the Shanghai night view. It was really beautiful.

We stayed in Holiday Inn Downtown for the night and the next night. Gosh... It was almost time to leave Shanghai.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Part Two of Shanghai Trip: Day Three

Day Three of my trip started with a boat tour at the West Lake. We arrived earlier than the intended time. Our boat wasnt ready for us yet. So we walked around the place and shopped for a while. There were so many tourists around us although it was Monday morning. West Lake is like the main recreation place for people of Hang Zhou. Its depth is only around 1 to 2 meter. There are lotus planted around certain sections of the lake. Long ago, when West Lake was so clogged and dirty, the people of Hang Zhou suggested that the lake to be filled and made into a flat ground. But Su Tong Puo (the governor then) decided not to do that but instead ordered people to clean up the lake. The mud was dugged up to make small island and a pathway across the lake. Su Tong Puo had the place beautify by planting Weeping Willows and Sakura trees and some other trees. Lotus was also made to be planted at the certain areas of the lake to avoid anymore clogging. The statue below is of Su Tong Puo.

Finally, we board the boat and sat in the air-cond room which, according to our tour leader, is the most comfortable place in the whole boat. The tour guide told us the stories that evolves around West Lake.

The stories are such as:
The three small pagodas in the water - it is shown on the 1 yuan note. To symbolise the deepest water in the lake during the time of Su Tong Puo. Now it is a popular place to watch the moon during the Mid Autumn Festival.
The pagoda at the hill - built to protect the over-thrown king in the ancient time.
The pathways across the lake - One is named after Su Tong Puo for his contribution to the West Lake and the other one is named after a poet and also once-the-governor of Hang Zhou.
The bridge of the lake - was called the Broken Bridge because during the winter and the bridge is covered in snow, the bridge will create an illusion that it is broken when snow at one side of the bridge melts. It is also the bridge where the White Snake Tale took part.

After the boat ride, we went through the garden around West Lake and stopped by the Peacock Garden. The true reason why we stopped was because the aunties need to go to the toilet.

Hang Zhou is famous for its Long Jing Tea. So we went to the Long Jing Village. The place we went , Mei Jia Wu, is specially commissioned to cater to tourists to ensure that we purchase the real Long Jing. But i think it is also a way to ensure that the government can earn from the tourists. We were brought a room where we were introduced to how to drink Long Jing Tea and the benefits of drinking Long Jing Tea. I accidentally discovered that the angmohs actually has a more comfortable room to sit in than us. :P Anyways, the aunties, which also includes my mum, went shopping-mad in Mei Jia Wu. The tour guide constantly trying to stop us from buying stuff because according to him, the stuff on sale is not worth it. Only until we are at this tea village, he didnt stop us from buying. I am guessing that the reason why he didnt stop us is because he is earning some commission from the shopping we did there.

After the tea village, we headed to Lily Hotel to have lunch. After lunch, we left Hang Zhou for Su Zhou. When we arrived at Su Zhou, which looks pretty rural, it was already time for dinner. So, we had our dinner where we were entertained with the sound of Pi Pa's playing.

After the dinner, we walked around the riverbank to observe the night life of Su Zhou's people. There were a big group of ladies dancing to the beat of disco songs such as Venga Boys's Ibiza (if I remember correctly). Then there were also teenage boys roller-blading and teaching kids how to roller-blade.

In Su Zhou, our tour guide was replaced by the local tour guide. So, Siaw Ma only follow around to control us. The reason why he didnt introduce Su Zhou is because the law requires that only the local guide can introduce Su Zhou. The Su Zhou's local guide is not well-liked by us. We endured her out of courtesy. She was constantly rushing us around and looking at her watch all the time as if she cant wait to get rid of us.

Which brings me to tell all of you that how nice is Siaw Ma, the tour guide. Despite of his poor English, he is very friendly and sporting. Of course, I am ignoring the fact that he is a tour guide thus he must be friendly to us. I will always remember the way he shouted 'Halim~! Halim~!" I even recorded him singing "Seal With a Kiss" Hehe... Ask me to show you when you see me with my handphone if you want to hear it.

Finally, I want to show you all a pic of this guy carrying a lot of stuff on his bicycle. Usually you will see this on a forward mail and it is unbelievable. I saw it with my own eyes and it is truly a whoa.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shanghai Trip Part One: Day One and Day Two

On the 30th Aug, went back to Brunei with yuan in a hurry... Din managed to pack some stuff that I wanted to bring to Shanghai....Packed all of my stuff into the suitcase that night.

After enduring two days of boredom, finally, flew off to Shanghai using Royal Brunei Airline Airbus A319. The tour group consists of 39 people including the tour leader. The flight was delayed so instead of arriving in Shanghai at 11.10pm, we arrived at 12 midnight.

I guess one of the good points of following a tour group is that the tour leader will prepare everything for you. In order to enter China, one need to fill in three forms (Entry form, Health form, and Custom Declaration form).

I didnt get any sleep during the flight. Too bad that I have watched X-Men 3 before. Otherwise, I would have really enjoyed the movie.

We were greeted by our tour guide at the airport who brought us to our bus. Mum wanted to sit at the most front possible row so we ended up staring at the tour guide the whole trip to the place we would be having our supper. A lot of pressure having him paying so much attention to us le. Fortunately, the next day, we changed our seating to the left row ( we were at the right side before this) so we didnt have to endure the tour guide staring at us all the time. After sometime, I discovered that it is still the same. Maybe he find my mum and I give him better response when he talk. :P

The tour guide's surname is Ma, so, he has us calling him 'Siaw Ma.' Apart from that, the bus driver is called 'Si Fu', not Uncle driver or whatsoever.

We had our supper at a fast food restaurant called "Yong He Da Wang." It is a chinese fast food chain restaurant and is a competitor to KFC and McD. Mum and I had Salty SoyBean, Sweet Soy Bean, one plates of Yau Char Kuai (super huge ones), and Siaw Long Pau. I enjoyed the Sweet Soy Bean a lot cause it is so much nicer than the ones in Miri but the Yau Char Kuai is not nicer la. The open market ones are tastier.... :P

After the supper, we went to our hotel, Bao Long Hotel. After getting ready, I finally slept at 3am. Because we arrived late and slept late, the tour leader got the tour guide to delay our departure time for tomorrow schedule to 9.30am.

We had breakfast buffet every morning for the next five days. I am not very sure why but I dont really feel like eating a lot of stuff in the morning. One thing I really enjoyed is that when the breakfast buffet provide yogurt. I drank quite a lot of yogurt. Only Bao Long Hotel and Holiday Inn Downtown provide that. The breakfast at HangZhou is of the poorest quality compared with other breakfast buffets. There wasnt much choice and the place is so warm because it is on the top floor. SuZhou's breakfast buffet is also of poorer quality.

We departed Shanghai to go to XiTang to visit the water town. MI3 was filmed there, where Tom Cruise running across the corridor screaming for people to get out of the way. Even before I saw the signboard to verify this fact, I knew it is the place when I saw the view of the place. The weather was so warm, almost like our humid weather in Miri. Mum saw this shop selling Smelly Tofu and went in to purchase some. Honestly, I didnt find it smelly at all. It surprised me to find people who walked past saying that it is so smelly.

By the time we walked out the water town area (which is a preserved area by the Government), it was time for lunch. We went to have our lunch at this nearby restaurant. We had 12 dishes and we couldnt finish the food. What a waste.

We left XiTang and headed for HangZhou. At HangZhou, we went to Yue Fei's Memorial.

As a person who never studied Chinese History, I dont know who is this Yue Fei. Fortunately the tour guide explained everything. I seriously think that my chinese has improved a lot and I begin to know a lot more about Chinese History.

Anyway, YueFei is a loyal general who was prosecuted for treason. In order to pay the respect to him, a memorial is built. When YueFei was still young and preparing to become a soldier during the war time, his mum tattooed four chinese character on his back to remind him to be loyal to his country. He fought for his country and conquered a lot of lands for his country. But it seems that loyal people in the ancient time were always prosecuted by the King under the influence of the greedy people. Yue Fei are one of these kesian loyal people lor...

After the YueFei's Memorial, we went to Lei Feng Pagoda. The original Lei Feng Pagoda has collapsed and a new pagoda is built on the top of the old pagoda. The new pagoda was equipped with elevator and escalator to ease people to climb up the pagoda. At the top of the pagoda, we can enjoy the view of HangZhou's West Lake. It was so refeshing to be on the top of the pagoda because it was so warm at the ground level.

The story of the Lei Feng Pagoda is of the White Snake Tale. It was said that the White Snake was trapped under the pagoda after she was captured. White Snake fell in love with a scholar called Xu Shien and so did the Xu Shien with White Snake. They got married but Human and Monster cannot be together. So they are separated and White Snake was trapped under the pagoda. MediaCorp has a drama series made for this tale. :P

After the visit to the Pagoda, it was time for dinner. Again, it was a 12-dishes meal.

We went to our hotel for the night. The tour guide told us that we could go to shop at the nearby shopping centre and we did. My mood was spoiled by mum's endless chatter about me being too fat and me not being able to find anything wearable to buy. I was so miserable that I wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep.

That is for Day Two. Day One is actually Day Two because we arrived late.

I still have so many things to write but it is late already. I have organised the photos of my trip but I need time to write the post le. Tomorrow la.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am back!!


Away for so many days.... No internet connection...

Away on a tour in China...Went to Hang Zhou, Soo Zhou and Shanghai...Together with Mum...

First time go travelling in a tour group....fresh... Luckily the tour guide is very nice, funny and entertaining...

I am currently at Brunei at some cafe onlining on wifi....

I will be back in Miri tomolo...I wonder how my place looks like now...must be very dirty...