Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate myself sometimes

Been doing quite a lot of things after coming back from Singapore.

Had a little Mooncake Festival celebration at the office. Er... Ok, not really. Actually had a little craving for double yolk lotus paste mooncake so asked Joanna to buy one. Instead of a double yolk lotus paste, she bought an even better one, triple yolk lotus paste mooncake. Muahaha... Just that the yolk is not placed evenly in the mooncake so... some of the pieces is without yolk :P
Forgot to show you all the CPA mouse I am using now. Got it from CPA Members' Dinner. The door gift. As soon as I brought this mouse home, the one I was using at that time went dead and so I switch to this CPA mini optical mouse. :P And... yes, that is a can of corns. It was my dinner that day.

Also, got yam-cha with Jeng. Gossip gossip...

Ohya... Celebrate Mooncake Festival at office. Almost forgotten about this. Few of us ordered pizza for lunch. The pizzas were surprisingly tasty. It tasted better than what we had at the restaurant itself. Dont know why.

History repeats when I obtained the 7-in-1-go combination again during Rami session. Hehe... Now hoping that I can get the other winning combination which I havent gotten so far.

Attended the IRB tax seminar on Thursday. Was with Irene and it felt like old times... the time when we attended lectures together. Too bad YiLeen is not with us.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Carry lanterns...

Eat mooncakes...

Enjoy the full moon...

Suddenly receiving so many "Happy Mooncake Festival!" smses..


Happy Mooncake Festival ~~!!

Finally... the final part of Singapore Trip

I was put off from writing this post because I couldnt upload my pictures when I wanted to write this post. But every now and then, I get encouraged to write it either by my own pressure of updating my blog and people's comments about my blog. By comments, I mean by mouth. I feel like I owe myself and other people to complete writing this blog post on my trip to Singapore.

Ok, got to confess that I am feeling awfully guilty to myself for gulping down that big plate of spaghetti I cooked two hours ago. Damn! I shouldnt have.

Anyways, for the final full day in Singapore, we went to Chinatown in the morning. We have no idea what to do there so we just walked around and tried to find a place to eat.

I chose this curry chicken bee hoon, which stall has a really long queue. So, I guess it should be pretty good, right? It is fascinating to see the curry chicken beehoon mee stall guy repetitively pouring in and out the curry soup into the bee hoon to get the curry soup absorb into the bee hoon. Anyways, I enjoyed it except for the taugehs, I dont like taugehs...

After a short exploring session at Chinatown, we decided that there isnt much to see so we headed to Orchard Road. Why? Because it supposed to be this shopping street wat... But after so many days of shopping, everything is looking rather the same. My previous KL trip, I couldnt wait to go home at the end of the trip and for this Singapore trip, I am just so tired that I couldnt wait to find a place to sit down and watch people going about their business.

Under Kueh's recommendations, we sat down to eat lunch at this chinese restaurant at Wisma Astria. The chicken soup, sort of, to replenish our lost energy ... ok la, not really la. Still tired la...

Chicken Soup and Xiao Long Paos

Lemme explain that there was plenty of walk-around between of all this makan-makan. Just that all this walking has nothing much to talk about except for that it is all jalan-jalan. :P Oh! At one point, we went to explore Takashimaya's supermarket because Aaron need to get something his mum asked him to get. Then, we went over to Paragon to try to look for more food... We found the Terikayi Satay... I think...

BBQ Asparagus Rolled In Pork Slice Dipped In Terikayi Sauce

Then, we went over to Lucky Plaza and then... we parted way because there is really not much to do and I was just too damn tired... Though... I must say that once I start purchasing things, I immediately get so excited. :P Aaron, Kueh and I made our way home anyways...

That night, we went out to eat Frog Porridge. We ordered two pots of porridge, one pot of frogs - Kong Pao Style and one pot of frogs - Ginger Onion Style. That is something like...i forgot... 7 or 9 frogs altogether. The meal was so yummy... we didnt finish the porridge though. Too much. Too full. We couldnt eat anymore.

The next day, we basically cleaned up the apartment and then finalise our packing. We left the apartment at approximately 9am. That pretty much sums up the trip to Singapore.

Hmmm....actually.... I havent finish showing the food I had at Singapore. Actually... the collage has repeating pictures and I did show some of them already.

Erm erm...another thing about Singapore Trip that I didnt mention before this... We had an extra-curricular activity. This.

Enough said. :P

Saturday, September 22, 2007


It is now 2.14am, Saturday. I am still awake. Think it is because of the iced mocha latte I drank just now.

Just watch Daisy, which is recommended by Jeng. Gosh... So nice~ I think Joanna will cry a river if she watch this movie since I did shed a tear.

Hmmm.. My Singapore Trip is still incomplete. I still have the final 2 days to write about. I will get to it soon. Writing it also make me hungry le... I miss the Portabello Mushroom Beef Burger and Pepper Lunch's hot plate beef with rice. Oh..hungry hungry~~

Monday, September 17, 2007

Singapore Part 3

Day Five... Uncle brought us to Vivo City. Erm.. We did get lost along the way. So had a little sight-seeing before we truly arrived at Vivo City. Vivo City is where the Star Cruise people get aboard. We saw one of the cruise ships on the dock.
After breakfast at the Food Court and a short walk-around with us, Uncle left us to continue wandering around. Shopping-wise, it is the same with any other shopping centre we had been to in Singapore. Oh! Another thing about we noticed is that each Mango, Esprit, Top Shop and... I forgot what else... seems to operate on their own. What we can find in one branch doesnt mean you can find it at another branch or what is almost sold out in one branch and on a discount doesnt mean it is almost sold out at another branch so it is sold without a discount. Get it?
I met up with CK and we wandered to Marine Parade. Marine Parade, compared to Vivo City, seems to be of a lower class. Anyways, we decided to have Subway sandwich for lunch.
CK left us to join his friend while we continue to wander about. We looked around Marine Parade and the around Vivo City again.

We decided to leave Vivo City for Clarke Quay. The weather was so hot that we decided that we had to get some ice-cream. Hehe... No idea why this Hokkaido Ice-cream suddenly looks so yummy but I think we all get the Green Tea flavoured ice cream except for Aaron, who didnt get any ice-cream. After that, we hung out in the air-conditioned interior of the shooping centre which I forgot the name.
Yummy~~Yummy~~! Which one?! Which one?!

After walking about in that really hebatly-designed shopping centre, we found one of the makan places we were recommended to go. Yakun Kaya Toast.

Cheesy French Toast, soft boiled eggs and one cup of coffee

After Clarke Quay, we travelled home. That marks the end of Day Five.

Day 6... We explored Sentosa on the 6th day. Erm... Based on my daily expenditure, this is the day I spend the most. Cough blood~

Hmmm...That is something like my compulsory thing I want to go each time I go travelling... Hehe.. We had a walk at the beach of Sentosa before feeling the droplets of rain coming upon us. Erm... the beach at Sentosa is different than Miri's and KK's. It is... I am not so sure how to explain it.
We had a great time at the Underwater World. The touch pool...the underwater walk-thru... Oh~! This sea angel is so cute~~~!! Kawaii Ne~~!!!!

Sea Angel is a small snail creature that looks like angel and it lives in very cold temperature water. I took a video of the sea angel with my V3i but it is quite blur. You can get a better video in Youtube. :)

It started to rain ver heavily when we started our journey in the Underwater World but we got a ride on the bus to go to the next destination. My first time watching a 3D short film. Then, the Butterfly and Insect Park. The butterflies are all in hiding due to the rain but Kueh, Laura and I got to see a few butterflies around by walking around using our umbrellas.

We, then, rode the Carlsberg Tower to look around Sentosa and Singapore. Too bad the weather caused the windows to be blurry.We were really tired by that time. So, we decided to forgo the Merlion Walk and the Dolphin Show and used the cable car to leave Sentosa.

Since it was still early, we decided to go to Suntec to... shop somemore and to get our dinner. After the shopping, we went around the Fountain of Wealth to choose which restaurant we want to eat at. It is goooodddd...... Sizzling hot plate.

Kelvin bought Carls Jr. burgers and we began our way back home. Later that night, we shared the burgers. Needless to say, it is very very tasty lo.

That collage cannot fully potray the juicyness of the burger so I decided to show a close up of the Portabello Mushroom Beef Burger.

The burgers are not cheap lo. So, thanks to Kelvin for the treat.

Another day done. Final part of Singapore Trip coming soon. I gets hungry writing all these blog posts too le.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Singapore Part 2

Day Three (31.08.2007). Happy Independence Day to Malaysia o~! Hehe… Watched a bit of the Merdeka Parade on tv before leaving the apartment. Our initial plan is to go to Orchard Road again but we decided not to. Instead, we would go to Bugis and then go to Orchard again some other day. We went straight to Bugis and ate curry puff for breakfast. We rounded at Sim Lim Square or Plaza (?) first for electronics window shopping. Then we headed back to the Bugis Junction to continue shopping. We finally chose Wong Kok Char Chan Teng as our lunch-ing place. The place is something like Kim Gary Restaurant.
Hong kie Lunch

After lunch, we continued our shopping. Actually, I think we were more like window-shopping. I didn’t find the nice bargain earrings like the previous time I shopped at Singapore. Too bad. We decided to go look for Manchester United shop at Peninsula Plaza. So we rode the MRT to City Hall and walked to Peninsula Plaza. It wasn’t there. However, we got the direction from the security guard that it should be somewhere at the building of Peninsula Hotel which is just next door. The interior of the building is so discouraging. We are convinced that we couldn’t find the shop we wanted but hey… we did! Our “Prince” was thrilled… Hehe…
A shot of the shopping bags while resting at a cafe

Anyways, we went back home after that. Dinner? What about dinner? No dinner meh?!!
No worries~~ Hehe… We got treated to a very scrumptious dinner outside the apartment. I am talking about tasty frogs cooked in kong pao style, frogs cooked with ginger and soy, prawn omelette, beef stew, belacan kangkung, seaweed soup, teo chew porridge ( yes, porridge… got story one…) and a yam dessert. So full…
Oh-This-Is-Too-Much Dinner

The Teochew Porridge story – We actually wanted to go makan Frog Porridge at another restaurant nearby but Uncle decided to go to this restaurant instead. They doesn’t serve frog porridge and after so much confusion, the chef cooked the Teo Chew Porridge specially for us. That is why apart from plain rice and dishes, we also had porridge for dinner.

Day Four (01.09.2007), we had our breakfast at the same place we had our breakfast on the second day. Trying out the duck noodle that Kueh and Aaron said is very nice.

Duck platter and Duck noodle

After breakfast, Uncle brought us out to go to Peninsula Hotel first to get the Man-U jersey. Then we walked around in Fu Nan Digimall (i think it is Fu Nan, forgot liaw). Then we headed to Sun Tec. I remember Sun Tec to be really huge and Yuanz and I got lost in it when we were there last August. But right now, it doesnt seems to frightening huge anymore. Sort of know how to walk around. Uncle brought us to have a look at the pc fair, COMEX. Everything is so huge~~~!! So many different brands. So many people.
Uncle left us to shop on our own after lunch. We walked around and window shopped in Suntec till we were too tired to walk any further. So, we sat down at Gelare to enjoy the waffle and ice cream.
Waffle with Chocolate Overload and Frutti Waffle
We decided to go back home so we followed the signboard and found out that we need to walk all the way to Marine Parade which was ok. Then we decided that it is a shopping centre so the shopping bug in us got us walking around looking at stuffs. Time flies. Uncle joined us for dinner. We had our dinner at Billy Bombers. Laura, Kueh and I had the half chicken set meal while Kelvin has the lamb shank set meal. aaron and Uncle had burger. The impressive-looking burger below is Uncle's. It has all the ingredients available for a burger.

Laura and I left the table first and after some shopping/ window-shopping, we left for home.

Do you know the feeling of too much shopping? Oh my gosh... we were over-dosing ourselves with shopping. But I dont miss home yet.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hunger Pangs Alert!!

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure that you have eaten ur meal or has a snack nearby as the following post may cause you to become very hungry.

My recent trip to Singapore is another gastronomical experience. Our geng is indeed food lovers and we cannot escape from the fact that there is so much good food around us.

Back-dated to last Wednesday, 29.08.2007, thankfully I had taken the day off because I was doing last-minute packing and final meeting with the two Lynn sisters who were going off to their study places in a few more days. Not going to be around to send them off. This time around, I had packed quite lightly. There wasnt any guilty feeling of over-packing.
Fooling around in the plane
Our flight arrived early at JB and we immediately departed to Singapore using a pre-arranged transportation. We got a little lost when we tried to look for our accomodation at Joo Chiat. When we finally found it, we discovered that we were so near at the beginning of our search (when we thought we were lost). Our accomodation this time is graciously provided by Kelvin's Dad. A small but stylishly-designed 2-room apartment. Because we hadnt have dinner yet, Kelvin's Dad drove us all out to East Coast Lagoon Food Village. I had a pretty tasteless bowl of beef noodle. Wrong stall. Should have gone for the long queue stall. Sigh. Apart from the food, we were also awed by the dedication of the parking attendants who work at night to make sure each car has a parking coupon displayed on their car dashboard. Singapore Government very 'keng' le! Anyways, after the dinner, we get a tour around Geylang, Singapore's red light district. Yea, the amount of prostitutes there is... ermm...a lot.

Second day. According to our schedule, we are supposed to try to find Katong popiah and Katong laksa and tried them. But unfortunately, we have no idea to find such food. After walking along the shops at Joo Chiat Road (or was it Lane?), we think we did bought popiah from a stall. Not bad la...

Presenting the Crabmeat and Vegetable Popiahs

Orchard Road is the next place to go. We took a cab to Eunos MRT Station and from there, we went to Orchard by MRT. There is only shopping at Orchard Road.We started from Wisma Atria. Then it was lunch time. court la...
Our Lunch. That is my Seafood Hor Fun
The Geng

More shopping... Loads of walking. Esprit, Top Shop, G2000, etc. etc. We took our time to look around. Then, we found this place which sells Chocolate Fondue. Yum~~~~!!! We sat down and made our order.
Part of our order at Coffee Club, Takashimaya

Chocolate Fondue

We went to Lucky Plaza and then off to Manchester United merchandises-hunting. We didnt find any. It was a disappointment. We did get a clue of where it might be when we went window-shopping at Hard Rock Cafe. Then, we ate Burger King for dinner. After dinner, we decided we had enough for the day. So, we headed back home.

That, sort of, sums up what happen on the second day of Singapore Trip 2007.

Mud Slide by Coffee Club. Salivating?
Chocolate Fondue by Coffee Club. Chocolate madness, I tell you! I like Mango coated with Choco the best

Hahaha....More to come

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back from Singapore

Hey hey

Back from Singapore since Wednesday. Been having flu and sleeping a lot. Dont know how to say it but I was really tired and so I slept most of the time.

Havent got the pictures from the trip yet. It is all with Aaron so after i get from him, I will start compiling for my blog post.

Meanwhile, please wait patiently... Hehe...Oh! I realised that I have been tagged but dont plan to do it yet cause at this moment, it is way past my sleeping time and so i should be sleeping not onlining. :P

Till then.