Monday, July 31, 2006

Addiction to Food

I am addicted to food.

My addiction to food is getting ridiculous.

Last Saturday, nine of us went to Bekenu to have lunch. Just a normal lunch at Bekenu. To drive such a long distance to have lunch...
Scrumptious King Prawn

Cangkuk Manis with Egg, Tutu Fish, & Deer Meat

To eat Tutu Fish is our main purpose. Not bad...Somehow, I was yearning of "Zhi Kak" fish when I devour the Tutu Fish. "Zhi Kak" steamed to perfection....Yum!
I am so ungrateful le...To think of other fish when I am eating a really nice one...Sigh...

Bought more Jack and Jill's the other day. Opened all three packets in one afternoon and, I didnt finish it all...I put it in a container. Today, I bought two more packets. I am going to be killed by Mum if she sees it. :P

Then, I have a craving to make jelly. So I bought the material to make jelly. Just a ten minutes of work, actually. Hehe... One night of freezing and I have a Lychee flavoured jelly. Yum Yum

I added canned lychee so that it will not be so plain...And I bought another two packets of jelly material so that I can make more. Hoho! I am going to make more!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Ain't my dad cute?
One fine morning, he rummaged thru his cupboard to find this photo of him looking out a window when he was little. At first he found two family portraits. He was a little disappointed when he discovered that the portraits arent what he is looking for. Then, he was so excited when he found what he was looking for. Then, he curiously found another portrait and ponder for a second and said outloud 'Ei! Your mum's family portrait le. Shud hang it up or not le? Aiya...If hang up mine and dun hang up hers, ur mum surely will get mad at me le' Then after that, he asked me to bring the four photos downstairs. When I said that I have not even brush my teeth ('cause I just woke up), he enthusiastically carried the photos down himself. When I went downstairs, I found him finding a right place to hang his potrait. Btw, he didnt hang the family potraits.

I just cant resist taking picture of that crab claw. Went to eat butter crab with Lynns on Tuesday. Only choose two big crabs which weighted around 1 kilogram plus altogether. Oh! Another calories-ladden meal.. I think I not only suffer of obesity but also high cholesterol...

Recently, the office is swept by a tidal wave of Jack and Jill's craze. We are crazy about eating Jack and Jill's. Not only because it is on sale right now, but also because of the cute little football jerseys for handphone deco. Although World Cup is all over, this cute little thing is just too cute to resist. I got that Australian jersey from HuiLing.

Finally...I just cant help it. But I really want to put this up...Haha...

Let me be a bit poetic...Not very sure if it rhymes...Well, I dont care...

Cough Cough

My love for you grow stronger day after day
You understand me like no one else does

Hehe...I cant continue le...Oh well... :P

Oh! End of craziness...Back to updating!

Went to do audit work this week. Really excited about going out to audit. Somehow, I still managed to get to work late. Haha... It is so mind-boggling when I saw the amount of documents the client has. But I got used to it pretty fast and understand most of the things. There is still some of the stuff I still dont get it. Hope that I will understand it in the future.

Got my CPA stuff on Tuesday... Financial Accounting. Time to study!

Seminar on Public Listing on Thursday at Park City Everly Hotel. Finding myself falling asleep during the afternoon session. Sigh...

It is a good feeling to be away from office and still working. There is so much freedom to be out of the office. But thinking of the amount of filing I need to do. Hmmm! I have to do all the filing fast!

Looking forward to :
- Finishing the filing work at office...Serious!
- Bekenu lunch tomorrow
- Riam School Concert tomorrow
- Audit work on Monday
- a trip to Brunei. I miss Mum and Dad

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time Is Not Enough

Time seems to be slipping through my fingers and it is getting more and more not enough for me.

I thought that after the tax return due date, I will be free enough to do what the mentor program requires me to do. But it seems like ....

Argh...I am losing ability to write...Blame it on the weather...It is so warm that I want to cry.

Argh! I will write when I can...

Btw, I need to shout out birthday greeting to a few people...

To Selene, Happy Belated Birthday!

To Amanda, Happy Belated Birthday!

To Jeng, Happy Birthday!

To CK, Happy Birthday!

Fried Dumpling at Taiwanese Restaurant...Lynns, I have to bring you to eat this... Yum!

Thanks to Aunty Cecilia for the perfume...Thanks so much!

On Friday night, crabbing again... Yum!Yum! Butter Crab

After crabbing, we went to have drinks at Coffee Bean...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Vanity has a price to pay

When I went to straighten my hair, I was only thinking of how great I will look after that. It is something like another one of my impulse buying. I really need to put a stop to my this crazy impulses.

While I was in the process of hair straightening, I have my hair (more like my whole head) steamed with the straightening formula. It didnt bother me at first. But the heat got too unbearable that I was looking around frantically for help. But my stylist was nowhere to be seen. My scalp felt as if it was been steamed and was boiling. My brain might have been half-cooked if it is not of my skull...When my stylist finally came over to have a look, I was praying really hard that he will not subject me to another session of hair steaming. If there is another session, I will tell him that I dont want one and I will cry if he insist. Yes, it is that serious.

It has been a few days after the painful process...The damaged skin cells of my scalp is coming off as if I have a serious case of dandruff.

Today is my first day off. I overslept for my facial appointment. And I didnt do complete everything I planned to do. I told Mum that I will clean the house up tomorrow but I am not very sure I will really do it. Haha! Too much boasting. I dunno where to start actually. There is too much to clean up...

I think I have gotten used to the coolness in the office that staying at home with the fan on is becoming too warm for me. Maybe i should consider moving to a cooler country...haha...

The bird nest drink Chai gave me...

My new hair cut

Seafood Fried Rice - had it with Lee Sia at Golden Pot

LeeSia's Mongolian Lamb

Had lunch with LeeSia at Golden Pot the other day. She used to be my dad's office lady. I hang out a lot with her and learn a lot of stuff from her. We can talk about everything and anything. I think part of the reason why we can always pour our hearts out is because the ppl we hang out with is different and so there is no need to hold back our words.

Currently feeling very cool because I have the aircond switched on...Haha

Thursday, July 13, 2006

On Leave!!

It feels good to be on leave!! Finally!!
After three months of hard work, it is finally time to relax. To begin the celebration, a three-day off from office is required for rejuvenation.

I am completely drained of energy and spirit. I think it is miracle that I havent gone completely sick.

I am making a resolution that I will work my butt off and be super serious about my work next year 'cause I dun want to be so super tired at the end of the due date due to the never-ending list of assignments. This year, it really sucks because we rushed till half-dead to finish everything (almost). A lot of client's things are still lying around in the office. Comparing this with last year, this year, we are in such a big mess.

I have a huge upset about something in my office. I just hope that it will not happen again next year.

Anyway..a few other things... to thank Chai for the bird nest drink she gave me...Hehe...Not sure if it did any good to me though...

Secondly..I got my hair cut and straighten half of my is really a last minute decision. I lost a lot of hair...So far, my only concern is that I cant tie or clip my hair which is a nuisance because the hair kept on covering over my eyes..

Tomorrow, I will need to do a lot of things because all the things have been delayed for a few months...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Random events

Bought a new handphone deco for my V3i...A cute silver ringlets with little diamonds stone around it...The pics arent really clear because I only thought of taking pic of it after I put it on the phone...Heheh..One downside is that the string is in green, not black...Black will be so perfect...

Pics of food from my distant cousin's first birthday party. The food is tasty...The birthday cake is really nice and it is something like multi-layer rainbow cake...Yummy

The birthday boy

Btw, I went back to work after the party...Really work very hard that time le...So tiring le...

There is this new addition to my table...Something on loan to me...I love things like this although I know I dun really use them...hehe...

Double Star Restaurant is where I ate lunch with Jeng the other day...A weird restaurant because it is all nice from outside but the design stopped half way thru the if they dunno how to deco the other half of the restaurant. Nevertheless, the restaurant is fully packed for lunch and dinner...

Last Sunday, went to this Jaycees Happy Family Day at Park City Everly Hotel...Not much things to see and buy la...Bought the food and went back to office to work...Oh! Thanks to Boss for providing the coupons so that we can have free food..

I said this is going to be random....

Unusual Saturday

As usual, I got ready to go to work and considering whether to go over to Lynn's place. When I drove past Lynn's place, I knew the time is not enough. So I just drove off to go to work thru Tanjung Road...I guess after being too comfortable with my drivng skill and rainy day, it finally hit me back in the face.

At the corner in front of Samling, I lost control of the car, skidded and got stuck on the cement in front of Park City Everly Hotel. In that few seconds of losing control, I just went
'Wad?! Shit! Aaaaaaa....!'
I didnt suffer any injury. Phew! But the car....Hand shaking, Mind confused... I struggled to remember who for help.

Ok la...Not so bad la...Just the tyre rim nia la... I started to feel ok after fifteen minutes of waiting. Looking at all those kaypo faces of ppl who drove past my car. Passing time by taking pics of the car and talking to myself. Got my cousin to come and help me to tow my car out of its 'difficult' situation and sent me to work.

During lunch time, went to eat claypot dishes with rice. Although the claypot dishes are meant for one single person, the three of us, karen, thomas and i ended sharing each claypot dish with each other.

After that, I have no idea why but Thomas and I kept on 'jio' Karen to go to Shiki..So, off we went. We bought two types of sushi... Avocado and Soft-Shelled Crab Sushi and Squid Sushi...


At around 1 am on the 8th of July, I got a bit crazy and took

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monotonous Monday

I guess after a few weeks of battle at the office, I am tired. Who am I kidding? If I still can continue battling on, I am one crazy machine. Battling non-stop for about 15 hours for five days straight is enough to drain my energy to zero. My ammo is my handphone.

I thought the battle is won but I didnt not anticipate the after-effect of the battle. The trauma on my body.

My forehead is still feeling as if it is in constant numbness. No amount of sleep can replace the amount of sleep lost in the past few weeks.

Today is a new week and I am supposed to complete whatever that is still left. The tiredness is still there. I cant concentrate if things kept on bothering me.

No overtime for me today. I want to relax at home. Eat some home-cooked meal. Thanks to Aunt Nora. I really appreaciate it.

Last but not least, I miss Grandma a lot.

Love and Hate

I love you when you say you love me.

I hate it when you take me for granted.

Love and Hate come in one package.

I love and hate you.

Confusing my mind.

Intoxicated me.

I Love & Hate You.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Extension of overtime work

Last weekend, I went to two birthday parties. One is of my niece's 21st birthday and the other one is my cousin's 1st birthday. The baby cousin's uncle commented that I should work so late and hard for the company during the dinner. Which somehow pissed me off. I didnt said anything cause I wouldnt want to offend him. If I dont work hard, where am I supposed to get my money for living? My job is my source of cash. He also commented that I should be taking ACCA cause it is much better. I am sure that he is a ACCA member himself which is why he said ACCA is better. The hell with that. I dont care. I am taking CPA. If I am up for it, I will take ACCA in the future. Haha...Another addition title to my name.

Anyway, I have been working really hard each night. I think I have been working straight for more than 13 hours everyday for the past week. Working till early hours of the day and then waking up a few hours later to go to work really made me crazy. Thanks to my trusty handphone which provides me with music, I still managed to do my work without falling asleep. The result of this is that my work are almost done and my overtime leave is good enough to last me for at least two months.

Although I have not been eating a lot during my rush hours, I still din managed to lose any weight. Maybe I should really shake my lazy butt off the couch and start exercising. Not likely though.

I never thought I enjoy eating crab because the crabs I always eat at home is cooked with soy and ginger which doesnt really attract much of my attention. Somehow, I have been enjoying butter crab a lot. Gosh..High Cholesterol...

Had a half-day trip around Miri with Karen and Chai. The place we spent the longest time is at the Crocodile Farm. Took some pic but realised that I have gotten too fat to look good in pic..Wait! I never think I look good in pic except for the pics in NZ...Hehe...

Time to sleep cause I still need to work tomorrow. Yes, it is Sunday tomorrow.

Bully case in Miri

Heard this yesterday...

A StCo girl got beaten up by StJoe's girls. Didnt watch the alleged video and so I thought that the girl was beaten up pretty badily. Was very curious to watch the video.

This morning, I finally got to watch the video but without the sounds. Even without the sound. I found it to be very fake. Maybe it is the truth, I am not so sure. But to me, it DOES look very fake. The ppl around the area are doing nothing but watching the whole thing happen.

Suspicion that it is to attract instant popularity was raised by lynnx while we were on our way to Parkson just now. I believe that to be the truth. These people want to have instant popularity so they did this.

Rumours about the truth of this bully case are spreading around. My office version is that the girl who got beaten owed the leader of the girls who beat her up some cash and when she cant pay the money, they beat her up. My cousin has two versions. Version One is that the girl who got beaten was talking so bad gossip about the three girls and so they got her to the alleged place to ask her about it but end up beating her up. Version Two is that they happen to go past there and heard the girl who got beaten critised them openly so to revenge, thus, the bully case.

What tickles me about this situation is how the cameraman can film all of this and put it on the web. And he even commented that the whole thing didnt even reached 5 minutes when the boys stepped in to to stop the whole situation.

Argh! It's none of my business anyway.

Btw, if it is really instant popularity they looking for, they found it. The price the girls has to pay for it is not small either. They got kicked out of school. Record permanently flawed.

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Love me, of course! - which means pampering me emotionally and materially.
2. Love and respect his and my parents
3. Speak and write in English and Chinese. Additional language will be a bonus.
4. Discipline me to become more healthy ( and hopefully slimmer too..haha)
5. Love me more than i love him.... Love is such an imprtant factor that I have to repeat it twice.
6. Play violin... and other musical instruments (is this too much?). i cant play any so I want him to play for me.
7. when it is time to be serious, he can be serious and amazingly reliable
8. Slightly good-looking but not too attractive till I will be worried that he will attract too much female attention..which bring me to the point of how important it is that he loves me a lot.

I tag Karen though I doubt she will do this...Karen, pluz do this), yileen, irene backster, jeng, dennis, hasimah, alvin, and tomato.. Those who dun have blog to post this, nvm...just email to me i can read ma..hahaha...