Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hard work...

assignment list is still long.

not very sure if can finish it in time.

30th June is the due date.

my client havent send in their accounts for year 2004.

met a client with extreme temper. Scary!

worked for seven hours straight last night. Exhausted!

But, my effort paid off.

Today, i can hand in one assignment for checking.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Miri Parade 20052005

Hehe...I dont really want to go as I know there will surely be traffic jam. But when Jeng and Elsie called, I just had to go. So i got Dad to send me to Boulevard. Then, I used Elsie's car to go to the parade.

Together we watched the parade in front of the courthouse. Then, we walked to Kingwood Inn area 'cause we were going to meet Esther there. Along the way, we anticiapted to see stco band. Whe we finally see it, we are so excited. Then, we also saw Harwinder aka Veena. She was with the Sikh assocation, i think. We had to shout her name so many times to get her attention. Then, continue to watch the whole parade.

The watching gets me really excited. I feel so proud of Miri. all of a sudden. I want to join in the walking also. Feel so proud of my students. :p


City of Values

Last night, I went to this talk about city of values. Dr Roger Cole is the speaker.

My boss bought the tickets and then let us, the employees, to go and listen to this talk. According to him, it is a good talk. No one really want to go. I just took the ticket and I had the premonition that I will forget about it when i go and watch it.

Believe it or not? I really did forget that I need to go to the talk. Fortunately, I told jinnwei the day before about it and he reminded me to go. So i rushed to shower and get ready at 6.50pm and sped to Pustaka. Arriving at 7.05pm, I realised that I was still early. Sheesh....

I didnt sit with my colleagues. Instead, I sat with my former colleagues, the substitute teachers. During the talk, while I was trying to interpret what the speaker is talking about, I wrote notes to chat with YikTing.

I am not interested in meditation type of things. So, basically, the speaker was talking about peace and happiness in oneself. the speaker is so long-winded. During the Q&A session, only one question was asked and he answered it in half an hour time when all he was trying to say was yes. I dont really get the whole thing. I think the topic for the talk is inappropriate. It should be something like 'Discover yourself through meditation.' In fact, I think that the YB's speech was more related to the topic, City Of Values. :P

Finally, we even had a meditation session. :0

After the talk, I went to lim-teh with my former colleagues. Kind of weird for I dont really know them. They felt strange to me.

I went home at around 11pm while they went for Karaoke at Rex-Box

Friday, May 20, 2005

Time Flies....20.05.2005....20052005


so fast...one week have passed.

Firstly, i have quit teaching for one week. feeling not too bad. i am ok with my job. i am doing well with my assignments.

Secondly, Miri is now no more a town but a city. MPM is now MBM ( Majlis Bandaraya Miri).

Honesty, I feel good about my job. i am thinking that i am being ignorant of any office politic if there is even any. I am enjoying my life. Miri, i feel has not changed much. City or no city. it is the same. unless there is going to be huge changes otherwise...miri is still miri. am i being negative?

This morning, i work although it is a holiday today. my senior mentioned that it is up to me to work or not to work on holidays. but i am thinking for more leave in the future sake. i must owrk overtime. i dun want to sit in the office with nothing much to do when it is no longer peak season. horror!

Monday, May 16, 2005

First Day in The Rat Race

my first day working in Andy Chia & Co. wasnt too bad. The people there are really nice. I was expected to read during my first day. only reading. but by afternoon, i am already starting on my first assignment. my boss told me that i dun have to work overtime this week. yeah!

I went home to eat but i noticed most ppl are eating there. maybe i will do tat too...soon...

this morning, i rush thru the paper work of stco because i cant finish it during the weekend. i dun have enough sleep and so i am going to sleep early. my mum is here. so are my cousin and her husband. according to my mum, she asked if she can come and then her husband also want to come to miri with my mum. so my mum out of courtesy invite them to come. my cousin's husband is kind of menyampah. i dunno why i feel this way.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Final Teaching Day in Stco

Today is the last day...still got plenty of paper work that i have not completed..rushing thru everything actually..trying to finish it.
one period before reces, cikgu sii asked me to go together with her to 1s2 for the class party...but then when we arrived there, jeremy told us that the party has not started yet and we cant go in yet, so back to the staff room. during recess, i was asked to go so i went. it wasnt too bad. i get a cake. american chocolate cake as my farewell cake. they also invited cikgu siti rashidah and cikgu rahmawati and another teacher whom i have forgotten. took some pictures when they though. oh! we ate spaghetti, sandwiches, brownies, jellies, ice cream, fried cheicken wings, french fries, and crackers. then i din have any teaching session with 1s1. instead we just take pictures. and then i went back to the staff room to get everything packed. form 2 student come to urge me to quickly go to their party but i was a bit lagging cause i want to put everything in the car first. this morning, come to school with a full load of exercise books and i go back with whole loads of presents...ehhe...
2d1 and 2d2 party is still about eating. cikgu emy and mdm hii are there. i get a blueberry cake. yummy. i fed a few students with cherries on the cake. and then when i ate one of the choco piece, suddenly the whole choco are gone...hehe..everyone seems to grab a piece of those. hehe...to bad that i din use my own digicam to take pics...everything are with someone else. need to get those pictures...:P oh...and one student even cried! she is kinda of emotional la...i remember the first time i asked her to read outloud in class..well...she cried also...hehe... (sweat)

a lot of presents.
on wednesday, i get a rose and a choco bar from yong kok hiung. and two more choco bars from two more students.
on friday, i get two pens, one jewellery box filled with sweets, a plastic flower, two pen holders, two photo frame, one clock, two notebooks, one perfume, two teddy bears and one joke book. not bad, huh?

tonight have to rush everything so that i cant hand it all in on monday. oh gosh...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Meeting of the Spare Tyres

On Friday night, I went out to Atmosphere Cafe to meet two old frens of mine, Jeng and Esther. I havent seen Esther for a very very long time. Probably for nearly ten years o. We chatted about old times and recent news. It feels good to be able to meet old friends and chat with each other.
Then, because there is a live band at the cafe, we left as there is no way we can chat in peace. We went to Seahorse to have some supper and more chatting.the night ended at around 12 midnight.

Spare tyre...not the body fat type of spare tyre. It is the spare tyre that guys will look for when they just broke up with someone or have problem with their partner. This kind of spare tyre will usually unaware of it and fell into the trap. Jeng, Esther and I have the same problem. We are ppl's spare tyres.

Why do we have to be ppl's spare tyres?

Why cant we have someone to love and care for us, for real?