Monday, December 31, 2007

3 hours to 2008

Feel old.


Happy New Year, everyone! Mina-san, happy new year!

Err... just want to show this one thing and then I will probably turn myself into a tv-freak and watch tv whole night.


Ladies and gentlemen,

That is my laptop with the sticker....and the comfortable little blue stool... and you can get a peek at my white Philips earphones.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Early Gohyie

I am up early due to the earlier than usual sleep time. Dont know what to have for breakfast. Maybe I will have chocopie... Nanotay will know what I am talking about, probably.
Under Nanotay's recommendation, I have watched, I think, 9.1 episodes of this Super Junior's Full House on youtube. Very funny. And in episode 2.1 & 2.2, Anya (I think) said she wants to eat chocopie. It left some sort of impression on me. Chocopie chocopie chocopie~~!!

When I was in Brunei the otherday, out shopping, I saw boxes of chocolate pies on sale, it is made in Taiwan and actually not the one Anya said she wants but nevertheless, I convinced Mum to get it for me. Haha... Behold, Chocopie. Nice packaging... hehe

Next... is sort of the Part 2 of Halo Cafe gathering... The name tag

Trying to be melancholic... Err...
Lynthia and I... eh eh eh... I like my arm in this pic...
Foooooddddd... Sponsored by Advertlets
This is what happen when you had a lot of good and free food. Happiness.

The sponsor! Advertlet's Josh Lim!

Thanks to the organiser,!
Thanks to the sponsors, and Halo Cafe!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

We are one Big Family

Hi, I am Gohyie

At this moment, I am comfortably sitting on a little blue stool in my living room typing this blog post... My original laptop place is currently occupied by another laptop and person. Not complaining. I am waiting for lynnx to email me the pics from the gathering we just went to. Note to self - add a digital camera to wishlist/goallist

Just came back from my first-ever bloggers gathering at Halo Cafe.... Went with lynnx (who recruited me and the other two to go), lynthia and nanotay. Had a lot of laughter on our table... I am sort of worried that Christine might choke on her food because she kept on laughing...

I am currently still waiting for the photos to arrive thru email and also... I cant wait to escape to the air-conditioned room of mine because here is too warm... I am melting~~~

BRB to edit this post...
Currently in my room... Adding in photos... Getting sleepy... Not enough sleep...

My loyal blog reader, Aaron... Haha...

The group photo

Err... will put in some more... good night

Out of Body Experience

ボディー経験から was once mentioned by JunSu as his favourite (at that moment) Japanese phrase.

Had a weird experience this early morning. I woke up and was aware that I am awake but I had nto opened my eyes yet. I felt that I couldnt move body as if it is paralysed. I think to myself that this is weird. But sort of still wondering with no sense of urgency... Not panic at all lo... Then, slowly, I felt much better and I was able to move....

Suddenly remember about this and it reminded me of the phrase 'out of body experience.' I dont have this experience though... it is, however, related to sleep paralysis, I believe.

Halo Cafe tomorrow night.... :p

Friday, December 28, 2007


Remember this?

Well, after wearing it for some time, I stopped wearing it and then sometimes, would wear it for fun.

Last weekend, I decided to take it out and wear it again.

Today... it... erm... broke.

Sign of getting too fat perhaps?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Day yet again. It was on 25th December 2004 that I started this blog and this marks the 3rd year of my blog. Year 2007 blog activity is less than year 2006. Not sure of the reason but I sensed the change in me. Not sure if it is for a better or worse me.

I remember the others mark their blog anniversary by the number of posts they have. I have passed the 300-post. Hehe... this should be the 343th post, I think.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas, everyone~! The Christmas tree made its 4th appearance again. Been using since Dec 2004. Hehe... Stole it from Yahoo. :p

Erm... I decided to put in a pic from my office annual dinner. Just the pic of the stage. The dinner was at Broadway Lounge, Grand Palace Hotel. I didnt win anything from the lucky draw but it was a good experience 'cause I was the impromptu amcee. Nervous wreck. Then, we had the karaoke session. Different annual dinner experience for the three annual dinners I have attended.

Had lunch at Dave's Deli on 21st Dec. Egg & Sausages. The foursome lunch for year 2007. The twosome went off to holidays after this lunch.

The 21st Dec was a very thrifty day. That is because there is this Siamese Secrets's dinner.
This is the Try-It-At-Your-Own-Risk Spicy Tom Yam that JWei ordered which leads him to feel uncomfortable till the second day. Yes, it is definitely on his own risk that he tried this.

I shared these Nachos and Burger with Aaron. Too full. P/S Beef patty is too dry for me.

Told JWei that we will definitely go to Excapade to eat when we are in Brunei. True enough. We went for dinner. Hehe...

On Sunday, before going back to Miri, went to this Malay wedding. First time attend a Malay wedding. Because the heavy rain the night before, the road and the eating place floor are very very wet and muddy. The weather isnt helping at all as the sun shone brightly and it was very humid. Thankfully, I had my Tohoshinki's songs to keep me occupied.

Unlike Chinese wedding with its 8 or 9-course meal, this Malay wedding is just a very short lunch. 0.o

Back in Miri. Back to work.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Brunei for the weekend

Going back to Brunei for the weekend.

Dad just announced that we will be leaving Miri at 5am. Gasp!

So early.... faint~

Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a Weekend

If you think that I have a great weekend, you are so wrong.

I am not sure why I am bored and sleepy. I did start downloading from ClubBox to get Tohoshinki's videos. No idea what is this ClubBox? It is a Korean website to download things that people put in there. Errmm..No further details because the whole site is in Korean... Haha... How exactly can I even start downloading from there? I have my source. :p Like Huiling have said before, if I want something, I will find a way to get.

Been trying to download TVXQ's Bonjour Paris Part 2 & 3 which are not yet available in Veoh. One downside about this ClubBox is that it can only download one file at a time and with such a slow speed. At the moment, I have basically been downloading for approximately two days... and only reached 58%?!! JWei cant complain about me downloading... Cause this is not Veoh. It is too slow to... interrupt him.. Haha

I think the expression on Chang Min fits my expression now. Since the pic doesnt have JaeJoong, I decided to just put in a pic of JaeJoong.
I wanted to watch Kimora Lee's Life on the Fab Lane yesterday but guess what? I actually fell asleep on the sofa before the show started.

I dont know what is wrong but I am still tired. A part of my head is killing me now.


p/s: If you clicked the pics, you will discover how huge is the pics... hehe... Just saved it from a site this morning. Super huge files... so happy to get them..hahaha... and it is without any watermark somemore. OooHuuu~~!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I mentioned in the previous post that I am obsessed with downloading Tohoshinki's videos. Well... I want to mention that now I am on a 'curfew' and I cant download. Why? It is because JWei is here. He is playing his online game and so I am not allowed to download anything at the moment. Sigh...

Dont know what to do.


The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

1) I am obsessed with downloading Tohoshinki's videos and songs.
2) I suffers of headache every some time each month.
3) I dont have craving for keropoks anymore.
4) I scratch my head when I sleep...and sometimes I sleep-talk as well.
5) I currently suffering from forgetfulness.
6) I think people look beautiful only because they make the effort to dress up nicely.
7) I only make the effort to do things if I am forced to.
8) I become deaf to any other sound if I am listening to music or watching tv.

Who will I tagged? I will tag lynthia (cause she said Nanotay didnt tagged her)... The rest, those who want to do this, go ahead.

1) I can easily crazy of some singers/actors! 2) I'm the one who cooks everyday which my classmates don't believe including me! :P 3) I love calling people APEK! I don't know why? 4) I get angry easily , SOMETIMES nia . HAHAHAH5) I am fat and ugly6) I will start to think a lot when i am bored7) I hate '' TUPPERWARE'' ... (Please no question about this)8) I need small bulb when sleeping. im scared of dark :P

Forgot to delete Nanotay's random facts. :p

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How I escaped from going up the stage

People from the office will think that "Where got this girl escape o? She was amcee-ing le"

I am actually talking about the escape at my friend's wedding. My apologies for not being sporting that night. My most sincere apologies. I offer no excuses because I also cant figure out why. Stage fright perhaps?

Congratulations to Diana and Raymond on their .... wedding(?). How to congratulate such thing? I dont know the proper words, all of a sudden, I cant think. Thanks for inviting me anyways.

Last night was the office's annual dinner. Three years of annual dinner and each year, it is different.

This year, it is held at Broadway Lounge at Grand Palace Hotel. Somehow, I was suddenly apointed the job of getting the lucky draw prizes ready and also suddenly, on the night, become the amcee. Anyways, food was great. Karaoke session was great. I didnt win anything. Sigh....

Kind of drained at the moment. Too tired to think. Bah.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Listful of Favourites but no site to go

Something like a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

I dont know what to do online. My Favourite list is so long but I dont know what to do.

lynnx, I have clicked the titanclicks. Bet you will ask me to do this. I read a few blogs already. I am refraining from searching more videos of Tohoshinki though.

I am surrounded by the music of Tohoshinki. The Altec Lansing speakers that JWei bought is quite useful.

I am feeling a little hungry. A bit bored.

Was hoping to 'wat' someone who-said-he-will-be-coming-to-Miri-but-didnt-come to treat me to KFC and then bring the bones to Scooby and HeiQ... Oh~~!! KFC... I am craving.

Suddenly remembering that I probably should get a dress for the wedding I will be attending. But dont have the extra cash. Need to save the cash to feed this someone who is about to come back from KL.

Tomorrow night... he will arrive tomorrow night.

I bought that shirt for him and forced him to pose "I Have A Dream" pose. :p

Took this pic in September and I meant to show that butterfly that I drew on my ring finger. Yes, ring finger, not the middle finger. Then... why the face? 'Cause the antenna of the butterfly is ruined. hahaha...
Have I mentioned how bored I am?


It took some time for the disappointment to sink into me completely. Which is around the time I wrote the previous post. Then, I submerged myself into watching anime. Colourcloud Palace aka Saiunkoku Monogatari. I often missed the episodes on Animax and so, I decided to download the whole series. So, I have watched 30 episodes in the time frame of one day plus. Each episode is about 30 minutes long.

Then, I decided to indulge in some cam-whoring session. But... feel so disheartened that I stopped after four pics. Here is two of the pics I took. Bad lighting...

Here is something for Lynnwei.

Here is something for Nanotay.

Here is something for myself. Hehe....


Saturday, December 08, 2007


I failed. My 5th paper. I failed. Have to re-sit for the paper. Will do it for Semester 2, 2008.

A bit down. Disappointed.

Will recover soon.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I want a break

Been working very hard since yesterday on this stuff. I just want a break for a moment. Then, to realise that I havent blog for quite a while... hehe.. just two days nia. Feel like such a long time.

Actually, I didnt entirely concentrate on the stuff. I did surf around... and joined a forum and proceeded to post a number of posts... and discover a few interesting things...

But...first... pics. Hmm... my blog has been without pics for the previous 4 posts. So need to put in pictures. otherwise see all words nia..sien also. Haha

Pics from my cousin's wedding at Golden Restaurant

Paise... I didnt take much pics these days. Dont know why. Weird.

Oh! The interesting things I discovered in the forum. One is that I finally can convert and download the videos from Youtube... Haha... My frustration of not able to download the videos I want is finally over...

Second interesting thing is about hair... how to cure split ends... :P Kind of pointless rambling, right? But I have a lot of split ends and I am seriously considering to try the method... which at this moment, I have forgotten exactly how so I will only go look at it again when I have the olive oil. :P

My obsession. Is the third thing. Ohmigosh... The amount of pics is absolutely insane. Erm...but I do prefer watching videos more than looking at pics.

Oh... I remembered something I want to blog about. Just now, I went to Imperial to buy some groceries. Sigh... Should have bought eggs 'cause eggs not much left but anyways... the thing is that I actually wanted to buy KFC but when I arrived at KFC, I decided not to. And... on my way to KFC (if you know the layout of Imperial, you should know that there is a space in the middle of Imperial), I heard a rather familiar song. It is blasting on the speakers and Boulevard is having somesort of Christmas bedsheet and comforter sales. It is so awfully familiar and yet it is not a language I understand...I had a feeling that this is the song of a certain group but I cant be too sure... until I hear the words 'Forever Love'

SHIT~! It is Tohoshinki's 14th Japanese Single's song 'Forever Love' which is just released on 14.11.2007 and it is playing in Imperial. What? Is there a problem with my hearing? Honestly, at that point, I was literally grinning like a Cheshire cat and man, am I worried that people who see me will think that I am crazy. Sweat...

Haha... Again, I am sure that people who read the above will also have a huge sweat. My obsession is rather absurd, i know.

Ohya... Feel so much pressure from two sisters who are not in Miri to go and look at Scooby and HeiQ while the ones in London seems to be completely unconcerned ('cause they didnt ask me while the other two asked me). Sweat.

p/s: will check on them. Dont worry too much la.