Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Havent been posting anything recently. Still pretty moodless. Too much things to worry about.

So, to release the moodiness, I watched a few anime on Animax.

One, God(?) Save Our King which is about a boy, Yuri Shibuya, who is actually the Demon King for the Demon World which exist on a different dimension than earth aka the real world. Anyways, the anime is sort of gayish 'cause the fiance of the King is actually a guy. Otherwise, it is a good anime. Just that one disturbing point. I wonder how it made it thru the Malaysian Censorship Board. Could it be because the anime itself never mention about it being gay?

Two, Dr. Black Jack. This cool genius doctor is always asking for ridiculous amount of money if someone seeks for his help, regardless of the fact that he doesnt have a medical license. But, he is actually very kind. Just that, he doesnt want to benefit those with lots of money and no sense of respect for others. Love this. A little suprised to know that Jeng also watch this. Haha~

Received my CPA 104 Strategic Management Accounting materials already. Which signifies another round of studying. Anxiety. I dont want to panic and do last minute studying anymore.

Asked Dancing Queen about how much will it cost to join the health club at Marriott. Not surprisingly, it costs RM2500 for the registration plus one year membership, if pay at one go. This equals to RM208 a month. is even more expensive than jinnwei's initial gym plan of RM200. Still contemplating whether to go for it or not. Give it time till after peak period at the office lah.

A chilling reminder of how short life can be when I saw the live news of the death of Xu Wei Lun. The news reminded me of the accident Decembers ago. Got to be careful when driving on the road. So, got to be careful driving at the roundabout at Boulevard. That is one dangerous place, especially at night, due to the construction of the fly-over.

Hmmm... this post turns out longer than I expected. I will be leaving for KL tomorrow night. I hope to be able to have lots of fun and relax enough to start working like a mad robot. Expect lots of pictures 'cause I have my v3i in good condition this time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I dont know

Life seems to be back to normal recently. Nothing interesting...Sigh..

Promised Lynnwei that I will show her my new hair...However, the pic doesnt really show the full glory of my hair..hehe...But anyway, here is a preview first.

Do you the moment when you feel like dont want to blog at all? Thetime you have no idea what to write. I am experiencing that now. This post has actually been in the draft for the past week. It will still be in draft if i havent feel obliged to get on with it. No idea why I suddenly lose the writing power.

Finally.... Happy Birthday to Aaron...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

WGTG Fashion Blog

One day, Lynnx gmail-ed her sister and her cousins about a blog project. It is about doing a fashion blog that features our fashion sense. We are not copying the other fashion magazines. We are showing our own things. For more info, you can refer to lynnx. Do support our effort to make this new blog a success.

I am not hoping for just one initial visit but repetitive visits from you all. So you know what to do... Hehe!

Please understand also that it is not possible to update it every day 'cause we are not rich and free enough to shop for new things to show off. So, it depends on what we think it is good enough to be shown to the world. But, we will update the blog as often as possible.

Please do support our fashion blog.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally moved to New Blogger~!

After a long wait, I finally able to switch over to the new blogger. This is so exciting~~!! Now I can label my posts... Ohye~~!!


Ok, I admit it. I am not that excited about it. Dont really feel anything except perhaps feeling relieved that it has combined with the new project blog I am also currently working on with my cousins. This way I dont have to login into two different blogger to write my post.

But I wouldnt be labelling my posts yet. I need a time when I can plan it all out and do everything one go. Hey! I have like two years of posts to label le.


I think I have survived one week spending only, and possible less than, RM20.00. I think I will continue my effort to spend less. But I dont think my weight has dropped at all. I havent started any exercise regime due to some unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully by the start of a new week, I will do some easy do-it-at-home exercise help me to lose some fats. :P

On a happier note, my car is out of the workshop already. The back of the car looks ok to me. I am still pissed about the inefficiency of the workshop. The front of the car has little damages which are minor and my dad will fix it for me soon. Otherwise, I am perfectly ok with the car for now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Was talking to Yuanz on the phone just now and realised how pissed off I still am about how the people handled my car. I think I want to write about it here and forget all about it.

First of all, I will apologize for the language that I am going to use but it really reflect how I felt at that time.

On Friday when the car was hit, around 1pm, the towshop/workshop guy called JWei but JWei passed the phone to me. The guy asked me to go over to the Traffic Police Station with the car to have pictures taken and to make police report at 3pm. Ok, no problem with that but shouldnt the pics be taken at the time of the accident. Maybe it is just a really damaged bumper so no biggie. Never mind. As I almost arriving at the police station at 3.05pm, the guy's colleague, who happens to be my cousin, called and told me that I dont have to be at the station anymore as the aunty decided not to claim insurance to pay for the damages. But I will need to either bring the car to the workshop tomorrow or Monday to have it fixed. Ok, why didnt call earlier to tell me that I dont have to be at the police station. Made me drive all the way there with that horrible looking bumper to tell me to drive back home again. Do you think I love to drive around with that horrible bumper and huge dent?! What with the wait-till-Monday-to-fix? I want it fixed asap. So Saturday, it is. I waited till 10am to call and made sure that it is ok for me to send the car. My cousin gave me the green light so off I went. When i arrived there, my cousin wasnt there to assist but instead I am left to get someone to notice and assist me. Why the hell do you ask me to go there and pretending that you will be there to help me when you arent going to be there? Then, finally the lady got informed of my situation so she arranged for a guy to take pics of the damages. No one told me that the car cannot be fixed on that day till I asked. The boss told me that it can only be fixed on Monday. So I should drive over on Monday to have it fixed. Ok, having me driving this car all the way to Piasau to have pics taken and to drive it all the way to Piasau again to have it fixed. What the hell?! At 11.45am, I received a phone call from a guy from this workshop telling that he accidentally deleted all the pics he took and so I have to drive all the way to Piasau to have the pics retaken. What do you mean by accidentally delete it? You mean you intentionally delete it, dont you? 'Cause it sounds more like you are intentional. Fine, I will drive it there for you to take those f***ing pictures again. I specifically told the guy that I will be there at 230pm which I did arrive at 230pm precisely (according to the clock in my car). Guess what? I have to wait again. Another person is assigned to take the pictures this time. Then she told me that they need to quote the price of the repair to the aunt who hit my car on Monday morning and then, then I can have my car fixed on Monday afternoon. What the hell again? Why the hell do we, no, I have to go through so much trouble and waste so much time? Ok, I dont want to argue, no energy to do that. Fine, Monday it is.

Monday, I waited and waited and waited till 5pm. Where is that call to tell me that I can send the car over to fix? Where is that promised phone call? Forget all about me, is it? I called my cousin and he told me that he will call and ask for me. The guy, who is supposed to be the one in charge of this whole situation and whom till now, I have not seen, called me and told me that the aunty dont agree with the price and want to have a look at the car before agreeing to paying. So I will need to bring the car over to the workshop at 830 tomorrow, which is Tuesday. Not willing to pay? Then why dont want to claim insurance? Why want to be so troublesome?

Tuesday, I had to apply for leave so that I can be there at the workshop. I cant understand why she refused to pay the quoted price till she sees the car. I arrived (on time again) at precisely 830 am. Calling the guy to tell him that I am at the workshop. He told me to wait and then after 15 minutes, I called him again just to be told that the aunty is on her way now from Pujut. Ok, Pujut is fairly near from Piasau. Shouldnt take long now. Waited for another 15 minutes. What the hell? Where the hell is this lady driving from? Need to take such a long time? If already made an appointment at 830, then be there on time! Again, the aunty and I (actually, I think it is more like me is the only one who is waiting again) waited for the person who is supposed to be the middle guy to come. The girl who took the pics came to talk things out. She was persistant about the RM1650 but later agreed to the RM1600. The aunty sounded apologetical but the guy she was with wasnt happy with the quotation. Excuse me. I thought the pics they took are clear enough to show the damages on my car. Why the hesistance? Unless they didnt show the pics, or have they unintentionally delete the pics again? I dont know. What I know is that this is wasting a lot of my time.

The girl actually said that I will need to bring the car back another day because the workshop cant seems to accomodate me yet. I think the look on my face showed that I am not happy and I want it done asap. My car might not be very damaged but it is still damaged. I have driven to this workshop for so many f***ing times and you want me to drive it back here again at some other f***ing day. Do you want to do my business? If dont want, then dont waste my time in the first place. The girl called the boss and confirmed that they can repair my car today so I can leave my car at the workshop. Four days to do.

I am so sick of this. The next time if such thing happen, I want to claim the insurance company, it should be much much faster and less hassle. Claim whatever that I can claim for. The car actually also suffered some damages at the front but I cant have it fixed because they want to charge me for it and Dad doesnt want that. This is just so frustrating!

F*** the aunty for knocking into my car. F*** the workshop for being so unprofessional. Bullshit to that whatever approved workshop by whatever insurance companies. This workshop sucks for mistreating me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No longer hospitalised

Hehe... My handphone is finally out of the hospital. It costs me RM138 and dont ask me what was wrong with it because I didnt ask. Too happy to ask.

But so far, I havent found something or whatever that I think worth taking pics of. One thing for sure, I will be taking a lot of pics in KL.

Call me a hillbilly or whatever. I want to go to KL despite people telling me that there is not much to do there. But I havent been to KL for more than five years, i guess. So, going to KL is fun to me.

Anyways... went out with Jeng and Elsie last night. We went to a cafe nearby Petronas Station at somewhere near Pujut 7. Then to Siamese Secrets. It was nice to sit together and talk about everything. Which reminds me to say this "Happy Belated Birthday, Elsie!"

Oh... I finally got a good pic of my grey eyes..hehe....

And also... I have actually also went to straighten and highlight my hair last Thursday. Jwei had his hair highlighted as well. I actually wanted to just highlight my hair but ended doing both. Was at Kelvin Hair Studio for 7 ½ hours. Hair done by the students. They really took a great care to make sure that they are doing everything correctly. In the end, my hair looks great. No pics yet cause I cant seems to find an angle of my hair that I like to show. Costs me RM160 this time. :P

Been eating less this past two days. Hopefully I can feed my purse till fat fat and myself till thin thin...

My car finally got hospitalised after been hit on Friday. Found out that it will actually cost RM1600 to fix it. Poor lady. She doesnt want to claim insurance because the car she was driving is not hers. Sigh...Dont care as long as I have my car fixed and she is paying for it. Should have my car back by Saturday if everything goes well.

Friday, January 05, 2007

What?! Hit Again?!

i have been so worried to let JWei use my Wira. i dont want anything to happen to it after it has gotten a new beautiful bumper due to this.

Jwei has been very careful that I am already getting used to the fact that he can drive. when he is going to fly at 7pm later... the car got bumped because a stupid lady pressed the accelerator instead of the brake... JWei is ok, just the car nia lor....

My poor, poor bumper~~

The culprit to the destruction of my bumper. It has also suffer some damages. But i dun care~~!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bond...James Bond...007....2007

Another year.

I actually wanted to recall back what i did every month but I stopped at February feeling like wanting to cry already.

So.... i end this post with a pic of my new contact lenses which are not very clear here but it is supposed to be grey colour....

Year End Trip

Day Before The Trip (28/12/2006, Thursday) - Bought the ticket to Kuching and paid RM292. Since there is nothing much to do in the office, I got to clear my overtime leave earlier than expected (actually thought that I have to delay till 2007 to clear it). Cherished and spent the final afternoon and night with the Tings cousins. Not forgetting that we also went to welcome Lynthia who just came back from the Land of The Rising Sun, Japan. Mum and Dad actually came to Miri that night so that i can bring some stuff over to Aunt MeiYan. I only started packing my stuff at night and I wasnt sure of how much stuff should I bring for a 6-day trip. Really nervous and worried le. Adui~! I seldom travel, k? I get nervous easily, k? My parents thought that I dun want to help to carry the stuff to Aunt MeiYan pula. misunderstanding le...i really honestly think that I have overpacked le~~ Also did last minute laundry so that I can bring my good clothes to Kuching. Otherwise, i will be wearing not-so-comfy clothes.

The Start of the Trip (29/12/2006, Friday) - Mum and Dad were pissed off at me for the overpacking problem but later we sort of forget about it over breakfast. Phew~! I dont want to go to Kuching with the knowledge that my parents are mad at me le. I removed a few clothings from my suitcase at Lynns' place and finally feel much better about my overpacking problem. Bid farewell to Tings before leaving for the airport to catch the Airasia flight to Kuching. Thanks to Fiona for the ride. Aunt MeiYan was there at the airport waiting for me when I arrived at Kuching so it saved me the trouble to find her to give her the stuff and as usual, another package was given to me to give to Mum. Laura's parents were there as well and we (Laura, her parents and I) went to have lunch at Yew Fook or Hang Fook Cafe (I cant confirm the name anymore...). I didnt want to trouble Aunt MeiYan and instead trouble Laura's relatives because I dont want to have to go thru the trouble of meeting up when the rest of the people arrive in Kuching, knowing that Aunt MeiYan's knowledge of places in Kuching is quite limited and more to chinese names. Anyways, after lunch, we went to Aunt Doris's house where we proceeded to devour lots durians and rambutans. After a short rest, we (Laura, her cousin - SioBee(?), and I) went to another cousin's house to pick up a cousin - AhWan(?) and then to McD to pick up AhWan's sister - AhTeng(?) and her friend. We went to shop at Sarawak Plaza and Tun Jugah. Lea Centre had 50% sale on its Nike products and I bought a short pants for Jinnwei which I am thinking not to give him anymore (Hehe) which costs RM 42.50 after discount. At Tun Jugah, I bought a pale pink shawl which costs RM21 after a 70% discount and two earrings which costs RM4 each. We had dinner at See Good Restaurant... I was the only stranger among Laura's relatives. Paise~ So paise~ After the dinner, we wanted to go for a walk at Waterfront but it was interrupted by the rain so we went home instead. After playing cards and more durians and rambutans, the day finally ended.

Second Day of the Trip (30/12/2006, Saturday) - Woken up by Aunt Hilda at 8 something am to go have breakfast. We had the kolo green noodles at someplace in Kuching. After breakfast, five of us (Laura, her parents, her cousin - SioBee, and I) went for sightseeing. We went to Damai Lagoon Resort, Damai Resort and Santubong Resort. After that, we went to eat Fried Butter Crabs at Lee Hock Ann Seafood Restaurant for lunch. Then, to the industrial area and then I fell asleep so I have no idea where. Hehe... Basically we had a 5-hour sightseeing before returning home to have more durians and rambutans. After some rest, Laura, SioBee and I went to Sarawak Plaza again. I purchased a Nike basketball pants for Jinnwei which costs RM44.50 after discount. We went home to get our stuff and went to Merdeka Palace to meet up with the guys. We went to Junk Restaurant to have dinner. The surroundings of the restaurant is too dark and the air ventilation system is not that good at our big table. I ordered Lamb Shank and Triple Sour Drink under the recommendation of Christopher and enjoyed it very much despite knowing that there are celery in the tasty sauce.

Verdict for Junk Restaurant: Food is great. Drink is great. Deco is great. Just give more light, please!
Money spent on food & drink: RM30, I think...

After our dinner, we went to Oregano to have a drink. We only sat for a while before retreating to our suite for the night. Laura and I had the smaller room while the guys (Kelvin, Kueh and ChienChin(?)) had the bigger room.

Merdeka Palace Hotel, our apartment suite - There are two rooms. One is a bigger room with a double bed, a television, attached bathroom with bathtub and all the usual furniture. Room 2 is a smaller room with also a double bed, attached bathroom with shower room and usual furniture. There is another toilet in the common area which is strictly not for showering purpose. There is a kitchen where no cooking can be done unless you have the cutleries and cooking materials. Then finally a dining area and a living room. We stayed at Room 1001, by the way.

Third Day of the Trip (31/12/2006, Sunday) - We went out to Thompson Corner to have our breakfast and then proceeded to Sarawak Plaza, Tun Jugah and Parkson to do some shopping. I bought another shawl, which is a more pink one and costs RM24. After shopping, we went to Sunny Hill to have Sunny Hill ice cream and then went to hunt for the place to buy Sau Pau and BeePang. We went back to our suite apartment to rest and made reservation for the Sau Paus we wanted to bring back. Alvin and Christopher came over and we finally decided to have new Year Eve's dinner at Casa Davide. I ordered the New Year Eve's set which consists of a asparagus cream soup, a chargrilled beef steak in red wine sauce with veggie and potatoes cubes, and grapes crepe with ice cream plus one cup of coffee.

Verdict for Casa Davide: Asparagus soup is somewhat runny. The beef steak is a bit chewy. The red wine sauce is great, i like it. The veggie is capsicums and fortunately I like it too...The coffee is a little weird. Overall, this meal is just an ok ok nia.
Money spent on food & drink: RM50, I think...

After the dinner, we wanted to go to Link but we didnt went up 'cause the entrance fee is RM65 which is too expensive. So, we went to Soho instead. Luckily we went there a little earlier 'cause there wasnt any other table anymore after that. Most of the tables had been reserved. As the night went on, more and more people arrived and it got more and more crowded. I met ThingSoon who was there with his cousins. After the countdown, we went back to our apartment. After shower, Christopher brought his colleagues to continue partying. I was too exhausted to join in so I went to sleep. Actually also felt paise to join in....

Fourth Day of the Trip (01.01.2007, Monday) - Had a dimsum breakfast at Siaw Pa Wang. After breakfast, we went back to the suite apartment to relax. At 3 pm, we went to Hartz Chicken to have an all-you-can-eat meal. I have no idea why but i was having my one-side headache again and felt very unwell. Somehow, i managed to eat three pieces of chicken. Din feel like eating anymore after that. After that, we went to Kenyalang to window shop. My headache was not getting any better so I only look around at the stuff. After a short rest at our suite apartment, we went to Aunt Vero's house (Laura's aunt) where we were treated with lots of food. New Year celebration. The whole big family was there. After we ate and a bit of interviewing, the aunties shooed us out so that we dont feel obliged to stay till late and can do what we want to. As we still havent have any plan, we sent Alvin back home and went back to the suite apartment to relax. Then, we went out to a shop selling taiwanese dessert called Grapeberry Cafe or Dong Guan Xi Guan in chinese. I ordered a mango and sago dessert which was nice but I was too ill to enjoy it. I felt a little better when I was back in the apartment watching television.

Fifth Day of the Trip (02.01.2007, Tuesday) - I actually woke up earlier but still suffer of the headache so I went back to sleep a little longer.When I woke up, the three guys and Laura went out to get the Sau Paus and have breakfast so I went to explore the hotel grounds. Actually it was more like have a look at the swimming pool, hotel cafe and hotel restaurant. After the guys left Kuching, Laura's four cousins came to the suite apartment to bring us around and also to check out of the apartment. We first went to Wai Po to eat Bak Kut Teh and then to Aunt Vero's house where we played cards and then took a nap. A short nap became a long two hour nap and after the nap, we went out to have Sweet Fried Cha Kueh and Belacan Bihun. At night, we had
Pork Satay at aunt Doris's place and then went out to have a walk at Waterfront. Back at Aunt Doris's place, we had some more durians before going to sleep.
The guys actually had two flat tyres near Bekenu due to hole in the road. Fortunately it wasnt too far from Miri so help was sent to them.

Final Day of the Trip (03.01.2006, Wednesday) - Woke up early and had Kueh Chap before going to the airport. Reluctant to go back to Miri. But it was time to go back to reality. The flight was delayed for about half an hour and we arrived at Miri at about 11am.

This trip is a food trip because really seems to eat non-stop. However, i didnt gain any extra kilo. Hehe...Now I am suffering of slight headache and a little coughing which may get worse if i dont eat anything to cure it.