Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Mummy is so cute~

It;s Mummy's chinese birthday today.

On her angmoh's birthday, she was quite emo. JWei and I had no idea why. cough.. we forgot her birthday...cough..Then, Dad smsed me to tell me that it' s Mum's bday.

Shit lor... JWei and I prepared NOTHING. so we pretended nothing is going on. Ate our dinner and then.. when Dad went to pay for the dinner, we two sang bday song to her.

Mum: Eh.. my birthday hor. I forgot le.
Me: Har? In my mind, isnt she emo because we forgot meh??!!
Mum: Present le?
Me: Dont have. Your angmoh's bday fake one. We only honour the chinese bday.
Mum: Actually today is your dad and mine's wedding anniversary le. Hohoho!! Dad's in trouble. He forgot!!

Fast forward to today.

Called her this morning...

Me: Tao Kay Nio, happy birthday o!
Mum: present le?
Me: Tay Kao Nio, your children is giving you an all-expenses paid trip to KK. Hehe...
Mum: Why KK?
Me: Cheap la.. Your children cannot afford expensive places yet le.
Mum: I dont want KK.
Me: Then, you want where?
Mum: I want KL
Me: Why KL?
Mum: I want to be there on 2nd May. Got seminar I want to attend.

So cute la~!!!

Do you want to eat?

Came up with a list of food while idling around...

The Glutton BBQ Party, Seafood Overload, The Not-So Great Italian Experience and Proud Malaysian Makan.

Kind of funny to write all those on a uKimono notepad. Hehe... so contradictory.

Sigh.. Chix wings~!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Super hot

The weather in Miri has been super hot. The haze is bad...and then there was a day when it rained during the lunch break and there were three accidents on one single road... oh dear...

Been on a home appliances and furniture shopping. No no no... not me buying any of those. Cause someone and someone are preparing for their new home so I am just tagging along to give opinion. It gives me the mental preparation of how expensive things can be especially if you want them to look good and up to the latest technology. darn... I have expensive taste. haha!!

I should go to sleep now. splitting headache. prob from the heat...

Monday, March 08, 2010

Heart in a...

bowl of beef ball mee hoon soup.

The situation with the f*cktard tenant has been handed over to the broker. She will be liasing with the f*cktard and I just sit back and watch the show. As of this moment, the f*cktard has yet again broken his promise of paying today. Honestly, I cant wait for him to move out. I want good tenant!

Haze has hit Miri again. It was... scary to drive into the haze this morning. It was so hazy at the Boulevard area.

I should be replying Sherp's email... haha...

Saturday, March 06, 2010

F*cktard Tenant

My patience is running low.

I am pissed off.

I got scolded at by Dad just now. Not because of the f*cktard tenant. It is because of the "root of all evils". Got me all boiling inside. Broken promises. Mistrust. I dont want to discuss it. Just treat it as ALL MY OWN FAULT.


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Back from seminar

Just came back from a seminar by Hong Leong Bank.

Speaker number one was reading from the slides. I am not sure if she is actually prepared for an English-speaking presentation but last minute changed it to Chinese-speaking - which might explains why everything she is saying is completely from the slides. And the slides has so little words somemore...

Speaker number two, at the beginning of her presentation, said that she will not be presenting in Chinese. But she slipped in a bit of Chinese every now and then. I thought she will be alright...but she was reading from her script and she almost made no sense to me. Oh no...

Speaker number three is a great speaker. Oh yes... But most of his presentation slides are in Chinese and his topic is about financial derivatives. Damn lo... Financial derivatives in English I already have problem understanding. In Chinese...ok, I am going to pretend I am listening. Ok wasnt that bad. Thankfully he still slipped in a bit of English so it wasnt too boring.

I dont know what was I doing there.