Sunday, August 27, 2006

"You Actually Miss Work?" - UeiYing

Yea, I actually miss work. I miss having people around me. It feels as if I am Robinson Crusoe and I am stuck on a deserted island. I miss the adrenaline rush when working overtime to rush for the deadline. Or maybe I should not have taken so much leave at once. Argh!

Oh well... I am going back to work on Monday anyway.

After a morning at JM and also went back to main office to help out on carrying files over to JM, it was time for lunch. So, decided to lunch with colleagues. We went to Mega Hotel to have dimsum. Buy 2 free 1. It was not too bad. Grand Palace is still a better place to eat dim sum.

The next day, Friday, kept on reminding myself that I have an dinner appointment with LeeSia and QiAi. Went over to Lynn's place to hang out and then went out together to buy roasted chicken for lunch. After lunch, Lynna mentioned that she would like to get a hair cut so Lynnwei and I brought her to 1st Avenue under Lynthia's strong recommendation.

Review on 1st Avenue : The place is smaller compared to other saloons I have been to. The service is good though I think the drinks were served to Lynnwei and I by accident. The saloon has a comfortable setting and does not have the overpowering chemical odour like most other saloons. I am guessing that only the boss are qualify to do all the cutting so this is a downer because we dont have a choice of a junior stylist or senior sytlist. A student price of RM18 for me is a bit too pricey but was offset by the fact that it is cut by the boss a.k.a. the stylist director. :P

After the hair cut, I called office to ask them whether they wanted rojak for tea break as promised yesterday. These people hor really ordered a lot le. I thought only food but no, drinks as well. sigh.... I ordered extra for JM but then i mixed up the food when I sent it to them. The rojak ended up at JM and the pack of prawn fritters, yam and ubi ended up at Andy Chia & Co. Only found out about it when i rushed home to shower for my appointment.

I flew to pick QiAi from her office to go for a hair wash. I have actually thought of having a hair wash at saloon for the past week but didnt managed to. The hair wash was ok. But the massage I had was too strong. I can still feel pain from the massage till now. after the hair wash, we met up with LeeSia and went to town centre to do some clothes shopping. Then, we headed to Shabu Shabu to have steamboat. The food was ok and the soup was really nice at the end. Personally, I prefer Golden Pot steamboat. After the steamboat, we went to Parkson to shop.

Saturday is another busy day... Went to Brunei with colleagues...The other group of colleagues went to Mulu Caves so we decided to go somewhere else too. Brunei. I find that after shopping in Singapore, I really dont have much heart to shop at Brunei except in supermarket. Each of us bought so much food and drinks. Anyway, as soon as I arrived home, I put the yogurt in the fridge, I get a face wash and I went out immediately. Had pizza with LynnWei, Lynthia, Amanda and Abelle.

By the time I arrived home and surfing the net, the exhaustion got me and I fell asleep on the sofa.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Working while still on leave


After a busy day yesterday, I am left with nothing much to do. I should consider cleaning up my crib but I was too lazy. Terrible home keeper.

My CPA still have so much to read...Lag behing schedule...Argh...

I am still on leave but I am at JM onlining... Use office resource to go online..check mails...

One morning gone...Afternoon wat to do le...Laundry? Mopping?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It felt like I have been away for such a long time. I miss going online..surfing around without any worries or burden.

My trip to Brunei was extended for three more days and I was at the bottom of the Pit of Boredom. i nearly shed tears out of frustration due to boredom. The only time I seems to regain some sort of normality was when I went out to get take-away lunch. I went into a bakery nearby and went bread-crazy. Television was not working its wonder on me. I watched CSI, CSI:NY and CSI:Miami three times. Yes, three times. Watched a documentary on Burg Al Arab twice. Watched House twice. Sigh... Sien u know...

Oh! Suddenly remember something...The day when I come back from Singapore...I went to sleepover at Lynns' place. Then, I was asked by Koko to find Dad and see if he is heading to Brunei or staying over at Miri. After calling him for a few times and no reply, i was really getting very worried. Where is he?!! I feared the worst. Then I fell asleep, still worried. Around 1.30 am, My phone rang. Looking at the screen, my heart leaped cause it was from my home.

me: Hello?
Dad: Where are you?!
me: Sleeping at Aunt Nora's place lo. How come you didnt answer your phone? Where did you go?
Dad: Ooo...My phone ran out of battery ler. I went to Bekenu la...

Adu...worried so much and he went to Bekenu to play?! Aiyaks...

Now back in Miri... Time to regain back some normality...Sigh..I miss working le... Suddenly, working overtime isnt that bad. Having a lot of deadline to meet is not such a bad thing. I miss work.

My mouse is not working well now. It double click when I want to have a single click. Anyone want to sponsor me a new mouse? Better yet, anyone want to sponsor me a new desktop?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Singapore Trip

Friday, 11th August...

I packed my toiletries in the morning to complete my packing for Singapore. The whole morning is a blur because I went thru it like it is a usual day except that I was not working.

Arriving at Senai Airport at 6pm...and then at Bencoolen Hotel 81 at 8 sumthing pm...I was so hungry...After a short break in our hotel room, Koko and I went to Raffles City Mall to have our dinner. Didnt do any shopping cause the shops were closing.

The next day, we walked to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station to go to Bugis Junction. Had McD Big Breakfast. A fast walk-through Bugis Junction and off we went to Orchard Road. I shopped around with Koko at Takashimaya and Isetan until 1pm when we had to meet up with his friend at the MRT Station. Half an hour wait later, I left them to wait for another friend and shopped alone. A quick half an hour shopping later, I rejoined them for lunch. After lunch, I resumed my shopping alone. I shopped thru five different shopping complexes in a matter of hours.

When I got sick of shoping alone, I rejoined Koko and his friends. Shortly after that, Koko and I went back to our hotel room. While Koko replenished his energy (sleeping la), I tried on the clothes I bought and looked thru the shopping loot.

For dinner, Koko and I headed to Suntec City. We had to squeezed into the MRT like canned sardines to get to City Hall. We had dinner at Swensen's and went to look at the Fountain of Wealth. Didnt get the chance to touch the water 'cause the timing wasnt right.

After that, we discovered that the whole public transportation (bus, MRT and taxis) were congested. So, we walked back to our hotel.
Sunday morning, we went to Woodland to catch a bus ride to JB. Arrived early at Senai Airport and back in Miri by 4pm...

The Saturday shopping was exciting and tiring...Definitely an eye-opener...
Had an embarassing moment at the MRT Station because I have no idea how to use the MRT and I was really dependent on Koko. Then, I also had a few of my firsts. First Subway Sandwich and first visit to 7-11...hehe...
I also discovered that I have a poor sense of direction..I cant really remember the route we took...Or was I just being dependent on Koko?
I didnt have time to feel shy and neglected when I did my shopping. I was really straight-forward and didnt think much about anything else. I anticipated that the sales assistants would ignore me or look at me as if I cant afford to buy anything but instead they are really friendly and polite. I also anticipated that I will take a lot of in-dressing-room pics but I didnt even have time to try on clothes. I didnt drink much water and felt so dehydrated that my throat was so dry.
I spent S$450 for this trip including accomodation, food and shopping. One day is not enough to look through everything but one day is enough to drain my money. I think I nearly developed blisters from walking so excessively. In fact, I have painful joints from my butt till my toes for two days.

Fortunately I have two weeks break from work to rejuvenate. Ok, I dun really need that long break to recover from Singapore trip. I will need to tidy up whatever things at home. Get things done.

Love to go back to Singapore for more adventures...I want to do more sight-seeing...and maybe more shopping...Haha...

Next destination will be Shanghai... Yeah!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The 8 Don't for Reunion Gathering

Recently (on 11th August)my dad went to his high school reunion gathering at Kuching.

I have been my dad's middle person in informing my dad and his old friend regarding the reunion matter. Today when i checked my email box, it was an overdue email but nevertheless, it was a funny one...It is about the 'don't during reunion'..Please bear in mind that it is a 30-year reunion for them...There goes...

  1. Do not rekindle old flames, even if under the influence of alcohol.
  2. Don't you dare greet friends with "you are so fat now".............sensitive issue.
  3. Do not address anyone their old nicknames......... One can't take embarrassment very well at this vulnerable age of 50s.
  4. Do not overwhelm the conversation in foochow, some may think you are manifesting in tongues.
  5. Do not leave without paying......... this may be the last reunion dinner the organiser will ever organize.
  6. Do not "ta pau" what is not being consumed...just think of those extra calories.......
  7. Do not flaunt your wealth [Examples: penthouse in Sydney, S-Class Mercedes, mansion in Kenny Hill, Batu Kawa mistress, etc.] Those of us salaried folks could choke on the lamb shanks.
  8. Do not brag about your libido [Examples: 9 kids with one more on the way, weekly visit to the 'health club', Batu Kawa mistress, etc.] Those of us ordinary folks could choke on the oxtail.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cant wait

Bought this delicious thingy one afternoon. I was so hungry le. The location of the shop are near so I drove there to buy it.

I think I gulped three pieces before Nanotay stopped me from consuming more.

On Wednesday, the fifteenth of the Seventh Month, I went to Royal London Circus with colleagues. YB Boss sponsored us. Thank you, Boss! I took pic of the white horses or ponies they used in the circus. The only pic I took.
Lynns and I recently must have some crazy craving for Pearl Milk Tea... In fact, I signed up for Kokoberry membership...

This post was written last week but not published because I thought I could write more... Loss of words so I didnt publish it till now..Haha..

Btw, the 'cant wait' is cant wait to go to Singapore...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Growing anticipation

Woke up this morning anticipating to have a nice bowl of laksa.

Although I forgot to set my alarms, I managed to wake up early enough.

The happiness of eating a bowl of home-made laksa is due to the freedom one has when one creates one's perfect laksa.

My perfect bowl of laksa...Yummy

I was a little late to be early at office to open the door. Confused? I should be early to open the door but I was late to do it because I arrived at 8am to open the door. Hehe...

Then I realised that my three colleagues will be on leave till tuesday. They will only be back on Wednesday. Ohno! This means that I will need to be early to open the door from Monday till Wednesday. How will I manage this?!?!

Skipped time till dinner...

Went to Parkcity Everly Hotel to have dinner. CPA Members' Dinner. Received a door gift and went in Usun Apau Hall to discover that we were late and yet still earlier than three quarter of the participants for this dinner. Adui!

The food is alright. Tasty. But I got too hungry so I didnt eat much. :P I was two hours late for my dinner.

Consolation is that I won a small gift from lucky draw. A RM50 voucher to spend in Popular Bookshop. Hmmm...What is there to buy le?! If I am still studying, I can get reference books...But now...What le?!

Dearest Cousins, wanna benefit from the vouchers? Hehe...

Friday, August 04, 2006

More food to come

2nd day of my leave, I found myself waking up early to go and get JinnWei's IC with Lynnwei.

After the short wait at the Registration Department, we went to New Cafe to have our breakfast.

"Lei Cha" is one of New Cafe's specialties. But Lynnwei and I didnt eat it. I took my mum and her friend to eat it the next day.

"Suan Pan Zhi" is another one of New Cafe's specialties. Warning: It is very oily!

Btw, my mum know to make really tasty 'Suan Pan Zhi.'

After breakfast, I went back to Brunei with Dad. Spent the whole afternoon watching tv. I didnt really want to go back to Brunei because I know it will be bored 'cause of the short period of time. There is not enough time to do much stuff, namely shopping.

After dinner, we went to the foot massager 'cause mum told me that her foot hurt. I got the massage first. It hurt like hell (pardon me). To make matter worse or is it better, the massager put a lot more pressure because my mum and her were talking about Toto and how she has missed out on buying that number. While she sakit hati, my feet got the beating...

After the foot massage, we went to my mum's friend house 'cause my mum want to chit chat with her friend. I knew it at that time that I have avoided going to the temple but this also means that I have also lose the opportunity to go shopping. Damn!

After the chit-chat, we went to the city centre to have a look around. The light decoration for the Sultan's Birthday is still on. Instead of being able to drive thru, we ended stuck in a jam because there is a huge food fair going on. I got so sleepy that I just want to go home to sleep.

5.30 am, I left Brunei with Mum. The rest of the day is torture. First I was the driver, sending my mum and her friend to shop at Boulevard Hypermarket and then to DPS at Senadin. After an afternoon nap, I woke up with a headache. I think my mum did too. Did some weeding but my mum did most of it. She cleared off most of the weeds around the house. Go Mum!

Gone back to work this morning. Did my leave planning. I found my things rather messy. Need to clear it up. Tidy up. Sort everything out. I can do it!

Laksa at Lynns' place tomolo...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Busy Day?!

On leave for three days.

A break from work for three days.

Started the holidays with a late night chatting till 1.30am and a sound sleep till 8.30am. Awaken by a phone call from Lynnwei.

Had breakfast with Lynnwei and Lynnx. Then began to shop at Boulevard. Having just three shopping complexes in Miri made the shopping experience in Miri a dull one. Just one hour of looking around, we left Boulevard with just one pair of jeans.

Since it was still too early for lunch, we decided to tour around Krokop. Stopped at a new bakery at Yakin to buy a few pastries. Drove around Krokop to look at the nice houses there. Then off to the Taiwanese Restaurant.

Spring Onion Pancake

Century Egg with Cool Tofu

Steamed Fried Dumplings

Gohyie with her Jasmine Milk Tea

After lunch, we went to the nearby Pharmacy. Never thought can have so much fun window shopping in a pharmacy. Haha...

We got tired that we went back to Lynn's place. After around two hours of playing online games, we went to jog(walk) for half an hour.

I went home to shower and did some trimming on the rose bush. Managed to cut my finger in the process. Argh.

I think I am tired.

Riam School Concert 2006

I have been to the previous year concert.

This year I decided to go again to see if there is any improvement. And partly because I discover that I really like to watch school concerts.

Watched it with Lynnwei. This year, there is no worry about my boss sitting behind me. Just sit and enjoy the show.

It is a whole lot better than last year apart from some technical problems.

But it failed to impress me more than Chung Hua Concert. Chung Hua Concert is really impressive that it left a long-lasting impression in my mind. Or was it because I watched it with Grandma.

I took a lot of pics but I dont know how to paste it all together so that I can post it as one picture...

Next time la...---> Now is next time. Got picture liao. Haha.