Friday, February 29, 2008

My first Tupperware

I bought my first Tupperware today. It is a microwave-able container.

I would like to confess that I broke/cracked the pyrex bowl that my home has been using for quite some time. I was so upset and it was all due to my carelessness.

So I decided to get a Tupperware to replace the cracked bowl.

Quoted from Aaron, this is my first and many more to come. :P

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shower my laptop

Erm... sort of busy now.. doing stuff...

Been busy since a few hours ago... I was multi-tasking. Watching CSI while doing my stuff on the laptop. Then, it got a bit too gross and scary so I switch to watching a show called 'Mash Up! Musio'

I was drinking water while watching the show...and due to the funny thing that the host said, I showered my laptop with a mouthful of water.

Haha....Paise... Seems like have nothing much to blog about...

Oh! Suddenly remember that I promised JWei that I will blog about him.

My poor brother. He got his foot all swollen up since last week and has been going for treatment at this 'Tit Tar' center that even has its own website. JWei specifically wants me to say the total cost of his treatments to date (and should be final figure) is RM400 which also includes transportation costs.

By the way, why take pic with the clock? To show his dear sister, me, how cute his alarm clock is. Cute hor? Told him to get one for me too but he said it is at Tesco and it is too far... Sweat.. Like that no need lor.... Cheap, you know... RM 9.60 only... So cute somemore... I want... :P

Since I am blogging about JWei, I might as well show another photo. This is JWei's notice board in his room. The red card there is the Chinese New Year card that I gave him because he couldnt spend his Chinese New Year in Miri for another year again (last year also didnt come back to celebrate). Wrote a whole loads of stuff in that card. Oi! JWei, study hard hard ar!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Squeezing out the time to do this

Hmm... I guess it is time for some serious blog posting.
First of all, my house has guests again. The neighbour's dogs. I guess they finally realised that the wire mesh thingy is no longer there so they are free to come into the compound again. At first, they just lie under the car (as shown in the pic)

But, they decided to dig holes and lie in it. Big problem. There are soil all over the place because they will shake it off when they come out of the holes... I have put up the wire mesh thingy again.

Last week, on the 19th, I went to have dinner at Fratini Piccollo. Sort of a farewell dinner for a friend. Just the three girls.

The place is sort of empty. We were the only customers and then we became one of the two tables of customers. The amount of food that we devoured was... a lot. We kept joking that the employees of the restaurant is betting that we will not be able to finish the food. Those are Ceasar's Salad, Tiger Prawn Ravioli, Avocado Cream Soup and Marinara Pizza. We actually wanted to get a dessert as well but fortunately we didnt ordered it in the beginning 'cause we were too stuffed to eat anymore.

Ah... the fire. Sherp commented that I still have time to take pics when the incident happened. Truthfully, no one wanted to go near the back of the office at that time so we all stood at the front of the office space looking at the fire thru the back door. No one knows what to do besides looking at the fire. Come to think it... we were sort of in a dangerous position. The windows are all cracked due to the heat from the fire. The aircond's outdoor units are destroyed. Later, it was discovered that we had a aerosol can on the cabinet near the back window. If the fire has been any longer or any hotter, the aerosol can could have blown up. Gasp! We have moved such dangerous item to a safer location.

Just to show how damaged are the aircond's outdoor units. The one at the bottom right is not our office's... The smaller upper right is outs. It is totally destroyed and it is just two days old. A new aircond addition that was just installed two days before the fire. A total loss.

Just to let you guys know... My forehead, at this moment, feels like something is pressing it and it is really bothersome.. I think I will eat some panadol before I sleep.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still busy

I still unable to truly update my blog...simply because I felt like I have been busy non stop since Thursday?

I am not sure what exactly that caused my busy-ness but... I am currently lacking of sleep and I havent really been doing what I usually do, that are checking out blogs and checking out forum...

Erm... One interesting thing happened last Friday though. The fire. It was right behind my now, my office doesnt have any air-conditioning because the airconds were destroyed due to the heat from the fire... Darn...

Hopefully I will be free to update my blog by end of this week... hopefully

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hehe... There will be people who knows what this is about...There will be people who doesnt know what this is about... But... gosh... I am so happy... Haha

Promise to blog more soon... Kind of busy for the next few days... activities will include makan-makan, clearing up cny deco and etc..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sushi Oh Sushi

My senior... My boss... will most probably want to scold me for taking leave to make sushi... Hehe... Cough..

Monday... really not in the mood to work from Sunday night so I already made the arrangement to take leave from work. Somemore, I already talked to Lynnx and Lynthia to make sushi and very tempted to do it.

Woke up damn early to go back to sleep again 'cause it was too early... Then, went out to have breakfast and shopping for extra ingredient for the sushi. Crabstick... Roasted clams... seaweed...

So...the sushi making took place at Lynn's house.

After the preparation work, we started to make the sushi... Lynthia is the only one who has experience of rolling the sushi so she did most of the rolling. She thought that the two of us have some experience... yea, sure, i have 'visual' experience... haha...Erm... I tried to roll one roll... err.. hehe.. let's not talk about it.
Ahh... I contributed a bit of Unagi for the ingredient and made rice squares to put the unagi piece on the top... We continue to make more and more till we have two plateful of sushi.
Our sushi is very... pretty... 'cause Lynnx decorated the sushi. And that is a smiley face on a rice ball made by Lynnx... The eyes and the mouth is of clams... hehe.. cute, yea?
Btw, I decided to be more healthy this year so I decided to eat Vitamin C... So I bought a bottle of 30 tablets... I thought it should be at least three quarter full... But it was just half bottle full. There is 30 tablets inside...but gosh... the packaging is so misleading...
And... you can read more about the sushi-making adventure from lynnx and Lynthia.

Have a break part 2

It is yet again another Kit Kat testing session. This time, it is Kit Kat Cacao 61%.

I heard from somewhere that if the higher the cocoa content, the better the chocolate is for the health. This is part of the reason why I am quite enthusiatic to try this.

Front look

Back of the box

Side-way look of the box

The inside of the box

Two bars of Kit Kat

Front view of the bar

Back view of the bar

The Bar itself

The dark brown bar

Bite... The inside of the bar

The smell of the bar is almost euphoric. Rich cocoa smell. I am in heaven when I ate it... Yummm...

I am too sleepy to write... Woke up too early this morning...

Purpose in life

In response to Lynnx's post...

I am sleepy... I can't give response yet... Will edit this post when I wake up again. My eyes very heavy...

12.36am... I am awake again....chewing on a piece of 'bak kua.' Must be wondering why am I eating at this hour...Not scared fat issit? Scared... But people, who knows me well, knows that I cannot feel hungry. If I reach the state of hunger whereby I am sweating cold sweat and shaking, I am uncontrollable...I must have something to eat... I reached this state after reading a food blog... Damn... Thus, I am awake again.
Moving on to Dahfa fish... Munch munch...

Ah...the purpose of life... I am the one who is turning half a century this year and obsessing about a Korean boys who are younger than me and her... Gosh... I am hungry...continue munching on dahfa fish... I try to make my obsession as quiet as obscure as possible... talking about it only when I know people would listen and possibly care... 'cause I know not everyone will want to hear me rave and rave and rave about them.... now...shall I bombard you all with pictures of them? Hehe....With my 3,893 pictures...shouldnt be a problem... :D But I am not going to la...

Back to the topic...I have asked myself if I should stop with this obsession... but... if I restrained myself... I feel as if I have nothing much to look forward to... Nothing... It is like losing a purpose in life... I still have CPA to look forward to, I guess... But it is so... unmotivating...

How about settling down..get married... have children....? No one wants me yet so this is out of the question...

What do I want? I guess I am still trying to get a grip of my life at this moment... Still trying to figure out what else I want to do... what else I havent accomplish...

I cant think again... getting sleepy again.... will edit again, i guess...

But believe me when I say that my obsession is doing me good... really... i just can't resist it... One small pic... Their latest single, Runaway... Released on 13th February 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Am I one of them?

Just read a blog post about the typical kawaii pose by girls... Erm... Dunno why has this creepy feeling about it... Erk!
Wanna know wat am I talking about? Refer to this.
Anyways, this guy is damn lucky lor... 'Cause his blogpost on Chipster is placed as the model post for this Chipster competition. I bet lots of people including me ('cause I did click) on the link to see his post and thus..increase his traffic... Lucky guy... but he did invest a lot on those Chipster lor...Should be at least 50 packs, I am guessing... so if one pack of Chipster costs RM 2, then he spent RM100 to buy all those...

Back to the topic... See the pics from the eye-refreshener post? I am worried that I am in that category too... The focus of my pics is my eyes... Hehe... What do u think?

do I look like I am deliberately making my eyes big and scary? Erm... Truthfully, I can only see my pimple scar in the picture above.. Sigh... So ugly...

How about this one?

Err... my hair... hehe... Someday... Someday I will maybe perm my hair for fun... Eh! See my one double and one single eye lid?

Then for the first time...i think... I shall reveal to you the 'Sotong' Gohyie....

Kind of blur... shaky hand... paise...

I cant find my previous pics... most probably in the cd... lazy to find...

Bah... gtg...Do my things and then go to dreamland...

p/s: Correction for my previous post on the french manicure... My manicure is a variation of french is not of the correct colour to be called french manicure. Cause french manicure is of white nails and white tip... so... yea... variation la... hehe

Friday, February 15, 2008

My First French Manicure

Went out and bought a new bottle of nail polish. To pay tribute to Purple Line, I bought Rock Purple colour.
Personally, I think to paint my whole nails purple is possibly too much so I decided to try French Manicure. I never done it before and has always just visualise how to do it.
Firstly, need to tape the fingernails. I use the paper masking tape and cut a slightly round shape. Cut a thick strip 'cause it is easier... trust me.

After that, it is time to paint the nails. Dont have to worry about the mess on the tape. The thick strip helps to prevent the paint from getting to the area that doesnt need the colour. Otherwise, why use the tape?
Then, after three layers of paint and a whole loads of drying time, strip off the tape and paint a clear nail polish over the whole nail.
So there you go... My first French Manicure... What do I think... Firstly, regretted that I didnt take enough to properly dry my nails after the clear nail polish 'cause it got ruined a bit. Secondly, this takes a lot of time and patience and I dont think I will do again unless I am in the mood again. Thirdly, purple is not a good colour...unless I match it with some other colour (maybe). Cause it looks like I have dirty fingernails, according to some people. Sigh...

Then... I want to show you all something.. something that I have just discovered today. I didnt realised that someone saved this pic in my handphone. I didnt know this someone took the photo and saved it... So, it was undiscovered for four days...










Please prepare yourself...





I am not kidding





Doesnt this feel like the forward mail that you always receive? Need to scroll down a lot





Are you ready?.





Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V Day

Sort of feeling upset at the moment... Cause I felt like I have been framed... There is this forum I visit for my daily dose of pictures and videos... and there is this rule about editing post after viewing the pics. and I follow the rule strictly... In my knowledge, I have never missed one...

But I still get not one but two messages that I have not being editting my posts for three times. Huh?!

I feel so upset that I decided to stop posting any post... geesh...

Finally, Happy V day, everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I want RM88 to be 888

ok... I actually didnt know about this contest...till the previous hour. Which means I am way behind other ppl.. hehe...anyhow, I decided to give it a try...

1. Advertlets has a new ad campaign for a new client that will run in multiple countries. Guess how many countries will it be running in?
I have absolutely no idea...but i am taking a guess... 6 countries? Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom?

2. February 14 is a significant date. As I am single this year, what will me and the Advertlets team most likely be spending the next few late nights working on, and announcing/launching on Feb 14? Hint: Most relationships are based on one person and how many parties?
Erm... Erm...a new payout system for us, the bloggers?

3. When was Advertlets founded, and what will we most likely launch on our first anniversary?
Advertlets... founded on March 9th, 2007 ... it makes me wonder if launching also means founded... I hope it is right... What will be most likely to launch on this joyous first anniversary? Err.... Advertlets 2.0 perhaps...

may i just add that I am doing this while attempting to achieve a perfect home-made french manicure using my newly-purchased rock purple nail polish... will blog about this later... aiks.. suddenly dunno if I shud be emailing this to advertlets... :p

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is the first time I actually take such detailed pics of a chocolate bar.

Bought three bars of Kit Kat during my September's Singapore Trip. Dont remember? Refer to Part One, Two, Three and Four. Not advisable for people who are hungry though.

Anyways... I forgot about the Kit Kats till now... These Kit Kats arent just any normal Kit Kat bars. They are Macha Kit Kat, 61% Cocoa Kit Kat and Brandy & Orange Kit Kat.

So... tonight I got Lynthia and Lynna to try out the Macha Kit Kat. Ohya! I forgot to mention that I bought the Kit Kats from this store at this shopping place at Clarke Quay that sells Japanese products. The reason why I specifically bought these Kit Kats is because Yuanz has bought this Sakura Kit Kat for me once and then it started my mild obsession to try different Kit Kat... So far, in my memory, I have tried Sakura... Fruiti Tutti... Lemon Cheesecake?Cuppocino? Dont remember liaw...Oh! and lynnwei ever blog about Kit Kat too... So... enjoy the many pictures of a Kit Kat bar... Oh! Forgot to mention again... this Macha Kit Kat is actually green tea Kit Kat. Why Macha? That is how green tea is called in Japan....

The front

The back

Sideway look

The inside

The inside again

Ooo...the Kit Kat bar

Really got the dark and light green stripes la!!

So, how does it taste like? It has a really nice fragrance and it taste a little like chocolate. I wouldnt mind eating it again.

Btw... I just saw Tohoshinki on NHK Japan... Hehe... Out of the blue, I decided to switch to NHK 'cause I didnt know which channel it is now on Astro. And I saw them!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!! Of course, I have no idea what they are talking except that they did discuss something about Junsu's oyagi gags... and how he is feeling the pressure to keep up the oyagi gags so he decides not to do the gags anymore.... that is as much as I can make out from the short interview. Then, I enjoyed the live performance of Purple Line.... Below is the exact cut of the show I saw on NHK...Hehe.. I have downloaded the video. :p

p/s: Nanotay, I will call you to try out the other two Kit Kats. Hehe...
p/p/s: I just want to mention that I nearly die of suffocation when I saw Tohoshinki on NHK...on Astro...on my tv... It is not often that I can see Tohoshinki on tv le... And out of the blue somemore... Nearly cannot breath le... :p
p/p/p/s: Went to YB Boss' house at 630pm for the CNY open house...left at 7.50pm...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Since you ask

Lynnx asked me who drew which cat... So, to increase my number of posts and to let me pass time, I decided to dedicate a post to show you all...who drew which cat. hehe....

So, above is the original pic of the cat before it is drawn on.... Just a normal 'chao cai' cat... Very plain...

Note... The pics were being drawn aka conteng by Tohoshinki. I must stressed on the word Tohoshinki because it was a Japanese magazine that asked them to conteng the cat. For those who dun understand, it is because TVXQ aka Tohoshinki is known by different pronounciation of their band name in different countries. Tohoshinki is the name they are called in Japan. Dong Bang Shin Ki is what they are called in Korea. And... to explain further more will probably make the whole situation more confusing...hehe

Then.... we look at the cat after being drawn on by the youngest member of Tohoshinki, Max ChangMin. The cat become somewhat gangster-ish with a tattoo and face scar. It also appear to be in a very 'kek tao' mood... Then we look at Hero JaeJoong's aka Jejung's (in Japan, his name is spelled this way) cat. Erm... I dont know how to describe it. Some people said that he made the cat old by adding the wrinkle on the forehead and beard... I dont know...

Ah...After looking at Jaejoong's undescribeable's cat, we now look at Xiah JunSu's kawaii girlie cat... hehe... p/s he also added a tail for the cat. Ok... Now, we shall look at Micky YooChun's aka YuChun's (that's the japanese spelling of his name) cat. Erm... I think his cat is very masculine with armpit hair somemore...hehe...and the rest of it, I dont know how to explain... skip
Finally, we reached the final cat and it is by U-Know YunHo. I believe he drew the mouse that the cat has caught in a cage and it has some sort of aura. hehe...

That marks the end of my blog post. :P

p/s: I just noticed why Junsu's cat is specially girlie.. it has big eyes and it has a big smile!! hehe....

Happy Chinese New Year


Firstly... I only took one photo last night new year eve's dinner and it is the picture of the shark fins shoup that my mum made. Tada! Yummyness... Then... I wanna show the tanglungs we have hung up at the exterior of the house.
I want to show the interior... but my handphone is currently hehe.. will update this post to include the pic, yeah? Editted on 8th February 2008... Inserted the pic.

Then... I will show how I look on the first day of CNY... I think I look ok except for the scar leftover from the pimple... sigh... My double eyelids has been pretty permanent for the past week and hopefully it will be forever permanent..

Currently... waiting for the time to pass so that I can watch this certain concert on tv... and the house has a lot of noises now..... 'cause gambling is in the progress....

Gong Xi Fa Cai o~!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hiding out

Kombawa, mina-san... me is currently hiding in me room writing this blog. pretending that me has already gone sleeping.

Truthfully, my okasan kept urging me to sleep early and me still has something me want to do online... eg, writing this blog post lor...

Today is the last day of work before Chinese New Year. Sort of clearing up the table and making sure everything is sort of in order and neatly placed. Reason? Some sort of belief that the less clutter, the less messy the new year going to be. I hope it is true.

Sort of dont really have any urge to celebrate Chinese New Year. Not sure why. I have the heart to buy the deco but too lazy to do anything else.

Ah... the cat pic... today, I am showing how the cat originally looks like. As speculated by lynnx, it has something to do with Tohoshinki. A japanese magazine, which I have forgotten which one, asked them to draw on the cat pic and so they did the drawings... Thus, to end this post, I shall also show you all the cover of their most upcoming new Japanese single (coming out on 6th February)...