Thursday, June 28, 2007

So busy

I have been very very busy. Work. It is the time of the year.
Chai and I were talking about breaking new records.
Last year...I broke the record by working at office till 3am. Working from 8am till 3am and then 8am till 3am again. Just like a robot. My battery is the music from my handphone.
This year...I broke the record by...sleeping for only 45 minutes...which means work for more than 24 hours, almost 48 hours.
Note that my boss didnt torture me... Work includes my own work...
Oh... by the way... Chai also broke a few records this year.
Record number one is packing her bags and sleepover at my place so that she can work late at office.Record number two is working from 10pm to 12 midnight to 1am. Note that she only work latest till 11pm if she has to go back to her home. Record number three is sleeping at 3am. She never did this before. She is such an early sleeper so 3am is a huge record.
Err... so sleepy till cannot think liaw...
Erm.. give me a few more days. I should have a normal life again in next week. Argh...

Monday, June 18, 2007


[Last] letter of your full name?g
[Last] thing you ate?ricce dumpling 'chang'
[Last] thing you drank?orange juice
[Last] song you listened to? One of Hillary Duff's songs
[Last] thing you did? watching tv
[Last] movie you watched? I actually have no idea
[Last] TV show you watched? No idea also le
[Last] person who sent you an sms? yuanz
[Last] time you cleaned your room? err... last week?
[Last] CD/Cassette you bought? long ago
[Last] time you cried? saturday noon
[Last] person you chatted online with? lynnx
[Last] person you added to your friendster list? Cant remember
[Last] website you browsed? lynnwei! She tagged me
[Last] person you hated/pissed with? Oooo.... This is easy. But not going to tell
[Last] person you were thinking? Mama aka Grandma
[Last] time you felt sick? now. Flu and cough
[Last] 2 digits of your home phone? 12
[Last] place you went to? bedroom
[Last] book you read? Cant remember o
[Last] person you adored? Joo Ji Hoon
[Last] person you got annoyed with? Cant recall
[Last] person you bought a present for? YB Boss
[Last] person you said happy birthday to? aiks..tis reminds me tat I didnt greet lynnx happy bday. Sorry, lynnx! Happy birthday, yea! and also happy birthday to Jwei also..haha
[Last] person who made you smile? My junior
[Last] person who made you cry? Myself. :p

I was away to Brunei during the weekend for a motivational workshop. I will talk about it soon when I have the time to write about it. I hope I can remember the little little details.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Returned but not disappointed

Remember this?

Well, it was returned. But I am not disappointed. It was nice to imagine what might happen.

Last night, Hling, Chai and I went to Siamese Secrets to have dinner. We had Tom Yam Bee Hoon, Chunky Corn Soup and Hawaiian Pizza. We had too much to eat.

Still have a lot of things to do at work. So tired....

Monday, June 11, 2007

I met a bitch at work

Got this from stickgirl. Think it truly portrays a certain part of my work situation now.

First time kena tagged le...

Aiyer... First time I get tagged le. Haha...

5 things found in your bag:

Sample size CK Summer Eternity perfume
car key
one bag of little little things
one book for notes

5 things found in your purse/wallet:-

I got more than 5 things le...

money $$ and cash vouchers
Cards - membership cards, driving licence, IC, atm card, medical card
Angpow - one lucky angpow and one 1st-day-work angpow
Pix of 4 lovely gals - me, lynnx, lynnw, & ueiying
Useless stuff eg. 3 pieces of useless sim cards (Celcom, digi & hotlink), pieces of bank-in slips, calendar, 3 pieces of train tickets (from nz trip)

That can basically categorise the things in my purse... sweat...

pick5 favourite things found in your room:

my earrings...a growing collection
my bolster...been with me since forever
my perfumes
my joo ji hoon poster
my aircond

5 things you've always wanted to do:-

lose weight...
completely renovate and refurnish my home
travelling to all over the world.. now specially want to go to NZ
strike lottery so that I can have the money to do all the above
find a husband...hahha...

5 things you are currently in to:-

Goong!!! Goong?!
Joo Ji Hoon!!
Korean songs~~
Good food~!!
Healthy eating...Too much watching of Health and Beauty Channel...

people you tag:

err.... dunno la...

First Laptop

hahaha... I finally got myself a new laptop. Never had a new laptop or pc bought under my influence before. I have always used the pc bought by yuanz long ago. That pc has been used least...for more than six years...cause I remember using it for the whole university years. It is so old that whenever I told ppl that it only has 10gig memory and 64kb RAM, they would tell me that it is time to change a new one. Sometimes the old pc will 'merajuk' and refuse to start. But it would always recover when I bring it to the pc shop. However, it has finally decided to go dead on me a few weeks ago.

Time to move on. Presenting my new laptop. Dell...80gig...err...i dunno how many RAM la..haha...

Time to go all emotional... ~Fake a tear and say the all of the below in a very grateful voice~

Firstly, I need to thank my lovely mum for lending me the money for this new laptop. I promised I will pay the money back asap.

Second, my wonderful brother, yuanz, for lending the usage of his credit card to purchase this laptop and also to lend me the other one third of the money for this laptop. Again, I promise I will pay the money... in a few months time and in several instalment la..hehehe

Thirdly, Lynnx for providing such a long list of blogs so that I can easily bookmark the blogs that i often read. Without that list on her blog, I will probably not be able to read some of the blogs I always read. Hehe...


I actually dont know what to do with this new laptop... I sort of gotten used to the old pc that I learnt not to do anything at all.

Oh..Did I mention that the purchase of this laptop also come with a webcam and an inkjet printer/ scanner?


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Little little things

Freaky la... Look carefully at the can...
At Brunei, Laura and I went 'sot' and bought this two pots of plant. I brought it to Lynns' place to ask Aunt Nora to transplant half of it to another pot.
Hmm... Lunch today. At Double Star Restaurant.
Honey Pepper Chicken Rice with White Coffee

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Short Break From Work

It is a long weekend holidays in Sarawak due to Hari Gawai and... err...That should be it.

Actually going to spend this long weekend working in the office. But I went to Brunei instead. For a two days one night trip. With Laura, Kelvin and Aaron.

After a morning of work, I left the office to have lunch with the three of them and then off we went to Brunei. We first went to Naafi for a little retail therapy. After Naafi, we headed to my home, which I cant remember how to go anymore. The journey got more exciting as the weather turned worse, raining super heavily. I hate driving in the rain and hate it even more if it rains very heavily. Fortunately, I am not the one driving.

After a wrong turn and two phone calls, we finally arrived at my home at Brunei to drop off some stuff and getting some spending money from Mum. After that, we went to Hua Ho Mall and did some window shopping.

We spent the night at Traders Inn. Brunei is a place that there is nothing much to do at night. Not much nightlife la... After waiting like an idiot for one hour, we went to get our dinner at Excapade Japanese Restaurant. Yuanz joined in and we all get free dinner. Yea! Thanks, Big Bro~! Luv U~!
Excapade's Japanese Dinner

Like I said, Brunei at night is really...boring. So we stayed in our room and played rummy. Yes, rummy. We rearranged the furniture in the room and improvised the luggage table as the table.
Rummy tiles

We also took break from rummy...and ate the cup noodles that we bought. Yummy... We finally landed in the Dreamland at about 3 am...
My Pop Mie - the one without the cute round thingy

The next day, we had Dim Sum breakfast at Lucky Restaurant with my parents. After a short good-byes, we went shopping at Centrepoint and The Mall. We had lunch at Swensen's...but I really dont feel like eating so Aaron and I had dessert only.
Swensen's Apple Crumble & Lucky Restaurant's Dim Sum

After a stop at Supasave Seria, we went back to Miri. So tired due to lack of sleep.