Sunday, April 26, 2009


I feel sort of disconnected at the moment. I easily forget things. My memory is failing me even more. Not good.

The highlights in between of my MIA are...

Miri PC Fair. I bought My Book and... I went there thrice while the year before, I didnt even go at all. I am really not very much into seeing all those stuff unless I really want to get something. Was companring the scenes of Miri PC Fair with the Singapore PC Fair (or should I say Computer Exhibition at Singapore which I went two years ago) when I was taking the pics below. A lot of difference. But Miri is a small place so not something to complain about. Lynnx was sitting next to me enjoying her lunch, I wasnt alone sitting there in indoor stadium talking to myself. Phew...

Then, there is the Kacang Ma Chicken specially prepared by Carol her attempt to sabo my weight loss plan . I just want to say that I love the way Grandma cooked Kacang Ma Chicken because the ginger was grinded and none can be seen in the soup. Ah.. How I miss the texture of the Kacang Ma....Erm.. the end. I didnt have any dinner tonight so... I shouldnt elaborate too much on food.
The peanut butter for dinner plan, which I mentioned in the previous post, was thwarted. Ended having Wah Tan Ho instead. One week passed in a blink. Actually, I am sort of in shock now cause I just realised that another week has passed. Oh no~~

Must be the PMS 'cause I am having weird mood swings. At this moment, it is a feeling of being abandoned. Weird...

Ah! This is my third time editting this post. Hehe... Anyways, Irene, here is something for you to look at again. Saw it on a chinese magazine. Really love the designs on the magazine. Here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My New Toy

It is Day Two of eating cup noodle for dinner. Going to switch to eating bread with peanut butter next week - cost saving. Hehe... Just want to see what you guys think of the picture below. I had the Spicy Mushroom cup noodle just now and dont you think that piece of mushroom looks so much like a fatty piece of pork?
Just in case you are wondering, I didnt have enough hot water and the noodle and seaweed took away a lot of the water so my noodle appeared to be quite dry....

Also, I just had another impulse buying attack. Erm.. Bought a whole stack of stickers AGAIN. Erm... no, I am not sure what I want to do with them. So... I shall see how lah...
Ok...My new toy. I just bought My Book from the PC fair that is going on in Miri Indoor Stadium from Friday to Sunday. RM439 - 1 TB....
Ermm... Going to make my laptop almost completely empty. Hehe...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I went through the morning in a blur - blur in more than one way. Sure, it was busy. But I cant remember what was so busy about the morning.

Afternoon also went past in a blur too... Seriously... I dont know what happen. I am quite sure I was working on an assignment but did I really take that long to complete that particular assignment?

Then, I found out something - that is too sensitive to enclose here - gosh... I am totally upset. Dismayed is probably the more suitable word.

I should sleep now. I think each time I blogged, it is always close to sleeping time. The only time my brain seems to work well with blogging...

Btw... I suddenly had the thought of organising a makan-makan session. I want to eat Beef Curry~~

Carol, where is the promised kacang-ma chicken?

Sorry~ I am very hungry now since I only had a cup noodle for dinner.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just so you know

I am taking off from work tomorrow. Hehe...

Reason for taking off is because ... I have been feeling tired for the past week. Ever since that crazy overtime I did at the end of March, I have been feeling like dying - even though I still work overtime like crazy. Must be getting old.

Actually... I also need to go and buy things and go to do some bank stuff. Stuff like this cant be done when I am at work. I am looking forward to having breakfast with my cousins, Lynnx and Lingdi. I am looking forward to having to relax for two days in a row - Sunday and Monday.

Btw... Mumsie has been appearing at home more often recently. A lot of stuff recently that made her come to Miri quite often. So... I try to be as tolerable as possible. Erhmm.. My independent lifestyle is pretty much non-existant when she is around - just so you know. But I am not complaining. I am not!
One thing though...I actually really love eating guava. I dont mind eating a whole guava... If you give me the choice between an apple and a guava, I will take guava. Mumsie must have bought quite a lot of guavas when she went to Sarikei. I had one at work the other day. The shape of the guava is like apple... Hehe...
I just posted a scheduled post on wgtgfashion... It is due to appear in 2 more days. We have changed from blogspot to a domain of our own. Do visit there sometimes...

I have been delaying my writing for days... Somehow, I feel like my English level has dropped tonight. Must be because of the Korean movie I just watched - Antique Bakery - acted by my idol, Joo Ji Hoon... The movie somehow is promoting a bit on gay-ism.. Urgh...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Banana Leaf Rice

The above Nasi Briyani and Rendang are quite nice... The rendang is quite spicy though.

Went to eat at this new place... Banana Leaf Rice. A bit hectic the service there. It is their first day so it is expected la...

I am a bit blurry now. Cause it is Sunday. My brain is not really functioning. Somemore... actually wanted to post a picture of me and Laura but... after looking at the photo for a few minutes, I decided that we need to re-take the picture because I look horrible. No double eyelids and an obvious double chin. Not acceptable.

I am sleepy. So.. Bah

p/s: I just discovered that I have an ulcer inside of my mouth. Oh no~

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Have a super scary-looking infection at my lower lips. Have been putting on layers of Vaseline on it. Still painful... Cant stretch my lips to smile or laugh 'cause it will cause the lip to crack. Oh gosh... No pic though. 'Cause it is a bit too scary-looking i wasnt able to capture the picture of it. It is cursed~~

After a hectic and nearing-exhaustion week, I begin to slow down to a more normal pace. But these peaceful days wouldnt last long. Those who knows will know what I am talking about. :p

Joanna... I have posted. Haha...

Irene, something for you to see see look look Click here.