Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What to say?

Let's see... As you all know, I am quite busy. Yea...Busy. So... yea...I guess people are hating me for not updating my blog.

Ermmm..... my hair. It is very long now. Longer than before. I think it is reaching the waist area. But my hair has natural waves so... it is very messy now. Need to find the time to go do something with it soon. Right now, it is either all tied up or in a bun.

Got the bridemaid's dress from Irene the Sept Bride two nights ago. Bad news. I cant fit into the dress. Gasp! Ladies and gentlemen, the September Challenge is still on!! I will fit into the dress!! End of emotional outburst. :p

JWei will be back in Miri on Sunday. Cant wait. My purse shall be drained dry. Wipe the cold sweat on my forehead.

Ermm... Need to get some work done before sleeping. Same thing each time. So much to do, so little time.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ah... I am going to be so stressed out at work. With no one to gossip to. Ok... not really that bad actually but... I am feeling sad about it.

CMF's last day is today. So many things to pack. So many things to do. So little time. Miss her already. No more standing up looking to the back and talking to her. No more looking at the reflection on the window and talking to her. Gosh...

I am feeling really tired now. The fatigue suddenly hit me at about 9pm but I kept working till 1030pm. I wonder if I will pass out or not.

Throat is not feeling well too... Seems to be at the verge of having sore throat and cough. Bad.

Got to swallow an extra vitamin c tomorrow morning. brain kept on thinking 'what to wear tomorrow?'

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another year

Fourth anniversary at Andy Chia & Co.

I am finally a CPA. Going through another peak period in the company. The late nights are taking its toll on me.

It is also JiHoon's birthday but I am quite disappointed with his latest drug stint and also not very much into his latest movie, Antique Bakery.

Got a lot of work to do. Woke up too many times this morning so I am feeling a bit blur at the moment.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joke of the year

Yes... But should be joke blunder of the month. Come on la...It cant be the joke blunder of the year, ok?


I had a sleep full of dreams...When I suddenly heard someone calling me, I woke up and thought that I must be still dreaming. Why? Because no one was at home so... I opened the door and saw Jong and Carol there.

Why are these two people here? Hold on. It is so bright now. Last night I forgot to bring my handphone to my room. I didnt hear my alarm yet and it is very bright. Oh shit~~~~~~~!!!!

It is 10am. It is a working day. I am not on leave. Yes, I have just overslept and my two colleagues are standing outside my room. They broke into my house. Ermm..Wait. Make that six colleagues came to my house to see if I am alright. The other four arrived a bit later while I was still explaining to my Dad on the phone that I am alright.

Then, I heard the whole office was worried that I might be hurt or something when I wasnt at the office and I didnt call to inform. I also heard that everyone went silent and had a really huge sweat on their forehead when they heard that I JUST overslept. :p

And then, I heard that a friend came over much earlier but he didnt manage to come into the house. Hurt himself somemore when he broke into the house compound. Sorry

Everyone, thanks for your concern over me. I am touched that you guys are so worried about me. But this is so embarrassing and I am still trying to get over the embarrassment. I understand that living alone is dangerous. I promise that I will be extra careful. There wouldnt be a next time. Promise.

Err...So paise~~~~!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mummy's Day

Ahh... I am back in Miri le... Surprisingly...Dad decided to come to Miri on Sunday afternoon instead of Monday afternoon.

Celebrated Mother's Day with eating Shabu shabu...Very very full. Seriously...
Erm... I am not feeling myself. so... I am ending this post quite prematurely. I wanted to write more but... I am totally stuck. Meanwhile... watch out for my post on this t-shirt.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Miss me?

I have been missing from blogging again... Needless to say, I have been busy at work and will continue to be busy till end of June. Tough...

ok... I actually kept putting off writing this blog post. I have been wanting to take out some of the few photos that I have taken in my handphone to use in this post but... many many reasons of not being able to do so but explaining too much made me looks more guilty.

Currently I am on my bed... Trying to stay awake... for what reason? Hehe...

I am stalking someone.

I have constantly checking my googletalk. Waiting for this person to go offline. But so far, this person is still online. I am curious of the reason..purpose...of this person staying online till such late hours..or should I say early hours.

Gonna go to Brunei tomorrow and will be stuck there till...Monday late afternoon. I have prepared 2 issues of Cleo, 2 files of invoices to be issued payment vouchers and four movies to get through the weekend and the day time of Monday. I know this sounds like I am preparing for some sort of boring holidays but trust me, I have nothing to do in Brunei so the best thing is to bring something to do there. In fact, I am considering which one of the Twilight saga should I bring to Brunei. Got to be fully prepared le...

Oh no.. I am dozing off but the person I am stalking is still online. How~?!