Thursday, April 26, 2007

One Cup Three Straws

Last Saturday, went to eat dim sums at Grand Palace's Han Palace. It has been so long since I went there to eat. I do believe the last time was when the Tings were in Miri. So, that is like December. I am not very sure why it is like that but I felt as if the dim sums are no longer as nice as I remember them. Apart from the prawn dumplings, I prefer the dim sums at Mega Hotel.

Anyways.... Went to Sugarbun yesterday with Chai and HLing. To have dinner after sending out and collecting documents ar Imperial Mall. The picture below is our private joke. One cup three straws. So loving~

CPA exam... on the 7th... Module studied is only 1.25 modules. Module left to study is 3.75 modules. Time left... not much. I am dead meat.

Goal - 20
Achieved - 2
More to Go - 18
--> Aiyaks~!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random events and JWei's Return

Been quite a few days since I have updated my blog. Hmm..lots have happen but a lot is un-blog-able...Anyways...

Recently got a new item in my room. A place to hang my earrings. Previously my earrings are hung on a string and the string starting to drop because of the weight it has to support. I have been wanting to get a sushi roll mat to hang the earrings. When I mentioned this idea to HuiLing, she immediately went to get a wooden mat...not sushi mat..cause sushi mat is too small. She bought a wooden mat and got me one as well. As soon as I hang all of my earrings up, well , almost all of my earrings, I discovered that I actually really dont have that much earrings...Time to get more earrings...Ordered three more pairs online. Gosh... Spending money without even getting out of the house. Terrible.

Then, the poster of JiHoon is up in my room. erm...erm...Second poster is still on its way...hehe..

Then, more of JiHoon... He acted in the commercial for this butter waffle in Korea...And when I saw this Julie's butter waffle in Sin Liang the other day, I just went gila-tic and took a pic of the box... No, I didnt buy the butter waffle 'cause it is not of the same brand as the brand he acted in. :p

Finally, the Har Mee that Dancing Queen been promoting. I finally see it at Sin Liang Supermarket. Tried it and it is Goooodd~~~~ It is nothing like the Maggi Mee Udang. It actually tasted like the real Prawn Noodle.

Went to Miri Cafe for JWei's final dinner before he flew back to KL the next day. Hmm..Been years since I have eaten at Miri Cafe. The last time was during Christmas and I remembered having beef steak while the Lynns had turkey. This time, I had chicken chop and JWei and I shared a plate of fried calamaris. Overall, the dinner was disappointing. The fried calamaris is not as crunchy as I have hoped. The chicken chop was too dry and I am not a big fan for french fries.

Oh! We (JWei, Tomato, Nanotay and I) went for a Chinese dinner (as JWei like to call it). He actually wanted to have dinner at Miri Cafe but decided otherwise. The original location is supposed to be Tanjung Seafood Restaurant but since they doesnt have Sambal Ikan Panggang, we moved to Yih Ha Hai instead. We also had bilin fried in red wine, dried butter chicken and mixed veggie in yam ring. After dinner, we went to Bintang Plaza for some window shopping before moving on to Coffee Bean for drinks.

And this is Nobby's Nuts in smoked bacon's flavor. Not bad... Yuanz bought it at the Gurkha's army store at Seria.

Busy with work ad work and work... Going to have my CPA exam very very soon and I am very behind in my studying. I am so dead.

I want to have that kind of body... Got to lose weight la... Btw, she is Eun Hye, the princess in Goong...

Aduh~~ So many things to think and worry...

Goal - 20
Achieved - 3
More To Go - 17
--> Dont ask... -_-

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Goong Madness

In my previous post, I mentioned about me shopping online in eBay. Well.. One of my shopping items is Goong Original DVD. (Lynnwei, I still want that dvd from you...hehe) Anyways...After five days of waiting, the auction is finally over and although I was outbid twice, I managed to get the DVD at RM68.00.

Because the auction ended during weekend, I had to wait till Monday for the buyer to confirm that he/she has the money from me and send the DVD to me. What I didnt expect is that the DVD actually arrived earlier than the other stuff I bought.

It arrived on the 11th April. My hands were shaking with excitement and I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Hehe...

This piece of update is a little out-dated but dont care la... On Saturday, HuiLing helped me to get JiHoon's posters from IdolHouse. So currently, I have two posters of JiHoon. When I was still in the office working, my mind was reeling with thoughts of how to preserve the posters and where to hang it in my room.

As soon as I left the office, I went to Popular Bookstore to get two black cardboards and one roll of plastic wrapper. Basically I made a frame out of the cardboard and then use the plastic wrapper to protect the poster. Because of the slight opening between the cardboard and wrapper, the Winnie the Pooh sticky tape came in handy.The Winnie the Pooh sticky tape was given to me during Christmas. It becomes the inner frame of the cardboard frame.

I still havent made the second frame for the second poster. Still procrastinating. The first one is already on the wall of my room. I stare at it every morning and night while listening to the OST of Goong.

Hehe... Next aim is Goong earrings.

Cant resist to put another photo of them...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Earning in RM

When I first read about it on Lynnx's blog, I was thrilled. This is a chance to actually earn online money in RM. No longer do I have fret about how to get the payment etc. etc. etc.

I have always been interested to earn extra cash. To be able to earn some cash from my blog is actually great considering that I dont really have to do much but write more blog posts.

I have joined a few online advertising services. But more than often, I find it hard to fully-utilise the services. They are just not 'friendly' to me. It seems so confusing to me.

Advertlets is actually so easy to sign on and apply. I cant believe how fuss-free it is.

I look forward to earnextra cash from!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

What is in your bag?

I have almost all sort of things in my working bag. It has actually gotten to the point where I have to dig around a lot before I can actually find what I want.

Yesterday, I finally found a solution to my problem.

A mesh bag for the small small things aka my handphone cable, my little diary book, etc. By doing so, I can easily find things in my working bag.

So...right now...the content of my working bag is of my Braun Buffel purse, Calvin Klein small bag, mesh bag, my slimming tea, and my travel size Eternity Summer perfume.

My working bag look so much tidier now. Muahahah~~!

Btw, JiHoon is now acting in a new series called "The Devil" and he is the bad guy. :( It was said that his acting in the series is very good o. i wonder if I should watch it or not. The pic below is his look in the series. He actually lose some weight so that he can look more like his character.
Looks a bit like Vanness....What do you think, ka-zens?

Dont have to go out to shop

Recently I am sort of hooked to Ebay Malaysia. Forever checking out what is for sale there. So far... well, not going to tell how much have I spent. Not much...I am being very choosy.

I am planning to go to Coffee Bean sometime soon. Not free enough to go yet. Still have my RM 20 cash vouchers. Need to use it before it expires in May.

Oh! The other day when I read xiaxue's blog, I found that that pack of seaweed is so familiar. Then, when I went to Watson, I finally understand why. It is also sold in Watson. I bought a packet of the seaweed and also a pack of oyster mushroom crisps. I brought the packs to work so that I can share with others (and because I dont think I will eat it if I put it at home). The seaweed is yummy but the mushroom is ..urgh~! disgusting.

Still busy at work. Will continue to be busy for the next few months.

Jinnwei will be back on Tuesday morning. Hmm... Someone at home with me. It is going to be interesting.

Just in case you think I am no more addicted to Goong...

I am not cured yet.

Goong on 8tv finally ended tonight. Hmm..No more other drama series to look forward to watch. Oh well...

So far, I have saved around... perhaps...300 plus pics of Goong, Joo Ji Hoon, and Yoon Eun Hye. Continue searching for more.

I will continue on !!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Struggling with my work, my studying, my tv time and my other something time.

Work - Stressed out with the assignments. Everything seems to be put on hold. This year, I felt as if the bad things befallen on me this year. One lousy assignment after another.

Studying - havent make any progress yet. I am getting worried about not being able to do well this time. The previous time I freaked out the night before the exam... fortunately, I passed it. Got to study~~!!

TV time - I have a few tv programs that I ritually watch every week..Missed out on some of the programs this week. Damn~!

This morning, went to visit Great Grandma's and Grandpa and Grandma's graves. The amount of people isnt as much as previous year. Probably because everyone else has done it yesterday during the public holiday, Prophet Muhammad's Birthday.

Yesterday went to use Lynn's pc to watch youtube videos. All related to Goong. I was looking for one specific video that I saw in a picture. But couldnt find it. My home pc is too lousy to watch youtube videos. Joanna and Huiling have gotten the Goong virus and the three of us are crazy about Goong now. Hehe...

My Office Desktop Picture

Ohya~! I just placed a bid on EBay Malaysia for an original dvd on Goong (i think)and a Guess watch... Cham lo~! When I go out window shopping, I usually will have some sort of impulse buying. Now, even stay at home, I also have online impulse buying. Someone have got to stop me~!

Ohye~! Recently, cousins and I have started a healthy habit. Once a week, that is every Sunday, we will go to the small hill nearby our place to walk/jog. Amanda and I are still at the walking stage while Lynthia is jogging. Last Sunday, the two little ones, Lynna and Abelle, joined us for the walk/jog. I think it is a good practice because that way we are sort of motivating each other and forces each other to ,at least, do some exercise. :P

Bought a dried sotong yesterday for the grave-visiting today. When I brought the sotong home, I suddenly remembered a scene in Goong. The romantic part of the Prince and Princess at the beach. Muahaha....

Notice the dried sotongs at the background?

Me with the dried sotong I bought

-_- I know it is lame.