Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Message to Carol

Dear Carol,

Good morning. I have a favor to ask of you this fine morning. Could you please help me to make booking for the RM200 room at the opposite karaoke place? Book the room for tonight. I will be calling you a bit later at about 8am something to ask you in case you don't check my blog (which means you are lying to me about being my loyal blog reader. Kidding~!)

Thanks in advance.


p/s: Ignore the date of the post. I have no idea how to change it to 31st December because of the time. :p

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A longer post

Someone told me that I have been writing rather short blog posts. Which is true...'cause I dont really have much to write. Gasp~

Anyways, instead of feeling discouraged, I felt rather challenged and decided to look really hard for something to write. Yosh...
I have been eyeing at this piece of flowery thingy at Lovely Lace for quite some time. Really want to get it but didn't buy it because it is of no use at all. Haha... Just want to have it for the sake of having it. Got it as a Christmas present. Yea~~ Apart from this, I also got a dozen can of beer during the Christmas gift-exchange at Rex Box... Sweat~
I have an obsession with dark glittery purple nails recently. I just couldnt stop myself from buying it. Erm...The colour has chipped off from the nails. Haha...I am not a dainty person. Going to have it on my nails till the first day of the new year and then no more.

Which brings me to talk about my new job in the new year. Going to start this new job at this company which I still have no idea what name. Hopefully everything will go well.
I seriously think that my english is getting worse and worse. And so, I have been doing a bit of light reading recently in order to improve it. Mills & Boon. Romance novels. Erm... Haha... No pressure or stress from reading them.

Carol, want to borrow them?

Re-watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians the other day. Kim K went for Lasik surgery and she claims she can see quite well overnight. The whole surgery seems to be painless and quite easy... I think I hear someone's friend went for this Lasik surgery as well. I wonder if i can also go for it. Maybe do it at Stahl Eye Center.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another year

My blog has aged another year. Whoa.. Fifth year le.

Went to Brunei and came back with a flu. Nevertheless, I still went out to party for Xmas... I think I am still tired from still having a bit of flu left and too much activities... Probably also because I cant sleep when I wanted to sleep...


Monday, December 21, 2009

Am I not capable enough?

This is really pissing me off. Am I really that not capable of driving all the way to Bandar? Why can't they just trust me and let me do it?

Arrgghh... I am so pissed off~!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is the time

This is the time that I hate to see food pics... Karma...

Because I am skipping dinner and I am hungry. Grr...

Drinking this slightly bitter drink that is supposed to help strengthen/heal/fortify the kidneys...or is it the liver?

Sleeping early to curb the hunger. Going to wake up to a morning of great breakfast. Yes~!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just realised that I went into my non-post mode again. Haha...

Erm... Firstly, hair - i didnt cut it short. Change of mind. Mum said it is better to perm (and colour). But she said she didnt say that when I told everyone that she is the one who changed my mind. She was merely commenting how permed (and coloured) hair is much nicer. Bleh... i am still looking for that killer picture of me in permed (and black) hair.

As for my job searching quest, well, it is still in progress. Too many uncertainties.

My weight is still the same. I have been getting mixed reviews from people. Some people said that I have lost some weight. Some people said that I have gained weight. The scale says that I still weigh the same. Haha... I have been really hardworking - go walk at Taman Bulatan on weekdays. :D

And then...there is this annoying thing. The tenant. He is overdue on his first month rent payment. WTF (Sorry). The broker, whom I messaged, did not return my message. WTF (Sorry again). Just sent a sms to the tenant. Hopefully the payment will come in fast. Otherwise, I might have to actually go and ask face to face liaw.

Ok.. About time to go. Time to walk off the fats.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


It has been so long since I last had short hair. At least 7 years already, I think. I shall cut it this month. Dont know how short am I willing to go for yet. Mental preparation..mental preparation. Hehe...

Tidied my wardrobe today. Got rid of quite a lot of clothes. A bit sayang but they must go. Old dont go, new very hard to come in. Hehe...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Life so far

In case you are wondering, that's Sherp and I. We were preparing for a cleaning job so we decided to camwhore with the masks and gloves. Miss having her around.

Anyways, I am currently... jobless, to put it in the simplest way. Planning to just relax. Take my time. Enjoy life. Hehe... Only for this month though. If I continue on, Mum might kill me. :p