Sunday, March 29, 2009

The September Challenge

Inspired by my September Challenge, CT and JY (only can give initials because they are protecting their identities. :p) had created a ... competition. This is a competition between the 3 of us. Whoever loses the most weight will get treated to makan at Citrus by the other two losers. Our witness to this contract also included in the makan session. No limit to the expenditure at Citrus - at least 2 ppl are sharing the cost. Cutoff date to this challenge is.. well, it is September it is 30th September 2009.

So far, I seems to be still eating quite a lot le. :p

p/s: I just noticed something on the contract... I think I am mistaken. It is one person treat 3 ppl . Shit~~~!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hallo. I am GohYN CPA.

Muahaha.... Finally! Finally!!!

I am officially a CPA today (according to the email sent to me at 4.00am this morning).

Ok... What now?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am craving for ...


Gosh... I really want to eat kacangma now. Seriously.
But then, I should just be happy eating this egg tart (courtesy of Kueh). Ah...But I, kind of, also want to eat Mega Hotel's egg tart now.

Ermm... Cannot blame me Can only blame myself. Didnt eat dinner properly. I just had something called Yoyo Bun from Hot Cross Buns and a packet of green tea (courtesy of Joanna).

Ohya! Been meaning to show this. Got it when I went over to grandaunt's place. The Mahathir breed mango... This one actually still has potential to grow bigger but it dropped when grandaunt went to chop off some of the leaves.

You must be wondering if it is sweet and have I eaten it. Well, the mango is not for me. :p So, I dont know... Haha...

Very very busy at work. A rush to the last minute. Then a slow down and then rush again and then another slowdown and the final rush...Damn.. Must be getting old already. Already feel so tired.

Good night...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Say Hello to Mrs Goh~

Me Mother...

Is this the first time I show her on this blog? Lazy to check.

Anyways, she has told me since Monday that she will be coming to Miri on Friday. Erm.. People, usually when my Mum said that she will come to Miri, this is actually a warning to me to clean up the house. To give the house a bit of tidying up. Hehe...

It is embarrassing but it is the truth. I am not the cleanest person on earth. I dont mind to see quite a bit of mess. But my Mum is not like me. She cannot stand the mess and dirt. And so...

I cleaned up the house a bit just now and then... suddenly, a car honked outside of the house.

Me Mummy is here! She followed my relative's car to come to Miri. Wahlau aa~~ This is like spot check la. Phew... Fortunately I have just swept the floor. Muahaha...

Anyways..back to work. Actually...more like time to sleep. Bah.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I suspect

For ppl who knows of my home, they will know that my home is actually quite audible and close to my neighbours. I have the habit of having the car porch light on whole night and my neighbour has the habit of not having the car porch light on.

Today... I noticed something. I came home late and I forgot to switch on the porch light when i was home earlier of the evening. My neighbour had their porch light on and mine is off.

After I entered the house, I switched on the porch light and out of curiousity, I looked over to my neighbour's porch and noticed that their porch light is off!

Hmm... My conclusion is that my neighbour must be very caring of me. Stayed up late to wait for me to come home.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it going down the drain again?

My 10kg Challenge is changed to September Challenge due to a specific reason. I mentioned it to LS and she doesnt have much confidence in me reaching this. She said that I have been saying it forever and never see any result.
I guess she is right.
I cant remember the last time I went to Micheal's Steamboat. What have changed there? Well, they dont use margarine anymore. They now use cooking oil for the bbq part. Then.. other than that, I have no idea.
Then... after some time, I went to eat pizza hut at Pizza Hut. Had Deli Wings... So yummy... Actually, I dont mind having the classic flavour again. Been eating these new flavours for too many times.

Then dinner on the same day...Citrus... Ermm... I shall console myself that there is no meat. I had the Mushroom Fiesta Pasta... Halfway through eating my dinner, this thought appeared in my mind. I miss eating meat. Haha... A failure in becoming a vegetarian.

Ermm... After eating so much, I was thinking to have something really beneficial. A boost of vitamin. So... I had a bottle of passion fuit prepared... It was kind of sour so I actually get awaken by its sourness when I was a bit sleepy.

I am feeling a bit bored. Doesnt know what to do. I have things to do but I just cant bring myself to work on those. This is bad. I am getting lazier.

Expecting myself to be more and more busy at work.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I will survive

Very busy. But I feel guilty for not updating my blog. :p

I will survive this, ppl!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pasta Fiesta

Ah~ Citrus is having a Pasta Fiesta at the moment. I have tried its Thai Tom Yam Seafood Pasta. It has really mild tom yam taste which is just nice.

Office has lost a guy colleague. We are now down to only four guy colleagues (inclusive of YB Boss). Kind of sad, right? This figure will continue to dwindle down as another guy will leave at the end of this month. Gee...

Work has been really hectic recently. Time just breezed through. I am actually dreading the workload. Maybe it is the tiredness. I guess one can only stay enthusiastic about such amount of work for a few years and then he or she will burn out.

The walking at the hill routine went on for four days and then now, a break. Expecting to eat less in this coming week onwards~ I shall call it my September Challenge.

Feeling kind of down-ish at the moment. Pissed off in fact. Resignation...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Ah! So busy recently. There are so many things that I want to do and there is just not enough time in a day to do it all. Ah~

I have re-lived my old hobby - reading. In fact, for this past two months, I have been investing in purchasing a few books. Usually, I wouldnt even buy. I will just simply borrow them from somewhere. Somehow, this has changed. I have bought three out of four books from the Twilight Saga. And today, I bought this.

Seriously, I have no idea how will I find the time to actually read.

So many things to do, so little time. Time to sleep. Have to wake up early to do something that I hope will become a habit.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Eventful weekend

It is the final non-working Saturday this week. Ah~ It is time to plunge myself into the hell-ish feverish work status - overtiming to the extreme. Anyways... to commemorate this Saturday, I went to Brunei with Laura, Kelvin and ChiIng. We went to have Escapade lunch and did some shopping. I watched this tv program of a girl who is in Japan and she introduced this bowl of rice with slices of sashimi and fish roe. Ever since then, I have been wanting to eat this dish. I forgot the name but I have now satisfied my craving. Yea~!

Coming back from Brunei, we made an impromptu decision to visit the Crocodile Farm. Erm... yea... We did.

Then... we made another decision to eat crabs for dinner and so we began our search for crabs. Too bad, there wasnt any crab available on Saturday... so no crabs.

Today, Laura, Kelvin and I went on to complete our crab-bing plan. Laura and I bought the crabs...and here is the result.Laura killed, cleaned and cooked the crabs. Yummy~ Tomato Crabs

We also had some fried chicken too...Crispy!
Ah~ Going to miss staying at home on Saturday terribly.

And the rest of the trip...

There will be food...and more food. Haha...


Due to the balance credit that we had from the exchange of Bangkok trip, each of us had Nasi Lemak in our flight back to KL from Penang. It is... just ok..

At first, we wanted to get our luggage home and then come out to shop. But, we decided not to 'cause the travelling time will only tires us and waste our time. Instead, we put our luggage at KL Sentral and headed to Midvalley. Truthfully, we were already tired but we still walked and looked around with a few items that we hope to get from this trip, eg. card shuffler.

For dinner, we had a meal set at Chicken Rice Shop. The braised chicken is different from the one we have in Miri. I feel as if it just merely has a different glaze on it. :p


For this day, we went to Low Yat, Sungei Wang, Lot 10 and Pavilion. Slowly walking around... Savoring donuts... I tasted both Green Tea Donut from Big Apple Bakery and JCo. and I decided that JCo donut is softer and thus nicer. Hehe...

Once again, we have decided to have Japanese Buffet. We chose to go to Saisaki because two years ago when we went there, we really love the choice there. But this time around, it is somewhat disappointing. Guess there will not be any more Japanese buffet for us.
After the dinner, we walked to KLCC for little window shopping and headed home.


This day, we had gotten ourselves a rented car. It came a little late so we started our day late. 1 Utama is the first destination - straight away had lunch when we arrived there. Due to the fact that we couldnt go to Thailand, we decided to have some Thai food. And so, we went to a Thai Restaurant called Bar B Q Plaza. It is something like Micheal Steamboat actually. We can cook meat on hot plate and at the same time cook veggie in the chicken stock soup.

Then, we window-shopped around. Kelvin had been wanting to try out Fish Spa and we found a really cheap deal at Jusco Home Centre (I think). RM5 for 10 minutes. The time is not too long and it is cheap. So, all of us did the fish spa. It is ticklish at first but after that, it is alright. After that, we left the place for Ikea. Food... Had the meatballs and chicken wing. More window-shopping. Well, actually I did buy something from Ikea. Something to hold the plastic bags. Been wanting to get one. :D
Initially, we were hoping to cover 1 Utama, Ikea, The Curve and Ikano Power Centre by 3pm and go to Genting. But our timing is totally off and we ended up arriving at Genting at 10pm.
I didnt gamble. Dont have the budget to do so. I cant afford to lose 'cause I still need to survive a few more days for my salary to come in. We left Genting at 1.20am and slept at 430am. We somehow managed to lose our way take the longer route home, which explain why we slept at 430am.


Part of the plan of getting a rented car is to go to Malacca by ourselves. With a little guide from wiki-travel, Laura, Kelvin and I headed to Malacca some time before noon. Of course, we had breakfast first. Bak Kut Teh. Specifically Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh. They actually added a whole packet of Enoki Mushroom into the pot. I saw it! Yummy~ me heart enoki mushroom~ We finally arrived at Malacca - we were kind of blur of how to go to Malacca that we were really paying attention to every single road sign. Erm... first stop is the local product shop lor... Tan Kim Hock Local Product Store... Then, to that Christ Church and then to Jonker Walk and then... we drove around and then we saw AFamosa and then we go to the shopping mall and then we drove back to KL. Kind of boring right?
But...we did got lost trying to find the exit of Malacca. We drove into a kampung and went out to continue searching for the exit. We also had a frightening time driving back to KL as we encountered a rainstorm at the highway. I have never seen such heavy downpour.

Upon arriving at KL, we decided to go to Pasar Malam and then to eat crabs. Due to the rain, the pasar malam is very damp. Not much stalls also. Sigh... Then, we went to eat Giant Crabs... Erm... Ok lo...The taste is like that lor...

After dinner, we went to 1 Utama for one short hour of window shopping.


The car company guy was really late to collect the car from us. We had a movie to catch at 2pm...and fortunately, we made it. Fast-paced walking from KLCC to Pavilion. Met up with JWei, by the way. Ah! A drain to my finances...

Anyways, we watched The Punisher and it was...violent. Non stop violence from start till end. Ohmigosh...

After the movie and window-shopping at Pavilion, we headed to Sungei Wang... Waited for Kelvin's handphone to be fixed and then went to have some GuiLingGao. Everyone need to cool down their body heat. Must definitely remember to drink more water. :p

Final dinner is Kim Gary. JWei had the Korean Spicy Ramen while I had the Unagi Seafood Cheese Baked Rice. Both Jwei and I shared the French Toast...
We went home early this day because we were leaving the next day and Laura's cousins has verbally expressed that they wanted to play with us. :p We ended up just talking actually... And Jeffrey found out that I am an easy victim to bully so I had to handle him before his mum brought him to go sleep. Ohmigosh... Luckily, he only found out about this fact this late. Otherwise, how will I survive?!?!


We, as in Laura, Kelvin and I, decided to leave Sunway Pyramid as our shopping destination on this final day because it is near to the place we are staying, which is Laura's Uncle's place at SS...i forgot. :p

For brunch, we had Wendy's. A fast food restaurant that serves burger that has square meat patties. The burgers are actually very nice.

After some window shopping, we sat down to have waffle. Actually, we were still full at the time but we still decided to eat anyways...That's my Blueberry Waffle.

430pm, went to airport by taxi and... 7pm, flew back to Miri. Back to normal everyday life.

I have calculated my expenditure and... I have roughly spent RM1500 (exclusive of air ticket). A bit over-budget but I can still manage. :D

Now... where shall I go next?