Monday, July 28, 2008


Yea! Finally got the pics to post. Hehe...So..anyways, because it was first time, we sat at Table No. 1. Just to mark the occasion. Ok, not true. Just happen to sit there la.

I had the chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I haven't poured the mushroom sauce so there isn't any sauce on the chicken chop in the pic but let me tell you this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SAUCE because... it has three types of mushrooms in it and one of the mushrooms is enokitake!! My favourite. Muahaha... :p
Then, we shared the Calamari Fritti...which was a bit of disappointment. One is because I prefer the calamari to be a bit at the chewy juicy texture than the crunchy texture. Two is because the wasabi mayo sauce is bitter. Sweat. But I am sure they will improve it!

Then... Dessert... The couple shared the Honey Mudslide. I like the way the food is displayed.
Citrus's Honey Mudslide
It has a different feel if you compared it to the Mudslide we had at Coffee Club, Singapore.
Coffee Club's Mudslide

I want to try the Chocolate Fondue but instead I ordered the Banana Crumble. It wasn't too bad. But Aaron's Apple Crumble is not as good as the one we had at Swensen's, Brunei. That was good... Yum....

Swensen's Apple Crumble

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am busy yet free

Today is a weird day... I seems to have a lot to do and yet there seems to be too much time.

Truthfully, I want to sit at the sofa and watch tv. But there isnt anything to watch. And it is not because there isnt any interesting program on tv. It is because I am still 'astro-less'

I dislike the talk about why arent I getting a astro set myself. Why should I? Dont even get me started on why I dont have an Astro set. Anyways, it is my way of silent protest. So, hush!

Anyways... I wanted to post the pics from my first visit to Citrus but then... I dont have all the pics. Should have brought a digicam to take pics but I dont have the digicam with me now. :p

So..instead of posting what I had on the 'first time', I shall post what I ate on my second time. Today's lunch...
Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

Since I am a spicy food eater, I managed to gobble up half of the pasta before pepperly spicy-ness gets too much for me. I guess they will tone down the spicy-ness... Cause I gave feedback to the owner about the food so the food will improve.

Erm... Just in case you are curious of the interior of the restaurant, you can check it out here. The guy wrote a review on the place and he has really nice pics of the food. Hmmpphh... Mine was taken with my handphone. :p


Friday, July 25, 2008

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?

That's the name of the 23rd single by Tohoshinki. I will order that as soon as I have enough amount for free shipping. 'Cause at this moment, my total shopping amount is still lack of USD0.02 to qualify for free shipping. Shit! Just 2 cents le...

Anyways... the reason why I am addicted to this song right now is because...

Well, you guys should know that I am trying to pick up Japanese and Korean from watching dramas. Hehe... And at that time, I just learn the word 'Doushite' from LingDi. Btw, Doushite means Why. Then, when I heard the preview of this "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?", I realised that the first word sung is "Doushite" and I thought "What a coincidence! I just learnt this word."

Another reason, which is just as lame as the first one, is that the song name is so long. "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?" Long, right? So, it is so difficult to sing just this one sentence. Sherp and I are still trying to finish singing this whole sentence. I hope that I can sing it well by the time Sherp come back from her KL trip. And by 'it', I mean that particular sentence, not the whole song. Sweat.

And just for the fun of it, here is the romanisation of the lyric and the translation of the song.


Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni
Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi
Doushite kimi ni nani mo tsutaerarenakattan darou?
Mainichi maiban tsunotteku omoi
Afuredasu kotoba, wakatteta no ni (mou todokanai)
Hajimete deatta, sono hi kara
Kimi wo shitteita ki ga shitan da
Amari ni shizen ni tokende shimatta futari
Doko e iku no ni mo issho de
Kimi ga iru koto ga touzen de
Bokura wa futari de otona ni natte kita
Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi
Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni (mou kanawanai)
Tokubetsu na imi wo motsu kyou wo
Shiawase kao de tatsu kyou wo
Kirei na sugata de kami sama ni chikatteru, kimi wo
Boku ja nai hito no tonari de
Shukufuku sareteru sugata wo
Boku wa dou yatte miokureba ii no darou?
Mou doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Ano koro mo, bokura no koto, mou moderenai (kangaeta) modorenai (kangaeta)
Doushite kimi no te wo tsukami ubaenakattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Boku no yoko ni, iru hazu datta (sono mama nii)
Sore demo kimi ga boku no soba nara to itte mo
Eien ni kimi ga shiawase de iru koto
Tada negatteru
Tatoe sore ga donna ni sabishikutemo (setsunakutemo)

Credits: crescent @ boajjang forums & DBSKer Archives


Title: Why did I end up falling for you?

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed,I thought that you would always be here
But you have chosen a different road
Why wasn't I able to convey to you?
My feelings that were growing everyday and night
The words begin to overflow
But I know they won't reach you now
From the first day that I met you
I felt like I knew you
And the two of us melded together so naturally
Wherever we would go, it would be together
It was so natural for you to be with me
We became adults together
But you chose a different road
Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed,I thought that you would always be here (but not anymore)
Today, the day that holds a special meaning
The day that you stood with a smile of happiness
Praying to God in your beautiful appearance
With the person next to you who isn't me
The image of you receiving blessings
How could I just stand aside and watch
So why did I end up falling for you?
We can't go back to that time, or how we were (I've thought it through)
Why wasn't I able to take your hand?
No matter how much time passes
You always should've been by my side
Now it will never come true
But, even though I say that I need you close to me
I just pray that you will be happy forever
No matter how lonely that makes me (or how sad)

Credits: crescent @ boajjang forums & DBSKer Archives

Err... Ok... I know this is boring. Lame, in fact.

I promise a food post soon. Once I get the pics. PROMISE!

And finally... Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday wishes..again

Firstly...since this is late, Happy Belated Sweet 16th Birthday to Nanotay!

And then to Jeng, Happy Half Quarter-Century-th Birthday!! Hehe....

CPA book has arrived. Gasp! Super thick the book. Cham!

Ok..that's all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am back

I am actually "with internet" for the last few days. But I was...busy. Muahaha...

Ah! The heart-throbbing pic! *Blush*

Been makan-ing. Last week, before the "internet-less" time, I went to eat at ... Escapade?No!... Err... Shiki! That's it. This took me about ten minutes to remember the name of the restaurant. Gosh... I miss Excapade. The sashimi at Shiki wasnt very fresh... Actually, I also ate udon but it looks not very appetising in pic so... no pic here.

Erm... Sherp, Veep and parents are in Miri...and Sherp has been my roomie for a few nights already. We had been makan-ing too. Yummy yummy....
There is also a morning when we (lynnwei, Sherp and I) went to Taman Selera to enjoy the sea breeze and view.
Ah... Have got to congrats Lynna for winning the tennis competition...and then also Abelle for her effort in the competition. And then, I just want to show this pic. 'Cause I think it looks really nice. Last but not least, Happy belated Birthday to Sherp!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The router is fried. gone. no more. dead.

My house phone is also fried. gone crazy.

All due to the lightning early this morning. About 5am.

The thunder was so loud that it woke me up, tripped the electricity, caused the cars' alarm to go off like crazy.

I think my laptop is still ok. I am not sure if there is any side effect to the laptop.

Planning to get a new router as soon as possible. Two or three more days. Somehow, I am accepting the fact so calmly that I need to get a new router.


Ei... So how do I post this? Hehe... Thanks to Lynns le... Hehe...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am indeed a Glutton

Ah! The long overdue pics from my dining experience at Fratini... I went some time ago and tried out something different. Err...ok, not all different. My secret friend and I had the Fried Calamari, Bruschetta and I-forgot-the-name-pasta. It was very fiilling... Hehe...Then...this morning.... there are these doughnuts from KK.... I had the strawberry one. Yum yum... Not forgetting the really cold Honey Sea Coconut that I had with Lynnwei and Jasmine this afternoon. Weather has been very warm these days. It was so refreshing to eat ice...
Thoughts of the day:-

"I miss my car"

"I wish I have the determination to slim down" Ok..this is such a boring statement from me. Everytime just know how to say, no action. I admit. I confess. I totally agree. But. I cant help it.

Erm... Been watching J-Drama... Maybe I should go for Japanese lessons. Hehe...

And then... I havent received my singles yet... So confirmed that it is lost in post. Sigh... So I have requested for a re-ship and they told me that one of the singles is out of print already. Damn....


Trying to feel better. Trying to cheer up. I may look ok outside but I am not inside.

I am still fridge-less, astro-less..and have a substitute car at the moment.

Someone suggested to me that I should blog about my thoughts of the day.

Here goes...

"I dont care what you think about me. But since you cant accept what I think and feel, I will just keep it inside and do as I like and feel."

"I wonder if people really understand and know me."

"Can I revert back to old self?"

The end

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yet again

I am depressed again.... Seriously depressed.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I used to crave for ... McD?

But not tonight...Tonight... I am craving for kimchi bokkeumbap aka kimchi fried rice... I wonder where can I find some kimchi so that I can cook it myself...

Ah... I think my wisdom tooth is growing... How to confirm it? It is making me feel kind of miserable especially today. The side of my mouth almost gone numb with the dull pain because of it. Aaaah!

The internet connection has gone pretty sucky at home these idea why...

Ah! Should I also mentioned about the night when my car decided to die on me? It was so scary...

I am too miserable to continue...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bday and Chocos

Last night is the latest time record for this year. This year record is only till 2am. I think last year was 3am.

Today is someone's bday. Always spend her birthday eve working very hard. Poor girl.

Recently, my drawer is the center of attention. Reason?

Very tempting le...

Hmm... Somemore to do.... Bah