Saturday, December 31, 2005

It started with a zit

So unlucky..i start my new year eve with an enormous gross-looking zit under my nose. Went to my facial appointment anyway. And find myself with nothing to do in the afternoon. Ten minutes seems like an hour. TV cant quench my thirst for something to do.
Then, Adeline text me and I asked her to go out. Yeah! Finally, i have something to do. We went to Boulevard where i finally bought the mascara I have been wanting for quite some time.

Maybelline XXL Mascara!!

Then, we went to Imperial because Adeline havent had her lunch yet. Dave's Deli and then window shopping for her school bag ang got one. Window shop somemore before leaving for home. Oh! Found out that Wilbert's album that contains that great song has sold out. My hope of buying it for Selene (yes, Selene, I wanted to give it to you) was smashed.

A dinner gathering at Lynns' house and then had some fun playing 'cho dai ti' with Amanda and Lynthia. Then I went home to get ready for a night out at Island. I was still worrying over my zit...It has turned into the disgusting green (Eeuuww). Anyway, went to island and drove round the place to find a parking space. Parked my car at the far end of Grand Palace Hotel parking spaces. Met up with Karen. I had only two drinks that night. Long Island and Blue Magarita. No, I didnt get drunk. We did went to get the super hot taiwanese sausages to kill off whatever drunk-ness we had. Right before the countdown, we were given this box.

Pic taken from kenny's site

We blow the trumpet, make loud noises with the toys givens in the box, popped balloons using cigarettes and heels. Everyone going crazy making noises...Not much hugging happening anyway...But I did get to hug a guy and two girls...All my colleagues...Not strangers...

A reminder of what I have been thru during the countdown.

While looking at Karen popping the balloons with her high heels during the coutndown, I realised how dangerous is a female's high heels. Imagine the balloon is a guy's crotch. Ouch! So, the movies didnt lie...

I arrived home at 1 am...

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

House warming cum birthday party

Going back to work today feeling very busy. Trying to cover as much work as possible so that I can holidays for the next two days in peace. No feeling guilty and all that.

Pink Panther (PP) really ticked me off today. I was been nice to her by offering to help her to find the file she needed. Say we have two types of file storage: A and B. I helped her to look in the index book for the file she needed which is in file type A. When she went to retrieve the file, she came back with a file from type B. I told her that she got the wrong file and she went to put it back and come back with, yet again, the wrong file from type B. This time, I went to get the right file for her and told her for the second time the filing system. It ticked me off that I have to tell her twice about the filing system. It was as if she didnt even bother listening to what I said.

Anyway, I went to this house warming cum birthday party of one of my many cousins. It was ok. I just dislike the fact that I have to sit there to endure the boringness. After the eating part, it got really boring for me. Fortunately I finally get a ride and went home by myself.

Tomorrow I will be going to Brunei. To celebrate my dad's birthday. Havent got anything for my dad yet. Not planning to get anything anyway. Dunno what to get for him.

Monday, December 26, 2005

time really does flies

On my way to office (it is public holiday but I went back to work cause i have a really urgent assignment to complete), I listened to the radio talking about the tsunami anniversary. Then, i realised that they are talking about that tsunami that hit on the last Boxing Day.

It has been a year?! Has it?

This year (like from 26th Dec 2004 to 26th Dec 2005), it has been a terrible year. From tsunami to the terrorist bombing in London. Notice that these two incidents happened right after a celebration. Tsunami was after Christmas Day and London bombing was after the day London was announced the Olympic organiser for year 2012.

The Day After Tomorrow served as a reminder to all of us that disasters can happen if we continue to ignore the importance of keeping our environment balanced. Recycle!

A friend of mine mentioned that this year is a really bad year and next year will be a good year. I hope what my friend said is right...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Officially one year old blog


One year....

A year ago, I started this blog because I wanted to follow the trend and partly because I thought of using this blog to express myself and to record every single interesting events that have happen in my life.

I consider myself succeeded in following the trend (so easy to achieve, just start writing in this blog)...

Expressing myself... I realised that certain events that happened in other people life remind me of the almost similar events that happened in my life too... For example, the time when I met a girl called Audrey thru Dennis and CK, her experience made me write
something about it and also made me realise that I have escaped my ordeal rather easily and without that much pain. To discover that although I have enjoyed my job immensely, I still find it comforting to escape it once in a while. Too bad, Dennis, i cant seems to enjoy my job well enough not to leave it like Donald Trump.

Events in my life are most probably just normal events in other people's lives but seems such a big deal in my life. They are. Anti-social me hardly even go out at night during my secondary school and university days. Now that i have the chance to go out and experience the life outside the comfort of my home... I enjoyed it and I want it in my blog.

Which leads me to the point that I have never study overseas or been away from home studying. I lack of musical talents and wonder if I will even have one if I have started piano lessons when I was still young (ok, this has nothing to do with whatever I said but I just want to say it out). To be the one girl in the family means that my obligation is heavier than my two brothers and that made me a docile person. Every single thing that I did, I thought, it would anger my grandparents. Going out with friends each time excites me because I couldnt believe that I got the permission to go at all. When it is time that I can finally be able to have the chance to go overseas (presumely that I follow my brother's footstep), my hopes were smashed by lack of financial support and distrust of my ability to take care of myself. I would have become someone different if I have been away from home. People envy me for being able to stay at home while they had to face the world all by themselves outside. But I bet if they have the choice, they would still choose to go out there. If I have the choice, I will be out there.

Just now, while I was sweeping the floor, I realised that I have been, once again, attached to this house. Not been able to leave it. If I leave, no one will be left to take care of the place. It will be like a shelter when my dad come to Miri for a night or two. Not a home where the family is. But, I am not in the hurry to leave this house.

Which leads me to this point... I finally have a plan for my life. Not a perfect one. Not a detailed one. Just a simple one. To work and learn and get my CPA qualification. After CPA, it will be a new plan which I am not sure yet. Thus, for the time being, I dont mind attaching myself to my home. i have never know what I wanted to do and didnt have a plan at all. Even studying accounting course is by my decision, it was my brother's. Fortunately, it turns out that I am great in accounting and I love it. Phew!

Another thing that I have noticed is that I have become less healthy this year. Constant headache and food poisoning twice. Oh! Flu also. Not very sure why.

Types of slimming methods that I have tried this year. ..Took up yoga but dont seems to lose any weight. Tried hula-hooping. Drank freshly squeezed pure lime juice without any added sweetening but gave it up when I ran out of fresh lime to squeeze. Drank apple cider vinegar but often forget about it which lead me to give it up and gave the whole bottle of apple cider vinegar to my cousin. Now, planning to get Loreal Slim Perfect to decrease some of my orange peel skin. Urgh...

Last year, I was totally crazed with Sex and the City. Addiction to the TV. Although I have tried to religiously follow the series that are on the tv now, I find myself not so addicted anymore. House is a great show to watch but I always cringe when i see the needle poking. Desperate Housewives...not bad at all. But I am beginning to hate the lo-so plot which seems to try to link everyone together in one huge and complex conspiracy. Tru Calling is about a girl called Tru who can hear the call of help from the dead and go back to the past to save the dead who asked for help. The part where the dead called for help never fail to surprise me. Queer eye for the straight guy...too bad it doesnt show dressing tips for girls.... What not to wear is a great one but it is more suitable for cold weather and not for Malaysian humid weather. Local show about wearing fashionably seems lousy and stupid. I remember the boring voice of the commentator commenting on how the participants put their makeup on their face andhow the clothes the participants chose is all wrong. TV doesnt seems to have the cheering up factor for me anymore. Watching tv is no longer a necessity for me. i guess it is a good thing.

To realise how short is life this year.
The accident. It remains a cruel reminder to me that i should be careful on the road.

On a more cheerful note, to get my hair straighten and
restraighten again. It is a bliss. Another bonus to meet a guy who I find myself admiring. I havent been admiring guys for a long time. Sounds pathetic le.

It is Christmas Day today. I will be going to Jeng's house later. Hmm... Should be going out to buy jinnwei his desired chicken rice.

Oh! A
repeat of the Christmas tree I put up in my blog exactly a year ago... Recycleable pic, you know.. :P

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Train of thoughts

After days of no blogging, i seems to be in the mood to write a lot of posts today...

Erm...but the thoughts that I have just now just disappeared...sheesh...I hate it when I want to blog and I forget what I wanted to blog about...

Slimming...No, i am not thinking of drastic slimming...'Cause yoga didnt work for me... Hmm...Then, I noticed that I am beginning to have orange peel skin...Urgh...Totally disgusted... now i am thinking to buy some firming product to kill off some cellulite...arms also getting flabby too...Cham lor...On the contrary, I think my face is getting nicer now...My eye brows are looking more defined now...the skin feel much more smoother....but blackheads are still there. Oh! double chin...argh! i am starting to have one...Noooooo~~~~~!

Next topic...Christmas Day...No, I dont celebrate Christmas Day...Oh! wait! All Souls Day! "Dong jie" when we eat those cute little glutinous rice balls. Ms Chin thought that I am quite a banana girl and I dont celebrate this chinese festival. I didnt know that I seems like a banana girl till she told me that. Hmm..Nope, I am a traditional girl le...Christmas Day...I love the food though...Ok! Maybe in a way, I actually do celebrate Christmas Day...

Next...this is getting boring because I cant remember what I wanted to blog about earlier today...I have been thinking for more than one hour and still cannot remember le...

Oh! I once again notice how slow my pc is...Take for example, Xiaxue's blog has this flash of her and each time i watch the flash in my pc, it is super slow...But when i see it in my brother's new laptop, it is super fast...I should really think of changing to a better pc le...maybe after i get a new handphone, car cd player and digicam... :P

One more day to the day my blog officially turns one year old...hmm...what should I do to celebrate?

Swimming in Island

After three weeks of hibernation, we finally decided that we can come out to play again on Wednesday.

After yoga, I went home to shower and then went to..err...I still cant remember the name of the have dinner with Laura, Tieh, Josephine and Kelvin.

After the dinner, we went to Island...I know that it is not a big deal for some people when I am being so big deal to the fact that I went to a pub but bear with me la....The decoration inside is really nice. Very seaside like. Chan is already there when we arrived. We had Chivas mixed with Coke.

Going to pub means talking and laughing loud and getting other people to drink as much as possible (?) I still cant get over the ridiculous fact of getting other people to drink only. To me, what is the fun in that? Anyway, we had a lot of laughter and loud talking going on.

One thing that is very clear that night is that everyone is very conscious of the amount of alcohol we are consuming. Everyone is worried about me getting drunk and not being able to arrive home safely. The other two drivers are regulars so they arent too worried about themselves. I, myself, was also worried about myself so i did control what I was drinking. I was seriously interested to drink other liquer for the sake of curiousity but I didnt get the chance to do so.

Another funny moment was that we announced whether we are L, B or N-type of girls. I said i am B-type but changed to N-type after Chan hugged me...Too bad...I want to be B-type le...LOL

Went to Balcony at 12.30am..Heard that the Model Search girls were there at Balcony earlier and the place was packed...The place was still pretty packed when we arrived there. Saw Aaron Goh, Kimi Khoo and Michelle Unn.

Arrived home at 2 am...Didnt get enough sleep le...Fortunately we only need to work till 3.30pm the next day.

Went back to Brunei on Thursday...Had family dinner at "Chai Gen Xiang' and shopped at Soon Lee...Bought a BritishIndia skirt...I love BritishIndia ever since my very first baby t-shirt that grandma bought for me in BritishIndia. I still have the shirt but it is not really wearable anymore...

On an irrelevant note, I just saw Avril Lavigne with permed hair...not very sure if this is her latest look but she looks different and still nice la. But I still want my hair to be straight despite of the growing popularity of permed hair....

Monday, December 19, 2005

After yoga

After yoga, I stayed a little later to chat with LeeSia and another yoga mate who happened to be my stco senior.

Fortune telling...The two of them seems to have went to been to the fortune teller and got their fortune told. I have never been to one and was really excited about having my fortune told (if i ever get one told)

At first, the forutne telling experience is about themselves then suddenly the topic turned to the darker side of fortune telling...

Ok...Everything has two sides...good and they have good fortune told for themselves but there are also people who didnt get a good prediction...

After hearing that, I am not too sure about having my fortune told anymore..What if I am told the bad prediction? I will be destroyed le...The possibility of it scared me...

But they also mentioned that future is still in our hands la...just make the best of each situation lo...

The future is for myself to decide so why should I rely on the fortune teller? In a way, i think I want to know what is in store for me in the future...hardship? luxuries?

I think I will be fine le...I meant it when I said that I am happy go lucky person...still am...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

One morning out

Went to the hospital this morning to do some charity work. Jeng invited me and Esther to go with her. Seh joined this woman professional society and they are going to give Christmas present to the kids today.

The others were late. Apparently, the Santa Claus went unconscious 'cause the santa suit is too hot. LOL. Anyway, I actually stood there looking around feeling out-of-place 'cause i dunno what to do. The members of the society is all look very pretty and professional, not to mention, rich. :P

The president asked me to join in the society and according to Jeng, it is by invitation only if want to join in. Hmm...I am not sure la.

After the hospital, the three of us went to Buoulevard to have lunch. Teppanyaki lunch set. The sushi rice is not well-cooked so it is not that nice. We talked for quite a while before leaving the place for Desserts. Again we talked and talked.

We will be watching Narnia next week.

It must be the season spirit. I seems to be meeting and talking with a lot of old friends recently.

High Maintenance Girl

When I was young, my grandma instilled her opinion in me. For years, I hear her say this: When you grow up and work, you can wear nice clothes and wear makeup. Become very pretty. Wear high heel and meet nice people.
Now that I have grown up and have start working, they do not understand how I can end up poor each month. I guess I was just trying to look pretty le. Unlike my brother who spend his money going out to yam-cha, watch movies and etc, I spent my money on my hair (in November and December), face (since I have start working), food, movies, car fuel and yam-cha. I have no idea why I spent all these money especially on my hair and face. Not like I have the figure to go with it. :p
Just this month, in December, I realised that I am turning into a high maintenance girl. I just purchased the
shampoo and conditioner from Schwarzkopf which cost me RM 84 altogether, skin hydrating masque which costs me RM99. I also had a few skin facial wash left in my package that I have paid for in the last few months, a hair treatment that cost me RM 45 in bintulu using Loreal Professional hair treatment. Not only that I will also be acquiring a new Braun Buffel purse which cost me RM190...
If I continue my spending habit, I will never be able to save any money.

Therefore, I want to make a promise to myself that I will not spend money recklessly like this in the months to come.

Let me introduce you to my latest skin care product that I have acquired.

First, the normal/dry skin kit which I have gotten because I have paid for a number of facial treatments. This is free gift but it cost around RM 185 if I am not wrong.
It does this -->
Image hosted by
Cleanse with Special Cleansing Gel to thoroughly remove impurities without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance. Spritz on critical hydration with Multi-Active Toner, with Aloe and Balm Mint to soothe the skin. Prevent the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration with Skin Smoothing Cream. Gentle Cream Exfoliant, containing alpha hydroxy Lactic Acid, beta hydroxy Salicylic Acid and natural fruit enzymes, detaches dead skin cells, helping to stimulate skin renewal and promote smoothness. Fragrance free. Professional recommendation advised.
How it works
Special Cleansing Gel (2oz)
Multi-Active Toner (2oz)
Skin Smoothing Cream (.75oz)
Gentle Cream Exfoliant (.75oz)
Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover (sample)
Skin Hydrating Masque (sample)

Second item is skin hydrating masque which I have splurged my money recklessly into. Sigh...
It does this -->
Image hosted by
A hydrating, oil-free gel that restores critical moisture to dry skin without unwanted oiliness, helping to restore suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines. Calming botanical extracts of Bitter Orange, Hops, Cucumber and Arnica reduce inflammation, while antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to nourish and replenish the skin. Excellent for the delicate eye area. Fragrance free. Professional recommendation advised.
How it works:
- Botanical extracts of Bitter Orange, Hops, Cucumber and Arnica reduce inflammation.
- Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E help repair daily damage caused by free radicals.
- Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) nourishes and replenishes skin and helps promote cell regeneration. I have no comment on how good are these products cause I am stil using it and I am not checking the progress. Laziness...

I will be going to the hospital later to do some charity with Jeng. Feeling very scared now 'cause i never done such thing. In fact, i have been thinking about not going. Argh! Why did I agree to this in the first place?!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

3R campaign

This morning, the residents of Bumiko (and possibly from other residential areas) participated in a 3R campaign organized by Miri City's MBM (Majlis Bandaraya Miri).

For every kilograms or pieces of bottle you sell, you can choose from the range of mineral water, soft drink, toilet paper, and rice that will equal the amount of things you have just sold.

I sold four boxes of books and useless paper and got one soft drink and one whole package of toilet paper.

while i was carrying my boxes of books, I saw how much other people are bringing to the 3R site to recycle and wonder if they have deliberately keep all those things just to be recycled today.
For example, one family brought big bags of tins...Milo tin, Nestum tins and etc...No normal family can drink that much drinks and happen to recycle it all at once unless they have been keeping it for quite some time to recycle it or dispose it.

Which leads me to the point that people will only recycle if it means money for them. no money? then I will keep the cans and newspaper till I get money for it. The colourful shades located a tseveral areas in the city is, to my opinion, no longer contains the colourful bins for recycling things but normal bins to throw rubbish. Why? Because no one throw the recycle things in them. They throw real rubbish, non-recycleable things.

Even my family is like this. I just sold glass bottles and some old metal and got RM50.30 for all those. The glass bottles is around 300 pieces...which is like about RM30...ten cents extra income le..

Want people to recycle? Do more of this 3R campaign and pay people for their effort of collecting all those recyclable things. Do it at the time when festivals are around the corner. People cant wait to get rid of those things just to make their homes look nicer and cleaner.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Restraighten my hair

Before I write about my hair, I want to tell everyone that the aircond in my 'computer room' is finally installed and

Here is the pic...very wuliaw la...aircond also want to take pic...

My home is a very strong supporter of Carrier brand...Half of all the airconds in my home is of Carrier brand... :P

Another thing is that after almost one year graduating, I finally framed the graduation pics. My brother is even worse, after more than one year graduating, I, not him, finally framed his pics. But the pics are still wrapped nicely (unopened) and placed on the chair because I dont know how to put it up the wall... :P

My hair...

The last time i went to do my hair at Kelvin Hair Studio is on 19th November. I have been back to the studio 'cause a bit of my hair in front has curled up.

I really wanted to get to know my stylist 'cause he is really cute...wat?!cannot meh?!

Today, i took a leave from work 'cause I suffered from headache or is it migraine? Not sure la...But I didnt get the sleep I was hoping to get.

When i arrived at the studio, I was suprised to see so many people there. How is it possible that he can have time to do my hair?! but he was ready for me ('cause I called before I arrive le...)and since there was too much traffic at the ground floor, we went to the first floor to do my hair.

It felt like I have the royal treatment 'cause I was the only one there with him. muahahah :P. But too bad I didnt wear my lenses so I was looking at things blurily. I finally work up some courage to talk to him. I believe that strangers wouldnt start talking unless you talk to them first. I started by asking him whether he will feel very sien if people who come back to re-do their hair for free and his reply was really professional la. Then more questions and more answerings and finally free flow of information from him...

After two hours, I asked my final question.

gohyie: How old are you?
Alex: 1984 gohyie thinks "SHIT!" 22 years old
gohyie: Ooo...Ei! 1984?! Not 21 meh? Your birthday early issit?
Alex: Yea...In February...How old are you?
gohyie: 1983...also 22 yrs old

Aiyaks...younger than me...How disappointing! LOL...It doesnt really matter la. I just admire nia ma...

Anyway, I change my hair parting style...Side parting....

face so oily le

Bought a few stuff just now. Someone will be receiving my special package soon if I got the time to wrap and send it

Monday, December 12, 2005

I am a good girl

Good girl image...

Innocent, naive, no-partying, no-drinking, no-smoking, mummy's girl, daddy's girl, sweet, go home straight after work....

I think that can pretty much sum up the good girl image...

When people look at me, they assume that I am a good girl.

But they didnt know that I am just shy and I usually dont show my true self till I get to know them well (or little well). I need time to adjust.

Of course, there are people I dont bother to get along with la....

But anyway, I suddenly feel like reflecting on this issue. My colleagues expressed their surprise when they realised that I am not exactly the good girl they think I am.

Example one:-
When gohyie had her colleagues over at her house to drink...Never know that gohyie has a bottle of Chivas at home that she is desperate to open le... :P

Example two:-
When gohyie mention a certain something during a msn group conversation and even demonstrated it graphically, gohyie shocked everyone for been not so naive after all le...

Example three:-
When gohyie went to drink at a colleague's house, they mentioned that they will never be able to guess that gohyie actually can drink....

Example four:-
It happens today.... :P A colleague suddenly talked to me about the accident today. She told me that she was guessing who is the fifth person who was also there during that accident and mentioned her surprise when she found out that the fifth person is me.

The only thing I can do at that time is smile awkwardly and think 'Shit! My reputation gone liaw!"

So...I guess I have to clear up some of the fogs around me...I guess I am just a little tired to be thought as a good girl...

One is that I am not so innocent la. I know things. My problem is that I dont know how to react to things and I dont react well when I am facing people. If facing with awkward situation, I prefer to be in front of the computer monitor (facing the situation online la...)

Two is that I am not that naive le... I know about sex. I know more about sex than my friends when I was in secondary school. I even lend my friend a book describing about sex...(Oii! it is a book teaching about sex. Sex education book le...not porn la)

Three is that I love to join parties but I dont really know how to socialise and I dont know how to dance. I lack of friends to bring me to parties 'cause people think that I am a good girl.

Four is that I do know how to drink. In fact, I prefer liquer than beer.

Five is that I know how to smoke. I tried smoking one cigarette when I was in Form Five and discover that I am not allergic to it. So, I am not against smoking but I dont smoke. I know the health hazard of smoking. I will not risk my health for something so useless.

Six is that I am not a daddy's girl but I am bit of mummy's girl. I listen to my mum and I will not listen to her when I really want to do something which she disallow me.

Seven is that I can be sweet. I can be so nice to someone that that person and the people around me think that I have some feeling for that person but I dont. I just enjoy being nice to that person.

Eight is that I really do go home after work. But I really love to go out if I can and if there is something I can do when I am outside.

So, please do not hesitate to call me out...

However, there is always the other will never know...


She did it again!

I cant believe my eyes when i saw it.

After straightening my hair, I have planned to dye it around the mid of this month. My colleagues know about it 'cause I have been raving it since I have been raving about straightening my hair.

But now, it really pissed me off that she has once again did what I planned to do earlier than me.

Maybe I should have shut my mouth about what I plan to do so that I will not feel this way.

It is even worse since I am the first to notice the colour change.

I have to say this again 'cause I am really pissed off... WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

Escape from Miri 2: Trip to Bintulu

I had a not-really nice experience with Bintulu long time ago. Dun ask me why.

Anyway, the decision to go this time is because I want a break from my work and to spend the time with the Tings.

Went to Bintulu in two cars...Serena and Oddesey...Lost our way a few times...So lost a lot of precious time...We stayed in Everly Hotel...Not bad the hotel...

We get free cocktail before we went to our rooms.

Selene and grandma

Before I went out to join Jasmine and Lynnx at the saloon, I took this pic in the bathroom...I remember that the last December, I went to Labuan and took a pic in the bathroom so I thought I will repeat the tradition. I wonder where will I be next December...

The straightening process of Jas and Lynnx's hair took five hours. I did some hair treatment while waiting for them but my session only lasted for half an hour nia.
I had the Loreal Professional hair treatment, using this:-
Image hosted by
which has these functions:-
Repairs the hair fibre, softening and smoothing the cuticle. Hair becomes soft and shiny, easy to detangle and style.

Reconstructs and repairs with:
- Bio-Mimetic Ceramide
- Vitamin B6
- UV Filter for Hair Protection
- Amino Acid

Since I was so free, i took pics of Jas and Lynnx while chatting with them. Sigh...still very free o...So this my pic after the treatment....

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and din really move out of the hotel the whole night. Apart from a drink at the lounge, we stayed in the room the whole night...Jas went out with her friends though.

Selene and Amanda listened to my 'speech' till quite late and we finally sleep..I slept with Selene.

We woke up at 6 am cause we need to be ready to go out by 7.30am...But it turns out that we dun have to go out so we stayed in the room and took pics...

Trying to look very artistic...But i guess my face isnt that artistic la...
Image hosted by
Nice chair to sit backside front...It reminds me of BSB music video "As long as you love me"
Image hosted by
Urgh...looks like no neck..But anyway..last dec, I also taken this kind of pic...

Bed deco that i scrolled to make a scroll like thingy...
I declare that Bintulu hotel room isnt a bad place to hang with cousins

Monday, December 05, 2005

Escape from Miri

Yesterday, I escape to Brunei...Spend an afternoon in Brunei...

I tried not to think of the accident anymore cause my mum discouraged me to do so...Pantang again...

I really think she is trying to make me forget about it by being very generous...Lunch at Thai restaurant...

The food that we had at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant

My greedy face...hahaha...actually, I was scared that people will catch me taking pic and stop me from taking my own pics so my face looks so weird lo...

after lunch, went to Hua Ho's new branch. Hua Ho is a chain of supermarket and departmental store in Brunei. This time, it built itself a shopping mall and the whole place looks whoa!

Mum bought me a new top...

I tried to convince mum to let me had this

But she wouldnt let, I asked my dad...Hahah! always work... :P
It is durian and rainbow flavoured icecream balls...

Seems to be a very big franschise cause it is available at quite a number of countries le...

Jasmine and family arrived at Brunei at around 6 pm and we left for Miri.

Monday morning, I didnt want to go to work..The more I think about it, the more i dread the feeling of going to work so I called in to have another day off. Which mean that I will only need to go back to work on Thursday.

I spent the whole day with my cousin...Trying my best not to talk about the accident although every single thing remind me of that...the wira, jay's new song, the bumpy road to the city centre, couple walking together...Damn!

Tomorrow i will be going to Bintulu...two days one night...

Back to work on Thursday...

The day before the nightmare...

Firstly, it is about my finger. Remember the scalding? After the scalding, it suddenly grew odd with water in it...This is the pic of it -->

I have no idea how the water can be under the dead skin of my finger but it made my finger look very oddly-shaped...I poke it and it has start recovering ever since.
Next, I bought the shampoo and conditioner from the hair saloon i did my hair...Tried the shampoo and conditioner...I think that it is ok...less messier than usual...

went out with Joanna...Actually planning to go to library but too late so we went shop instead...window shopping...I ate lambchop at Kingwood and ended up feeling too full...regret eating it...Joanna had fish and chips...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Drunk...and i regret it

I am still a little drunk now...

I was drinking at my colleague's house just now..and i am still at the house now..havent go home is 1.38 am now...damn..mum is going to kill me for sure...

I drank beer and a little of liquer...and i felt heavy headed and friends told me that i am drunk which i believed since i have never been drunk before to knwo how drunk is to be like...

I have been resting and not drinking...and thinking when can i get them to send me home...none of them seems safe enough for me to ask them to drive me home...hmm..

Addition to this blog at 9.08pm, 3rd December 2005:

Right after that, Kevin and Alex went out to fetch Kevin's cousin and never come back.
Kevin and Alex had passed away in an accident - head on collision with a Kembara. They were driving Kancil.
Mum came to fetch me from the hospital when I called to tell her about this.
I only slept for four hours...
Their funerals will be tomorrow and on Monday. But I will not be going...
Mum disallowed me to go. Pantang.

It is my pleasure knowing you and getting to know you more last night. I am sorry we didnt get to know each other longer.

I am going to miss you a lot. You were so friendly and nice. "Zi Gei Yan" that was the word you kept on repeating yesterday. You were really 'zi gei yan.' The fastest to adapt yourself to everyone, making everyone comfortable around you. In fact, you are the second guy-friend that I am really comfortable with. I am sorry I cant see you for the final time.

I am sorry to both of you for not seeing you guys for the last time. I cant. Pantang. I will miss you both a lot.

Newspaper cover page story on 4th December 2005: