Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I really thought that...

I will be flying off on 1st February... But actually I am flying on 31st January. Alamak!
Just printed out the itineraries... in preparation for tomorrow's discussion of the trip to SG and KL. Then, got the shock when I saw the date of departure. Shit! I have been wrong all this time. Fortunately got print the itinerary.

Anyways, just editted my posts - removed all the work related element. Got warned about it so now, finally have the time to remove it.

Dyed my hair auburn red... Dye sponsored by mom and the colouring work is done by Jac at my place. I havent gotten to take pics of the new colour ... somemore, I havent dyed my hair for quite some time. It is a bit weird to see my hair reddish.

I want to see the Merlion!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Had the Waldorf Salad at Citrus during lunch with Chai. Quite nice o. Quite refreshing because the content is fruits and the dressing is yogurt. Me like-y.
Happy now-belated Birthday to Aaron~! I just got to post this up. Hehe... People, this is what you can call as cost saving, environmental friendly, lazy way of wrapping a gift. Just that one sheet on newspaper and cellotape ... wrap up the gift... use marker to write on the newspaper wrapper.. I think it is best to use the page where there is no colour, just plain black and white.

Coming soon... The tasting of the sour Japanese crackers. I can tell you that I am definitely keeping the wrapper after eating the content. Haha!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tour Guide Me

Lynthia's KTT friends came over to Miri for a visit and Lynthia recruited Joaquina and I to become the drivers.

We started with breakfast at Yakin then to Curtin University then to Grand Old Lady then to lunch at Mdm Wee's then to Bintang Megamall then to go around the town area and then finally to Luak Esplanade.

Whoa! Kind of fun and also tiring.. along the tour, my car broke down. Sweat.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I feel the power

The Power Lunch at Starbucks...Since we got the Cow Year keychain, we simply must have the Tiger Year keychain as well. Oh no... will this lead to many more years of keychains~?
I have been online-ing from my bed for many nights already. Seems more comfortable than sitting downstairs... And I develop a liking to wear pyjamas... Maybe I should get a complete set of pyjamas when there is a sale.
My mum's latest project...letter holder thingy... The striped one is mine and the material is the same with my sleeping pants. Sweat.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Damn Sleepy

It is almost midnight. I am still awake... but feeling awfully sleepy. This is just bad... 'cause the food in Cafe World still need about one hour plus to be done cooking and I am not sure if I will actually have enough time tomorrow morning to click on them. ah..dilemma.

I think I better sleep and make sure that I have enough time tomorrow morning to click on facebook.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2 rounds...

I think this is my first time to have BBQ two days in a row. The chicken wings are super yummy~~!!!
It was a last minute decision..., should be a sudden decision. I didn't expect myself to be going to such a place. But I did. Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. Kind of fun there. Unexpectedly relaxing and I cant believe that I sweated so easily when we did the jungle trekking. The sweats just kept dripping down. Whoa~! Then then... the ducklings following this mother duck around is so cute~~!!! Sorry...Reading a manga while writing this blog so I am a bit weird... Ah~! I only put my feet pic in here 'cause the thingy on my lower lips has not recovered yet.
Before stepping into the new year, us cousins (the ones in Miri) went out to Citrus to eat... talk...drink..
The many faces of Abelle before she starts devouring the Mac Cheese.
The rest of our food....
Darn... I am getting hungry looking at all these food. Bah~~

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Happy New Year~!

Starting a new job in a few more hours. I am still wide awake. The sleep problem seems to be at its worst tonight. Darn!