Saturday, August 29, 2009

A fishy affair

Ten days ago, I managed to get my hands on some free fishes. Thanks to Jacqueline for this opportunity. So exciting to see such big fishes and to be able to hold it in my hands. Hehe... Dad cut up all the fishes.
Few nights ago, Lee Sia, Chee Ai and I went to try out the korean restaurant opposite Chung Hua. The restaurant only had us three as the customers the whole time we were there. So quiet. But it was good because we can laugha nd talk as loud as we want without feeling embarrrased for disturbing others. Eating all those korean food make me miss Korea. I want to go travel in Korea again if I ever get the chance to.
Ah~ it is a long weekend due to National Day that falls on Monday and also because this is the start of non-working Saturday. I am clueless of what to do for this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I guess I have been quite busy

See... there was this outing at Taman Selera with the kids. We went crazy on the group seesaw thingie. You can watch a video of the crazy-ness in one of our facebook.
Then... there is this StCo concert. Brought these three ladies in mask with matching baby tee to watch it together. I almost screamed when I heard "O Jung Ban Hap" playing on the speakers and the performers start dancing to the music. Hehe... Guess I am still a fan.
Even though I do have September Challenge, I think it is futile. Cause of all the food I have been consuming... Laksa by aunt Cecelia... Wide range of ingredients. Drool~
Then... finally, I am on a shoes hunting mission recently. So... Irene, dear, which one is it? If these three is not... come. we shop together. I want you to be happy. Hehe...
My blogging block is almost gone, I think. In the mood tonight....Hehe

Friday, August 07, 2009

Not so fast

Have been on leave for the whole week. A bit weird. Stay in bed for almost an hour every morning after the alarm clock went off. Playing facebook for almost the whole day.

The pics from KK trip will need to wait. Didnt manage to get it from my friend so I have to wait for the photos to be burnt into DVD and mail to me...

Big decision...big action coming up soon.

Sleepy now~

Sunday, August 02, 2009

I am back in Miri

Back from KK trip. Went to the sea (island) and up to the mountain (the foot of the mountain).

I have yet to get the photos from my travel partner who has a DSLR so I can only show some photos from my handphone.

Without any pictures, it seems hard for me to recap on the trip. I will try when I have the pictures.