Monday, January 31, 2011

Back from Sibu

I went to to Sibu anticipating that I will not spend more RM100. I mean how much can a bunch of kom pia cost?

To my horror, I spent slightly more than RM500. Damn...

My shopping items are as follows... a bunch of kom pias plus an assorted bunch of pias... a pyjamas (yes, I bought one. It is pink and it has bears all over it. lol).. a t shirt... dad's polo shirt.. mum's top... two tops... one work skirt... one panty hose... Glup!

I left Miri at about 8 plus am. Arrived in Sibu at almost 3pm. Checked in and hang out in my hotel room till 530pm. Went down to fetch my room mate to our room where we proceeded to get ready for the birthday dinner.

630pm - we entered into the magnificently huge Kingwood Ball. The dinner was quite nice... Really really full stomach.

After dinner, we went to visit a colleague's house...and back to hotel to zzz.

Sunday - went to buy kom pia first. Then to this unknown shopping place (I bought nothing here). Then to Premier where I bought two tops and one polo shirt. Then to Dae Sim where I bought the cute pyjamas. Then to Wisma Sanya - where I spent RM 260 at Toledo buying one work skirt, one panty hose and two tops.

Had late lunch and headed back to Miri. Arrived at 830pm.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Off to Sibu

Going to go to Sibu for an overnight trip.

Reason: Attend my company's director's Mum's birthday....

Shall be back on Sunday... Yawn..just (almost) finish packing. :p

Saturday, January 22, 2011

MIA yet again

Time flies... In fact, 2010 seems to just come & go... Too fast... Haven't accomplished much stuff.. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I am not ready yet. No, I am not.

I have been tupperwaring... Facebooking... Tried a bit of twittering... Instagramming...

Now? At this moment? Security guard at home. Tukang jaga... Carpenters installing cupboard & door...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do u want to tupperware?

Aaron's Mum is holding a Tupperware Clearance Sale at her house. Wanna sapu Tupperware? :D

Me? Paise... I already bought about RM 200 worth of Tupperware. Has stuffed them all in the cabinet and pray that Mrs Goh dont open that cabinet... Otherwise, I will definitely kena nag... Lol...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Life of Rich Tai Tais and Small Miss

Yesterday I went for a leg waxing treatment with two Tai Tais. Tai Tai One did eyebrows trimming, leg waxing and pedicure while Tai Tai Two did waxing on her eyebrows and mustache.

Actually mustache is more like just a bit of facial hair on the upper lips area... not really a realy mustache. Hehe... I was fascinated.

Today we went there again... Tai Tai One did manicure. Tai Tai Two did facial. Me? Oh mien.... I did manicure and waxing on eyebrows, mustache, underarms....and last minute did a pedicure.

Conclusion ....

Waxing on the eyebrows and mustache...maybe i should say upper anyways... these two are not bad actually. I felt a slight pain from the moment the lady stripped of the wax then the numb sensation then nothing. Hehe...

Waxing on the underarms... I felt nothing... no pain.Seriously.... Maybe not much hair... I am not so sure.

And so... it was fun. therapeutic. Definitely doing all these again shortly before Chinese New Year... :p

Monday, January 03, 2011

Tripping to Brunei

I got a bit of preview of chinese new year's cookies.. pineapple tarts by my grandaunt and aunty. They gave me the ...err... slightly over cooked ones. lol... I guess they are sick of the tarts so they dun eat them so I get to benefit from it. hohoho... me like~

Went to Brunei reason. Accompany my brother I guess. Five people in one car. Went to the I-never-been-there-before Times Square. I bought three bottles of nail polish which I plan to use for cny... hehe...
No Excapade this trip. Boo~