Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dun Panic!

it has been like this a few days. My blog posts dropped all the way to the bottom for some pc. I suspect that the sidebar has grown fatter but I have no idea how to fix it. So I will let it be like this lor...

Just bear it and hope that it will recover soon...

Talk about steamboat

Steamboat is something that is really easy to make. Just throw a few things into a boiling pot and yum! yum! I seems to lose the inspiration on steamboat talk le... :P

Had steamboat the other day and was really full. It was so much fun though. Hehe

Ohye! Went to Snowflake Drink Stall for a cool refreshing drink. A place worth going o. Erm..My pic prob dun look as ravishing as my previous refreshing drink photo but trust me when I say it is equally as good.

Last night, I went to Lynns' place to have a special dinner. Erm..took this pic with Abelle. This is what happen when you are using a camera phone and someone else is using digital camera with flash. A mixture of bright and dark... :P

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Excite me

Just now when I sort of watch tv while making preparation for sandwich-making, I heard the actress say something like 'No, I am not destroying my dreams, I am destroying yours.'

This is a very common phrase spoken by the child to the parent who has a high expectation of what the kid should do. It makes me think of my parents. What are their expectations of me?

Have I ever let them down? Destroy their dreams of me?

I remember Mum telling me that she gave me the education I pursued in Curtin just to see me stand on the stage receiving my degree recognition. I remember her being so proud of me and taking photos of me during the graduation ceremony. How embarassed I was to stand still for three seconds for her to take my pic while I was on my way to my seating place. Her dismay to discover that the camera is not working well and she couldnt take more photos. Despite of saying that she will not give me any financial support to pursue CPA, she still give me her support, spiritually and financially. I will never stop remembering that she is there for me all the time.

I love you, Mum.

I remember being very surprised at my dad's cuteness when he wanted to use the car but I also wanted to use it as well. How he gleefully grab the keys when he knew that I got my friend to fetch me. I remember how enthusiastic he is when he found his childhood photo and proudly hang it in the extended living room. I sensed his worries when he found that I have not returned home and it is already late. Nevertheless, he gives me his full support all the time and provide me with my home.

I love you, Dad.

Nah, I am still fulfilling my parents' expectation for me. To live my life to the fullest.


I will be on leave after work tomorrow. It is time for me to sit down and study Financial Accounting CPA 111. Exam is on the 8th Nov and I still have plenty more to read. I think Mum is giving me pressure when I found a photo of me graduating from kindergarten. So weird to see myself in the photo. Erk!

Not only am I facing exam, i will be flying straight away after the exam to KK. So I will need to pack my stuff for the trip which I am not sure how will I do it.

Aiyaks...btw, today, Joanna and I are the only ones in the office. So quiet... Tomorrow it will be a little better, I hope... :P

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya

Yesterday I went house-visiting with my aunt and cousins. And, actually managed to get two green packets. Hehe...

Erm... I should be studying now. But I cant concentrate so instead I am blogging now. But I guess even blogging is not helping me cheer up.

When u see how I posted the following pics... you should know that I am using yuanz laptop to post this blog...

Last night I helped Lynthia and Lynna to make some earrings. I was just giving technical support while teaching them how to start off. The creativity flow is totally from them... I think the red and black beads earrings is really ethnic..

Monday, October 23, 2006

Change of direction...

Had a chat with Lynnx just now and got inspired to write this...

Sometime ago, I had a more-than friend feeling with a guy. I wasnt really sure if I really like him or not. Ok, should not say 'like'...cause friend can also like another friend as friend..So, it should be more than like but not till love yet....

Which brings me to say this...

I think love is a feeling that need to be developed over time. I dont think a couple can immediately love each other or miss each other terribly when they just started their relationship. Or even develop nickname of endearment for each other after a short time together. This is an after-effect of my first relationship...

Sometimes I feel as if i am being cynical about love. Dont think it will ever happen to me. Maybe i will just be a spinster for the rest of my life.

Anyway... i surpressed my feeling and told myself that I just want to be a normal friend with him...

Diversion from the topic again... Lynnx has once told me that it is good to actually have feelings for a guy cause this can help to encourage me to slim down or at least to be more beautiful. not very sure if it will work though. I am a person with such low determination especially when it comes to slimming down.. Only know how to day-dream..hehe...Right now, I am trying to use travelling to save money and thus cannot spend too much on food so hopefully can also slim down...hehe...

I think I managed to supressed my feeling till recently.... Well, actually, all these time, I think I have been subconsciously thinking of him... Little things remind me of his existence but I refused to acknowledge it.

I tried not to hang out with him thinking that it will help reduce my feeling for him. But I guess the phrase 'absence make the heart fonder' is true. Drowning myself in my work didnt seems to help either.

Recently, after the futile attempts of not hanging out with him, i decided "what the hell?! Dont care la" (pardon me) . I will just hang with him and see what happen.

It doesnt matter if he likes someone else and tells me all about it. It doesnt matter if he asks me how to court other girl and gets her (ok, dun think anyone will ask me how to court other ppl. Who am I to give advice le?!). What matters is that he is happy. Gosh! Sounds so 'wei da' le. So self-sacrifice...

Ok la... Someone advised me to confess to him but I cant do it because of two reasons.

Reason number one is because deep down inside I am still a traditional girl. I cant be so straight forward and brave to confess my love (or liking) for a guy.

Reason number two is because I dont want to be in an awkward position after confessing to him and get rejected. Then the relationship will never be the same. There will always be something that will cause embarassment. Then can say goodbye to a friendship lo...

Whoa... Lynnx, I told you I can write a lot about this though there are still so much more I want to write but I wish to retain some privacy and secrecy. I also dont want him to know that I am referring to him.

Dear colleagues, doesnt this create suspense? Bet you guys want to know who so I tell straight away that he is someone you dont know. Dont ask me though. DONT ASK!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Setelah sekian lama

Sudah beberapa hari saya tidak menulis apa-apa post. baru-baru ini berasa begitu letih sekali.

Kerja saya berlambak-lambak dan perlu disiapkan sebelum saya mengambil cuti yang panjang untuk menelaah. Saya berasa begitu tertekan kerana masa semakin memaksa.

Namun begitu, minggu ini, saya telah keluar untuk berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan lama dan baru. Tidak dapat saya mengambil gambar-gambar yang jelas kerana telefon bimbit saya tidak ada 'flash.' Di samping itu, saya juga segan nak ambil gambil di tempat awam.

Malam Selasa, saya telah pergi ke Golden Pot untuk makan steamboat. Kali ini, saya makan dengan perlahan dan peliknya tidak berasa begitu kenyang seperti kali-kali yang sebelumnya. Selepas Golden Pot, kami telah pergi ke Siamese Secrets untuk berbual. Suasana di Siamese Secrets amat sesuai untuk berbual-bual.

Malam Rabu, saya keluar lagi untuk makan malam. Kali ini, saya keluar dengan Jeng and Elsie ke Seahorse. Stik ayam yang saya makan...tidak sesedap Kingswood. Tapi, yang lebih penting ialah kami berbual tentang kehidupan kami sekarang dan kenangan silam kami yang begitu indah dan bebas dari kerisauan.

Malam Jumaat, saya keluar dengan Irene ke Bintang Plaza. Selepas berjalan-jalan, kami balik ke tempat saya untuk menonton televisyen dan berbual-bual kosong.

Hari Sabtu, saya telah pergi bermain badminton seperti minggu-minggu yang sebelumnya. Berasa begitu letih kerana tidak cukup tidur. Tetapi hari ini merupakan hari yang begitu sibuk sekali...

Petang itu, saya telah pergi menonton perlawanan futsal sambil memberi sokongan kepada Lynthia. Saya, Lynnx dan Lynna memakai baju merah jambu untuk menyokong pasukan perempuan StCo. Keputusannya ialah St Co telah menewaskan Curtin. Dengan itu, StCo telah menang tempat pertama. Yea, cuma ada dua pasukan untuk perempuan. Haha...

Selepas itu, kami semua pergi ke rumah
Abelle untuk hari jadinya. Saya berasa begitu kenyang sekali selepas melahap makanan yang begitu sedap sekali.

Kalian semua, adik sepupu saya, Abelle, telah berumur sebelas tahun. Tahniah!

Abelle adalah adik sepupu saya yang umurnya berbeza dari saya sebanyak dua belas tahun. Sejak kecil, dia telah dijaga oleh nenek saya dan selalu tidur di rumah saya.

Saya menamatkan post saya kali ini dengan perkembangan pokok semalu di pejabat saya. Hehe... Dah ada duri la...

Monday, October 16, 2006

i cant believe it!

Today, I had lunch with Jeng at Double Star. Hmm...The Spaghetti Bolognese is a disappointment because it is not so tasty.

Anyway... My car got kissed... My bumper once again suffer the impact. I dont understand why is my luck so low....Sigh...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I cant think of a heading

Was in the mood to make things to eat on Thursday night. And so I made sandwiches and jellies. This is the first time I make jellies using the plastic molds. My first attempt was a blooper. It wouldnt come out of the mold and when I forced it out with a spoon, it fell apart. Total frustration.

My first attempt of jellies

At 9 sumthing am on Friday morning, I started my second batch of jellies after consulting Aunt Cecilia about my disasterous first attempt. My second attempt was an ok. It didnt come apart although it was difficult to get it out of the mold.

My second attempt of jellies

Food at annual dinner

It is time of the year again for company annual dinner. Joanna, Huiling and Chai came over to my place to get ready for the dinner. At Cafe Rosita, two long tables were reserved for us. The food is served in buffet style and it is actually specially for Ramaddan. We (referring to Chai, Joanna, Laura, Kelvin and I) arrived among the earliest and left as the last few ones. We went to Al Fresco to have a drink before going home. Chai and Joanna overnight at my place. We chatted till 3am before falling asleep. We actually planned to sleep in bedrooms but we ended sleeping in the living room. :p

On Saturday, we woke up when Jong came over. Gosh... so sleepy le. But still went to eat breakfast and play badminton. After badminton, we went to eat/drink cold drinks at the rojak shop near Petronas.

I slept like a dead log the rest of the afternoon. I think I still float around feeling half dead till this Sunday afternoon.

Btw, ever wonder if I look good with curly hair. Here is a pic of me with curly hair..hehe...

Friday, October 13, 2006


Like I said in my very recent previous post, I was really busy and tired. But at the same time, I got addicted to watch a Korean series called 'My Girl'. So addicted that I went to get the DVD of it. Note that I dont have a DVD player at home. Which reminds me of something...

Some time not long ago, when I was hanging out with friends, a friend laughed about not having DVD player or VCD player at home as if everyone should have one. I kept quiet. I dont have any of those at home. So not funny. I have an ancient video tape player which I dont think still works and an Astro decoder which I depends on for entertainment.

Anyway, I dig the skinny guy in black in the pic. Needless to say, I find him cute and magnetic... Haha...The girl and the other guy are the main characters in the series. It was shown on 8tv and prior to the final episode, I bought the DVD because I just cant stand the suspense anymore. Somemore, 8tv censored all the kissing scenes which I think is totally unnecessary. Oh! Just in case you are wondering why I bought the DVD even though I dont have a DVD player, I used yuanz's laptop...

Anyway, I have also spent a lot of time playing Neoquest a lot since Yuanz left his laptop in Miri. So basically I have a quick connection and a good laptop to feel comfortable surfing the net without feeling frustrated of the speed of the pc. Then when he took the laptop back to Brunei, I just dont feel like using this old pc. It is SO slow!

I am going to sign off this time with another update on that Mimosa.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Have not been updating...Because...I was tired. I pushed myself to finish my assignments at work. Pretty new stuff for me so I am still learning. Anyway..right now, i am on leave for Friday and Monday so I will be blogging. Unfortunately, I cant seems to upload pics. So I will try to do it later or tomorrow.

Tomorrow night is company annual dinner. Another big makan.

Ohya! I better go and take some pics of the konniyakus i did just now before i forget. Hehe... :P

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I am going Malay-ish...

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian, hari ini saya akan menulis 'post' saya dalam bahasa melayu.
Tak tahu dari mana datangnya pemikiran ini tapi saya berharap anda semua akan terhibur dengan 'post' kali ini.

Hari Jumaat ialah Hari Kuih Bulan. Sepatutnya bulan pada malam perayaan ini adalah yang paling cantik. Pagi itu, Miri telah dibasahi dengan hujan lebat. Sudah berhari-hari Miri diselimuti dengan jerebu. Apabila saya menghayati bulan yang begitu jelas sekali pada waktu malam itu, saya rasa Tuhan telah menghantar hujan pada waktu pagi untuk menghapuskan jerebu. Saya telah pergi ke Luak Esplanade untuk bermain tanglung dengan kawan-kawan saya. Ini adalah sesuatu yang melucukan kerana kami bukan kanak-kanak kecil lagi. Namun begitu, yang lebih memeranjatkan saya ialah jumlah orang yang pergi ke Esplanade untuk membuat perkara yang sama, bermain tanglung.

Malam Sabtu, saya telah pergi ke Curtin Sunset Carnival. Tujuan utama saya adalah untuk bertemu dengan Irene. Suasana di karnival ini adalah sama seperti tahun sebelumnya dengan bezanya di kekurangan cahaya. Karnival saya pergi sebelum ini dianjurkan pada waktu pagi dan karnival ini adalah dari petang ke malam. Tak ada beli apa-apa kerana barang-barang di karnival biasanya lebih mahal. Berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan lama di karnival juga.

Berasa sangat letih pada malam Sabtu. Mungkin kerana telah bermain badminton pada waktu pagi.

Baiklah, begitulah sahaja degan 'post' saya kali ini. Sekiranya terdapat apa-apa kesalahan, sila beritahu saya di ruangan komen, yea?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Losing more blood

Contrary to Lynnx, I didnt attend any class to study blood... I am referring to my purse. My expensive Braun Buffel long purse. Losing a lot of blood and will lose even more blood in the future. This month is a harsh month. I need to pay a whole lots of stuff this month. A lot of cash outflow...argh...

Recently, there is a lot of talk about me getting more and more horizontal. How I wish I can get more vertical because I am sort of vertically-challenged. Lynnx wish that she can become cuter when she eats more, I wish that I can grow taller if I eat more.

I discovered that I actually wrote a lot of blog posts about food. Always make my readers hungry. So this post is no difference. Here is a pic of my lunch today at Fratini's. Err... Linguine Ai something something...hehe...forgot the name la. Basically pasta with seafood.


Talking about the America Next Top Model 5 that just finished broadcasting in Channel V this week... The winner is Nicole and the runner-up is Nik.

Honestly, I think Nicole do not deserve to be the winner. Nik is more worthy to win because of her overall performance. This is the first time I disagree with the choice of winner. Perhaps I dont get what these professionals people are thinking.

Nicole, the winner

Nik, the runner-up


I dont use Picasa to edit my pics this week because I am using yuanz's laptop to go online. So back to the basic. Using what is available... Just upload my pics as it is...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Be amazed!

I took the pic of the pokok semalu again today. Notice the number of leaves that has grown on it. Gosh...Isnt it amazing?

Ghastly thought on the fact that it will also grow thorns... Urgh!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Each time...

Each time I want to try dieting, I will eat more stuff.

Yuan is here and so we had breakfast...Then I thought of not eating till dinner but then I got a sms and so my plan was changed. I went out to have prawn fritters. Then, as if it is not enough, I went to the Ramaddan stalls at Morsjaya and bought more food.

Oh no! I am so bloated now...Damn

Subconsciously Berpuasa

Should be going to play badminton this morning but I dont feel like going out at all when I woke up at 900am this morning. When I want to find something to eat, I dont want to eat instant noodle so I didnt eat. Instead I just drink the white grape juice with aloe vera and went online to play neoquest. Then, I drank another cup of grape juice for lunch... Fell alsleep on the sofa at 3pm till 6pm...

Usually I cannot stand not eating anything so not eating anything is a total amazement... Perhaps I should try again tomorrow and then see if I can lose some fats. Hehe... I know it is unhealthy though...But let's treat this as de-toxifying my body.... Only drink liquid....

Went out to a Mooncake Festival stalls at Boulevard with Karen, Laura and Kelvin. Then I 'berbuka puasa'...which reminds me that I have not been to the Ramaddan stalls since it started. Hmm...I want to eat sambal stingrays...Anyway, Thomas came much later and we all went to Bintang Plaza to watch Rob-B-Hood, Jackie Chan latest movie.

In the movie, Jackie Chan is a ever-losing gambler and Louis Koo is a playboy. Together, they teamed up with their landlord to steal from the rich. They are commissioned to kidnap a baby boy and when they (Jackie and Louis) failed to give the baby to the people who commissioned them, they have to take care of the baby. In the end, they saved the baby from near-death (the bad guy tried to kill the baby) and went to jail due to kidnapping. The family of the baby then employ them and it was a happy ending.

The movie has a few of guest celebraties. A lot of funny scenes as well as 'scary' moments. The baby is so cute. So so cute!!