Sunday, May 20, 2012

The impromptu KL trip

And so I have been ignoring my blog for a while. The reason is because I was feeling a bit apprehensive about sharing things in my life. The fear of letting strangers know what I have been doing. NOT!

It's just that there is nothing interesting enough to write about. I guess it is some sort of writer's block.

Why the sudden update? Cause you see, ppl, I am actually on the plane now (when I am writing this). On my way across the sea to west Malaysia.

So nice right that I am 'on holiday'? Sorry to disappoint but I am going there on a .... Low secret mission. What the heck is low secret mission? It is 'low' because family and some friends already know about it. Even though I live alone, I still got to let them know that I will be away. Can't risk another ambush to my house thinking that I am dead or something.

AC friends, remember the time I over slept and u guys ambush my house? Man, I was so embarrassed!

Back to the topic. I can't remember the last time I have to fly alone. Seems like I have always fly with somebody whenever I get to fly. And almost each time I will choose to sleep (and get rudely kept awake by my companion). But this trip... I find myself sleepless and watching my row mates sleeping like a log. Erm... The guy across the aisle is actually reading a book now. I wish I could sleep. Late night plus super early morning is not really my cup of tea.

Btw, i am flying by MAS. Surprisingly it is cheaper than airasia and so.... MAS it is. My nasi lemak breakfast sucks. Long bean is not meant to be boiled and placed in enclosed container. It tasted weird. The boiled baby prawns are also kind of not fresh. Boo....

I am looking forward to do doing some shopping. Did I mention that I am a shopaholic? Even though I am looking to some shopping, I am actually budget-less!! Sad!! Fail!!!

Ok... At this point, I am actually running out of idea and.. The plane is experiencing some turbulence. I am just cruising along. Lol. Scared? Not really... What can I do right? I am no pilot. Ok... Now I am getting a bit sleepy. Sleep mode!